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How To Add Music To Imovie? Best Things to Know 2023

How To Add Music To Imovie? Best Things to Know 2023
  • Max Kuehn

You are probably looking for how to add music to iMovie without iTunes library. This blog post is going to show you how to do this in iMovie.

Apple users may not be charged for iMovie app, but it does have a learning curve once you get started. It can be daunting to add background music to an iMovie project if you don’t know where it is.

How To Add Music On iMovie On iPhone Or iPad

iMovie on iOS comes with a variety of sound effects and soundtracks created by well-known artists and composers that you can use in your iMovie projects.

How To Add Background Music To iMovie

Step 1: Once you have your project open in the iMovie timeline, tap the Add Media button “+”

How to add background music to iMovie - Step 1

Step 2: Add Audio button and then tap Soundtracks for a list of built-in soundtracks.

How to add background music to iMovie - Step 2

Step 3: Tap a Soundtrack to preview it. If a soundtrack is dimmed, tap it first to download music, then tap it again to preview it.

How to add background music to iMovie - Step 3

Step 4: Once you have decided on the soundtrack, tap it. Next, tap the plus sign “+” icon to add it to your iMovie project.

How to add background music to iMovie - Step 4

Once you have added a soundtrack to your iMovie project, you can adjust its length just like any other clip. A project can have more than one soundtrack. You can also use more than one soundtrack to alter the mood throughout your movie.

Add sound effect

The sound effect you have added to the video clip is attached to it in the timeline. The sound effect will move with the video if you move it. This is different than soundtracks which are independent of the imovies video clip in your projects.

Keep your project open and scroll the timeline until the playhead (the white vertical line) appears where you want to add sound effect.

Step 1: To browse the built-in sound effect, tap the plus sign “+” icon

Add sound effect - Step 1

Step 2: Tap the Add Media button, tap Audio, then tap Sound Effects

Add sound effect - Step 2

Step 3: To play the effects, tap on them.

Step 4: Once you have selected the one that you like, tap plus icon “+” to add it to your project.

Add sound effect - Step 3

Adjust the volume of a clip

You can adjust the volume of audio clip after you have added sound to an iMovie project. Also, you can adjust the volume of audio clip that have been recorded.

Tap the clip in the timeline to adjust the volume. Next, click the Volume button at bottom of the window. The slider will adjust the volume. A Mute icon will appear on the clip’s timeline if you lower the volume.

Add Music To iMovie On Mac

Use the media browser to add songs and add audio files.

While You can still add music file to a Mac, it is more complicated than a smartphone or tablet.

Step 1: In the top toolbar, click Audio

Adding Music For iMovie On Mac - Step 1

Step 2:  Select the source that you wish to use for your sound from the left menu: Sound Effects, Music, or GarageBand.

GarageBand will provide audio clips from GarageBand, while the Music option will show you compatible tracks from your iTunes library.

Step 3: To listen to the song or sound clip, hover your cursor each soundclip or song to review the play button

Adding Music For iMovie On Mac - Step 3

Step 4: Drag the sound you like to the editing area at the bottom of iMovie project, below any video clips you have uploaded. Place it exactly where you want it to play alongside the movie.

Adding Music For iMovie On Mac - Step 4

You can then press the spacebar to start the video and sound in the video editing software. You can then decide whether you wish to make any changes.

You might find the music you are looking for in iMovie’s Music section, but it may not be there. You can add it, however.

How To Add Spotify Music To iMovie

How to download Spotify Music for iMovie

You will need to convert Spotify songs to iMovie-supported audio formats. Tunelf Spotibeat music converter makes it easy to convert Spotify songs to MP3 using three simple steps.

Step 1: Add Spotify music file into the converter

How To Add Spotify Music To iMovie - Step 1

Start Tunelf Spotibeat Music Convert on your computer. It will load the Spotify program automatically. Next, log in to Spotify music app and navigate to the library.

To add Spotify music to your video file, first, choose the music tracks that you would like to play and drag them into an interface of the video editing software for download.

Step 2: Set the output audio parameters

How To Add Spotify Music To iMovie - Step 2

You can then adjust background music output settings by going to Menu > Preferences > Converter. You can only use popular audio formats, such as MP3, with iMovie.

This means that Spotify songs must be converted to MP3, WAV, or M4A. You can adjust other audio parameters to improve audio quality such as bit rate, audio channel, and sample rate.

Step 3: Start to convert Spotify playlists to MP3

How To Add Spotify Music To iMovie - Step 3

After you have completed all settings, click the Convert button and start downloading music from Spotify to MP3.

Tunelf will save Spotify tracks to your computer after you wait. You can browse the converted Spotify tracks by clicking on the Converted icon. This will allow you to convert Spotify music for iMovie.

Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter allows you to convert download Spotify songs to popular audio formats from like MP3. It also removes DRM protection.

Steps to add music from Spotify to iMovie to your iPhone & Mac

After Spotify music has been downloaded and converted, you can upload Spotify music for iMovie. You can add Spotify music directly to your iMovie on iOS devices.

You can also edit Spotify songs in your iMovie Mac project to create a fun final video. Here’s how:

Add Spotify songs into iMovie on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Add Spotify songs into iMovie on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

You must first move your converted Spotify music to your iOS devices via iTunes or iCloud before you can add Spotify music to iMovie. You can then add a variety of Spotify music files into your iMovie Project:

Step 1: Once you have your project open in the timeline click the Add Media button.

Step 2: Select Audio, then tap My Music to browse Spotify songs you’ve transferred to your device in the Music app.

Step 3: Choose a Spotify song you’d like to add to iMovie and tap the selected Spotify song to preview it.

Step 4: To add a Spotify track to your project, click the + button beside a song. Your Spotify song will be added to the bottom of your project timeline, beginning at the beginning.

Add Spotify tracks to iMovie for Mac

Add Spotify tracks to iMovie for Mac

iMovie Mac allows you to drag Spotify music files directly into your timeline using the Finder. You can also access Spotify songs from your music files and other locations via the media browser in iMovie.

Step 1: Once you have your project open, click Audio in the top right corner.

Step 2: To access your music library click Music (or iTunes, if you are using macOS Mojave) in the Libraries list. Next, browse Spotify songs.

Step 3: To preview a Spotify song before you add it to the timeline, click the Play button next to each song.

Step 4: Your Spotify song will then be added to your project within iMovie.

Once you have completed the transfer of Spotify music to iMovie you can edit Spotify songs in iMovie or trim them into clips for your videos.

You can then move the individual Spotify clips to different positions on the timeline. Multiple Spotify songs can be used in one project.


These are some frequently asked questions about adding music to iMovie.

How do I add music in iMovie to a project?

After you have imported the audio file to a project in iMovie you can drag it and drop it onto an audio track on your timeline. Audio tracks are located below the video tracks. To place an audio file on the timeline, you will need to ensure that it is placed directly below the particular video clip.

You should also match the length of the audio file with the video file.

How do I add music to iMovie using an iPhone?

It is simple to add music tracks to iMovie using an iPhone. All you have to do is tap on the + icon, then select the Audio option from that menu. After you have found the song you wish to use, you can browse the theme music menu. You can also import music from your iTunes music library.

How to get background music for iMovie?

Importing audio files from iTunes is the fastest and easiest way to obtain background music for a project in iMovie. If you don’t find the song you need, you can search on other stock music websites.

How to change the background music in iMovie?

If the background music that you have selected does not fit with the footage, you can delete it from the timeline and add a new one. Drag a new audio file to the Media tab and place it on the timeline’s audio track.


If you’re looking to add background music to your iMovie projects, there are a few ways you can go about it.

We hope this article has been helpful, and we encourage our readers to get in touch if you have any questions or want more help with adding music to videos on your iPhone.

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