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Mooer GE200 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Mooer GE200 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

A state-of-the-art pedal with upgraded effects, compact, maneuverable, and easy to move while still producing high-frequency sound, is probably the ideal multi-effects pedal for all players.

Here we have analyzed the outstanding features of the Mooer GE200, a device that has received many positive recommendations from users and music professionals. Join Fidlar to discover what’s worth seeing on this pedal right at the Mooer GE200 Review.


Review: Mooer GE200 Amp Modelling And Effects


  • 70 effects
  • 55 amplifier models
  • 25 speaker cabinet models
  • Loads 3rd party impulse responses (IRs)
  • 200 fully editable preset/patch spaces
  • Flexible rearrangement of the signal chain
  • USB connectivity
  • Mooer Studio patch editing software
  • Expression pedal
  • 52-second looper
  • Rhythm machine with 40+ drum patterns
  • One 1/4″ mono input
  • Two 1/4″ mono outputs (L and R)
  • 1/8″ headphone jack
  • 1/8″ AUX stereo input
  • 1/4″ EXP2 stereo input

Look And Feel + User Interface.

The Mooer GE200 is comparatively modest, probably among the most compact choices out there using an expression pedal as others have dropped the term pedal out of their apparatus to decrease the unit dimensions.

It appears relatively healthy, shiny, and well finished. This truly stands out from a number of the competitors on the market and gives the impression it may endure a lifetime on the street for quite a while.

You will find three-foot buttons, two for up and down navigation or limitation switch, and one for managing this loop, tuner, placing rate of delay effects, and these.

The expression pedal is small but works nicely and may be utilized as a volume controller; to control parameters about the ramifications from the series and a wah pedal as you would expect. An external expression pedal can be attached and connected to another term function.

The Mooer GE200 sports color LCDs may be used to configure the device and set up the effects series. Everything could be configured directly on the unit, as lots of navigation buttons and buttons are provided.

It’s a cool design using one LED illuminated button for every single effect in the series, which lets you access each one straight in the front panel and permits you to see whether it’s off or on.

For people who wish to perform a more comprehensive setup and do not like fiddly tiny LCDs, the best choice would be to get and install the free GE200 Studio out of their site, which lets you configure the device using a Mac or PC.

You may even edit or create fresh presets and stains and download new amp models such as the Sky block or IR (Impulse Replies ) to the cabinet block.

Concerning I/O, as you’d expect, it is possible to connect headphones and an additional sound source directly into the device and jam right with it.

This could be ideal for training situations where all you need is to catch your guitar and jam with a few YouTube videos or songs from your phone while utilizing your headset for listening. However, you can not go complete phone with no generator or a power source since the device doesn’t operate on batteries.

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Outcomes and Presets

150 presets were packed to the mill’s device, with an added 50 slots vacant and ready to use. The presets stem from genres and preferences and look properly thought out since the choice of effects, amp, and cabinet appear to create sense and have a specific purchase.

Vintage amps like Marshall JCM800 and Fender Twin Reverb are contained in the listing, in addition to the iconic Ibanez Tubescreamer plus an array of different consequences.

Outcomes and Presets

Still, the complete list is known if you download the guide’s PDF version; the onscreen titles are too brief and occasionally may not wholly give away exactly what the result is. OK, yes, we did suppose that J800 was the Marshall JCM800. Still great to get into the PDF and have the list useful.

While the presets do not possess snapshots or arenas, an individual can tweak the preset to the fly using the provided individual impacts buttons clarified before. Not something that you can do with your toes while playing, however, so prepare your presets ahead of time and in the order you want them.

One way around the shortage of snapshots would be to create numerous copies of the presets you want, then save each with different preferences and different results off and on so that you can switch between these. Just bear in mind that preset shifting usually re-loads all blocks in the DSP, making a difference in the noise being heard.

We achieved the very best results through our evaluations were tweaking a few of the hard stone and metal presets and then downloading IRs in their cabinet cubes.

The tone is similar with units from other businesses who’ve been doing so for more, so great on Mooer Audio for placing the effort after all of the tones is all that matters.

Endless Cabs

Detecting a killer amp model that compliments your playing style is only one measure; the last tone could be sabotaged or restricted by a sub-par or mismatched speaker cabinet.

Mooer starts you off using 24 cabinet versions pre-loaded. I was incredibly impressed with all the Citrus 412 along with also the Rec 212, which by utilizing my Sherlockian forces of deduction, seem to be modeled by an Orange 4×12 along with a Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2×12 cabinet, respectively.

The Cabinet screen enables you to adjust the digital mics by choosing the microphone course, distance from the speaker, and place around the speaker cone’s axis.

If you have ever fought the dull battle of documenting a real guitar amp, these are parameters that have some reasonably significant results on your closing tone.

If after all that tweaking you can’t locate the cabinet is that’s working to your guitar series, then do not fret (feeble guitar, I know)!

By applying impulse responses (or IR’s) since the arrangement for speaker cabinet emulation, the GE200 opens the door for unlimited tonal customization.

The free Mooer Studio companion program permits the user to incorporate some other third-party IR from .wav format. There are dozens and dozens of complementary IR’s around the internet. Also, some rather lovely and reasonably priced IR packs are available for sale, such as these at Wilkinson Audio.

Famous speaker seller Celestion has also gotten into the sport, offering these IRs shot from a few famous versions, such as the V30’s.


The GE200 includes 70 high-quality effects such as most of the time-honored chorus tastes, delay, reverb, phaser, wah, flanger, tremolo, pitch shifter, EQ compressor.

Many of the effects might not meet analog snobs (this is an electronic modeler( after all). Still, I discovered the FX most significant for me personally, such as delay, chorus, and reverb, to be quite wealthy, contoured, and readily tailored to my style.

The unit’s noise gate deserves a special mention: the gate is air-tight, despite a crying high-gain amp filled. Furthermore, after up the gate with all the GE200’s Yellow Compressor permits for business management of dynamics without squashing your tone to fuzz.

The expression pedal can also be quite flexible, and also the GE200 lets you assign the expression pedal’s function for every patch, such as if you would like it to control a delay parameter.


The casing for your GE200 is a brushed alloy chassis with a slender profile. Unlike many Multi-FX units I have owned in the past, which had a hollow, plastic-type heft, the GE200 has excellent density and weight.

All pruning and editing happen onto a generous screen that’s clear, bright, and easy to read from a standing height, even for us near-sighted players.

The foot-switches feel hardy and have the ideal quantity of sensitivity to being stomped.

Playing the expression pedal is comfortable and comfy, even if it’s markedly shorter than a conventional, standalone wah-pedal.

In general, it seems like it might survive being stomped and kicked around throughout several performances or studio jam sessions.

Deep Tweaking and Pairing

Bending over and twisting knobs to edit stains just kind of stinks, even when GE200 is a beautiful piece of equipment with an intuitive controller. Fortunately, the engineers in Mooer are maintaining with the times by providing a publicly downloadable companion software named Mooer Studio.

Joining your unit by USB for your Mac/PC allows for simple modification of stains, saving, and pasting. You may also import/export spots to discuss with your bro with his very own GE200, or even the internet community of GE200 users.

Suppose you have never become tweaking patches or locate you are not great at it. In that case, professional guitar design designers such as Choptones offer you some yummy third-party GE200 preset packages available.

The device may also function as an audio interface for direct recording into a DAW (Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, etc.). This guide incapacity may also be used to record a raw sign along with your affected sign so the uncolored DI signal could be afterward re-routed or re-amped.


Although I touched a fantastic piece of the unit’s capacities, any owner should spend some real time with this to explore the bottomless customization options allowed by third-party IRs, chain manipulation, and the dedicated editing software.

Mooer GE200 is a godsend for project studios needing a devastating high-gain, stone, or metallic tone on a real-world budget. This device bridges (and in specific ways surpass) the gap between Multi-FX toys and high-end amp modelers. I am very impressed by this unit, and I understand that Mooer will continue to best their amp modeling technologies. We hope that our Mooer GE-200 Multi-Effects Pedal Review can help you know more about this equipment.