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Nord Piano 3 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Nord Piano 3 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

Nord has been at the forefront of innovation in the craft of producing electronic pianos for a while, and their launch of the Nord Piano 3 assists to reassert them as a high-quality manufacturer.

Concerning general quality noise, texture, reliability, editing skills, Nord may have published the very best digital piano in the marketplace using the Nord Piano 3. Keep reading Fidlar’s post to see our Nord Piano 3 Reviews.

Nord Piano 3 Review

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: Width 50.7” (1278mm); Depth 13.4” (121mm); Height 4.8” (340mm)
  • Weight: 40.1 lbs
  • Virtual hammer action tech for enhanced response
  • 88 Triple Sensor Keybed
  • OLED display
  • Seamless transition
  • Layer & Split (Supports Split Point Crossfades)
  • Refined organize mode
  • Numeric pad to access programs more conveniently
  • A 1GB Nord Piano Memory
  • 512MB Nord Sample Library memory (Version 3.0)
  • 3 Dynamic curves
  • Creative piano filters
  • 120 voices polyphony
  • Dynamic pedal noise (A Nord triple pedal is included)
  • Soft release
  • Advanced string resonance
  • A dedicated sample synth function equipped with Decay/release, dynamic, and attack controls
  • Features high-quality stereo effects
  • Three masters reverb including a bright option
  • Two audio outputs sockets (6.35mm)
  • 1 headphone output jack (6.35mm)
  • 1 monitor input jack (3.5mm)
  • 1 piano pedal input jack (6.35mm)

Nord Piano 3 Review


  • Truly excellent keyboard feels with a piano-like response.
  • Excellent included acoustic pianos, EPs, and sample library.
  • High-quality onboard effects to add icing to your piano cake.


  • It’s expensive, but the quality does cost.
  • Still no pitch bend or mod wheel for controller tasks.
Nord Stage 3 88-Key Digital Piano with Fully Weighted Hammer Action Keybed
  • Two super-clear OLED displays for on-stage clarity, seamless transitions when changing programs/sounds, extended Split functionality with optional crossfade, and the addition of the new Song List Mode


Among the outstanding features of the Nord pianos were the digital hammer action technologies. This is a great feature that gave the computer keyboard a superb grand piano texture.

With the massive success, this technology has undergone, it was reasonably clear that it would be showcased in their brand new computer keyboard.

Therefore, you may have the chance to keep on enjoying the unmatched functionality of the digital hammer action technology from the Nord Piano 3.

Nord Piano 3 Review Features

The digital hammer action accomplishes precisely the same sense that weighted keys do anyhow that this technology is much more effective. It assists in sparking the pounding action of an acoustic guitar, and the outcomes are magical.

The technology makes the transition from 1 key to another remarkably fluid. As a result of the Triple sensor computer keyboard, the answer is far more energetic than what many other electronic keyboards provide.

Virtual Hammer Actions brings us nearer to a grand piano than previously. With this technology, Nord has replicated the answer and sense of high-end acoustic pianos with no passing a massive financial burden on their clients.

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With this specific keyboard, audio quality and choices are going to be the least of the concerns. The Nord Piano 3 Has a 1GB Nord Piano Library. The library features sounds from several of the very best grand pianos in the world.

You’ll also receive a couple of sounds out of harpsichords, clavinet, and retro electronic pianos. There are scores of pre-loaded listeners with the computer keyboard that you learn and operate with.

If you find a number of these do not fit your taste, you will have the ability to edit and alter them with different voices contained in a DVD.

This may seem like an intricate affair, but amazingly, it does not require anything over a few actions. All you will need will be to connect the keyboard to your personal computer, then drag and drop down the voices you want into the Nord Sound Manager.

With this attribute, it is also possible to practice with fresh voices as soon as you’ve mastered the present ones. This aids in keeping you continually learning and enhance your abilities.

In the top panel, then you can control all of the voices you’ve chosen to satisfy your needs. One thing we noticed relating to this unit is the fact that manipulating voices here are a whole lot easier in comparison to other electronic pianos.

You will not have to experience a comprehensive menu to spin a voice to your liking. The top panel provides you all of the capacity to make all of the changes quickly. This enables you to place more attention on your operation.

On the upper panel, you will also encounter a significant variety of buttons. Some of those programs are used for adding additional effects to your songs.

You can nourish your songs with effects like reverbs, EQ, pan, chorus, tremolo, and amp simulations out of Dyno EP Sounds in the top panel. In the majority of keyboards, effects are obtained from detailed menus.

The Nord Piano 4 develops from these thanks to a broad top panel. This may require a while to get used to, but when you do, you will have the ability to enjoy the advantage it brings.

Seamless Transition

The ideal transition should not be too noticeable or striking to be detected, and that is just what the Nord Piano 3 is intended to attain. With this keyboard, you can change from 1 sound to another with no radical shift between programs.

The exact incredible effect can be felt when you mix two different audio segments in a split or coating. Nord has fitted with this computer keyboard with seven divided points and Split Point Crossfade capacities for much smoother transitions to make it more effective.

Each of these capacities has had a substantial effect on the computer keyboard’s functionality, and it does not even take long to see the difference it makes.

Enriched Organization Mode

The Nord Piano 3 is currently fitted with an enhanced Organize manner with encouraging buttons for even greater efficiency while using the computer keyboard.

A few of the buttons provide fast shortcuts to essential functions. The keyboard also includes new copy/paste and transfer functions that will assist you to keep organized.

You will also receive a new list perspective from which you may navigate between pianos, synth samples, as well as programs. You could also sort different computer keyboard purposes in three manners, i.e., numerical, alphabetical, and category/folder choices.

With the numerical pad style, you could also number your programs depending on your preferences or priorities. This provides the sounds that you use or love so frequently nearer to you.

Elegant Sample Synth Function

Among the most significant updates in the new Nord Piano 3 in the prior versions is at the Sample Synth Section. With this new tool, you get a larger memory of about 512MB that’s double the distance you receive from your Piano 3.

You’ll also be getting 120 voice polyphony from the Nord synth section, yet another substantial update from the former edition.

The very best thing about the Synth Purpose is, possibly, the Nord Sample Editor that takes music imagination to a whole new level. This is a particular software that works with both Mac and Windows PC.

It’s intended to ease the production of personalized samples. With this attribute, you can produce your samples and then use them wherever you desire. All experienced and forthcoming pianists will have a lot of fun on this program.

In Use

I’ve been a lover of Clavia’s pianos because I heard that the XL version of the organization’s Bösendorfer Grand Imperial after reviewing the Nord Stage two HA88.

My only complaint at the time was that I’d have needed to purchase the Nord Triple Pedal to get the pedal sound, half-pedaling, sostenuto, and soft’ purposes, but that is provided as standard with all the Piano 3, which I am a happy rabbit.

The Grand Imperial is not contained from the mill selection; however, as with additional Nord keyboards, it is the job of only a couple of minutes to start the Nord Sound Library and substitute mill sounds with options, then utilize the organization works to move the noises and Programs into the places you desire.

I did so to compare the new flagship Italian Grand Faz XL’ together with the Bösendorfer and discovered the Fazioli is much more exact. However, the Bösendorfer keeps the big, rolling personality I enjoy so much.

Other favorites also have lived, for instance, Petrof 132 vertical, different electro-mechanical pianos, along with the evocative harpsichords.

Likewise, altering the Sample Synth sounds is simple, using a fantastic range of orchestral instruments, synths, and Mellotron sounds accessible, among others. If any tool could be regarded as severely represented in the library, then it is organs, where there are only five.

I wonder why? Well, no, I do not. Clavia would prefer you buy a Stage version, an Electro, or possibly a C2 or even C2D organ if you’d like organs.

But if you are married to the notion of enjoying organ seems on the Piano 3 (that, in itself, is not a fantastic idea due to the optional keyboard), you may use the Nord Sample Editor to convert your samples to the appropriate format and then load them.

But although Sample Synth can produce a good range of high-quality sounds layered using all the piano, positioned both sides of pre-defined split points, or played in isolation, the Piano 3’s title is a dead giveaway: it is at its best when employed as a pure piano.

Despite the majority of the physical controls receiving and sending MIDI CCs, it features no functionality controls not pitch-bend or modulation wheels, no proper synthesis without a master computer works, and its keyboard is aimed strictly at making you think that you are playing a grand piano. If you attempt to push it beyond its limitations, you are just using the wrong tool.

As you may expect, there is a reasonable amount of competition. Instruments like the Roland RD800, the Kawai MP11, along the Yamaha CP4 have garnered many buddies in the last several years and, even if you are ready to expand your horizons slightly farther, there are a few excellent pianos in workstations like the Kurzweil Forte, Artis and PC series, in addition to the Korg Kronos.

Nonetheless, there’s something quite endearing about the Nord. Sure, there is no way I can justify it to you on the grounds of cost or versatility, but were I to be requested which committed piano I needed to get a tour (and that I did not need to purchase it myself), I’d decide on a Nord Piano or Nord Stage 88 without hesitation.

Mind you, when I needed to spend my money, I’d be tempted to discover a remedy that also provided synthesis and organs, multi-timbral consequences, and much more in the manner of breaks and layers to get this sum of money!


The Nord Piano 3 is an incredible piece, period. The updates done on this particular machine are only too important to be dismissed.

It is sad and a little unfair that people who purchased the Piano 3 more than a year past see a brand new upgrade in the marketplace that’s outfitted with even more outstanding features. The digital hammer activity technology is a fantastic addition which each pianist should find a flavor of.

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