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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Ps4 2021: Best Reviews

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Ps4

Experiencing game sound on PS4 is an exciting thing that any gamer wants to have that feeling entirely, but connecting Bluetooth on PS4 is not always easy. In addition, it also needs headsets that allow compatibility with the system, so gamers have to take a long time to connect. Today we have listed solutions to connect your headset on PS4 more efficiently, even if you use a headset not compatible with the game system. Let Fidlar show you how to connect Bluetooth headphones to ps4.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to a PS4

If You’ve Got a headset, That’s compatible with the PS4, or you also want to check a Bluetooth

Headset and see whether it functions; follow the following steps to couple the cans with the PS4.

1. Following the directions supplied with your headset, place it into pairing mode. Ordinarily, this involves holding the power button for six to ten minutes.

2. About the PS4, choose “Settings.”

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4 controller

3. Select “Devices.”

4. Select “Bluetooth Devices.”

How to connect Beats to PS4

5. If the headset is in pairing mode, it must appear in the set of Bluetooth devices. You might want to wait several minutes while the PS4 hunts for local Bluetooth devices.

6. Pick the headset. Wait while it attempts to link.

7. You may have to fill out the procedure by registering for the device.

8. If your headset is compatible, you will notice a success message also will have the ability to use your headset.

Some wireless headphones are PS4-compatible by adding a dongle to plug in control or even the console. Assess your headset directions and packaging to find out whether it features a PS4 dongle.

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How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to Ps4 (Wired)

How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to Ps4 (Wired)

  1. This original method needs a male-male sound cable or cable with a built-in mic.
  2. Connect the audio cable using a built-in mic to your headset.
  3. Plug the opposite end of the audio cable in your PS4 control and turn in your headset.
  4. In your PS4 main menu, then go to settings and then to devices.
  5. Click ‘Audio Devices,’ scroll down to the output Device’ option, and choose’USB Headset.’
  6. Then scroll to the output to Headphones’ choice, and choose’All Audio’.

How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth Headphones into PS4 (Wireless)

How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth Headphones into PS4 (Wireless)

  1. With this procedure to work, you’ll require a Bluetooth adaptor and mic.
  2. Connect the Bluetooth USB adapter to your PS4 console.
  3. Power in your headphones and allow them to match using your PS4.
  4. Connect the 3.5millimeter Bluetooth jack for your PS4 controller.
  5. In your PS4 main menu, then go to settings and then to devices.
  6. Click ‘Audio Devices,’ proceed into the input Device’ option, and choose’Headset linked to control.’
  7. Hit back, and browse to the output Device’ option, and choose’USB Headphones’.

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How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth Headphones to PS4 (PS4 Remote Play App)

The PS4 Remote Play program permits you to get into your console using a Wi-Fi link, using your cellular phone. You’ll use your phone as a control as a way to convey through your mobile mic. Although this procedure may not work for a few games or apparatus, it gets the job done if you don’t need to get Bluetooth dongles.

  • Download and install the PS4 Perform via Apple’s App Store or Google’s PlayStore.
  • In your PS4, go to settings and then to empower Remote Play’. Publish the feature by checking the’Enable Remote Play’ option in your PS4.
  • Click ‘Add Device’ and then code.’ An 8-digit code looks on the screen.
  • On your phone, start the PS4 Play program and enroll your device by going into the 8-digit code.

Note: You will experience a few gameplay and sound lags based upon your network connection rate and cellular phone specs.

Does PS4 have Bluetooth?

The PlayStation 4 games console will not have some missing features. However, the PS4 does have Bluetooth capabilities. One of the drawbacks is that the console doesn’t support all Bluetooth wireless headphones and sound apparatus.

The Bluetooth is here that you input the set modes together with the Ps4 DualShock 4 controls (using the built-in share button).

Finding a compatible headset might not be simple, but it will require your game sound to another level and give an immersive experience.

If you’re into online gambling (particularly aggressive multiplayer matches ), obtaining a set of headphones with an integrated mic can enhance your overall game performance. A top-notch gaming headset is vital to get your multiplayer game.

Branded PS4-compatible wireless headphones may perform the trick when playing your favorite game, or you might also decide to join wired headphones employing a micro USB cable throughout the PS4 USB port.

As an alternative, you may use a USB Bluetooth adapter, which will permit you to connect additional devices via a USB dongle. However, there are still several non-compatible wired headphones since SONY nevertheless doesn’t support some significant headset makers yet.


Our article has listed the methods of connecting headphones to PS4 for compatible and incompatible headphones; now, you are ready to join to experience superb sound when playing games. Next time we will show you the way How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS5. We hope this article can make it easier for you to connect your headphones.