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JBL EON 610 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

JBL EON 610 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

JBL, an already familiar brand to people who regularly work with audio equipment, owns many quality products and receives positive feedback from users and music professionals.

A big buzz from JBL, the JBL EON610 is the speaker we’re talking about here; the 600-series amplifier can deliver 350 watts of constant and 150 watts to LF and HF drivers, corresponding.

Collectively, these speakers can produce a maximum output of 1000W and an audio output rating of 126dB SPL. If you are planning to invest in this speaker, let Fidlar take a look at the speaker’s outstanding features at this JBL EON 610 Review.

JBL Eon 610 Review

JBL Eon610 Review

Tech Specs

  • Powered: Yes
  • Power Configuration: Bi-amped
  • LF Driver Size: 1 x 10″
  • HF Driver Size: 1 x 2414H compression driver
  • LF Driver Power Amp: 700W (peak), 350W (continuous)
  • HF Driver Power Amp: 300W (peak), 150W (continuous)
  • Total Power: 1000W (peak), 500W (continuous)
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR-1/4″ combo
  • Outputs: 1 x XLR (thru)
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wireless: Bluetooth
  • Frequency Range: 52Hz-20kHz (±10dB)
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz
  • Crossover Frequency: 1.8kHz
  • Maximum Peak SPL: 124dB SPL
  • Horizontal Coverage Angle: 110 Degrees
  • Vertical Coverage Angle: 60 Degrees
  • Signal Processing: DSP Presets, EQ
  • Enclosure Material: Polypropylene
  • Mounting Options: Pole Mount with 1.41″ socket, Floor Wedge, 3 x M10 Fly Points
  • Power Source: Standard IEC AC cable
  • Height: 21.9″
  • Width: 12.6″
  • Depth: 11.6″
  • Weight: 26 lbs.


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Durable Design
  • JBL Waveguide Technology
  • Useful Tuning Options


  • Poor Bluetooth Integration

Speaker Features

This device includes a 10-inch LF driver and a 1-inch HF driver, which can be bi-amplified in 700W for the LF and 300W for its HF. What’s more, the frequency range is 52Hz-20kHz (±10dB), using a maximum peak of 124dB. The technology within this speaker is proprietary JBL Waveguide Technology.

Speaker Features

The woofer comes housed within a bass-reflex cabinet. That usually means your bass pumps the ground if you want it to. Additionally, it features a 1000W Class D, summit amp, and five-way, definable parametric EQ controls.

Inputs include two XLR-1/4″ combos and it’s thru XLR output. You’ve mounting choices with this particular speaker. It is possible to mount the device onto a rod, sit on the ground utilizing the ground squeeze, or fly a bracket.

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The JBL EON610 does not stray away from a regular speaker. A whole black layout in a new rectangular plastic box. There’s not anything that speaks to an advanced or appealing layout. However, it also is not garish and will appear professional in many different setups.

The handles are nicely positioned and logically incorporated into the speaker. With handles accessible on all four sides, it makes it effortless to transfer and set up the speakers. Each manage also features rubber feet to keep them in position when used as tracks.

Build Quality

The EON 610 is a well-constructed and robust speaker. However, it’s plastic, which isn’t rare in speakers now. During custom injection molding methods, JBL has managed to make a lasting and speaker.

JBL isn’t a stranger to the speaker marketplace. They’ve leveraged what they’ve heard in their expensive speakers. Premium layout and features have made their way into this lineup.

The redesign from the bottom up is evident. Smart integration of rubber and handles indicates the urge to make a practical speaker ideal for musicians.

Sound Quality

The highs are clear and crisp, with no excess harshness that can happen together with different speakers. The mids are complete and well-rounded and combine nicely with the highs.

The low-end packs a fantastic punch, particularly for a 10-inch speaker. However, you will require a subwoofer if you would like the floor to proceed.

Cycling throughout the EQ presets delivered. Each setting is well programmed, and also, the performance fits my expectations.

JBL’s waveguide technologies are currently at work on those speakers. Moving throughout the 110-degree policy range, I did not experience any noticeable drops in frequencies. This provides a layer of comfort when placing up these, realizing that policy will be.

Tuning Options

The first range of choices is available on the speaker. It is possible to change between 4 EQ presets. The Main is for when the speaker is the primary output device. The monitor is for when you’re using the speaker for a stage monitor.

Speech is for vocal performances, and “Sub” is for when you’ve got an external subwoofer attached. These preset choices work nicely. They permit you to change settings based upon your performance demands quickly.

The following range of choices requires Bluetooth and the JBL program. This program can be obtained for the two Android and iOS. The program permits you to tweak preferences further.

It’s possible to command the master volume in addition to some other settings via three different filters. This controls components like center frequency and benefit. As soon as you find a setting you like, you can save it and replicate it up to four speakers.

You can remember your stored settings onto the speaker through the EQ+ button. This is an excellent addition if you happen to forget your device and do not have access to the program.

While using a program for distant tweaking of configurations is suitable, it comes with a few difficulties. Bluetooth connectivity can be a fickle creature. You may encounter issues pairing your apparatus to the speaker, which may cause some frustration. If it does work, it is fantastic.

Connection Options

You’ve got two link options on the EON 610. Two stations are offering a combo jack that supports both the XLR and TRS input signals. Both these channels could be set to Mic or Line and provide a committed gain knob.

An excess TRS link is readily available for double output to join several speakers.

For those seeking to add speakers for their starter DJ installation, you will have to look at your link choices on your equipment. A beginner DJ control might encourage an RCA connection that the JBL EON 610 does not offer.


Accessories are usually overlooked but an essential part of your equipment, particularly if you’re a performing artist who moves their equipment a good deal.

It is possible to grab a JBL Carry Bag for hauling your speaker. This tote features 10mm padding around to protect your speaker. While the EON610 isn’t a heavy speaker, the additional carry handles on the bag make it a cinch to select the speaker for your gigs.

There’s also a Deluxe Padded Cover for your speaker. This is useful if you play with a good deal of outside gigs and need a little excess protection from the elements. These covers allow entry to the grips, so it’s still possible to correct and transfer them without selecting the cover off.

For mounting, you can grab the Pyle Universal Speaker Stands. The durable tripod layout is ideal for the JBL speakers, and they’re quite reasonable.

If you want to improve your entire installation, there’s a JBL EON 610 speaker package accessible. This is also useful for the ones who are starting and would like to pick up what they want in 1 go.

The bundle comprises two JBL 610 EON speakers, two Carry bags, two speaker stands, and XLR cables. This permits you to get you up and to run right away.


Considering the JBL EON 10’s cost point, you get an excellent deal for the money. Robust construction in a lightweight construct is excellent for the solo performer. With a range of presets accessible, it may deal with many different situations.

The excess Bluetooth performance is an extra plus that’s generally reserved for much more expensive speakers.

Past the whistles and bells, the audio quality is quite excellent for a speaker at this price. JBL has been able to locate an outstanding balance between features and affordability without sacrificing quality.


The JBL eon speaker 610 is conveniently compact and portable, which functions to protect its lasting design much more during shifting, preserving, and piling.

The speaker home is constructed from molded polypropylene cabinets using a stylish black finish. The grille is essential to steel, and you will find sturdy grips on either side of this speaker for effortless handling.

These speakers may work as floor screens or PA speakers. They’ve angled sides so that you can put them up using an HF waveguide into the right or left.

You may stack them well, and you’re going to discover rubber feet in the base of the cabinet, which docks into recesses on the very top of the other 610. You will find far more rubber feet on both side grips for piling the speakers at the back position.


JBL has developed fantastic Eon JBL speakers. It’s a good alternative for both the hobbyist and the working professional with a transparent vision and robust design, the good audio quality for a low price. With a choice of tuning choices, there is not much to whine about. If you’re on the market for a cheap and mobile speaker, the JBL EON 610 is well worth adding to a shortlist of choices. We hope that our JBL 610 review can help you know more about this speaker.