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Midas M32 Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

Midas M32 Reviews 2021 Top Full Guide

You are looking for a versatile electronic mixer that is easy to carry and move to performance venues, it’s not too big and takes up too much space, but the capacity is still large enough. Midas M32 is probably one of the ideal options, an outstanding product of Midas; it receives a lot of positive feedback from users and music experts. Let’s explore this electronic mixer with Fidlar at Midas M32 Reviews, see if it’s worth the investment or not.

What’s Midas M32?

Midas is a favorite professional musical equipment maker, specifically digital consoles for audio blending. The brand was created at the start of 1970th.

Afterward, the calendar year 1987 was marked with the merger of two big music giants, Midas and Klark Teknik, that positively affected their potential and importance. Among its well-known and worthy products is Midas M32, a superbly strong digital console mixer for professional and home audio studios.

What's Midas M32

Initially, this electronic platform for audio mixing was made by Midas beneath an arrangement from a different Behringer firm and has been known as X32. This product represented all of the organization’s principles, which were formerly utilized to make the PRO product line (electronic mixers).

All these will be the following: unique control port, high-quality signal processing calculations, overall performance. These features, coupled with an attractive price, ensured the immense popularity of the version.

After many favorable reviews and asks from Midas products lovers, this stage with the following improvements has been implemented directly into the Midas M32 console.


Midas M32 Review


  • Live sound and studio recording
  • 40 input channels
  • 32 Midas Preamps
  • 112 dB dynamic range
  • Ergonomic design
  • 7″ TFT display (readable in daylight)
  • 25 motorized faders
  • 25 time-aligned mix buses
  • USB input
  • 50 signal processors over 8 stereo DSP engines
  • Wifi compatibility with IOS devices
  • Made of carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel
  • 24″/35″/10″
  • 55lbs


  • Perfect functionality
  • Smooth, quick, and accurate faders
  • Stylish, ergonomic design
  • Large and bright monitor


  • Pricy equipment
  • Low power mic
  • A limited number of distant connections through the M32-Cue application
  • May need additional settings

Midas M32 rack

Talking about the M32 software rack, an individual can quickly note its best dimensions and higher operability. This gear features the following specifications:

Midas M32 rack

We are prepared to utilize live and digital studio consoles.

  • 40 input channels.
  • Guarantee by the manufacturer around three years (regular one year and extra two years in registration existence ).
  • Processing 32 input, 8 FX returns, eight aux stations.
  • 8/16 processing output stations.
  • 9 stereos and 16 mono effects engine’s built-in.

Comparatively tiny dimensions characterize Midas digital mixers console streamlined. This makes it a superb alternative for the capable arrangement of a little studio.

Because of the compact size and excellent performance, this musical gear for blending music is your ideal. Sixteen preamplifiers let you create the noise smart, realistic, and encircle.

The founders aimed to unite British high caliber and world-advanced technology by creating the introduced kind of mixing console. This noise gear is characterized by reduced distortion and noise.

This is because of the analog input to get a digital signal processor, known as Cirrus Logic, multi-channel inputs (using a frequency of 192 kHz), a converter with a range of around 114 dB.

Particular attention ought to be paid to the Midas 32 channel mixer, a mic preamplifier. It’s been successfully employed by various generations of audio engineers.

The unit is famous all over the world, renowned because of its high-quality quality. The mixing console includes a comfortable and apparent operating algorithm.

The consumer can adjust critical minutes using compressed controls (buttons, knobs). An individual may note the ease of sound signals mixing. The bright TFT display reflects all of the user’s activities and exhibits each step.

This gear is a perfect tool for recording tidy, high-quality audio during any function. Ideal to be used at record studios, during podcasts, broadcasts, etc. An intuitive interactive interface is among the benefits of the equipment introduced.

The workflow of this Midas 32 channel digital mixer is as easy and straightforward as you can. Hence, any user, even a beginner in sound recording, will have the ability to comprehend and familiarize themselves with its most essential functions quickly.

The mixer casing’s open design then allows using converters, characterized by 96 and 192 kHz frequencies (cleaner and better sound warranty ).

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Midas M32 Point Box

This apparatus in the surface of this Midas mixer m32 phase box produced by the famed Midas manufacturer is of top quality, clear audio, simplicity of setup. It’s 32 inputs and 16 outputs. 32 Midas PRO mic preamps are readily available. Additionally, the gear features:

Two ADAT optical digital output signals with 16 channels.

  • MIDI in- and output.
  • Digital connection interfaces (AES-3).
  • Connect to ULTRANET networks together with the cable no more than 100 meters.
  • AES50 interfaces for many DL32 cascade connections.
  • Two optical digital inputs.
  • AES-3 interfaces for the qualitative electronic link.

This point box is conveniently attached to Turbosound gear via electronic channels and Midas M32 monitor mixing consoles. In reality, this is its primary function.

The apparatus has a USB interface, which can connect equipment to your pc or laptop for following system upgrades downloading. The back area of the panel involves the MIDI controls link using the Midas M32 console.

The presented Midas m32r digital mixer stage box isn’t hard to control. It may be controlled with ULTRANET technology. It enables you to utilize a standard cable and ether connector to move signals between individual apparatus (supporting this technology).

At precisely the same time, ULTRANET can successfully remove disturbance. It simplifies and speeds up the installation and following configuration of the gear significantly. A shielded cable with a length of more than 100 meters provides the remote controller.

Midas M32 Case

The instance is an essential accessory for any musical equipment, specifically for Midas M32. Its goal is to protect equipment during its transport and make sure careful storage through non-use.

Our website suggests the buy price of this Midas M32 case at a profitable price. Primarily we’re selling used instances. That is why their cost is the most realistic (not equal to new instances ).

The situation is constructed from quality plywood sheets (7 mm) and aluminum profiles. Its internal walls have been completed using impact-resistant memory foam, which protects the device from accidental hit or fall.

The situation box is outfitted with 4 fur locks and six grips. The outer metal corners of this case are curved. This Midas M32 street case’s measurements would be the following: 26,3 х 33,8 х 14,17 inches. The empty instance’s weight is 35 pounds; the weight together with the gear is 83.7 lbs.

Locate your Midas M32 situation with doghouse and protect the device from inadvertent harm. An essential accessory for transporting gear.

It permits you to conserve recording methods (protection not just from drops but from dust, humidity, sun ). The introduced product is constructed from high-quality, robust, and durable stuff.

How Can You Utilize Midas M32?

This gear is crucial for recording high-quality audio. This is sometimes recording songs from the studio, recording arenas, and various musical occasions. With no record gear existence, it’s hard to ensure the crystal clear sound of recording info.

Practice demonstrates that now there’s not any need to buy new recording gear. It’s far simpler and more profitable to locate used devices at affordable rates. Our website can help you with this job. In the same way, you may sell such gear here if you have it.


The is practically no better choice for live audio mixing on an electronic mixer. In the layout to the capacity, Midas M32 is a real anomaly. This might be among the most gratifying boards you will ever use. The faders are sleek and stylish, the layout is pleasing, and it may hit each dynamic range you require. We hope that our Midas M32 Digital Mixer User Reviews can help you know more about this mixer.