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How To Make Music Louder On Iphone? Best Things to Know 2023

How To Make Music Louder On iPhone Best Things to Know 2023
  • Max Kuehn

The majority of iPhone models can produce a quite loud volume. While it may not be enough to listen to music in noisy subways, it is sufficient for most daily situations.

But if you find your iPhone isn’t loud enough to suit you, Fidlar will help you easily how to make music louder on iPhone without experiencing an increase in distortion or excessive clipping.

How To Turn Up The Volume On iPhone

Your Iphone’s EQ Settings Can Be Adjusted

The EQ setting “Late Night” adjusts the sound quality of your Apple Music app. It makes quieter sounds more prominent than the loudest. This will make Apple Music sound louder on your iPhone.

1. Scroll down to the Music app in the Settings app. Tap it.

Your Iphone's EQ Settings Can Be Adjusted - Step 1

2. Tap “EQ” in the “Playback” section.

Your Iphone's EQ Settings Can Be Adjusted - Step 2

3. Tap “Late Night” on the EQ page.

Spotify Allows You To Increase Your Spotify Volume

You can adjust Spotify’s default volume settings, similar to Apple Music. Here’s how it works:

1. Tap the Settings icon, a small gear-shaped icon located in the upper-right corner of the Spotify app.

2. Tap “Playback” on the Settings page. It should be at the top of your menu.

3. Scroll down and tap the “Volume level” section if “Quiet,” “Normal” is selected. A checkmark should be placed beside “Loud” when it is selected.

Turn Off The Volume Limitation

Your iPhone’s volume is likely to be unusually low compared with other devices. The volume limiter limits the volume of your iPhone to protect your hearing and prevent damage from headphones.

This limit is set by default in some regions, depending on local laws. Here are the steps to disable the volume limit in your device.

Step 1: Open the Settings app and click on ‘Sounds & Haptics’.

Step 2: Tap “Headphone Safety“.

Step 3: To reduce loud, turn off the toggle. You can turn it off if you prefer. If not, use the slider at the bottom to adjust the maximum volume output according to your preference.

Turn Off The Volume Limitation

Redirect The Sound

Another trick that makes iPhone speakers sound louder is to use this trick. Apple does everything possible to produce maximum sound from speaker louder.

However, the sound is still directed downwards. This causes the iPhone volume to drop. This sound can be redirected to increase its output.

To achieve this, place your hands on the speaker and raise the volume. You can also place the phone in a tall glass if you don’t want to use it.

It is a good idea to place your phone by the height of the glass. If your phone is not as tall as the glass when placed inside or close to its actual height, make sure that the iPhone speakers face towards the bottom.

To reduce echo, you can place your phone upside-down if your glass is taller than your phone. To get the maximum output, use a taller glass that narrows towards the base. This will allow your phone to be slightly suspended above the bottom.

For the same effect, you can also place your phone against a flat surface at 45o angles. To prevent your phone from sliding over when you are listening to music, we recommend that you place something solid in front of it.

This happens when your phone vibrates or receives a notification.

Position Your iPhone To Make It Sound Louder

Some solutions are simple and not all high-tech. These are some things that will make your iPhone louder:

  • Place it upside-down. You can place the speaker on the bottom. If you want to read the screen while working, prop it against a stand or computer. The speaker will sound slightly louder if you turn it upside down.
  • Please place it in a bowl. The curved bottom of a bowl will allow sound waves to bounce upwards, creating a better soundstage.
  • Connect your iPhone and a speaker

Are you still not getting enough volume? Connect your iPhone to a speaker with bluetooth

You can enhance the sound quality and volume of your iPhone with a variety of speakers:

  • The Amazon Echo Dot is less than $50, and it includes the Amazon Alexa AI, personal assistant. This allows you to play music in addition to a variety of other features. However, you cannot use it outside of your home due to the absence of a battery.
  • The Anker SoundCore 2 is a portable device that costs $40. It also includes a 24-hour rechargeable battery and waterproof protection.
  • Bose SoundLink Mini II is a Bluetooth speaker that offers superior audio quality and a 10-hour battery life for $150.

Clear Your Speaker Grills

The speaker grills are known for collecting dust, lint, and other particles. These materials can cause grills to become clogged, which can reduce the audio output.

Start by cleaning the grills with a sim-eject tool. Use a sim eject tool to clean the grill gently. You can puncture the grill easily, so don’t use too much pressure.

After removing all dust and debris from the top, you can use cello tape to make a small cone. Make sure the sticky side faces outwards. The pointed end can be used to capture any dust remaining in the grills.

You can follow the video below to do the same. Avoid using solvents or liquid cleaners, as they can seep into your phone and make it difficult to remove. Liquid cleaning agents can also activate pH stickers on your iPhone, which could void your warranty.

Third-party apps can be used to increase the volume and quality of your music or videos. These are our top choices for playing music and videos louder on your device.


Boom, a third-party iOS app that allows you to create faux surround sound and Equalizer settings to enhance the sound quality of your device’s sound, is available. You can use boom EQ in all apps.

It also has a gain compressor that allows you to increase the volume manually. The boom can play local music from your smartphone if it’s incompatible with your preferred music streaming app.


AMP allows you to pair different iPhones together and share the same audio for iPhone louder volume levels. You can pair your iPhone with friends and enjoy a louder volume while on the road.

AMP has an integrated music player that allows you to download and play content on your local device.

A Third-Party App Is Recommended - AMP

How to make music louder on iPhone FAQs

Why Is My Spotify Music So Quiet?

This happens with both Android and PC devices. You can restart Spotify to see if you hear a sound or just a slight beep. If this doesn’t work, you can restart your device and connect them via Bluetooth to see if it works.

Why Is My iPhone Volume So Low?

You can reduce call volume if your speakers are clogged with dust and lint. Clean your speakers and then try again to make sure the problem is solved. You should update your iPhone

Bluetooth headphones with low call volume should be updated if you use them.

How to make music louder on iPhone FAQs

Why Can’t I Hear On My Phone Calls?

You can hear the other person on the other side of the call if you don’t hear them. If so, make sure the speaker is activated. The speaker icon will be highlighted or green if it’s activated.

To activate it, tap the speaker icon to make it light up. Even if the speaker has been disabled, you can still hear the sound through the earpiece.

How Can I Tell If My Phone’s Speaker Is Broken?

To access the diagnostic tool, dial *#7353# from your phone. Select Speaker to check the external speaker of your phone. If your phone’s speakers work properly, you will be able to hear loud sounds. Select Melody to check the internal speaker of your phone.


This guide should help you increase the volume on your iPhone. If you have questions or comments about this topic, please let us know by commenting below!

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