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Keith Urban Guitar Review 2023: Top Full Guide

Keith Urban Guitar Review 2023 Top Full Guide

Before the guitar-making industry evolved like today, You wondered How a handcrafted guitar would look like?

The handcrafted guitar of Australian country music star, singer, songwriter, and music star Keith Urban is a prime example of those excellent handcrafted guitars; you will surely be amazed by its skillful lines another on the guitar’s body.

Here we take a closer look at the handmade guitar by Keith Urban; let’s join Fidlar to see what’s different about this guitar at the Keith Urban Guitar Review; let’s see if you should invest in a handmade guitar or not.

About Keith Urban Guitars

There’s not any doubt that Keith Urban is one of the most renowned guitarists today. Mostly, he’s paving the new streets for the modern country genre.

He’s a participant who embraced the components of different music. Together with his intricate comprehension of songs, he managed to make it into the pinnacle.

About Keith Urban Guitars

It’s indisputable that Keith Urban is an appealing individual. In reality, you ought to be aware that this man is married to Hollywood’s most cherished celebrity, Nicole Kidman. But despite the limelight in the showbiz industry, it was music that gave fame to Urban.

Due to his victory, beginning with his stint at Ranch from the 90s down to his solo records, many loved Urban acoustic guitars. We are all aware that most of you’re knowledgeable about the tunes “You Can Love This Way” and “Sweet Thing.” All these are inventions of Urban. We could also state that this guide will not be sufficient to surmise his accolades.

For people who are after his playing styles, acquiring the guitars he designed is advantageous. We’re referring to these Keith Urban guitars. However, are they worth getting? And that made them?

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Who Makes Keith Urban Guitars

Now, it’s essential to highlight the Keith Urban Guitar sets is a limited variant. It’s uncertain if whether Urban intends to create the guitar to be a routine in the business. If that is true, then we could observe the growth of his product soon.

When you look at all of the Keith Urban Guitar kits in audio shops and online retailers, you can observe that there’s no information regarding their manufacturer.

Many became curious about it because these guitars have great functionality. Can Ibanez, Fender, or Epiphone participate in the production of these pellets? None can affirm that.

But, we promise Keith Urban himself is the person who supervised the production of those guitars. Had it not been for him, these guitars are just as great as those regular electric acoustic guitars.

Especially, Keith Urban made those guitars. In the tonewood to the construction of the fretboard, it was him. What’s more, it’s great to be aware that those guitars are handcrafted.

For this reason, you can say that Keith Urban Guitars can produce bright and natural sounds that are iconic to acoustic guitars that are true.

Now, it’s not incorrect to state that Urban himself gets the guitars. However, it would be foolish if we presume that no individuals are assisting him. In reality, it’s safe to state there is cooperation between Urban and other vital players from the guitar market.

This is indeed fascinating, considering the maker’s title is essential from the guitar market. But until Keith doesn’t hint anything, we’ll only stay oblivious.

Keith Urban Guitar Review

Keith Urban Guitar Reviews


  • Has comprehensive guitar classes that help beginners Learn How to play guitar quicker
  • Having a stunning design and improved playability
  • Cheap, since it’s the guitar lessons by a renowned artist


  • Perhaps not the most reliable guitar, particularly for stage performances
  • Not Great for gamers that wish to accelerate their guitar abilities

Features And Specification

It is one of the lightest pellets weighing just around 4.75pounds with an overall span of 41-inch. It’s a measurement of approximately 41-inch lengthy, 15.75-inch wide, and 4.75-inch high.

This Keith urban acoustic guitar package using the conventional 3+3 headstock comprising the Urban icon, such as the “URBAN” imprint. When some reviews stated that the guitar hardly stays in song, I’ve better tuners that maintain the ideal tuning for some time.

Features And Specification 

The bronze-wound steel strings remain well set up, with great saddle and nut. That is an acoustic guitar. Therefore it does not have any electronic equipment or pickups onboard.

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As it’s handmade by Keith Urban himself, you know that it’s an excellent guitar. As a veteran artist, Urban understands what he is doing, and I am reasonably sure he is excellent at what he does. Sothis all-wood guitar is exceptionally dependable and will take on heavy guitar periods.

I will begin with the Spruce body and Mahogany sides and back, dressed with all the star-quality finish. You are aware that Spruce and Mahogany are famous tonewoods and, if combined, offer a mellow tone with a powerful midrange and decreased overtones.

In the back, you are going to see an exceptional panel using silver-gray look-of-mother-pearl inlays. You could even observe the Urban icon, logo, and Urban’s signature imprint.

It seems incredible, particularly with the Rich Black finish in the rear and the sides. The top wood contains finishes such as Rich Black, Brazilian Burst, and Military Green.

The neck is constructed from Eastern Mahogany, comprising a fretboard decorated with large inlays and an Urban icon inlay at the 12th fret. It’s a square-off cutaway that can help you access the top frets easily. Most reviews stated the string height is a lot lower than other guitar versions, which I find useful for improved playability.


Like many guitars, you can not get fantastic sounds from this box. It requires tuning and installation. Similarly, the Keith Urban Player demands proper tuning, too.

The fantastic news is this guitar comes with low actions. Therefore, you do not have to do the hassle of adjusting the truss rod and all. However, if it is required, it better has a professional guitar technician do that.

Additionally, it is essential to alter the inventory strings to attain a better-sounding guitar. In comparison to other guitars, its audio quality is most appropriate for practice and home usage.

It is not well suited for point performance or records. Keith Urban plays fantastic, but it does not have that desired projection, mainly when playing for a bigger audience.


Keith urban acoustic guitar managed to pull out this kind of stunning guitar, bundled it with 30 guitar courses, and offered it at a beautiful cost. This guitar is not affordable; it is inexpensive. And, it features a fantastic value for the price, particularly for beginners.

This 50-piece guitar collection provides you everything you want, from the first setup to learning the very first chord on this tool. Thus, you are aware that 30 of these 50-piece are your guitar classes, so what about another 20? I will break down the listing for you.

First off, you will have the guitar, soft-shell guitar instance, and the 58-inch adjustable strap. The rest are 17are accessories, which have a complete set of spare strings, Allen crucial for neck adjustment, chord chart poster, metal capo, eight custom-designed selections, and a guitar polishing material.

Can there be another guitar collection offered at about $300 with the same package as this?


Even though it’s a durable and dependable guitar, it is ideal for training, not a stage performance. One of the advantages you may get in the Keith Urban Guitar is its playability and the easy-to-follow DVD collection. On the other hand, the audio quality is not the best to perform facing the audience.

Intermediate and professional gamers may require a more innovative guitar, rather than that Keith Urban guitar. However, for beginners, you do not get this type of deal frequently. Handcrafted by a celebrity, it is sort of difficult to beat, particularly at the price that you’ll pay for this particular 50-piece guitar collection.

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