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What is Markus Persson Aka Notch Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

What is Markus Persson Aka Notch Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview

Markus Persson, also known as Notch, is a Swedish game designer, best known for creating the sandbox game Minecraft. Since its release in 2011, it has become one of the most popular video games of all time, with more than 200 million players worldwide. His work has earned him fame and fortune, leading to questions about his net worth.

Fidlar takes a look at Markus Persson Aka Notch net worth for 2023, along with an in-depth overview of his career, personal life and charitable works.

What is Markus Persson Aka Notch’s Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What is Markus Persson Aka Notch's Net Worth and Salary 2023

Markus Persson, more commonly known as Notch, is a Swedish video game developer who rose to fame as the creator of the highly successful and widely popular sandbox video game Minecraft. Notch began developing the game in 2009, and it was officially released in 2011.

Since its release, Minecraft has sold over 200 million copies, making it one of the most successful video games of all time. Notch’s success with Minecraft has made him one of the wealthiest people in the world, with an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion.

Markus Persson Aka Notch Overview

Markus Persson Aka Notch Overview

Early Life

Born in Stockholm, Sweden on June 1st, 1971, Markus Alexej Persson was destined for greatness even as a young boy. From his early days growing up in Edsbyn, he had already begun to write code at the age of seven.

Amazingly, just a year later he had already developed his very first video game – a text-based adventure. Growing up, his family experienced many financial difficulties, and his father had to contend with a substance abuse problem– all of which he revealed in some of his Reddit posts.


Notch, a.k.a Markus Persson, is an iconic Swedish video game designer, whose fame is inextricably linked to the creation of the sandbox hit, Minecraft.

At a tender age of seven, he started learning programming and later furthered his studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

After graduating, he entered the world of game development with But it was in 2009 that he made his mark in the industry, founding his own company – Mojang.

Little did Notch know that it was the start of something grand – Minecraft went on to become a success, catapulting him to millionaire status and securing Mojang as one of the most illustrious game studios on the planet.

Notch’s accomplishments are immense, revolutionizing the open-world sandbox genre and reinvigorating the indie gaming industry. His games have gained widespread acclaim for their captivating visuals, imaginative content, and enjoyable gameplay.

Markus “Notch” Persson, the brilliant game developer behind the widely-acclaimed Minecraft, made a slew of other creations such as Scrolls, Catacomb Snatch and Minicraft, before famously cashing in on his successes and selling Mojang to Microsoft for an astonishing $2.5 billion in 2014, effectively retiring from the industry.

Since abandoning the gaming industry, Notch has been actively engaged in philanthropy and activism, particularly for the LGBT community – his donations to various charities totaling over $100 million a testament to his commitment.

Using his platform to shed light on issues such as animal rights, poverty, and human rights, He has established himself as a preeminent figure in the gaming community, garnering the admiration and respect of millions of gamers worldwide.


Persson, renowned for his strong views on a variety of topics, has made waves in the public sphere with his outspoken musings, broadcasted via social media outlets.

His contentious statement that feminism is a “social disease” thrust him into the limelight and drew criticism from the LGBTQ community after his call for a heterosexual pride day to counterbalance the traditional gay pride events celebrated in many countries.

After the furor had simmered down, he offered an apology for the post.

In 2017, the renowned Persson famously tweeted “It’s okay to be white”, which sparked heated controversy as he proposed privilege was a figment of the imagination.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only statement that raised eyebrows, as he has made a number of comments regarding transgender individuals and communists that were widely considered offensive.

Microsoft reacted to the public outcry by increasingly distancing itself from Notch, becoming as detached from him as possible.

As a result of this, Mojang completely wiped out all traces of Persson from the in-game menu, barring him from attending any Minecraft events such as the game’s ten-year anniversary. Still, his name is forever immortalised in the game’s credits.

Mojang Earnings

Notch Mojang Earnings

Persson enjoyed an impressive annual royalty of 42% of Mojang’s remarkable profits in 2011, a year that saw the Swedish game studio bring in over $133 million in revenue. In exchange, the studio was granted permission to market, develop, and sell the widely popular game Minecraft.

In 2011, Notch earned an astounding $56 million in royalties – however, the following year, Mojang far outdid themselves and raised the bar, generating a jaw-dropping $220 million in revenues. This doubling of success proved to be lucrative for Notch; his royalties doubled to an incredible $101 million in 2012.

In 2013, Mojang soared to greater heights than ever before, smashing all its previous records and amassing an astonishing $309 million in revenue.

Notch took his customary 42% cut of the profits, leaving him with an impressive $130 million. Over the course of three years, Notch earned an unbelievable $287 million in royalties, providing a handsome passive income. Quite an achievement!

Microsoft Acquisition

Markus Persson Aka Notch Microsoft Acquisition

In 2014, Microsoft snapped up Minecraft from Mojang in a colossal $2.5 billion deal, but what was the profit margin for its creator, Markus Persson? According to Swedish tax records, Persson held a massive 71% stake in Mojang before Microsoft made its acquisition.

Examining the $2.5-billion Microsoft deal, it is assumed that Persson walked away with a jaw-dropping $1.7 billion before taxes, thanks to his majority stake in Mojang that he operated through companies such as Notch Development and Notch Enterprises, which amounted to a staggering 71% of the total.

Taking taxes into account, according to Swedish tax regulations, Notch would have had to pay 56% of the first $5.66 Swedish Kroner he earned through the acquisition deal ($800,000 USD). The rest of the $1.699 billion was taxed at 30%. All in all, Markus forked out roughly $500 million in taxes.

Adding this income to his previous net worth provides us with a relatively secure estimate of his current net worth as of the year 2020.

Following the purchase, Persson generated a stir by posting various messages on social media expressing dissatisfaction with his wealth and celebrity status. He declared feeling “compelled” or even “forced” to sell Mojang, and he also addressed the difficulty in finding a compatible partner.

Real Estate

Notch Real Estate

After an intense bidding competition in 2014 between Beyonce and Jay Z, the now infamous $70-million Beverly Hills mansion in Los Angeles was acquired by Persson. This 23,000-square-foot abode boasts a majestic wall of glass offering breathtaking views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.

He snapped up the $85 million mansion, with designer furniture, sheets, place settings and eight Oral-B toothbrushes, all included, in a mere six days by paying cash – a deal too good to miss!

Markus Persson’s new mansion boasts an amazing car elevator, which transports his vehicles to and from an underground storage center at the touch of a button.

Plus, there’s an infinity pool, an 18-seat home theater, and bathrooms equipped with extravagant $5,600 toilets – truly fit for a king!

FAQs about Markus Persson Aka Notch

FAQs about Markus Persson Aka Notch

How much did Notch sell his Minecraft account?

$2.5 billion dollar

In 2014, the world-famous gaming company Mojang, headed by Marcus “Notch” Persson and the developer of the massively popular title Minecraft, was sold to Microsoft for a whopping $2.5 billion – a deal that shook the industry!

What is Notch doing now?

Since then, Notch’s genius as a developer has been undeniable. Yet, despite his global impact, very little is known about the mysterious programmer’s private life, apart from his sharp-tongued online identity. Now, the talented creator is planning to open a new game studio – an endeavor that promises to be truly groundbreaking.


Notch’s success story serves as a great example that hard work and dedication can pay off. His experience with Minecraft proves that even an independent game developer can find success in the world of video games. Take Notch’s lead and start creating your own video game today!

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