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What Is Ken Goldin Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

What Is Ken Goldin Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview (1)

Ken Goldin is a big name in sports and entertainment souvenirs. He is an entrepreneur and a collector at heart. Goldin has had a strong interest in business since he was young. 

He has built a great job and left a legacy that has caught the attention of big companies like Netflix. 

Fidlarmusic will discuss on all information about Ken Goldin net worth and how Goldin Auctions became so successful in this blog below.

What Is Ken Goldin Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What Is Ken Goldin's Net Worth and Salary 2023

Goldin Auctions makes about $300 million in sales annually, with an average commission on things worth $10,000 to $249,999.

The company and the client work out the fee for collectibles worth more than that amount. This means Goldin Auctions probably makes around $30 million yearly in sales.

Also, Ken Goldin owns two businesses. Ken Goldin’s yearly income is likely higher than the average business owner’s $100,000.

Based on his success in the sports memorabilia industry, his estimated net worth is around $50 million.

Ken Goldin’s Overview

Ken Goldin Overview

Early Life and Education

Ken Goldin was born with a natural interest in business, so in 1983 he went to The George Washington University School of Business to follow his dream.

He finished school in 1985 and then studied Business Administration and Management at Drexel University.

During this time, he showed his entrepreneurial energy by co-founding The Score Board Inc., a company specializing in trading cards, in 1986. He became CEO while he was still in school at Drexel University.

Career and Accomplishments

Goldin worked at The Score Board Inc. after he graduated from Drexel University in 1987. He did this until 1997. After he left the company, he started a new business in Florida in January 1998.

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This was called Goldin Sports Inc. Goldin was the company’s CEO and has been an important part of the business since the beginning.

Goldin took a big step forward in his work in January 2012 when he opened Goldin Auctions. This move allowed him to use his skills in collecting and business, which helped him reach even higher heights.

Under Goldin’s direction, Goldin Auctions has grown and now sells more than $300 million worth of sports and showbiz memorabilia annually.

The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association, the Jackie Robinson Foundation, and the Babe Ruth Museum have all worked with and trusted Goldin Auctions.

These partnerships have made it clear that the company is a leader in its field. Ken Goldin works for Goldin Auctions but is also on the Board of Directors for the Philadelphia Museum of Sports and is the Chairman of the Camcare Charitable Foundation.

Netflix’s ‘King of Collectibles

Netflix's 'King of Collectibles'

Ken Goldin’s remarkable journey and influence in the sports collectible market have not gone unnoticed.

Netflix saw that his story could be interesting, so on April 28, 2023, they released an episode called King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.

This six-part series, where each show is 30 minutes long, details how Goldin Auctions looks for rare items and how they work.

King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch gives an inside look at the company’s success.

It features Goldin and key team members, such as Consignment Director Dave Amerman, Head of Vintage Consignment Steve Lucas, and Head of Private Sales Frank DiNoto.

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Now that the series is available on Netflix, Goldin’s image as a giant in collectibles has grown even stronger.

Personal Life

Ken Goldin resides in New Jersey with his spouse and three children. He is a passionate sports enthusiast who indulges in his hobby of collecting sports memorabilia during his leisure time.

Furthermore, he contributes to various philanthropic causes and has made substantial donations towards initiatives such as cancer research and improving education for children.

Why Is Ken Goldin Famous?

Why Is Ken Goldin Famous

Ken Goldin is mostly known for his success in the antique business, where he and his company, Goldin Auctions, have made a name for themselves.

His drive, expertise, and love for the business had taken it to heights never been reached before and caught the attention of big media platforms like Netflix.

This publicity has helped him become more well-known and respected as a leader in the world of sports and entertainment items.

FAQs About Ken Goldin

FAQs About Ken Goldin

What’s Ken Goldin’s age?

In 2022, he will be 58 years old.

Who is the wife of Ken Goldin?

Jennifer Goldin.

Ken Goldin has how many children?

Laura, Paul, and Carleigh are his three kids.


Ken Goldin is a prominent and accomplished entrepreneur in the sports memorabilia industry, held in high regard by his peers and clients.

His love of sports and collecting led him to establish his ventures, and his proficiency has made him one of the most influential personalities in the field.

Goldin Auctions, under his leadership, has achieved enormous success, resulting in substantial wealth and establishing it as one of the most prosperous auction houses globally.

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