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Left and Right Handed Guitar 2021: Best Reviews

Left and Right Handed Guitar 2021 Best Reviews

Have you ever wondered what the difference between playing guitar with your left hand is? Does their guitar have a different design than a regular guitar? To answer the questions on Fidlar, we compared the differences between Left and Right Handed Guitar. Let’s see what the difference is between them.

Left Handed Guitar Vs Right-Handed Guitar: What’s the Difference?

Right Handed Guitar: left hand on the fretboard, right-hand strumming

Left Handed Guitar: right hand on the fretboard, the guitar left hand sporadically.

Visually a left-handed guitar would be the reverse of a right-handed guitar.

The simplest way to consider this is to envision a lefty guitar being a mirror image of a right-handed guitar. Therefore, if you should hold a left-handed guitar to a mirror, then the flipped picture in the mirror will be a right-handed guitar.

A simple way to tell the difference between a left-handed guitar and right-handed guitar would be to hold up the instrument facing you and examine the strings. In case the thickest string is about the right, the guitar is a lefty. When it’s on the left hand, the guitar is a regular right-handed model.

When I’m within my regional guitar shop, I also find a fantastic way to quickly determine where the left-handed guitar would consider the pickguards (when they have one). This is particularly useful when surfing acoustics as left and right-handed versions can otherwise look almost identical from a space!

Strings & Tuning Machines

The first and most obvious difference you will see between appropriate and play left-handed guitars is the management of the strings. When you look at the 2 guitars, the thickest string will be on the other end of every type. This distinction is simple to work around since you can string the guitar upside down (or the other way round ).

Left Handed Guitar Vs Right-Handed Guitar


The pickguard will immediately categorize the orientation of almost any guitar. The right-handed guitar has it into the right to avoid scuff marks in the guitar select as possible. The identical pickguard is going to be on the left-handed guitar whenever you’re confronting a guitar that is left.

Even though you can string these guitars upside down, the pickguard will appear awkward and maybe disorientating. You can remove it on specific models such as the Gibson ES-335. You will also realize that lots of acoustic guitars (notably nylon string guitars) do not have a pickguard in any way.

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Fretboard Inlays (side)

Most guitars have fretboard inlays the tiny white dots around the neck that will assist you to keep an eye on which fret your guitar playing. But, you will also see guitars that have side markers found on both sides of the fretboard to the top (facing the ceiling).

Negative inlays suggest the fret positions, so you don’t have to check out the neck while playing. The left-handed guitar and right-handed guitar will probably have them onto another side. This is not a deal-breaker if you would like to alter the guitar. You can purchase aftermarket inlay decals on the cheap.

Guitar Nut

Left and Right Handed Guitar Nut

The guitar nut sits close to the headstock, right-handed guitar at the top of the guitar neck. It’s a skinny strip of artificial bone or similar substance intended to maintain the strings set up. It’s six slits every size based on the gauge (thickness) of this series meant for the slot machine.

This will not be apparent if you don’t inspect the nut up near. If you would like to restring your guitar upside down, then the depth of this slot will become a problem. The thick series will probably be on the thinnest space, along the light series will rattle since the place is too broad. You have two choices to fix this a) reverse the nut 180 levels ( or b) get a new one installed.

Acoustic Guitar Saddle

Saddles are a strip of material (ivory, bone, etc.) that sit on the top of this bridge with an acoustic guitar. They’re essential for the intonation of the tool and assist in transferring the frequencies in the strings into the room (human anatomy ).

For the interest of intonation, acoustic guitar saddles are put at an angle to change the series length. When you look closely in most acoustic guitars, the harness is slanted in a manner in which the thickest (E) series has the maximum span. The management of the slant will change upon the abandoned and right-handed guitar.

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Left and Right Handed Strap Pegs

A better indicator may be the job of the pins (the tiny metal feet which you slot your handed guitar strap above ). On many guitars, the back peg will probably be in the middle of the human body, but the front peg will probably be around the other hand. In case your front strap peg is situated at the bottom half of their human body, then your handed guitar has perhaps been reversed.

However! If the strap counter was transferred to the correct position by the prior owner, they might have stuffed it in the hole and refinished it. So once more, this visual support may not be a reliable source of advice.

Left Handed Upside Down Players

Left Handed Upside Down Players

Where it gets a bit confusing is when it comes to upside-down-left given guitar players. A tiny minority of gamers play handed guitar at a left-handed orientation, but with all the strings upside down! I.e., the thickest string is nearest the ground when in a playing place.

This is generally because when they began playing, they picked up a buddy’s right-handed guitar and hauled it left-handed. The handed guitar player have a tendency to get a mixture of guitars, a few being routine right-handed guitars that they hold upside down plus a few being left-handed guitars that they series upside down.

This technique of play fashion makes sense as it implies that as a left-handed guitarist, you can walk into a guitar shop and play virtually anything in the shop (upside down, of course).

However, the drawback is that there are virtually zero learning materials offered for this kind of drama. The handed guitar player is essentially on their own when figuring out how to learn how to play with!

Could A Left-Hander Perform A Right-Handed Guitar

Could A Left-Hander Perform A Right-Handed Guitar?

Yes, it’s likely to perform right-handed guitar left-handed. There are just two ways this could be carried out.

The first method is to learn to play with the chord’s upside down’ upside down since you’ll have the thickest string in the base of the guitar nearest to your toes and the thinnest series closest to your mind.

In the research, I’ve done. However, this can’t just be an unnecessarily brutal means of learning but can also impact how you strum and select. That said, it could be carried out.

Along with the prevalent one, the following way is to restring a right-handed guitar for left-handed guitar use. This usually means altering the series sequence to the contrary manner.

Nevertheless, this is not only what’s going to have to get performed, so if you’re set on doing so, then spend the guitar at the regional guitar store or a luthier in the event of a wooden guitar. They’ll have the ability to counsel you on which they will perform and make the alterations to suit you and your playing style.

Should I Only Learn How to Play Right-Handed Although I’m Left-Handed?

Try playing air guitar without even considering it; just throw up your hands.

What hand did you use about the imperceptible air guitar fretboard? You could be a left-handed guitar with different items in your life, but you might realize that you wish to play right-handed.

Should I Only Learn How to Play Right-Handed Although I'm Left-Handed

In any event, learning to play the guitar will boost the talent in every one of your hands. Your palms will extend out into unnatural sense contours, your wrists will ache, and your palms will probably begin to hurt.

This is not an unusual sense; all-handed guitarists undergo it if they’re learning. Consequently, if you’re left-handed guitar but are learning how to play a right-handed restrung for left-hand drama, that’s trendy and a good way to find out. Equally so is studying on an especially left-hand guitar.

What’s doesn’t mean, though, is that if you’re usually left-handed but wish to learn how to play a right-handed guitar to a right-handed guitar, then that is possible.

These handed guitars and hand orientation ways of the guitar will be both hard once you start. To create the change, you need or are comfortable within the beginning.

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Do Left-Handed Guitars Price More?

For the most part, no. Some manufacturers may cost a little up-charge to get lefties of possibly 10 percent, but this also means that the guitar is worth 10% more should you come to sell it afterward. It is a moot point.

Can it be tougher to play the guitar left-handed?

Assuming you’re left-handed, you are going to learn to play the guitar as everybody else does. There’s not any tangible difference in how lefties are educated. There can be some less clear hurdles like confusion while viewing educational videos it may be vexing during the start to see people playing with the other way round. In general, there’s absolutely no reason to feel it is more challenging to play the handed guitar if you’re left-handed.

Are They Harder To Find?

Here is the only place where right-handed guitarists triumph. Far more appropriate-handed guitars can be found than left, and much more frequently than not, your regional shop is only going to stock a tiny handful of southpaw versions for you to test.

This implies that as a lefty guitar player, you will likely do the majority of your purchasing online, where the decision is a lot richer. The fantastic thing is that online; the choices are nearly endless.

You might discover there are loads of left-handed guitars to pick from moreover, how many guitars do you need? And if a new one does not offer you the handed guitar you need at a left-handed version; there are usually many others that will provide something better or similar.

Additionally, it is worth pointing out that the problem is improving. I have been operating this site; there’s been again the number of left-handed guitars available. Hopefully, this is going to be a fad that carries on in the years to come!


The above article has told you the difference between Left-handed vs Right-Handed Guitar, more information to make more accurate choices for yourself and your friends when choosing a guitar to play and practice. We hope our articles are helpful to you.

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