Flowkey Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Flowkey Review 2021 Top Full Guide (1)

Flowkey is a multi-platform piano learning program to learn and also add pieces to your repertoire. It’s an excellent instrument for beginner students, including music in many different categories such as pop, classical, movie & TV favorites, jazz, Christmas, rock, in addition to moods such as joyful and sad items.

This app also features an informational video on piano position, sight-reading, and reading basic music theory. Keep reading Fidlar to see our Flowkey Reviews.

Flowkey Review


  • An intuitive and well-designed display
  • Great for new players, beginners, and intermediate players
  • The free version can be used for as long as you like
  • Various subscription plans
  • Over 1500 songs to learn and more incoming
  • Costs less than a piano instructor


  • Does not have complete lesson concepts
  • Does not help you learn to sight-read quickly
  • Has no rhythm or metronome function
  • Depends on the microphone input which can be faulty
  • Not very beneficial for advanced players
flowkey: Learn piano
  • Realtime note and chord recognition via the microphone
  • Slow down songs
  • Loop any section of a song
  • Auto-highlighting of the keys played in the video
  • HD Videos and pixel perfect sheet music of the highest quality

Getting Started

You may register and try Fowkey at no cost. you click on this link to try it out now: https://www.flowkey.com/en

It employs the mic in your apparatus, and step one is to trigger it. This enables the software to provide you feedback as you perform.

Getting Started Flowkey

As you play with a tune, there’s a slow-motion mode, quick manner, and the program will listen to you perform also. You may highlight a particular portion of a tune to practice it over and over in the event you desire.

Once you install your mic, there are several fundamental education videos regarding the position, hand position, and overall setup.

These videos are straightforward yet very simple. The next step is to go through a workout on the C position (the manual may differ based on if you stated you’d played piano earlier ).

The Flowkey is intended to hear you play, and be sure to do so correctly. After setting up the program and getting acquainted with how it operates, you are requested to begin a fitness Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

The movie loads, you hit play, and you play together. You can see the hand ranking on the cover of the display and the audio sheet beneath. As the tune progresses, the secrets have been emphasized. Once you are finished this tune, you are taken to the main dashboard.

The primary dashboard consists of 4 segments:

  • Browse
  • Search
  • My Songs
  • Courses

There are a couple of introduction classes you can begin if you are a real estate beginner: The tunes are sorted by groups, including pop hits, classical and sport music, and Free Songs, New Releases, and Most Popular.

As you perform a tune, it is added to the My Music section. It is possible to find several songs at no cost but find access to every one of them; you’ll require paid accounts.

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Different Modes & Features

Slow Mode: This feature enables you to perform together with the tune at a slow pace to make things clearer to you about the digital sheet music notes, and the movie slows down without bothering the sound.

Quick Mode: This mode enables you to play along with the tune in only the original tempo.

Loop Mode: You can pick some of the tutorials and keep them on the fold. This can help you to practice the tunes until you receive them flawlessly.

Hand Choice: This can be the mode is excellent to learn complicated songs. If you become confused by numerous keys being played in a time and care to concentrate on a single side, you can decide on the hand you want to understand first and then another.

To get a student belonging to some degree, it’s essential to learn the craft of playing flawlessly with both palms. This Flowkey attribute is a blessing in that case since it goes deep in educating and makes the entire process enjoyable and powerful.

Wait Mode – The virtual sheet music notes and the video wait for the participant to play with the notes following studying from them. Throughout the in-built mic in the program, the wait manner finds your motion without making you join the keyboard together with the phone or your computer. Henceforth, the Flowkey program gives your comments on every note you perform with.

Flowkey Song Library

Among our favorite elements of Flowkey is the library of tunes to learn. With its collection of over 1500 bits, the listing of titles and genres appears to go on.

Since the program focuses on helping pupils learn bits, the library comes very much in handy. In this manner, you can learn how to play pretty much whatever you feel the urge to.

When it is a pop classic, a motif from a film or show, a slow ballad, a classical bit, a holiday song, or possibly a game motif, it is possible to locate almost anything.

Other categories include jazz, R&B, Asian pop, mellow songs, joyful songs, and groovy music genres. Be sure that you peruse the program’s class list to have a complete grasp of just how extensive the library is.

The freedom you get from Flowkey is probably one of the most critical assets. Frequently with piano educators, they inform the student which bit to learn and if.

Even though the instructor does so with great intentions, if the pupil doesn’t delight in the delegated piece, it is simple for them to eliminate motivation and interest.

With Flowkey, students may pick just about any piece they wish to learn and take action in their own time. Pupils frequently quit if they lose motivation or be disinterested in the songs they are learning Flowkey attempts to be sure this is not the situation.

When studying bits, one concern could be the problem level. Despite piano educators, they generally choose pieces to satisfy your learning degree.

Flowkey does not neglect this. You may change your search choices by selecting the difficulty level. The program provides additional categorized lists of bits based on genre and problem level.

Learning about Flowkey on YouTube

I would not lie that YouTube movies make the world. There is nothing you won’t find on YouTube. From tunes to audio production tutorials, there’s everything.

But, I don’t love piano tutorials on YouTube for somebody who’s a beginner player. Sure, you will find tutorials for all types of songs what YouTube video tutorials deficiency is the correct technique abilities. You will often find people playing with the piano step by step and the sheet, which will be exhibited.

Learning about Flowkey on YouTube

For a beginner player, it’s critical to learn it directly from the start. These lessons go with the stream. On the opposing side, Flowkey is an extensive manual that educates you on how you can play your favorite tunes on a piano and teaches you how you can play with it the ideal perfect technique.

The student can indicate the section they’re working on, and the program will perform that part on loop till they do it correctly onto the keyboard and are happy with that. Is not that great?

The palms and the sheet music will be observable on the computer keyboard in the program for complicated and better comprehension.

Contrary to YouTube movies, Flowkey has surfaced mode that allows the student to learn better. The mic of the computer monitors the progress and sets the tutorial hold until the selected piece is performed flawlessly.

  • Expertise
  • Better for beginners
  • Learn Many Different tunes

When you start the piano courses, you can decide, according to your ability level, to get started. Flowkey keeps track of your progress throughout the course, which means that you may jump back and forth throughout the song listing and course, and you won’t eliminate track of where you left off at a lesson or tune.

The lessons begin with fundamental theories like posture and hand position. As soon as you’re in the proper playing position, you can transition into enjoying simple songs for the ideal hand, then simple songs for your left hand. Flowkey will then move into classes that teach you to use both hands to produce chords.

In the intermediate level, you start by learning tunes with four chords, in addition to major chords, minor chords, and accompaniment patterns.

The advanced degree lessons incorporate useful improvisation suggestions, freestyle chord-playing, and enjoying routines with 7th and add9 chords.

However, this may not be the best software choice if you’re an advanced player searching for music theory courses. There are just 11 classes that pertain to reading sheet music, and also, the most advanced lesson culminates with you sight-read a relatively Simple tune with both hands.

Flowkey’s record of tunes is nicely thought-out and includes options from classical, pop, movie and TV, Christmas, and video game genres. Besides, you can look within those genres according to your ability level. If you are only interested in classical music, then take a look at Christie Peery.

As soon as you’ve selected a song to find out, Flowkey has useful learning ways to guide you on your way to studying a whole song. The slow mode will impede the tune to 50 percent of the initial rate, and the speedy mode will perform the tune at 25 percent of the original speed.

You could even choose to concentrate on just the ideal hand or left-hand components, which is particularly useful if a single hand is having difficulty keeping up with another. Section looping permits you to focus on a single part of this tune and exercise it until you feel comfortable.

Technical support

You may get in touch with Flowkey via email, and it has a social networking presence also. There is also a chat box where it is easy to begin a conversation with somebody out of Flowkey’s customer support staff. However, you might end up waiting a day to listen to them, which is barely a live chat option.

There is the choice to look at Flowkey’s FAQ page, which means you can get immediate answers for a few of the common questions Flowkey faces. In general, the customer support experience is bare-bones but will probably be good enough for many users.

Pricing and Subscriptions

As mentioned before, Flowkey employs the freemium version, which means you have the choice to register for free to try out the program outside. There’s absolutely no time limitation; you’ve got access to the free content for as long as you’d like.

On the other hand, free choices are restricted. You get access to some small part of the tutorials and a minimal choice of songs.

Together with the free choice, you also receive access to Flowkey support if you have any problems. You will usually receive a response from them within a day, not including weekends.


We have emphasized the fantastic things about Flowkey App and analyzed the downsides. After considering everything, I think that it’s entirely worthwhile. The simple fact that you can test the free version to get an infinite quantity of time and select a paid program anytime is also quite suitable.

The most critical advantage to profit from Flowkey is your expansive library of tunes and having the ability to learn at your own pace at a lower price than a genuine piano instructor.

If you are a beginner who wishes to learn lots of tunes, Flowkey could be the best piano learning app. You receive fast courses on sight-reading, music theory, and so on, and the classes you get are sufficient for you to learn the majority of the tunes in the library.


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