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Martin 000 15M Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Martin 000 15M Review 2021 Top Full Guide

When asked which brand of guitar is the most prestigious and best? You will hear names like Yamaha, Martin, Taylor, Les Paul, etc. Of course, these are the biggest names in the guitar market. If you already own their guitar, then you should be proud to put your trust in the right place.

The Martin 000 15M is one of the guitars that we get the most suggestion from; it is an outstanding product by Martin, which is highly appreciated.

So what’s so special about this guitar? Let Fidlar discover what features this guitar has at the Martin 000 15M Review.

Martin 000 15M Reviews


  • String Number: 6
  • Number of Frets: 20
  • Manufacturer: Martin
  • Series: 15 Series
  • Made In USA
  • Specific Body Type: Auditorium
  • Specific Wood Body: Solid Mahogany
  • Specific Wood Top: Solid Mahogany
  • Specific Colour: Natural
  • Specific Wood Neck: Solid Mahogany
  • Specific Wood Fretboard: East Indian Rosewood
  • Neck joint at 14th fret
  • Scale Length (inch): 25.4
  • Wood Back & Sides: Mahogany



  • Beauty.
  • The character of tone.
  • Playability.
  • Value.


  • This Kellogg’s is not giving them away with boxes of Cornflakes!

When Taylor successfully surfaced the 412-M in 1996, it implied the time was possibly right with this intriguing type of acoustic return. Martin launched the only budget D-15 in 1997, followed closely by the Martin 000-15m and many others.

For 2010, Martin has included that the dreadnought sized D-000-15m and its smaller-bodied sibling, the Martin 000 15m – the M suffix suggests quite a few spec changes within the present 15 Series guitars, which lead to a little cost increase.

Both tools feature Martin’s bolt-assisted mortise and tenon joint, first seen on the D-1. Not merely helping to keep prices down, but this glued and screwed’ meeting also has proved structurally secure and tonally over the job.

Featuring the no-frills appearance and lace finish of the present 15 Series, these are stained over real mahogany (like the neck) rather than Sapele. This near relative owns quite similar attributes.

There is something to be said for its purposeful and straightforward approach if it comes to acoustic guitars style and construction. An acoustic guitar’s value is all too frequently measured by the number of mollusks who forfeited their own lives to decorate it or the duration of elaborate substances that bind every possible body, neck, or headstock; or the sheen emanating in the special plating of its metalware.

You get here rather would be the barest essentials such as sound, workable, pro-standard, six-stringed musical instruments.

Strong timbers are used through the Martin 000 15m acoustic guitar’s construction. Where Martin might have skimped with laminated sides, neck, or back, it’s remained loyal to the ethos of quality, no-frills.

Here we find no more bindings, yet the subtle outlines at which the back and top combine the rims and at which the East Indian rosewood peghead veneer matches the headstock make a tasteful feeling of these things.

Martin has selected East Indian for the two fingerboards and the conventional belly bridge (currently with ebony bridge pins). Saddle and nut are equally bone (the conventional 15s utilize a Corian nut along with a Tusq saddle). The easy white-black-white soundhole rosette is inlaid, not a sticker as on the standard versions.

The pickguard is pucker Delmar, the Waverly-style open-gear tuners vary in the standard version’s enclosed kind, and we’ve got an old-style Martin headstock decal. The fingerboard inlays are shifted from regular dots to abalone diamond place markers, and also we receive an ebony endpin.

The mortise and tenon neck joint, which Martin has employed on particular versions for nearly two decades, now exerts a paste and bolt system that retains the construction trustworthy yet easy to create.

The standard dovetail method requires woodworking mastery and is entirely more time-consuming. A stamped wooden version and serial number plate cover the bolt’s entry hole at the throat block and maybe be eliminated should major operation ever be demanded.

Indoors, a simplified A-frame variant of Martin’s X-bracing system comprises a counter box section that houses the strengthening bridge plate. Sitka spruce struts and mahogany serving combine the body’s parts to make a taut and lively tone room prepared to enhance the strings’ vibrations.

Inner fit and finish are exceptional, and there is no surplus glue or undesirable debris to mar the quality clear elsewhere.

This is a 14-frets-to-the-body design along with the neck itself precisely what Martin calls its modified low oval a slim’s matches V’ profile that is 43mm (1 11/16-inch) in the nut instead of the broader and conventional, more fingerstyle-friendly 44.5mm (1 3/4-inch). These measurements give it an excellent all-round’ participant allure. However, Martin has put the activity correctly for pretty much anything you care to throw at it.

Even with no cutaway (which might spoil the appearance entirely), there is enough top-end clearance for most needs original place blues licks in the 12th fret aren’t any problem is the primary reason many Martin 000 15m  players could venture up that far.

You may need slightly meatier strings for severe slide responsibilities, but we encountered no problems tuned to E and using a more controlled bottleneck approach.

Body & Neck

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Body & Neck

What we’re considering here is an all-mahogany giant, which means that the entire body is mahogany, in addition to the neck. This kind of approach combines stability and durability on one side while providing copious amounts of pure resonance and heat on the other.

We must give the company some vast kudos here. They indeed combined top-quality parts and delivered some outstanding craftsmanship, leading to pretty much the very best bang for the dollar and among the best guitar figures the marketplace has to offer nowadays. A significant thumbs up for it, a simple five out of 5 out of us.

Even though the neck is hardy, it is still highly functional and comfortable on the participant’s hands. The fingerboard is an extensive rosewood slice with 20 frets and a bunch of white dot markers.


The tool uses a rosewood bridge, a small and refined pickguard, a tasteful rosette, and a die-cast tuner package. The 000-15M is effective at keeping up the pruning over prolonged intervals.

These elements ensure the tool maintains proper intonation and tuning over prolonged intervals and performs its job quite well. Be aware that the cost also has a hard-shell Martin case.


This instrument’s design is merely warm and comfy with quite expressive low-end frequencies, which is an essential characteristic for high-end acoustics.

On the other hand, the mix can also be twang-driven and vivid enough to coincide with this Delta blues style’s timeless vibe, but as grind-driven since a number of the resonator guitar versions.

As a result of this capability to express an assortment of musical beats, such as crispy clean clears, hot basses, and gritty punches, the six-string is appropriate for a massive selection of genre styles.

It may be argued that it is the blues in which this Martin is in your home. However, you can take it everywhere. Fantastic things, perfect things!


This is a high-end guitar, and even though such tools are paired with appropriate high-end rates, this fellow is reasonably priced and readily falls among our best picks for the very best acoustic guitars under 1500 bucks.

Generally, it is even safe to state that this is a guitar that will be appropriate for your requirements for a teeshirt no matter your particular musical preference.

Don’t hesitate to test it out a few more, but if you follow an excellent acoustic version in this price range, the Martin 000 15M is merely a choice you cannot regret buying. We hope that our Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar Review will help you know more about this guitar.

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