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Maschine Mk2 Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

Maschine Mk2 Reviews 2021 Top Full Guide

Currently, there are many advanced synthesizers on the market; you can easily order on online stores, but choosing for yourself an ideal device among hundreds of products is quite similar. It’s not always easy.

Maschine Mk2 is a sound synthesizer that recently received many requests from readers wanting to see a review of this device. Today we have gone deeper into the specifications and features of this device. Explore more in-depth with Fidlar at Maschine Mk2 Reviews.


Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK2 User Reviews


  • Integrated hardware/software system includes sampler, arranger, mixer, sound library, FX, and more
  • 8 GB MASCHINE library with samples, one-shots, sliced loops, sampled instruments, drums synths, presets, patterns, drum kits, and songs
  • Includes 45 GB KOMPLETE 12 SELECT library
  • 25 pro-quality studio and creative FX including filter, EQ, delay, reverb, and compressor
  • 2 high-resolution RGB color displays for precision sample slicing, sound tweaking, note editing, mixing, browsing, and more
    16 large, ultra-sensitive pads make two-handed drumming easy
  • Pro-grade, 96 kHz / 24-bit audio interface with 2 x ¼” TRS line outputs, 2 x ¼” TRS line inputs, ¼” dynamic mic input, stereo headphone output, 1 x MIDI In, 1 x MIDI out; 1 x Footswitch
  • 8 touch-sensitive knobs for parameter tweaking
  • Smart Strip for strumming notes, pitch bending sounds, performing with FX, and more
  • Four-directional push encoder for browsing, navigating, adjusting levels and balance
  • Powered via USB 2.0 or with the included 15V 1.2A power supply unit
  • Seamless integration with KOMPLETE, NKS-ready instruments, MASCHINE Expansions, and the new KOMPLETE KONTROL S49/S61 Keyboards
  • Classic groove box features including 16 velocity levels, swing, pad link, note repeat, step sequencer, and vintage MPC 60/SP 1200 sampling emulation
  • Compatible with all major DAWs (including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, GarageBand, FL Studio, Avid Pro Tools, PreSonus, Studio One, and more) as a VST, Audio Units, or AAX 32 and AAX 64 plug-in with full multi-core support


  • Colour integration: it just feels right.
  • Valuable new effects: Transient Master, time-stretch, and tube saturation.
  • NI Massive included in the package.
  • Maschine software is justifiably revered and still has a lot to give.


  • Time-stretch and pitch-shift are offline processes.
  • The program has made just tentative steps ahead, and the competition is hotting up.

Setup And Installation

To find started, you will first have to see the Setup Guide (that guides you via the hardware and software setup ), which comes from the box. I would then advise that you browse the 160 pages Maschine Mikro mk2 Getting Started guide since this can help educate you on just what you could do using Maschine and how to accomplish things.

Setup And Installation

Setup is exceptionally straightforward, but activation and registration may get tricky if your computer has no online connection, as you’ll need to experience this Offline Activation process.

Should you encounter this category, it could be obvious but bear in mind that for the Maschine, there are a hardware serial number and a virtually identical number for your computer software.

First off, get yourself registered with Native Instruments, then enroll in your native instruments Maschine Mikro mk2. When you’ve set up the program, the Maschine will operate in demonstration mode, and you have to activate it until complete functionality becomes available to you.

With my own Machine mk2, I purchased an expansion pack only with the complete offline activation process that appeared to take quite some time to get up and run.

To give you an idea without boring you too much with all the detail, should I work backward and clarify that I couldn’t load the Expansion before I’d loaded Maschine OS 1.8.2 and Enormous 3.2? I couldn’t download Massive until I’d triggered my Maschine and Native Instruments to send me an e-mail to download Huge.

I couldn’t load Massive 3.2 before I’d triggered 3.1! But after finally upgrading my Maschine into 1.8.2, I loaded and triggered my Expansion Package. I don’t understand why, when Native Instruments deliver you the e-mails to get Huge, this isn’t the most recent version.

The Getting Started manual seems just a tiny bit daunting in 160 pages. Still, it steadily takes you through processes like loading a drum kit, playing with the pads, documenting your very first blueprint, saving your job, making your drum kit, working together with projects, altering the pad colors, editing and quantizing your routines, including a bassline, sampling, cutting edge, sound-shaping, including effects, producing beats together with the step sequencer, developing a tune and much more.

There is also a fast reference section and also a helpful troubleshooting manual. Therefore it’s all-important data you may wish to understand. Additionally, many videos will help you begin on the NI website, and YouTube has lots of sound clips to assist beginners and advanced users alike.

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The most apparent change to Maschine mkII is that the new RGB backlit buttons and pads. Maschine 1 blue buttons and orange pads were (and, indeed, still are) quite hot, but mkII’s multicolored pads and Group buttons are something else entirely. They look fantastic and do consider that famously fast Maschine workflow into a new level.

Every class and every sound within every class may be put to one of 16 colors in the Maschine program, together with missions mirrored in the hardware store.

Place your primary drum kit set to read, state your bass instrument set to blue along with your pads for at-a-glance identification your overall instrumentation; subsequently colorize that the sounds/pads inside every category – kick drums blue, snares crimson, hi-hats green, etc.

Colors may also be delegated to individual scenes and patterns, making leaping around in projects similarly intuitive. Additionally, on a visual suggestion, the dual backlit displays are now inverted, white text and waveforms to a black backdrop, making them better in reduced light and only better looking naturally.

Concerning physical design, the hardware is like the older, with the exclusion of the Master department, which has been completely redesigned.

On the first Maschine, this included Volume, Tempo, and Swing knobs, as well as the Note Duplicate button; today, there are only the sole detented push-button encoder and switches to change it involving Volume, Tempo, and Swing manners, in addition to single measure buttons (the equivalent of a single encoder detent left or right), an Input button (the equivalent of pressing the encoder), along with the above Note Duplicate button.

The other performance of this encoder pushes matters forward; however: with all the Volume, Swing, and Tempo buttons inactive, it behaves as a jog wheel, replicating the Transfer segment’s Step buttons. Using Native Instruments Maschine mk2 in Browse mode may be used to scroll through menus and make choices.

This certainly enriches Maschine’s workflow, but MIDI Control mode fans may be somewhat dismayed at the loss of 2 knobs.

Aside from that (along with the top Transfer buttons currently being marginally thinner ), all of the buttons are at the very same areas on the fascia.

Also, they function the very same functions they’ve. However, these buttons’ feel has changed: they finally have a satisfying click instead of the unresponsive squish of older.

Maschine’s pads have consistently been playable, and Maschine mkII is much more so. Together with the speed sensitivity cranked up, the lightest of touches are powerful, yet there is no crosstalk or double tripping it plays superbly.

In the end, on the hardware front, the formerly confused USB and MIDI ports are grouped and moved to the left side of the backplate.


The Maschine 1.8 program is a free upgrade to existing Maschine users. It will be the same regardless of which creation or dimensions of control you use with it, including the newest color-coding system, but the mkI hardware does not reflect it.

The headline characteristic for many is the bundling of NI’s mythical Massive synth using the upgrade a reasonably fabulous freebie. It is undoubtedly an indication that Enormous two is on the road.

Then, it is the individual offline time-stretching and pitch-shifting that’s likely to be enthusiastically received. These are put on the chosen area via an overlaid dialog box, which may be edited highlighting or through the hardware, and it works very well indeed.

Maschine auto finds the first sound’s pace, thus letting it be elongated into a specific speed, number of pubs or subdivision of a single pub, and by a percent.

Stretching by bar/division is the niftiest alternative, allowing a speedy setup of loops synced and simple adjustment of sliced samples to fit the project rate.


I didn’t believe I’d prefer this. However, you do not require any inputs or inputs or mains link. The Maschine 2 software very only has a Kensington lock slot, a USB interface, and 5-pin DIN MIDI Out and MIDI In relations, and that is it! The majority of the time, you will probably have only the USB cable attached excellent.

At some stage down the line, I shall inquire into the possibilities of MIDI. I’m very interested in linking with the Maschine Mk2 to a Roland V-Drums; however, I need to understand the fundamentals for today.

Accessories And Expansions

Accessory-wise, I’ve already mentioned that you can purchase kits to modify the color of your Maschine Mk2 and its controllers. There’s also a black rack that sensibly angles the Maschine Mk2 for perfect playing, and this includes a hardy, die-cast steering wheel, permitting you to mount your Maschine Mk2 just like a snare drum on conventional 7/8″ drum knobs. This is excellent if you would like to incorporate your Maschine in your drum setup.

Expansion-wise, Native Instruments provide ready-to-rumble sample kits composed of one-shot drum samples, matched kits, multi-sampled tools, and pre-programmed patterns and tunes.

These collections comprise the brand new Electric Vice, Drop Squad, Conant Gardens, Raw Voltage, Platinum Bounce, Dark Stress, Authentic School, Transistor Punch, and Vintage Heat.


Owners of the old versions probably will not tend to throw away their current hardware, but there is sure to be jealousy for all those Maschine Mk2 and their personalized faceplates and knobs. At least there is some comfort for everybody in the program updates, particularly time-stretch along with the Master.

Maschine was formerly delivered with a broad choice of quality samples and sounds, but bundling a heavyweight synth, for example, Enormous, is an unanticipated bonus. This might be an early reaction to Akai’s MPC Renaissance’s struggle; however, as enticements to go, it must prove popular. We expect our Native Instruments Maschine MK2 Review can help you know more about this synth.