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How To Share A Playlist On Apple Music? Best Things To Know 2023

How To Share A Playlist On Apple Music Best Things To Know 2023
  • Max Kuehn

Do you need to know how to share a playlist on apple music with family members? Apple Music’s biggest update came in November of 2016 with the release of Apple Music Connect.

One of the features is a network for sharing playlists and accessing music from other listeners without purchasing that music. The update includes a share icon next to each song title on an album or playlist to share those favorite songs with other listeners.

How To Create A Playlist In Apple Music For Iphone And Ipad

Step 1: Open the Apple Music App on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap the song that you wish to add to your playlist

How to create a playlist in Apple Music for iPhone and iPad

Step 3: Tap the Add to Playlist button by long pressing on the song.

Step 4: Tap the New Playlist.

Step 5: Give it a name and click Done.

How to create a playlist in Apple Music for iPhone and iPad

Step 6: Once the playlist is created, you can add multiple songs.

Sharing Playlist On Apple Music For Iphone And Ipad

To share music, you will need an profile.

Step 1: Navigate to the Library section of the Music app.

Step 2: Click on Playlists.

Step 3: Choose the playlist you want to share. Tap a recent contact to the top and use AirDrop with nearby devices. Or, you can choose to send via email or social media.

To scroll through more options, swipe left or right on the app shortcuts. Some apps allow you to add an email message. You can also tap the “Copy” option to copy the link to the playlist and paste it anywhere you like.

Step 4: Tap the three dots icon menu at the top of the playlist page to open a pop-up menu.

Sharing Playlist On Apple Music For Iphone And Ipad - Step 4

Step 5: Click on the option to hit Share.

Sharing Playlist On Apple Music For Iphone And Ipad - Step 5

Apple Music subscriber who shares Apple playlists will receive an email to view and listen to all tracks. Non-subscribers cannot listen to song previews longer than 30 seconds.

How To Create A Playlist On Apple Music For Mac

You can create playlists if your device runs the latest macOS Catalina. You can also use iTunes to create playlists on older Macs and other desktops.

Step 1: Open it and iTunes on your Mac.

Step 2: Choose a song to add to your playlist.

Step 3: Click on the three dots icon menu.

How To Create A Playlist On Apple Music For Mac - Step 3

Step 4: Click Add to Playlist, then choose New Playlist.

Step 5: Add a name to the playlist.

How To Create A Playlist On Apple Music For Mac - Step 5

How To Share Apple Music Playlist On Your Computer

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Mac, or PC.

Step 2: Tap Share playlist you want

Step 3: To open the contextual menu, click the ellipsis button (three dots).

Step 3

Step 4: To see all your sharing options, hover your mouse pointer over the Share Playlists.

It’s that simple. Follow these steps on your iPhone or Mac. Then, tap or click the sharing button you like and follow the prompts to choose a friend to share music with.

How To See A Friend’s Shared Playlists On Apple Music

Any playlist that you can edit can be shared with your friends using your Apple Music Profile. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Open Apple Music app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Touch the “For You” button.

Step 3: Click on the avatar in the upper right corner. In there, you can Show on My Profile and in Search

Step 4: Hit on the ‘View Profile’.

Step 5: Choose and tap on one of your friends under ‘Following.’

You can then check the shared playlist with your friends. Note that your friends can only view a playlist if they also have an account. The Only way if your friends have been given the URL for your playlist, they will be able to add songs to your playlist.

What to Do If You Can’t Share Apple Music Playlists

If you’ve set up your profile but still can’t share a playlist, try these solutions.

Remove any restrictions on content and privacy. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions in iOS or iPadOS. Turn it off if it’s turned on. Restart your iPhone and give it another shot.

Disconnect from a virtual private network (VPN). Check to see if you’re using a VPN. Settings > General > VPN & Device Management is where you’ll discover this.

Look into the Device Management Profiles. Examine whether a device management profile is to blame. Look for any configuration profiles you aren’t using under Settings > General > VPN & Device Management. Remove them, restart your iPhone, and give it another shot.

Check the time and date settings on your computer. Finally, double-check that your date, time, and time zone are correct. These options can be found in Settings > General > Date & Time.

For the most part, these methods should resolve the issue. If you’re still having problems, contact Apple for help, as it could be a sign of a larger problem with your Apple Music account or device settings.


Why Can’t I Upload A Playlist To Apple Music?

When you have your playlist open, you should be able to share it by clicking Menu (3 dots) > Share Playlist.

This option should also be available when you long-press the playlist you wish to share in the Music app, under Library > Playlists. If none of these options work, restart your iPhone.

How Can I Share A Playlist With Apple Music?

  • Tap the Share Playlist button on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Use your Mac or Windows computer to click, then Share Playlist.
  • Tap the Share icon on your Android phone to view your sharing options.

What Happens If You Share A Playlist In Apple Music?

This includes sharing playlists with friends to let them see the ones you have created and vice versa.

Any playlist you create yourself, or one added to your library by another user, can be shared. This is how you can share Apple Music playlists with your friends.


How Can You Add All Songs In A Playlist To Apple Music?

Select the Playlist from the Playlists tab. Select all tracks, then right-click on them to choose “New Playlist From Selection”. Once iTunes has created a new playlist for you, go back to the original playlist to select all tracks and drag them to your new playlists.

Click on the “iTunes > File > Library > Organize Library” menu and click on “Consolidate Files”. Now the Music folder will only contain the files for the playlists and no duplicate tracks. You can also choose to move your music to an external hard drive if you wish, but that is up to you.

The important thing is that you now have all of your music in one place and no more duplicates.


In this post, Fidlar teaches you how to create an Apple Music collaboration playlist. You also learned how to share a collaborative Apple Music playlist. If you have any questions on how to share playlists on Apple Music, please feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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