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Jensen Record Players Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Jensen Record Players Review 2021 Top Full Guide

If you are looking for a turntable that can record, easily control the sound, and change pitches, especially without going over your budget, then you should think Jensen is a brand worth the experience.

The JTA-230 is the product we want to mention, a turntable that gets a lot of positive feedback from users and audio professionals alike. Let Fidlar discover what is special about this rotation right at the Jensen Record Players Review; let’s see if it is worth the investment or not.

Jensen JTA-230 Record Player Review


  • Product Name Jensen JTA-230 Record Player
  • Brand Jensen
  • Speed Plays at 33, 45, and 78 RPM
  • Drive Belt Drive
  • Mode Manual with Auto Stop
  • Built-in Preamp Yes
  • Built-in Speakers Yes
  • USB Yes
  • Warranty 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty



  • Auxiliary port for external sources
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Super affordable
  • Built-in dust cover


  • Average sound quality
  • Out-dated appearance
  • Fewer features than some turntables


The Jensen jta230 3speed stereo turntable is hardly more than a box having hastily put knobs and levers figuring from it. Insert a few random speakers to every side, and you have got a fantastic picture.

It’s little. It is plastic. It feels and looks cheap. However, in the turntable kingdom, you generally get just what you purchase. The Jensen turntableJTA-230 is a poorly constructed turntable that is too little and too flimsy for a sturdy regular player but too large to be an excellent mobile choice.

It is precisely what you get when you attempt to generate a deck that may be everything for everybody. They fitted the toes using a non-migrating rubber, which will stop damage to a beautiful wood display desk. Not that you would need to exhibit it.

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Jensen Record Players Review 2021: Top Full Guide


The Jensen JTA-230 3 speed stereo turntable might have captured your attention if you are in the market for a committed record player to digitize your vinyl group. Fantastic news, cause this is among the few features which make this deck value searching.

The Jensen group has assembled a USB port right in their deck and included a USB cable from the box. You won’t require any special adapters or drivers, only a plugin, and you are all set to begin ripping.

You’ll want the Audacity software to make that happen, however. The great thing is you may download Audacity for free internet. But in case you can not make that happen, the Jensen group involves a convenient CD download of this program in the box.


You may see where it’s heading. Cheap elements contribute to one thing: low audio quality. Though the Jensen JTA-230 3-speed stereo turntable conveniently includes built-in speakers, you will not get much from these regarding loudness.

That’s probably a layout component to help restrict distortion, but it is just another one of these ” why bother” features. If you can not find a way to construct speakers in your deck without bothering playback, then you need not construct them at all. Just sayin’.

At least the Jensen group was kind enough to add tone and pitch controls that provide you a bit of flexibility in fine-tuning your listening experience.

They also included RCA cables if you would like to plug in your house audio technical system, which merely nominally raises the quality of playback.

Again, if the pieces are cheap, there is just so much that you can do to bolster the sound quality. Along the JTA-230 does not offer you much wiggle room.


Nearly all of the self-contained listing players can play with vinyl cut at 33, 45, and 78 RPM. There is an adapter that includes this particular record player for playing 45’s.

Speed jta 230

An additional benefit of this Jensen jta 230 3 speed stereo turntable participant is the pitch controllers will also let you play classic records cut 80RPM by providing you with more control over the rate.

This is a cool feature that isn’t accessible with other entry-level listing players.


Bigger is better when it comes to all-in-one listing players since more dimensions mean more electricity. The Jensen JTA-230 includes a plastic construct, and it is not among the largest units available in the industry, and it’s flimsy to a particular degree.

It is worth mentioning here that this unit’s toes are constructed from non-skid rubber, but it is simple to add more equilibrium by attaching self-adhesive felt pads beneath each foot.

This may also help protect any wooden surface that the device is put on. The record player are13.4 x 13.8 x 6.4 inches, and it weighs in at approximately 5.5 lbs.


This record player is a belt-powered device, meaning that the platter is on the engine using a rubberized belt. The upside to this is that the buckle acts as a shock absorber and dampens the engine’s vibrations.

The downside to a belt drive is the platter speed isn’t quite as precise as the of an integrated drive device.

Jensen made a fantastic option to incorporate pitch control using all the Jensen JTA-230, which you may utilize to make finer adjustments to the dish’s rate spinning.

The record player is all but entirely manually controlled. That means you are going to need to cue the tonearm at the start of the record. This is a useful feature for using particular monitors, but users using a less than stable hand may find this a drawback.

The device does have an auto-stop function, which means once the last track is completed, the engine will stop turning the pouch. This is excellent when you’ve got a habit of falling asleep while playing audio as it lessens the wear of your vinyl.

As it is not fully automatic, you will still reunite the tonearm to its location.

It is worth noting here that the auto-stop work doesn’t work as faithfully when playing 78’s because the tonearm jumps back and forth, significance that the engine will continue.

Cartridge and Stylus

Like most self-contained record gamers, The Jensen JTA-230 includes a ceramic cartridge that can not be updated. Concerning updates, the one thing you can probably do is find a better stylus. However, the rest is stock standard, and no updates can be carried out.


With all-in-one listing players that the size of these speakers is significant to consider. Again, the larger, the better. The Jensen JTA-230 includes two smaller speakers compared to the Crosley Nomad, for instance.

If you consider this unit’s entire construct, it is logical that the speakers are somewhat smaller to prevent the stylus from picking up too much vibration.

Speakers jta 230

But despite their size, they provide a decent sound output at high volume without distorting the sound. Additionally, it has a tone control; this can cut the highs making more foundation depending on how you turn the knob.

The positioning of speakers onto a self-contained unit is another crucial aspect to consider. Document players using front-facing speakers will be the best since the audio is much more straight, and rear-facing speakers tend to be less perfect.

This record player includes speakers on all sides of the device. Even though they’re not front-facing, they nevertheless give reasonable direct noise, which is better than rear-facing speakers.

There are also a headset jack and RCA jacks, so you’ve got the choice of linking it to outside speakers that will provide even better audio.

The album player also comes equipped with a built-in preamp so that it’s plugin and play, you do not have to include external speakers, but it’s a significant update.


I favor the 230 into the 220 or 222 since there aren’t any ridiculous extras into the Jensen JTA-230. Extras such as an AM/FM radio or a CD player mean more moving pieces.

The more moving parts you will find, the more inclined you should hear vibrations. Ideally, you would like as little vibration as possible, mainly since this is an entry-level unit without limitations.

After all, you are purchasing this recording player to perform vinyl; if you would like to play with CDs or listen to the radio, you’ll be able to use your personal computer for both.

Jensen made a fantastic option to create this unit only for vinyl ripping and playback and storing things as simple as possible.

USB And Connectivity

The Jensen JTA-230 includes a USB interface. That means you may replicate your vinyl tracks over to electronic format and then listen to them in your favorite apparatus.

It is as simple as hooking it up to a PC and using the free Audacity software contained. The program version on the CD included could be an old version, but because Audacity is open source, you can go over to their site and download the most recent version.

The USB port is also a fantastic choice to use if you are considering speakers. It is easy to hook it up to your pc speakers for improved sound, or you may use the RCA jacks to the identical function.


The Jensen JTA-230 has it all: Intro connectivity choices, included digital audio applications, capacious sound management, and also the ability to perform with three different recording rates. recognizes this Jensen product as one of the very best vinyl record players out there. If you’re interested in finding an easy-to-use turntable with advanced features at a reasonable price, look no further than the JTA-230. We hope that our Jensen record player review can help you know more about this record player.

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