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Klipsch Reference R-14M Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Klipsch Reference R-14M Review 2021 Top Full Guide

You’re looking for a speaker that’s compact yet retains clear, crisp, and spacious sound throughout your room to replace the bulky speakers in your room. So it would help if you thought of bookshelf speakers that are compactly designed with excellent sound quality.

Here we have an ideal proposition for you; the Klipsch r-14m is the speaker we’d like to mention, a unique Klipsch design. With a low cost, you already have a speaker with sound considered to be great at its girl level. Let’s explore with Fidlar what is in this bookshelf speaker at this Klipsch Reference R-14M Review, whether this is a speaker worth the investment or not.

Klipsch R-14m Review

Tech Specs

  • Product Name: R-14M Reference Speaker
  • Product Brand: Klipsch
  • UPC: 743878027518
  • Price: $199.99
  • Release Date: May 2015
  • Weight:7.13 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions: 9.75 x 5.88 x 7.5 in.
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty:5 years
  • Bluetooth: No

Tech Specs


  • Copper and gold design.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Deep bass.


  • No wireless connectivity.
  • Highly dependent on the size of the room.


IMG Woofer

The Injection Molded Graphite or even IMG woofer is a part designed to provide the Klipsch 14m an outstanding low-frequency reaction with minimal cone separation and distortion, providing the bass response speaker a deeper angle.

The bass gets evident while it retains a delicate equilibrium with noise clarity. This module is ideal for speakers, where audio clarity and quality are imperative.


LTS Tweeter

The Linear Travel Suspension tweeter produced by Kapton businesses embedded to the Klipsch r-14m was inserted to improve high quantity reaction. At the same time, it reduces distortion for a more improved, detailed functionality.

These tweeters are homogenous through all Klipsch speakers and also provide them their signature raw audio. This tweeter, coupled with all the IMG woofers, produces a balanced audio output, which can be bass-enriched, secure, and accommodates intense low and high volumes, making it ideal for the intended user base.

Back Port

The back-firing vents are put on the speakers’ rear to decrease vibration, turbulence and, subsequently, increase this machine’s equilibrium.

The 4-inch twin woofers produce a reasonable quantity of motion, and this vent helps to keep the speakers set up even at very low frequencies.

Tractrix Horn

The speaker also features the signature Klipsch Tractrix horn. This also improves the speaker’s acoustics and provides balance to the noise. Klipsch’s acoustic guitar improving technology is utilized to improve the pure noise; it’s a vital element of the excellent touch.

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If there’s one thing a heritage sound manufacturer understands the way to do, it is building enclosures and speakers with excellent layout language. The Klipsch reference Klipsch r 14m, at face value, is extremely basic.

They’re just under 10 inches tall and just under 6 inches broad, placing them in precisely the same ballpark as nearly every speaker of this course. They offer you a rather substantial depth at approximately 7.5 inches element that plays to the audio quality.

The enclosure is completed in what Klipsch calls a brushed black plastic veneer, which gives it a slick, stealthy appearance and provides a wood grain personality.

The net grille on the front is black, meaning that the sole, contrasting shade on the entire unit, is Klipsch’s classic rose-gold emblem. This is a beautiful touch because it blows off the all-black aesthetic using a little bit of sparkle.

But should you take these from the box, then pop them on yourself, and then leave them as is, then you are missing out on what we believe is the ideal search for those speakers.

Most speakers do not offer you a lot to look at with no grille, which means you may also keep it on for bulge and dust protection. Klipsch has engineered the interior using the same brushed veneer complete, but they have chosen to construct the woofer cone from metal aluminum.

This glitzy pop of color sets these speakers apart, and though the material option affects noise (we will get to this at the excellent audio segment ), we can not help but respect what Klipsch has done with the speakers’ appearance.


Natural sound is at the forefront of their r-14m’s objects, which is accomplished via the integration of this 90×90 tractrix horn combined with a tweeter made from aluminum.

Its incorporation accounts for a noteworthy high-end response with eloquent expansion. The dynamic of imaging is directly associated with the sound sounding as pure and clean as possible.

The linear traveling suspension tweeter is essential to minimize distortion according to the injection-molded graphite woofer, whose copper-spun components actively work to provide functionality that’s comprehensive and uses minimal cone separation.

Along with this spun copper IMG woofers being light in weight, they are crucial in how they relate to inducing low-frequency response. Along with the tractrix horn-loaded linear traveling suspension tweeter, they unilaterally immerse each room with pristine sound.

The rear-firing port completes the meeting of the Klipsch r-14m 4-inch reference bookshelf speakers version, together with 5-way binding articles offering a degree of flexibility other competitors in this area can’t match. Moreover, even in low frequencies, turbulence is nominal at best.

Durability And Build Quality

As already mentioned, the appearance of the speakers is perfectly glossy. They feel and look great at home in a top living room installation. This is true for the build quality also.

The whole enclosure is constructed from MDF, which stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. This is a substance comprised of fibers using resin to seal it all together.

It is a material selected for its capacity to stand rigid against life’s pressures and bend a bit using noise. On paper, that sounds excellent, but we believe this led to some number of muddiness at reduced volumes in our tests. It enabled a bit too many of the non and mid-low frequencies to project.

The Linear Travel Suspension tweeter is constructed of solid aluminum, and we could attest it seems considerably more substantial than many silk tweeters.

The most crucial woofer is constructed of spun aluminum and injection-molded graphite, allowing for a stiff, strong reaction during the lower end of this spectrum.

Again, this is true for what we discovered, since at lower amounts, the aluminum woofer sings. Eventually, Klipsch has rounded out the construct using a rear-facing bass interface and also a premium-feeling net grille on the front.

Installation Process And Audio Quality

Mid-level speakers can generally do one of 2 things well: they are either complete, firm, or crisp and comprehensive. The R-14M out of Klipsch are inclined to lean over the firm side, and based on what you are using them, that could be fine.

Every speaker locks in at roughly 50W of constant handling, using a summit of 200W. This is quite loud, considering that these are just 4-inch woofer cones.

With roughly 90 decibels of electricity and 8 ohms of resistance, we’re delighted with all the ability of those speakers when we hooked them to our home entertainment setup.

They worked well along with a subwoofer for viewing films and listening to audio. They do appear to cover a fantastic amount of frequency spectrum, so setting sound out between 64Hz and 24kHz, as long as you’ve got a subwoofer covering the 20Hz63Hz, you are going to receive decent performance.

But suppose you are thinking about using these speakers to see talk shows or listen to audio that needs a lot of detail (a high dynamic range or something with silent dialog and loud accompanying audio effects).

In that case, you may find it gets lost in the mix a little. We are not sure why this is true since the 1-inch aluminum Tractrix Horn functions as a polished tweeter. To be clear, when we turned up the volume, the highs of the individual speaking voice came out clear and nicely rounded.

Nevertheless, when seeing shows in an ordinary quantity, we discovered it was a bit tough to differentiate this component of the range from inside a more powerful, fuller combination, even if we corrected our recipient’s EQ reasonably significantly.

This is not a massive problem, as the total sound is strong and entirely great for film nights when you are likely to maintain the headroom high in your audio system. However, bear in mind that listening to low volumes loses detail.


We had been on the fence about the cost for its R14m Klipsch the 200 list price on Amazon is too high for its absence of detail from the noise.

However, since they stood up nicely at large volumes and provided a compelling sound quality in this small footprint, we all believe that the typical sale price (generally around $100) is near ideal for its value.

Since they are passive speakers and do not cover a lot of frequency response in the low end of this spectrum, you will have to pair them with a powered receiver.

Also, you should remember they do not arrive with their speaker cable. Their worth is best noticed when placed along with a subwoofer. However, for the newest and the cinematic functionality, they occupy a fantastic value in the standard speaker range.


It is a myth that effortless sound and a high price tag are mutually exclusive, and the Klipsch Reference R-14M proves this misconception in spades.

Even though it isn’t too decked out from nuanced technical specifications and frivolous features, its bang for the dollar is represented by how far consumers can extend their buck while still getting clear, crisp sound. It’s a bonus. We expect that our Klipsch r14m review can help you know which should you choose.

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