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M Audio Av42 Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

M Audio Av42 Reviews 2021 Top Full Guide

Have you ever planned to invest in an M-Audio speaker? This is a very well-known brand in the audio equipment industry and has many high-quality products.

A product that’s supposed to be stable at under $ 200, the M-Audio AV42 is the monitor speaker we’d like to mention, which is this brand’s viral weapon.

If you are planning to invest in this speaker, then take a few minutes to read through Fidlar’s M Audio Av42 Reviews first; we will list the specifications and tests of sound and functionality. Is this a speaker worth investing in?

M-Audio Av42 Monitors Review


  • Amplification: Active, Two-Way
  • Amplifier: Integrated, Class D, 50 watts
  • Output: 20 watts per speaker (40 watts total)
  • Frequency Response: 75 Hz to 20 MHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 10 KOhm
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 90 dB
  • Sensitivity: 101.5 dB
  • Crossover Frequency: 2700 Hz
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Controls: Power On/Off, Volume



  • Nice sound for compact desktop monitors.
  • Modestly priced.
  • Useful for multimedia and reference monitors.
  • Has volume protection that cuts off the sound, if the speakers are overdriven.
  • Easy to set up with included cables.


  • The power switch is on the back of the left speaker and not integrated with the volume control knob that is on the front.
  • Needs an adaptor to use one-quarter-inch XLR connectors.


Even though there’s nothing inherently wrong with the plan of all M-Audio AV42 tracks, this business wants to follow its guns. Cabs are produced from decent excellent MDF and include a glistening plastic baffle.

So shiny and glossy, which comes as a little cheap. That said, there’s some amount of sophistication involved here. Notably, the waveguide for the tweeter isn’t only enormous, but it’s visually attractive also.


Seeing these are powered speakers, M-Audio did this where they placed a volume knob and AUX port in the front of the active component, however, the power button in the rear.

That’s somewhat annoying since you will probably have to utilize both these controllers daily, so why place the rear panel’s power button? Perhaps we’re too stuck on small details.

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Everything you get inside every cabinet is a 1″ tweeter, which sits in that magnificent waveguide, along with a 4″ low-frequency driver directly below it.

Both of these are wired into a crossover that kicks in right around 2.7kHz. The two cabinets provide a few 20 Watts of electricity and are effective at reaching a max SPL of 101.5dB at 1 meter. Thus far, so great.

The I/O bunch includes your speaker output and a pair of balanced RCA inputs, which you can use to hook up much different gear.

All in all, the features bundled on those are not too extravagant, but that is about as much as we could expect for this kind of cash. Finally, we have pretty large back firing ports, which truly assist the low-end advantage of some girth.


The operation of M-Audio AV42 is much more than adequate. The amount of transparency is still up there with the remaining speakers in its class, but you receive a very long lower end due to this 4″ driver.

That said, you will surely hear a little prejudice in the trebles since they come across as reasonably sharp. Putting the speakers is just another issue that needs some preparation.

Having bigger than regular rear vents, you indeed must be cautious with how much space you depart between the wall and the speaker.

Finding the sweet spot for those drivers will even take a little time and fine-tuning. M-Audio did a fantastic job with their waveguide layout, but it gets the trebles more challenging to spot when you’re browsing for optimum placement.

In general, for being only slightly more costly than the cheapest monitors on the market, M-Audio AV42 does an excellent job.


The measurements are diameter 5.7 inches (14.5 centimeters) by thickness 7.4 inches (18.8 centimeters) by elevation 8.4 inches (20.3 centimeters). The fat is 7.56 pounds (3.43 kilograms).

Sound Quality

The M-Audio AV42 monitors take to get a sound reproduction in the center between precision and niceness. Truth is required for doing audio mixing, such as creating the sound paths for your YouTube recordings.

Niceness is a gentle coloration of the audio to make it even more pleasurable for listening while playing video games or viewing some websites (online channels, tv, or films, etc.).

I provide the M-Audio AV42 monitors high marks for being a satisfying middle-of-the-road alternative. I love to play video games and listen to this game’s noise with headphones because my kitty jumps along with the dog’s bark once the game suddenly gets louder when I use the speakers.

Additionally, I love to have apparent, high-end frequencies to find the atmosphere by hearing something once an opponent is slipping on me at a shooter game.

At precisely the same time, I love to have the right reference sound for mixing my voiceovers and the soundtracks I make for movie productions.

I don’t wear headphones for this function, along the M-Audio AV42 monitors provide me a fantastic reference when playing my mixture.


The RCA inputs enable connecting to any sound source that uses that jack. Linking into your mobile device, notebook, or smartphone is simple to do through the one-eight-inch miniature stereo plug input signal.

If you would like to observe an unboxing and installation without a lot of comment, this movie provides you a visual guide; It’s simple to follow along with practically no sound explanation of precisely what the man is doing.

There’s no sales pitch. This movie only lets you find the actions necessary to take the tracks from the box and then hook them up, that’s.

If you would instead acquire a particular storyline while the box has been opened, this is just another boxing video using an outspoken description. This device in the movie is made to be utilized in Europe. Therefore, it reveals an alternate power cable.

Who Will Be The AV42 Created For?

Audio fans who do a lit piece of what will locate these all-purpose monitors a great option. They have excellent audio for playing video games while wearing headphones with sufficient bass and high-end clarity, along with a great stereo area with a massive sweet spot.

They are sometimes used to listen to media playback and fill a little – to medium-sized space with intense sound. They can also serve as reference monitors for a house studio and utilized when generating soundtracks for video productions or audio blending.

The Competition

M Audio Av40 vs Av42

The M-Audio AV42 is an update from the AV 40. The AV 40 comes in a bright crimson color, which some find somewhat off-putting if you don’t have Andy Warhol art prints of tomato cans on your house studio partitions, then it fits straight in.

You probably cannot discover a new pair of M-Audio AV40 monitors since the AV40 version has been substituted with the AV42 newer variant.

Among these technical differences is that the M-Audio AV42 version includes waveguides, which may be aligned with the light emanating from the LED power-on index. The prior AV40 version doesn’t have wave manuals.

A waveguide works by directing the audio wave in such a way as to boost the noise and give it specific features in addition to a place in the stereo field.

Together with the M-Audio AV42, then you may use the waveguides to help guide the high-end frequencies coming from the tweeters to make the lovely place you prefer. A sweet place is your place between your computer and yourself in which they seem the best for your ears.

This lovely place fine-tuning works nicely if you’re likely to be sitting at precisely the same place all of the time. If that’s true, you can listen to the tracks and then proceed.

It is not as useful if you’re planning to maneuver about or listen to the sound playback from several heights (like status when using a mic to a floor rack in addition to sitting at a desk while blending.)

The dimensions of av40 vs av42 of these versions of screens are almost equal, with the AV40 being only a bit bigger than the newer Av42. The AV40 includes the measurements of diameter 6 inches (15.2 centimeters) by thickness 7.3 inches (18.5 centimeters) by elevation 8.8 inches (22.4 centimeters).

M-Audio AV42 vs. AV32

The M-Audio AV42, along with also the AV32, are easy to compare. Consider the version AV32 as the small brother of the marginally larger and far more potent AV42 version.

The AV32 includes a one-inch silk cone tweeter plus a three-inch polypropylene-coated cone at the woofer. Even the AV32 woofer is 1 inch bigger, at three inches, so the bass response is not as punchy as the bigger AV42 version using its four-inch woofer. They use ferrofluid for a cooling system.

The plan is comparable between the two versions within this series, scaled down to the AV32 version. They are created from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) coated with a black laminated plastic finish. They have waveguides to guide the high-frequency sound.

For the AV collection, M-Audio eliminated the speaker knobs (covers), so the waveguides won’t be impaired. The waveguides extend the noise coming out of the tweeters to provide a more significant, more precise sound point (aka lovely place ).

I did detect these screens’ elevation changes the sound considerably, which can be more noticeable with all the AV32 speakers compared to the bigger AV42 version.

Play around with different screen heights when you’re the instructions to place the tide guides until you discover a place that’s just right, as Goldilocks might say.

The AV32 screens are markedly smaller. The measurements are diameter 5.2 inches (13.2 centimeters) by thickness 5.9 inches (15.0 centimeters) by height 7.5 inches (19.1 centimeters). The fat is 5.5 pounds (2.5 kilograms).

The most significant difference is the audio output. The AV32 has just 10 watts per channel (a total of 20 watts). This is half of the size of this VA42 that provides 20 watts per channel using 40 watts.

It’s intriguing to see the testimonials from a couple of decades ago that compliments the AV32 monitors such as this one from Andrei Roman. They maintain and are many popular decades after.

At four minutes to this movie, there’s a reliable evaluation. I love the goofy dancing, as you get a notion of how these tracks seem. You won’t learn about the caliber because that is based upon how you listen to this movie. Nevertheless, you can find an overall idea about the audio volume and the bass’s existence in the mix.

The following video from Digital DJ Tips contrasts the AV32 and AV42 versions. The reviewer talks about the improvements made on the prior versions of AV30 and AV40, which these new versions replaced.

The opinion of the reviewer resembles mine. Even the AV32 and AV42 versions aren’t likely to provide the identical quality as more costly professional studio reference monitors.

They include some audio coloration that might not be needed for those looking for a real proper reference noise while agreeable to the ear. But, all-in-all, the cost point of these AV42 tracks is sensible for what they provide. They are quite helpful and reflect an exceptional value for the cost.

Frankly, I don’t believe the cost difference between the two models justifies obtaining the lower-powered AV32 version. Having just 10 watts of electricity for every speaker is too small for my tastes.

Even if I’m not forcing my speakers at full volume want them to have the capacity to improve quantity. With more space to grow the power, the noise is much better, without distortion.

I love to check monitors when conducting them at half of the maximum power output score. Because of this, if I wished to find a set of those M-Audio monitors in this particular series, I’d easily pick the AV42 version over the AV32 version to secure more electricity.

In this video by the producer, you may observe the AV32 version sitting at the top of this bigger AV42. It reveals the manufacturer’s attention to detail when deciding to eliminate the grill and update these tracks with tide guides.

The poly substance employed for the woofer is sufficiently powerful to shoot a poking by a finger and dip back without damaging the motorist.

It’s possible to link your personal computer to the speaker’s rear, and after that, you may also connect another device to the aux input on the front of the speaker.

When you plug headphones on the front, this cuts the speaker noise. The headphone volume could be controlled with the volume knob, also located on the front.


All these perfectly adequate speakers were to operate on audio projects. However, entry-level speakers will lack the soundstage and clarity of much more expensive studio versions, as they are not intended for strenuous production function. Indeed, you ought to make an effort and function to the best speakers you can access in regards to mixing.

Nevertheless, M Audio Av42 can be a step up from any regular computer speakers you might use presently. The provision of an aux in and headphone out is helpful, along with the footprint of these speakers is small enough that cramped workspaces will have the ability to adapt a set. We expect that our M-Audio Av42 speakers Reviews can help you know more about this speaker.

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