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Jam Speakers Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

Jam Speakers Reviews 2021: Top Full Guide

You want to find a speaker to replace the bulky speakers in your room but still keep the sound quality clear and sharp, with a compact Bluetooth speaker that is very suitable for you now. You can find many well-known brands at reasonable prices on the market today, such as Bang & Olufsen, Bose, and JBL, and here we would like to present to you a brand that is also very popular today.

Jam Audio is the brand we are talking about. Hang Around Bluetooth Speaker is a typical product of this brand. It received a lot of good reviews from users as well as music experts. Check with Fidlar to check if this is a speaker worth the investment right at Jam Speakers Reviews.

Jam Audio Hang Around Bluetooth Speaker Review


  • Model number: HX-P505BK.
  • Size H7.5, W5, D19cm.
  • Power from USB.
  • USB cable included.
  • Lithium batteries.
  • Battery life: 20 hours.
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year guarantee.
  • EAN: 31262086242.
  • 2 internal speakers.
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Bluetooth compatible.
  • 10 watts.
  • Frequency 100Hz-18000Hz.

Little Speaker, Large Sound

The Hang About speaker has a larger sound than its size would indicate. The double drivers and double passive bass radiators pack quite a punch.

Total the speaker includes an entertaining answer, using a transparent smiley face EQ put on the sound quality. However, it is tuned reasonably nicely, and both digital and guitar-based music seems excellent through the speaker.

Little Speaker, Large Sound

Listening to Dua Lipa’s pop hit New Rules, the highs and lows are provided a great push. This highlights that the vocals greatly, in addition to the bassline and drums.

The mids are polished. The bass will be prominent, though it does not sound 100% complete. The fact is that there are physical constraints to the type of reaction a speaker of this size could produce. Jam Sound has done a fantastic job of introducing a good performer nonetheless.

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Satisfying Stereo Sound With Pairing

My favorite program for the Hang About is pairing two of these speakers together. The total result is quite complete and satisfying to hear. Jam Sound has done a fantastic job tuning the speaker for stereo use.

One Hang Around does not have sufficient grunt to provide the songs for a loud home party in a massive room. However, when paired together, two Hang Arounds do work well.

The available quantity when pairing is excellent, although, at the high rates, the speaker begins to distort. If you want serious volume, I’d be looking elsewhere.

Simple Feature Set And Controls

The Hang About Bluetooth speaker includes a super easy feature collection. The solely included attachment is the 34cm charging cable (USB into micro-USB), which neatly tucks to their speaker’s bottom.

It is wise to let an area for the cable onto the speaker, though it’s a bit too cozy. You’ve got to be cautious not to overstretch the cable when placing it back in position.

A detachable cover shows the charging interface and a 3.5mm auxiliary port for non-Bluetooth sources. The quantity, monitor changes, and on/off are controlled by three buttons on the top. The controls are arbitrary contours instead of icons, but with just three buttons to use, the control scheme is self-explanatory.

Sturdy Construction

The device is constructed well and is sturdy enough for regular usage. The small feet on the speaker’s base weren’t glued in position, though, and dropped out frequently.

I could paste them back input myself, but it actually should have been completed from the mill. We place the speaker through its paces from the movie evaluation above and also promoted it to manage immersion in water and dust without skipping a beat.

So Should You Buy A Jam Speaker?

Jam Sound is one name that may crop up quite frequently as you scour radio speaker bargains.

This consumer electronics manufacturer has a vast range of mobile products such as Bluetooth speakers and wireless – and over-ear headset. Prices range from below $15 to approximately $75, so you are talking budget and inexpensive. However, are they any good?

So Should You Buy A Jam Speaker

Our expertise of Jam products over the decades has been restricted to a few wireless speakers: the $50 Jam Classic 2.0 along with the $44 Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920.

We did not locate the Jam Classic to be the most attractive of actors, noting that if your goal was to raise the sound of your smartphone,” that the JAM Classic 2.0 does sufficient. Just,” Three celebrities were our indifferent conclusion.

On the other hand, we had been impressed by everything the Jam Heavy Metal had to provide, yanking it five stars and praising its remarkable bass reach. We called it a well-made, good-looking slab of metal, and it is a favorite choice given it will be half-price should you shop around.

It is possible to come across the Jam Hang Up radio speaker accessible for only $17. This dinky speaker comes in six distinct colors and is water- and – dust-proof. Given its size, the Hang Up is probably best suited to intermittent mobile usage instead of making it the go-to wireless speaker.


Jam Speaker has introduced a fantastic budget sports speaker together with all the Hang Around. The Bluetooth speaker pumps out good music considering its small dimensions and seems much better when paired. There are several niggles, like the limited bass response and suspicious design points, such as the cable integration and rubber feet.

The speaker is nevertheless an excellent price, particularly given the dust and waterproofing. We hope that our jam speaker review can help you know more about a speaker brand and next time we will have a new post about HMDX Jam Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review,  if you have any requests please let us know at the comment.