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Landr Mastering Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

Landr Mastering Reviews 2021 Top Full Guide

In this guide, we’re going to review Landr Mastering. As a music producer or artist, Fidlar is confident you will already understand the significance of practical mastering.

The process is essential to maintaining consistency throughout your song or record, so it ought to be great! Mastering can be accomplished by controlling engineers, but several internet mastering platforms are launched due to progress in technology.

Landr Mastering is one this stage, but is Landr great? Be sure you continue reading our Landr Mastering Reviews to see complete details about Landr

What’s Landr?

Landr is an internet, cloud-based, evolving, automatic mastering engine that employs artificial intelligence to master tunes. Landr was designed in 2012 by MixGenius in Montreal, Canada, and is among the significant players in the fast-growing online dominating industry.

The objective of Landr would be to create the mastering process fast, simple, and accessible to artists, with no special knowledge needed.

Later reports that its automatic mastering engine took more than eight decades of study involving countless mastering engineers and tens of thousands of mastered paths to develop to mimic what human mastering engineers might produce if mastering an environment. It accomplishes this by employing an algorithm.

Landr provides a more affordable choice of mastering audio, not just based on individual mastering engineers.

Additionally, it makes the service accessible incredibly to forthcoming musicians who might not have enough funds to cover a human mastering engineer’s help. Landr is also an excellent tool for individual artists because it provides you with professional mastering services.

Landr Mastering Reviews

Landr Mastering Review


  • Provides a cheaper alternative for human mastering engineers
  • Has instant AI mastering
  • Frequently updated to provide quality services
  • Supports bulk upload
  • Provides quality mastering
  • The possibility to distribute your music on Spotify, Apple Music & more via Landr


  • Their pricing system is somewhat hard to grasp
  • It lacks the “human touch” felt when tracks are mastered by human mastering engineers

Landr’s mastering services are the primary attraction to Landr. Their immediate A.I. mastering is simple to use, all you will need to do is drag and drop your documents, and after that, the mastering process can start!

It’s going to analyze the fashion of your track and then generate an exceptional set of sound post-production processors targeted only to your monitor.

The program will then correct the parameters to get the absolute most from your monitor. You could even correct your mastering preferences by rescuing the intensity and style which you enjoy best. This way, you can refer back to it to your future monitors.

Instant AI mastering

The top quality of Landr is its own instantaneous A.I. mastering. Landr has an elastic search engine driven through an artificial engine that makes sure your paths are mastered whenever possible. All you need to do is drag your files and shed them along with the mastering process.

Desktop App

Landr established a free desktop program in 2015. The program was made to generate the mastering of audio a lot simpler. It was made to expand the reach of

It features incredible features like digital audio work stations (D.A.W.S.), cloud storage, improved file management, and cloud storage backup to get many mastered.

Desktop App landr

Bulk upload

Another new attribute that Landr has is mass upload. With this attribute, artists are now able to incorporate entire records for mastering.

It’s a fast, easy, and affordable means to provide an album that provides the viewer a more unified, cohesive listening experience across a record while at precisely the same time expressing separate mastering from 1 track to another.

Landr is your very first cloud-based mastering platform to provide mastering across a whole album. This is particularly helpful since musicians can now utilize Landr to polish all of the tunes of the record inside a brief period.

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Music Workflow Integration

The second attribute by Landr is music workflow integration. With audio integration, you can point to your electronic sound work exports involving the Landr bounce folder, and all of which you output will be mechanically analyzed.

Cloud backup

Later additionally features cloud backup. It follows that every monitor which you master on Landr’s program and is automatically backed up on Landr’s cloud. The cloud is also very safe, and it’s possible to have the ability to get any of your paths everywhere, anytime.

Numerous Formats

Landr also features multiple formats. People people who have subscribed to Landr have access to three different kinds of sparking sounds. The first mastering noise is hot, described as smooth and thick and using a classic warmth.

The balanced mastering sound primarily focuses on thickness, clarity, and balance. The final mastering noise is available, described as more contemporary, and concentrates on creating the sound more existing and punchy.

Volume Matching

Another attribute that Landr has is quantity fitting. Volume fitting is used for playback. It allows you to A/B involving the mastered version and the first track that you uploaded in precisely the same moment.

This attribute is essential since you can remain neutral when comparing amounts about your ideas about what seems excellent. This can help you avoid the incorrect notion; Louder is better.

Mastering Preferences

Another attribute by Landr is controlling tastes. Mastering preferences allow you to conserve the degree and style you would like to consult for prospective entrepreneurs. This characteristic, however, is only available to people subscribed to all Advanced and Pro programs.


Another quality that makes Landr stand out is that the free sample support it has curated. The sample features several collections curated by several artists on several genres, ranging from soul to hip hop.

The samples provided are liberated, and the consumers can navigate the genre of their own choice. Using these samples, musicians can gauge the mastering, which will be finished on their paths and affect the mastering that they prefer.

Mix Expert Duplicate

With this particular quick mastering model, I had been taking mixes to the studio, which was mastered using LANDR and composing notes on what I had been hearing. Initially, there is a lot of changes required.

Many small but significant changes were required after listening to moves on three speakers and an automobile ride. Then I’d go home to my bedroom, make the adjustments, and learn the tune again.

After three cycles of the process, the tunes were functioning nicely on all speakers, and no longer changes were required.

In my situation, because I had been mixing these tunes myself, I believe I have much more improvement from fine-tuning my mixtures compared to performing a pass and sending it off to an engineer to fix my errors. It is a subtle equilibrium, which choice may not be perfect for everybody.

Finally, to truly put this version to the evaluation, I sent a couple of tunes from professional mastering engineers to ensure that there wasn’t a mysterious giant leap in caliber my tunes would lose out on.

Much to my surprise, their masters seemed virtually identical to the LANDR variations and much less significant in 1 instance.

Landr Pricing

Within this part of the Landr Review, we will analyze the Landr sparking cost structure that is set up.

There’s a free trial set up, which you may use to obtain a sense of those services they give.

If you need superior features, then you’ll need to pay. There are three tiers of subscription packages, and we’re going to break down these below.

Standard subscription: the features contained in the subscription are all unlimited downloads for Lo MP3 files (greater ones will probably cost more), and supply is included. The price tag is £4 per month or two £48 annually.

Advanced subscription: This includes unlimited downloads for both Lo and Hi-quality MP3s using WAV flies having an additional price.

Distribution is comprised of volume fitting, you can store your tastes, and three distinct styles will help you produce your audio. This can cost you nine a month and £108 for a year.

Pro subscription: This includes infinite high and low-quality MP3 and WAV files, supply are comprised, three styles to make your audio, volume fitting, and you may store your preferences for your future.

How Does Landr Work?

Before deciding on how you would like to master your path, first, you have to get an excellent understanding of two essential theories applied through the mixing stage.

It’s essential that you take notice of transients and headroom. Transients are part of a noise that produces assault. They’re essential, particularly if you’d like your monitor to hit people with the chest.

Transients create a sound intriguing to listen to. Transients must be delivered in such a manner that there’s corrosion after the strike to make a tremendous variation.

Headroom is your physical area that’s normally left in a mixture for the mastering process’s aim, which comes later. It would help if you made sure your track has enough headroom after blending so that there’s sufficient space for the mastering process. This makes sure your monitor has sufficient room to work with through controlling.

To ensure your monitor has sufficient headroom before multiplying by Landr, you want to record and mix at reasonable levels. Preferably, you need to keep your peak levels at approximately -6dB in your master fader.

A mistake that most men and women make during blending is they mix too sexy; they then put a limiter on the master bus to stop matters from clipping.

The problem with doing so is that even though the overload lights may be held from turning by the limiter, your dynamics continue to be harmed since your entire fine passing peaks will be decreased. Also, the dynamics from the path will be eliminated. This is going to bring about a master who is less than perfect.

You need to instead concentrate on ensuring your mixes sound as much as you can. You shouldn’t be bothered if your mix doesn’t seem loud enough because that will be cared for at the mastering stage.

Additionally, you always need to make sure your monitors are in the very best file format possible until submitting an application to Landr for formatting.

You should instead submit your path in a WAV or AIFF format. Your path ought to be exported at precisely the same bit depth and sample rate as your session.

You should avoid sending MP3s, WMAs, MAs, or OGGs to be mastered. The very best output format to select for your Landr master is HD WAV.

This will make sure that all copies of your soundtrack will be of the same excellent quality. Additionally, you need to use 24-bit resolution in any way times. It’s also advisable to allow Landr to manage the dithering if you can export 32-bit files.

You also ought to pick the best sample rate, based on how much extra CPU strain your pc can deal with.

You have to work in the proper sample rate, mainly if you already know precisely what your output should be, to prevent unnecessary conversion measures at the conclusion.

It would help if you always were confident that the arrangement you use to your Landr format is HD WAV to be ready for any formatting demands later on.

Together with Land, you have to select how you would like your mastering to be performed based upon your preferences. It is possible to pick the style you desire.

Whether balanced, warm, or receptive, or alter your favorite intensity. The mastering preferences, however, are only available for the Advanced and Pro programs.

Assessing your path is then easy. You drag and drop your paths to the monitor library. It is also possible to click on the Master Tracks button and select the files you need to upload.

Landr Competition

BandLab vs. Landr

BandLab is a reasonably standard service with producers, musicians, and artists alike. This support is quite like Landr in terms of its lack of features.

But, BandLab is free to use. It has unlimited cloud storage plus a free DAW, allowing one to produce and collaborate across programs. It is easy to use, and this can be a plus for new people to internet mastering.

It features these features, bass increase, improves quality and CD-quality sound.’ This will not permit you to create ground-breaking paths, but how it is free will permit those of you on a tight budget to ideally create professional sounding sound.

BandLab’s master can produce well-balanced paths with a range of tools. But similarly to Landr, the caliber of the master lacks a little depth.

Cloudbounce vs Landr

CloudBounce is an internet audio mastering service that also employs an AI (such as Landr) to learn your tracks. It’ll cost you $9.90 for each monitor, and this will permit you to download Hi-Res WAV files and CD-quality files.

You could even correct the genre, volume, brightness, warmth, and bass. You can get your tracks onto any apparatus, and this also offers you a degree of freedom.

There’s a Pro subscription service that you can cover, and this enables both boundless pros and enlarged cloud storage to your songs. There are pros and cons to CloudBounce.

The pros include the ease of use and also how you’re able to utilize genres to tailor the audio of your grasp. Side note, you’ll have to remaster your path every single time that you wish to try out something new out. This is sometimes time-consuming.

Also, it is time-consuming awaiting the AI to recalculate. Therefore this can occasionally be somewhat frustrating.

The grade of the master is elevated because of its clarity, electricity, and sound. Landr vs Cloudbounce also a quality of warmth that you won’t discover in other internet mastering services.

Music Gateway to Landr

With our unbelievable music distribution service, we all master your songs for free to ensure you seem the best you can before your launch. Having a free account, you receive two free tunes, to begin with, and you get more according to your strategy.

Our distribution service makes your songs on all effective programs like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. What is more, you keep 100 percent of your earnings, and we do not get a cent from you.

Additionally, we provide complete sync licensing opportunities and completely free sync representation in addition to free media, site, and promotional solutions.


In contrast to other comparable products, Landr Mastering does a beautiful job in restraining. It’s certainly worth giving a shot if you want to cut back your music post-production expenses.

The free trial is godsent since it provides you with a chance to try out the software before committing financially for this. So definitely check it out and see whether it’s something you could wind up using long-term since you don’t have anything to lose.

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