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How To Download Music From Spotify? Best Things to Know 2023

How To Download Music On Spotify? Best Things to Know 2023
  • Max Kuehn

In this blog post, Fidlar would discuss how to download music from Spotify from your PC or your phone. The article will also include other things that you need to know about downloading music on Spotify in 2023.

Spotify is a streaming music service that lets you download liked songs playlist. The app provides millions of songs for you to choose from and it’s free to sign up for an account. When you search for a specific song, you can add it to your playlist and download it.

Read on to learn more about the process of downloading music from Spotify for offline listening and what to know about it before doing so!

How To Download Music From Spotify Without Premium

Download Spotify Music On PC

You can still download Spotify songs for free, even if you don’t have a premium account.

This section will highlight two of the best tools available. Next, you will learn how to use Spotify music without premium. Let’s get on with it.

Download Music from Spotify by DRmare Music Converter – Best Way

DRmare Spotify song downloader will be our first encounter. It is a great way to download playlists on Spotify without premium or format conversion.

All Spotify users can use this tool to download music on Spotify for free. You can use this tool to download music from Spotify faster than 5X on your PC/Mac, regardless of whether you have a paid account or a free one.

Step 1: Spotify playlists and music can be added to Spotify for download

How to download Spotify songs without premium via DRmare Music Convert

Download the Spotify playlist downloader from DRmare. Next, click on the shortcut to launch it directly from your computer desktop. You will then see the Spotify app appear automatically. Log in to your Spotify account. You can now find your favorite Spotify music.

Drag them directly to the DRmare conversion window. You can also click the “Add” button to import Spotify files if you have copied the URL link for Spotify tracks.

Step 2: Choose the output format and other parameters to use with Spotify song

How to download Spotify song without premium via DRmare Music Convert

The DRmare software offers six audio output options to help you download Spotify playlist free of charge. To open the preferences window, click on the menu icon at the top.

You can select the best output format in the new interface. To enhance Spotify’s audio quality, you can customize audio parameters if you have a Spotify account.

Step 3: How do I download the playlist without the premium version

How to download Spotify songs without premium via DRmare Music Convert

Once all settings have been completed, click the “Convert” button. You can download Spotify tracks at 5X speed. After the conversion is complete, click the “history” icon to locate the downloaded Spotify files.

Download music from Spotify by DRmare Audio Capture – Alternative Way

DRmare Audio Capture, another tool that can help you download Spotify song with free account, is also available. It can record songs and then download them for free version, thanks to its advanced recording technology.

You can download Spotify music with no premium. It can also capture audio tracks from Amazon Music and Tidal.

Download Music on Spotify without Premium by DRmare Audio Capture

Step 1: Go to the product page for DRmare Audio Capture. Click the ‘Download’ button and it will be downloaded to your computer.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to install DRmare Audio Capture.

Step 3: The main interface will be visible. Check Spotify is there. To add, click the ‘+’ button.

Step 4: You can change the other audio formats to Spotify songs that you don’t have a Spotify premium. You can also alter the sample rate or other settings as needed.

Step 5: Touch the ‘Spotify’ icon in DRmare. You can then choose the liked songs you wish to download and click on Play.

Step 6: The recording window will show you the progress.

Step 7: You can also hit “edit” to trim the files.

Step 8: Click on the “Convert” button below to convert Spotify music to MP3 with no audio quality loss.

Download Individual Songs Without Premium On Android

You can also download the APK files to an Android device and enjoy the Spotify Premium feature. You can enjoy unlimited skips, ad-free, offline listening, and many other features.

Step 1: If you have installed the official Spotify app on your Android phone, please uninstall it.

Step 2: Download the cracked Spotify version for Android.

Step 3: It is compressed in zip format so please use a file explorer for help.

Download Music on Spotify without Premium on Android

Step 4: The confirmation screen will appear to confirm that You can install the app from unknown sources. It will confirm.

Step 5: Launch this app and log in to your account. You can now download playlists on Spotify for free Android.

You can also download new playlist without Premium to your computer first. Then, you can transfer Spotify music from your Android device.

How To Download Music From Spotify Without Premium On Iphone

iPhone users can also download Spotify favorite songs for free. To help you, you can use an app store third parties tool on your iPhone.

In this section, we’ll introduce you to the TweakBox. It’s easy to use, even for iPhone users. It does not require jailbreaking to be used. It allows you to access Spotify Premium users for free easily. You can then download music without paying a premium.

How To Download Music From Spotify Without Premium On Iphone

Step 1: Open the Safari browser on your iPhone to access the official TweakBox website.

Step 2: Next, choose the ‘Allow‘ option in the pop up window.

Step 3: From the top, click on “Profile Downloaded”.

Step 4: To authorize and install the file, you will need to enter your iPhone password.

Step 5: Scroll down to the “Tweaked apps” option. Next, click ‘Spotify ++’. To install it, click ‘Install’.

Step 6: Now, you can open Spotify premium app to start to download music from Spotify without premium on your iPhone.

How To Download Music From Spotify Premium

How To Download Music From Spotify Premium

For Spotify Premium, you can download albums, podcasts, and playlists. Spotify subscriptions can vary the services available to different users. Some services, such as Spotify music in offline mode, are only open to premium subscribers. Spotify premium users can use Spotify in offline mode to enjoy music offline.

Offline Mode displays at the top of the Homepage with all your offline Spotify music. You can also go to the Music Library and see the playlists and albums you have downloaded. A song that is grayed out does not mean it can be played.

How To Download Music From Mobile Spotify On iOS

Step 1: Your Library will open the music playlist that you wish to download. Tap the Download button. It’s a small circle that has an arrow at the center.

Step 2: Spotify will begin downloading all songs from the list to your device. Both playlists and songs will be marked with the green version of Spotify’s download symbol once they have been downloaded. You can play the downloaded songs in Your Library just like you would stream them.

How to Download Spotify Music on iOS

How To Download Playlists From Spotify On Android Device

Step 1: Open Your Library to download albums or download podcasts you like. To open the options menu, tap the three vertical dots symbol at the top-right of the app.

Step 2: Click Download button to start Spotify downloading the playlist to your device.

Step 3: To show that they are locally saved, all downloaded playlists and songs will be displayed on iOS with a small green Arrow symbol. You can play downloaded music from My Library just like you would stream them.

How To Get Spotify Music On Your Computer

Step 1: Open the Spotify desktop app. Sign up for Spotify or log in to your Spotify premium account from your Mac or PC.

Step 2: Locate the playlist you wish to download.

Step 3: Once you have selected the playlist from your account click the “Download” button. The toggle will turn green. The song will instantly start downloading.

How to get Spotify music on your computer

Step 4: Once the download completes, the song from the playlist will now be available offline listening. A green symbol will be next to the downloaded playlist.

Quick tip: Spotify Premium lets you download on your computer by going to Settings > Show Advanced Setting > Offline Music Storage. From there, you will be able to see the location of your songs. You can only download playlists for offline mode if you’re using Spotify on a computer.


How To Remove Albums And Playlists From Downloads?

You can remove a downloaded Spotify music or album from your device if you don’t need it anymore or you wish to free up space.

To do this, navigate to the album you want to remove and simply toggle the Downloaded button (Android) or tap on the green, downward-facing arrow at the top left to tap Remove in the popup window (iOS).

How To Download Podcasts On Mobile?

To begin, search for or browse the podcast you are interested in. To download individual episodes, tap the down-facing arrow on the podcast’s homepage.

How Can I Convert Spotify Music To Mp3 Free Of Charge?

First, download the Spotify Music Downloader free of charge to begin the process of converting Spotify music to MP3 for free. This article lists some of these tools such as NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter or Sidify Music Converter.
To successfully complete the conversion, you can simply follow the instructions provided by each tool. You can try them all to find the one that suits you best.


We hope you found our article on how to download songs from Spotify helpful. If not, be sure to check out the FAQs section for more information about this topic, or contact us with any questions you may have!

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