KlipschPromedia 2.1 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

KlipschPromedia 2.1 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

You will find, in actuality, lots of fantastic things about it. in this KlipschPromedia 2.1 Reviews, Fidlar will show you the complete details about this speaker.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speaker system is among the earliest PC/gaming speaker systems available on the marketplace, and it is still among the hottest speaker systems. It’s an excellent option for players, but it’s also perfect for music and movies, and if you’re trying to find a speaker program under $200 for your desktop computer, you should take a look.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speaker program was introduced in 2000, and it’s existed for at least 15 decades. At that moment, the number of changes made with the speaker program was minimal.

The majority of the changes were cosmetic, and the only change is the kind of the preamp input on the subwoofer (since the older DIN connector was too brittle ). When some product handles to remain aggressive after many years, and without significant changes, there needs to be something unique.

KlipschPromedia 2.1 Review

Tech Specs

  • Frequency Response: 31Hz – 20kHz
  • Maximun Acoustic Output: 106dB SPL
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Enclosure Type: Satellites sealed, Subwoofer bass reflex
  • Amplifier: BASH Digital linear hybrid amplifier; discrete MOSFET output power section
  • Inputs: MP3 two-channel soundcard miniplug
  • Outputs: Headphone
  • Drive Components: Satellite: Two-way system using 0.75″ (1.9cm) polymer dome tweeter with a MicroTractrix® Horn and one 3″ long-throw midbass driver. Subwoofer: Side-firing 6.5″ (16.51cm) long-throw driver
  • Tweeter: 0.75″ Poly compression driver
  • High-Frequency Horn: 90° x 40° MicroTractrix® Horn
  • High-Frequency Crossover: 5kHz
  • Woofer: 3″ Fiber-composite cone
  • Subwoofer: One 6.5″ (16.51cm) fiber composite cone
  • Subwoofer Amplifier: 130 watts

Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Review


  • Playing a game on this speaker feels like wearing a headphone. Directions are clear, the intensity of incoming bullets or steps are well regulated.
  • The speakers have sufficient volume even for audio clips that are of low quality.
  • The speakers are heavy with a well-designed base that prevents them from toppling over accidentally.
  • There is enough power to drive the subwoofer and satellite speakers to full volume.
  • Individual subwoofer volume control.
  • You can connect a headphone directly to the control unit and bypass the speakers. The built-in amplifier is more than capable of handling demanding monitors.


  • The DIN connectors behind the subwoofer are susceptible to damage.
  • The plastic used does not inspire confidence.
  • The design could have been better considering today’s more futuristic speakers.
Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System (Black)
  • THX-certified, three-piece computer audio system
  • Exclusive Klipsch MicroTractrix Horn maximizes digital technologies such as CDs, MP3 downloads, and streaming radio programs
  • 200-watt digital hybrid amplifier driven ProMedia 21 incorporates a convenient headphone jack as well as a miniplug input
  • Compatible with laptop, smartphone, tablet and other devices via a headphone Jack and mini plug input
  • 31 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response range


The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is a three-piece sound system primarily intended for desktop use as a sound entertainment center. It’s THX Certified using two satellite speakers, each providing complete stereo audio utilizing 35-watt drivers. It utilizes a 130-watt subwoofer that may achieve 31 Hz without bottoming out for heavy rumbling low frequencies.

Introduction Klipsch Promedia 2.1 Review

The satellites every uses Klipsch proprietary MicroTractrix horns, which help preserve clarity whatever the sound source. You can stream from online radio, play mp3 or even CDs, and this speaker may seem the same.

It depends on a hybrid amplifier capable of high output, which may even power an expensive monitor headset or even the dual stereo analog input signal.

Being masters of audio reproduction, the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 comprises the ideal technologies to guarantee every piece fabricated feels and sounds the same.

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The speaker system appears relatively straightforward but tasteful. The subwoofer is boxy, and it is made from MDF. The bass jack is on the front desk, while the 6.5-inch driver is on the ideal side.

The satellites look trendy. They include metal stands that substantially improve their equilibrium. Each satellite includes two motorists (mid-bass woofer and tweeter) protected with a plastic grille using a thin cloth. The grille is removable, and you’ll find precisely the same functionality with and without the grille.

The perfect satellite is considered the principal channel, and all of the inputs and inputs are located on the control pod in the base of the ideal speaker.

On the other hand, there are just two volume knobs. The left one is the subwoofer knob (you may use it to control the quantity of bass), along with the correct one is the most crucial volume knob.

You will find just two AUX interfaces on the ideal side of the principal speaker (one input and one output). It is possible to use the input to connect your telephone or some other audio device with a 3.5millimeter output signal and play with the audio from your apparatus. The AUX output signal is a headset jack.

Both tanks are hardwired. The wires are on the trunk, and they’re not removable. The speaker has just two speaker cables while the right/main speaker has two speaker cables, one AUX cable, along with one added cable with a DIN connector that’s supposed to be plugged into the preamp jack on the back of the subwoofer.


Promedia 2.1 system features a powerful 130W subwoofer. The driver has just a 6.5-inch diameter, but it can provide a fantastic bass quantity because of its size. The enclosure is constructed from MDF, and it is flashed to get an improved bass response.

Two-way satellite speakers are responsible for midrange and high-frequency reproduction. Each satellite features you 3-inch long-throw mid-bass woofer (in control of midrange frequencies) plus a single 0.75-inch MicroTractix horn tweeter made from polymer.

Horn-loaded twitters are among those Klipsch trademarks, and they’re supposed to empower much better dispersion of high frequencies and cleaner sound reproduction.

The speaker system could be plugged into almost any AUX output (your audio card, TV, or another device). The machine also features one extra AUX input and a single AUX output (headphone jack).

Klipsch ProMedia is THX-certified, which is among the most significant highlights and among those matters that significantly increase the machine’s purchase price.


Placement and setup are relatively straightforward. The subwoofer is designed to move on the ground, preferably below your desk (therefore, it does not get on your way), whereas the tweeters should be 3-5ft apart.

Once you set all of the three speakers, then you can cable the machine. Each of the cables is already connected to the tanks. You’re supposed to join both satellites to the subwoofer and then plug in the 3.5millimeter cable coming out of the ideal satellite into an audio source (an audio card, TV). Once you’re finished, you may plug the machine into the power socket and play some songs.

It is not that tough to wire everything, but the simple fact that the tanks are hardwired and can’t detach the wires has become the most annoying thing. If the cable breaks, it’ll be far more challenging to replace it.

Software NOT Suited for the ProMedia 2.1

Though the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1’s are flexible, there’s but one program where they are not suggested. The huge sub and assorted cables connecting the machine collectively mean that it is by no way a mobile installation.

If you’re seeking a speaker system that’s fast and easy to maneuver around, then the ProMedia 2.1 probably is not the ideal option. While it’s OK to transfer the speakers from time to time for a celebration or special event, you would not wish to move this method around too frequently. The ProMedia 2.1 is much more of a setup. So far as downsides go, this is a minor matter.

Here’s the official demonstration video for your Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Wireless. The ProMedia 2.1 Bluetooth has altered the Wireless version. Nevertheless, this movie gives you a good notion of the size and installation of this speaker program.

Sound and Technical Aspects

There are a couple of significant facets that place the ProMedia 2.1 besides other PC speakers. The first being the machine is loud. Surprisingly loud for the dimensions.

The maximum SPL (sound pressure level) is 106dB. This is guaranteed to wake up everybody in a typical three-bedroom family house with ease. Second, the ProMedia 2.1 produces a frequency response of 31Hz to 20kHz. Regular PC speakers produce a frequency response involving 100Hz 18kHz; that is the reason why they usually sound treble-heavy without a bass.

The ProMedia 2.1’s complete frequency response produces crisp highs, characterized mids, and reliable, booming bass. That is precisely what makes these speakers versatile and may easily double as a mini home entertainment system.

The easy control pod has two control knobs, one for a separate bass command. Having different bass command is excellent once you have to compensate for different software. For example, you may want to turn up the bass while listening to Hip Hop, watching a scary movie, or even playing a particular game.

Klipsch recommends maintaining the bass command set to 10 o’clock. This may deliver consistent bass in both high and low volumes. The bass will go considerably higher. However, you will find it is not necessary for many programs.

Maxing out the bass may result in distortion. Maxing out any noise system isn’t ever a fantastic idea since you run the chance of damage. Having said this, if employed to their intended function, I doubt you will have to max out the ProMedia 2.1s.

For those searching for some technical specifications, the ProMedia 2.1therefore, provide an entire peak power output of 200W. Every satellite speaker produces a 35W summit and the subwoofer a useful 130W summit.

The satellites are bi-amped using a 1″ tweeter and 3″ mid-range drivers crossed over at 5kHz. This crossover split in the satellite speakers allows the machine to deliver a set frequency response and defined clarity.


Klipsch has also made a Bluetooth version of this ProMedia 2.1 aptly called the ProMedia 2.1 BT. The BT version is identical, but for the fact that they cost about $30 more and comprise a Bluetooth input signal.

This is also to this ⅛ AUX input signal. You are creating a total of 3 sound inputs to your ProMedia 2.1 BT. The BT version’s apparent advantage is that you are ready to link your phone and other Bluetooth devices. This usually means no swapping out AUX cables and the capability to modify the audio and adjust the volume from throughout the room.


We’ve got no doubts that Klipsch Promedia 2.1 is a sound 2.1 speaker system. It can improve your listening experience, and it is equally great for gaming, movies, and audio. It provides compelling and balanced audio. The amount of inputs on the ProMedia speaker program is restricted, and if you would like something with more inputs, you need to look at Logitech Z623 or even Edifier USA S330D.

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