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How To Add Music To Powerpoint Slideshow? Best Things to Know 2023

How To Add Music To Powerpoint Slideshow Best Things to Know 2023
  • Max Kuehn

Have you ever felt compelled to put your favorite song as an intro to your PowerPoint presentation? The problem is that it will play at the start of the presentation and then stop, making those who attend your presentation feel annoyed.

This article will teach you how to add music to PowerPoint presentation.

How To Add Music To Powerpoint Presentation

PowerPoint 2016 supports these audio formats: AIFF Audio (.aiff), AU Audio (.au), MIDI (.mid or .midi), MP3 (.mp3), Advanced Audio Coding – MPEG-4 Audio File (.m4a, .mp4), Windows Audio (.wav), Windows Media Audio (.wma).

Adding A Single Song

Step 1: Select the slide that you wish to play music from.

Select the first slide to start the music.

You could play multiple songs in a presentation by spacing them between your slides. However, it’s easier and less distracting to create a new file that includes all the songs. For more information, see the next section.

Step 2: Click on the Insert tab. Insert MP3 or WAV files.

Adding A Single Song-Step 2

You can use an iTunes song by first converting it to MP3. To do this, right-click on the song and select “Create MP3 Version”. 

WAV files can be very large and make it difficult to share PowerPoint presentations. You can convert the WAV file into MP3. This can be done by either importing the WAV file into iTunes or using an online converter.

Step 3: Select the “Audio” option from the “Media” section.

Adding A Single Song-Step 3

  • Choose “Audio on my PC” from the available options.
  • Notification: The “Online Audio” file option is no longer available. If you are looking for a song online, you will need to first download it to your computer.
  • Select “Record Audio” to record audio. The “Record Sound” window will open. Give your audio a name and click the “Record” icon to begin.
  • You can add audio to your PowerPoint presentation by recording it yourself.

Step 4: Browse for the music file that you wish to play.

Adding A Single Song-Step 4

Any WAV or MP3 file can be selected from your computer or any network drive.

Step 5: Choose audio files you want to play music when you click.

Adding A Single Song-Step 5

You have two options to control when your music begins. You can set the button to play music immediately, or the song can play in the background. You can quickly choose one of the presets:

  • Select the “Play in Background” option in the Playback tab to have the song play automatically and play in the background on all your slides. This will allow the song to play automatically and continue playing until slides are changed. It can also loop when it is finished. When the slide is opened, the song will play immediately.
  • You can also click the button to play the sound, but you will not be able to select the “No Style” option from the Playback tab. Select audio icon to play music. The Format tab allows you to change the appearance of the button. This tab allows you to create a button and import a photo.

Step 6: Make basic edits to your audio file.

Adding A Single Song-Step 6

PowerPoint has basic audio editing tools. These tools allow you to adjust the volume, fade in or out, change the song’s starting point, adjust the volume, and make other adjustments. If the audio file is not already selected, click the Playback tab to open it.

You can add bookmarks to the track. You’ll find a track time slider when you hover over an audio icon. To create a bookmark, click on the “Add Bookmark” button at the end of the track. This will let you quickly jump to specific spots.

To cut out any unnecessary parts of the song, click the “Trim Audio” button. This is useful for songs that are too lengthy or only a tiny portion. You can adjust the starting and ending points of the music using the Trim Audio window sliders.

You can adjust the fade time and fade in times using the Fade Duration options. The fade will be more gradual if the duration is longer.

To adjust the master volume of the song, use the Volume button. You should test the song prior to presenting it. Adjust the volume accordingly to avoid disturbing the audience.

Step 7:  Share the presentation.

Adding A Single Song-Step 7

PowerPoint 2007 and later will embed the MP3 file in your presentation. This allows you to share the file without needing to send the music file. The MP3 file size will affect the size of your presentation.

You can attach your presentation file to an email if it is less than 20 MB. You might want to use a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive to share your presentation file if it is larger than 20 MB.

Adding Multiple Songs

Step 1: Understand the process

Adding Multiple Songs-Step 1

It is possible to space your music files so that they flow from one to the next. However, any changes to your presentation could cause jarring transitions and too much silence.

It is easier to combine each audio clip into a single track and set it to play at the beginning of a long presentation by clicking “Audio on My PC”

Step 2:  Install Audacity

Adding Multiple Songs-Step 2

It is an open-source, free audio editor that allows you to quickly and easily combine your music files.

Step 3: Open the tracks that you wish to combine

Click on the File menu, and choose “Open …”.You can hold Ctrl to select all files in one folder.

Step 4: The window showing the second track should be opened.

Adding Multiple Songs-Step 4

Each track will be added to the end. Open the window that shows the second song in your playlist.

Step 5: To select the whole song, press Ctrl+ A

Step 6: To copy the song, press Ctrl+C

Adding Multiple Songs-Step 6

Step 7: Start by opening the window that contains your first track. Then, place your cursor at its end.

Adding Multiple Songs-Step 7

Step 8: To paste the copied song at the end of the original song, press Ctrl+V.

Step 9: You can add any other songs to your soundtrack by repeating the process.

Step 10: Eliminate any extra silence.

The graph will show you when the song plays audio file and when it is silent. There may be extra silence between the pieces you have added to PowerPoint. You can remove this before you add it to PowerPoint.

To select the silenced portion of the track, click and drag. You should not delete pauses in a song. It can cause the song to sound off. A second to two seconds of silence is recommended between pieces.

To delete the selection, click the “Cut” button at the top.

Step 11: Save the file that you have just combined.

Adding Multiple Songs-Step 11

Once you are done adding tracks, please save the file as an MP3 to allow it to be loaded into PowerPoint.

Click on the File menu, and choose “Export Audio …”.

Make sure that you set the “Save As Type” field to “MP3 files”.

Name the file to identify it as the combined soundtrack, and save it at a convenient location.

If you do not wish to modify any MP3 tag information, click Save and then click OK.

Wait for the export process to finish. Audacity may take a while to create and save your MP3 file.

Step 12: In PowerPoint slideshow, insert the MP3 file.

Adding Multiple Songs-Step 12

Follow these steps to insert the MP3 file into PowerPoint. It will play in background.

How To Hide An Audio File

How to hide an Audio file

You can choose to not have your audio file visible on your screen during your presentation by clicking and dragging it from your slide space or simply:

  • Select audio file
  • Click on the Playback Options tab
  • Choose Hide during Presentation

Selecting Hide during Presentation will hide the audio file from the slide while running your Slideshow, so it doesn’t show.

You should use this option if you want your music to play.

Important: Your audio clip and music files must be added to the slides you wish them to play. You can only play sound once they reach the slide they were placed.

How To Adjust When Your Music Plays In Powerpoint Slide

Your music files will automatically play in the click sequence. You can set this animation within the Animations Pane (see below).

You can, however, change the music that plays, just like in PowerPoint.

How To Adjust When Your Music Plays In Powerpoint Slide

Simply change the time that your PowerPoint music file plays in PowerPoint presentation.

  • Select the Music file to be displayed on a slide
  • With the audio icon selected on the slide, click on the Playback Options tab
  • Click the Start button
  • Select In Click Sequence, Automatically or When Clicked

Here is a description of each of these playback options.

How To Loop Music Throughout Your Entire Presentation

How To Loop Music Throughout Your Entire Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint lets you add music and play music on a single slide, as well as to the entire presentation

These steps will help you turn your PowerPoint presentation into an animated video or to have your music play across all slides.

  • Insert and select your music file on the first slide
  • Open the playback tap
  • Check Loop Until Stopped: After the audio clip ends, it will start again indefinitely up until you end it.
  • Check Play Across Slides ( Play across slides also makes the audio file start automatically during a slide show.)
  • Set the start to automatically

This will allow your music to play immediately after you start your presentation (F5 key on your keyboard) and continue looping and playing throughout your presentation.

The music will stop automatically when you exit slideshow mode (hitting Esc) or reach the end of your presentation.


You can do a lot with audio file when you add music to your powerpoint presentation. You should now be able to add music to your PowerPoint if you have followed the instructions in this article. Fidlar hope you found our article helpful.

If not, be sure to check out the FAQs section for more information about this topic, or contact us with any questions you may have!

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