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Ibanez Gsr200 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Ibanez Gsr200 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

Do you already own any Ibanez guitar? If you have any of this brand’s guitar collections, then you should be happy that you have invested your time and money in the right place.

Ibanez is a long-standing guitar brand and is very famous for its quality products and ball-trap design; if you have trouble budgeting to invest in a high-class guitar, here we have a prized ideal for you.

The Ibanez GSR 200 is an outstanding product with a luxurious design, sound quality that will blow you from the first experience but is sold at a not too high price. So what’s so special about this guitar? Let Fidlar evaluate whether this is the ideal guitar to invest in or not right here at Ibanez Gsr200 Review.

Ibanez Gsr200 Electric Guitar Bass Review

Tech Specs

  • Body Shape: SR
  • Left-/Right-handed: Right-handed
  • Number of Strings: 4
  • Color: Transparent Red
  • Body Finish: Urethane
  • Body Material: Agathis
  • Neck Material: Maple, Bolt-on
  • Neck Shape: GSR4
  • Radius: 12″
  • Fingerboard Material: Jatoba
  • Fingerboard Inlay: Dots
  • Number of Frets: 22, Medium
  • Scale Length: 34″
  • Nut Width: 1.614″
  • Bridge/Tailpiece: B10
  • Middle Pickup: POWER SOUND P Single-coil
  • Controls: EQ, Volume, Tone, Volume
  • Strings: (.045-.105)

Tech Specs


  • The smaller-bodied design makes it a great option for smaller players or for bassists looking for a travel instrument
  • The combination of a P coil and a J coil makes it a versatile performance jazz bass
  • Active PHAT-II bass boost adds some additional power to your sound
  • It’s very affordable


  • The body is made of Agathis, a cheaper tonewood that isn’t likely to appeal to every player
  • Some buyers have reported issues with quality control

Key Features

The Ibanez 4 string bass guitar includes a body that’s constructed from Agathis. It’s a one-piece walnut neck with a Jatoba fretboard placing on top.

The fretboard has medium-sized frets, and it’s thinner than conventional bass to let you move the notes simpler. Additionally, on the throat, you’ve got pearl dot inlays that will assist you in finding yourself throughout your jam session.

There are just two pickups on the entire body of this guitar. On single-coil neck pickup and a broken bridge pickup. Each pickup has its independent quantity, plus they share a general tone knob.

Among the guitar’s standout features is that the Phat of EQ knob provides you an excess bass boost if you wish to punch the audience from the center.

The bridge is entirely adjustable and includes a 19mm string spacing. Each of the hardware is polished chrome, which is both functional and beautiful.

The base is hardy and robust also gives players a fantastic sound for an adequate budget. If you are beginning out or desire the sort of bass boost the GSR200 could provide, then that will be excellent for you.

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Body And Neck

Concerning body form and complete, Ibanez gsr200b 4-string electric bass is among the most simple bass guitars you may find. Ibanez took the shape they utilize to their elite basses, altered it to a small piece, and handled it with the most elementary kind of solid color finish.

Tonewood is Agathis, which can be quite decent for a cheap bass since they generally opt for basswood or comparable. The throat is a cookie-cutter maple design and includes a good rosewood fretboard. As you might expect, inlays are regular dots and can be pretty much it in terms of looks.

Body And Neck Ibanez Gsr200


If you are referring to cheap bass guitars, the most trustworthy function is the secret. That is why producers elect for the cheapest item they could find, which still matches this hardware requirement.

Ibanez bass gsr200 provides a standard fixed bridge with completely flexible roller saddles, regular synthetic nut, along with a pair of die-cast pruning machines.

If I needed to get the weakest link in this setup, I would say it is the tuners. They work reasonably well under light usage but will give way after you become more competitive. But for a beginner bass, they are ideal.


Here is the most significant jolt Ibanez gsr200 4-string electric bass has to offer you. Rather than deciding on a passive pair of electronic equipment, such as most other brands do, Ibanez went having an energetic one.

You own a split-coil pickup in the neck place followed by one coil in the bridge. It is the conventional P/J configuration, just an active one. With this budget, seeing active electronic equipment is relatively unusual, making the Ibanez gsr200 bass guitar stand out right off the bat.

Build And Construction

This bass guitar includes a more compact body than, usual but it’s nevertheless a full-size guitar. A walnut top, the entire body using an ending of a walnut urethane coat, and a walnut neck make it a beautiful bass.

The borders of the body are curved, which provides relaxation when you play and hold a level. What might concern the majority of the individuals is that the burden of this guitar.

This bass weighs 4kg, which makes it a remarkably lightweight guitar. It’s a short-scale neck that makes it effortless to play. Maybe some may say that short-scale basses are for your beginners, or in case you’ve got small hands, you also need to play with a short-scale bass.

This logic must not disturb you since it’s merely about what exactly you are familiar with. Therefore, you may use a brief scale or some lightweight bass irrespective of your size and adulthood in guitars.

It’s a Jatoba fretboard of rosewood with 22 medium-sized frets, which are thinner than usual and permit you to easily play with the notes. What’s more, it includes pearl sprinkled inlays, which will further facilitate your playing.

There are just two pickups within this bass, specifically the single-coil pickup along with a split bridge pickup with everyone using its independent quantity, sharing a general tone knob.

The bridge, machine heads, and tailpiece are finished in black. The string spacing is 19mm, using the bridge being completely adjustable.

They all are fully operational and perform their tasks with a minimum of fuss. It controls the volume controls for both the pickups, the tone controls, and EQ. They aren’t elaborated but provide a little tonal variety.

Sound Quality

The guitar’s characteristic is that the Phat II EQ knob allows you to punch the audience in the center with an excess bass boost. But, little size basses may fail to attain the thundering tones, but the noise’s chief difference is the less strain in short scale basses.

This ends in a milder sound with the audio choices being wider. You may not go through the profound notes, but the noise of a short-scale bass guitar like the Ibanez GSR200 is broader, using harmonics clearer and more pronounced.

In case you’re playing guitars for some time and just seeking a new bass at the studio to get a few clinics or some variance of audio, the Ibanez GSR200 may be an excellent addition to the household.

It’s not a twangy bass, but it’s very likely to match for profound punchy lows. This bass has you covered for your requirements for bassists who are far more into strong tones using chunky bass.

Who Can It Be Suitable For?

The Ibanez GSR200 is an excellent beginner bass. It provides more comfortable playability, a smooth throat, and a conventional layout.

It looks fantastic and seems super easy. It helps any player round out the low end of the jam session. It’s also considered economical to get a bass guitar.

Furthermore, if you are playing for some time, and you require a fresh bass to get around the studio to practice together or get a variance of audio, it can be an excellent addition to the household.

For gamers into stronger tones with superb chunky bass, this may do the job for you. Not a twangy bass but more suited to deep, punchy lows.


The Ibanez GSR200 is a fantastic choice for a beginner who will purchase their first bass guitar. It’s an effortless bass to perform, which also looks lovely. It permits you to stone the public’s faces just how you need it.

Even though the novices may welcome the appearances, what should concern them is that this guitar’s playability. This bass sounds loud and powerful, and you might also give it a bit more kick with its additional bass boost feature. We expect that our Ibanez Gsr200 Electric Guitar Bass Full Review can help you know which should you choose.

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