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How to Add Music to YouTube Video? 3 Easy Ways 2023

How to Add Music to YouTube Video 3 Easy Ways 2023
  • Max Kuehn

In this article, we are going to show you how to add music to Youtube video on the Youtube platform and alternative apps. YouTube videos are almost all uncut. This is partly due to a lack of experience but also because of a lack of knowledge.

It is possible to add music to your videos to increase production, attract more people and keep them there longer. So, this post will detail everything about the topic. So, let’s get started.

YouTube Policies

YouTube has strict policies, so if you have a YouTube channel, you may have noticed it.

Content creators will often complain about copyright and demonetization. These policies and rules are essential. These rules and policies protect YouTubers’ rights and intellectual property, which often include music from artists.

YouTube may quickly correct people who break their guidelines, but it gives clear instructions or offers many alternatives.

Most people are figuring out how they can get around YouTube’s strict policies. You’ve probably noticed in the description of music videos that almost everyone says they don’t own any rights and all rights belong to the band. YouTube doesn’t allow you to use copyrighted material in your videos.

It would make sense to look at YouTube’s Copyright & Fair Use Policy to find answers. It’s possible to make a wild guess considering that YouTube’s three-sentence “guidelines” offer little in the way of actionable information.

YouTube Policies

How Can You Know Which Tracks Are Safe To Use?

YouTube’s policies are not easily circumvented. You can only use royalty-free music or music that is already available in the public domain.

Although you could create your own audio, that is not an option for most people who want to quickly and easily add music to their videos.

There is one way to determine if you are violating any platform policies if you intend on using audio other than the royalty-free audio library that YouTube offers.

  • Upload a video and choose whether it is private or hidden.
  • YouTube will flag any video that has copyright issues.
  • Before publishing the video, you can fix the audio problem.

It is the best choice for royalty-free music. Let’s talk about how to add these tracks to your videos.

How To Add Music To Youtube Videos Built-In Video Editing Features.

Step 1: Go to in your computer’s web browser. If you are already logged into YouTube, this will take you to the dashboard of your YouTube channel. To log in, click “Sign in” at the top-right corner.

How To Add Music To Youtube Videos Built-In Video Editing Features - Step 1

This feature is not available to videos less than 6 hours in length and has fewer than 100,000 views. Only YouTube Partners are exempt from the 100,000 view limit.

Step 2: Click the “Upload” icon. It is a camera-shaped icon that appears in the upper-right corner. The menu will expand.

Step 3: Click the Upload video button in the menu. This will take you to the screen “Upload videos.”

How To Add Music To Youtube Videos Built-In Video Editing Features - Step 3

You can skip Step 7 if you have already uploaded the video that you wish to edit. Click the X in the upper-right corner of “Upload videos” and then go to Step 7.

Step 4: Click on the SELECT FILE button. It is the blue button in the middle of the screen. This will open a File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

Step 5: Click on a video to open it. Click once on the video to choose it—Click Open to upload it to YouTube.

How To Add Music To Youtube Videos Built-In Video Editing Features - Step 5

Step 6: Publish the video. You can edit the title and description, select thumbnails, or make other customizations. Follow the instructions on the screen to select your preferred settings. Click Next. After you click CLOSE, the video will continue to process in the background.

Step 7: Click on the thumbnail image for the video you wish to edit. This will open the video’s details page.

A thumbnail will not appear if you have just uploaded the video. Wait until the video has finished processing before clicking.

How To Add Music To Youtube Videos Built-In Video Editing Features - Step 7

Step 8: Click on the Editor menu. It is located in the middle of the left menu.

Step 9: Click “+” next to the music note icon. Each element (video, audio, end screen, blur, etc.) Each element has its own row below the video. You can find the audio row below the video by clicking the + icon next to it to expand the list of audio tracks.

How To Add Music To Youtube Videos Built-In Video Editing Features - Step 9

Step 10: To preview a track, click the Play button. Every track has its Play button, a triangle on the side. Scroll through the list to see all the options.

Click the Search or filter bar above the songs to search for something specific. Next, choose a category and enter your search terms.

Step 11: Click on the track that you wish to add. To make the Add link visible, hover your mouse cursor over the track. Click it to add the audio row (the music notes row).

How To Add Music To Youtube Videos Built-In Video Editing Features - Step 11

Step 12: You can edit the audio track as necessary. Now, the audio row contains two sub-rows. One for the original video sound (if it is present) and one for the audio you have added.

The name of the track is displayed inside the blue bar containing the new audio. Edit the audio:

  • Drag the blue bar containing the audio to any place in the video.
  • To trim audio, hover your mouse cursor above the beginning or end of the track’s blue rectangle until the icon changes into a double-headed Arrow. Click and drag to get to the desired position.
  • Click the icon to adjust the mix level and keep the original audio.

Step 13: Click on the Save button. It is the blue button in the upper-right corner. This saves the audio changes to your video file and publishes them to YouTube.

How To Add Music To Youtube Videos Built-In Video Editing Features - Step 13

Alternatives To Add Youtube Music For Videos

Using Video Manager

You can use thousands of royalty-free songs in your YouTube video. You can also choose from different moods and genres of songs, with different lengths. This is how you add music to YouTube videos using the Video Manager tab.

Step 1: Sign In

Signing in to YouTube is the first step to learning how to add music on YouTube Video. Click the sign-in button at the top right of YouTube’s official website.

The next step is to sign in with your Gmail account. Once you have signed in, you will be able see your profile picture at the top right corner of the page. Click on your photo to view the Creator Studio Option. Click this button.

Step 2: Select the video

Using Video Manager - Step 2

You can start browsing your video channel. This can be done by clicking the Video Tab in your Profile Page or the Video Manager option at the left.

The video will be displayed and you will be taken to the uploaded videos. Select the background music you would like to play on your video.

Step 3: Choose the music

Using Video Manager - Step 3

You can click the Edit button next to the video you wish to edit. YouTube’s online video editor will be opened. The page’s top section contains the commands you can use to edit your video.

You can enhance, annotate, create cards and add subtitles. Click on the Audio Option. This will take you to a list of music you can add to your video.

Step 4: Finding the right music

Using Video Manager - Step 4

Next, you need to choose the right music for your YouTube video. It is also essential to ensure that the track’s length is the same as your video.

To see which genres of music are available, click on the drop-down menu labeled ‘Top Tracks’. If you already have music in mind, type the song’s title into the search bar and hit the enter key.

Additional Tip: You can also check out the YouTube Audio Library for sound effects. By customizing the search result according to popularity, length, instrument, mood, and genre, you can create an advanced search.

Step 5: Add the selected music

Make sure the music fits within the video’s length before you add it to your video. To learn how to add music YouTube Video to your video, click on the ADD TO VIDEO button. The music will automatically be integrated into your YouTube Video.

Step 6: Edit the music

Once you have successfully integrated the music into your video, you’ll see the title of that music under the video. There are additional tools you can also use. Let’s take a closer look at the Position audio option and the sidebar option.

By clicking the Position Audio Button, you can adjust the position and length of your music. Place your pointer at the beginning or end of the music to trim it. Drag the music to move it.

To adjust the volume of music, you can use the “Only Music” option on the left side. Drag the pointer to the rightmost to remove the original sound effect from the video.

Step 7: Save the Changes

You can save the edited video as a separate file or overwrite the current video.

Using Audio Library

YouTube Video Editor was closed in 2017. You can add music to YouTube Video Editor Module.

Although there are many video editing tools for YouTube videos, it is possible to download free music and sound effects from YouTube Audio Library and add them to your YouTube video clips.

Step 1: Click on Audio Library

Instead of clicking on the Video Manager option, click on the Create option to choose Audio Library.

Step 2: Download the target music or sound effect for free

Using Audio Library - Step 2

YouTube Audio Library has many free sound effects and music sounds. You can filter music by genre, duration, mood, and instrument properties. To download the royalty-free music and sound effects to your computer, click on the “Download” icon.

You can then combine audio and video to create a video with music sound. Multiple audio files can be downloaded and you can add multiple songs to your YouTube video.

Step 3: Add music to video and edit the music track

Using Audio Library - Step 3

You can download music from YouTube Audio Library and add it to your video using many video editors. Check out our guides on how to edit YouTube videos using Windows Movie Maker and add music in iMovie.

Filmora is a great video editor for YouTubers, as we have already explained. Here’s how you can add music to YouTube videos using Filmora. You can adjust the volume, treble, bass, and pan.

It is not possible to place the music exactly where you want it. This article will show you how to add audio effects and control the audio tracks to your video.

Importing audio and video

Filmora makes it easy to import media files. Filmora can be launched by first importing all files to the media library. Next, drag and drop the target audio and video to the timeline.

Filmora’s built-in Music Library is one of the best features for editing YouTube videos. It also includes royalty-free music sounds and sound effects.

Detach the original audio from the video

To delete the original audio file recorded from the video, right-click the video and select the Audio Detach option. The audio will be automatically separated from the video and deleted.

Filmora can be used to remove background noise, and you can keep the original audio.

Music Edit

Filmora allows you to change the audio and video speed, fade in and out, and alter the sound of the music.


It’s that simple! You won’t need to spend more than five minutes adding your favorite songs and making the video ready for YouTube. Fidlar hopes you found this article useful. Would you mind sharing it with your friends? If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

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