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First Act Guitar Review 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

First Act Guitar Review 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

If you regularly buy a guitar for children, you must have come across some of First Act Guitar. One of the very famous brands in the children’s guitar market.

If you need a guitar for your child, then take a few minutes to read through our article. You will not have to spend a lot of time searching the market today. Here, Fidlar has summarized the information and outstanding features of the First Act Discovery Guitars.

First Act Discovery Guitars (Acoustic) Review


  • Inexpensive
  • Colorful
  • A wide range of models featuring licensed characters that are very appealing to kids
  • Good size for children
  • Readily available (you can buy them at almost any mass retailer)
  • Durable if you have a child who might be rough with it


  • Made of plastic
  • Not the highest quality
  • Difficulty staying in tune

First act acoustic guitar provides two dimensions of acoustic guitars for children: a four mini-strung guitar and a six-string 30″ guitar. The miniature is similar to a soprano ukulele compared to a conventional guitar, even though they still call it a guitar.

They’re tiny, which means you aren’t likely to need to find a miniature for anybody under about age four based on how big their kid.

The age recommendation on the bigger acoustic version is from 6 to 9, which is a little high IMO. If you’re likely to be searching for a guitar to get a child who’s old 7 or 8 and intends to learn how to play, you may want to appear elsewhere.

The obvious thing which will strike you as soon as you pick up one of those models is it is constructed from plastic. Many guitars, even funding types, are made of some wood.

The neck and body are formed together, which can be sufficient for a kids’ toy tool since it makes it more lasting. You’ll also observe that it doesn’t have a strap, select, or any instruction publication.

A black plastic fretboard with plastic frets is screwed on top of the throat, and also a plastic bridge is attached beneath the round soundhole.

The tuners are alloyed with plastic knobs, along the Guitar is pre-stringed using non-nylon strings. To protect hands from being jabbed from the string-ends, they’ve other things called series post covers that can be kind of cool whatsoever.

Decals can be put on the fretboard to find out the titles of these strings. Based on the design you purchase, the paint project or layouts might be traditional-looking sunburst colors or some range of licensed cartoon characters using vivid color paint projects.

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The miniature and the 30″ version of acoustic Guitar create them merely for children to grip and wrap their hands around the throat to achieve the strings. They’re also relatively lightweight, and it will be a no-brainer to get a child’s Guitar.


The manufacturers market the guitars as using low actions,’ meaning it is set up to make it effortless for children to press down on the strings. On the versions I attempted, the activity was a bit high, so that the strings were difficult to press, and there is no means to correct this on those versions, so you might need to try the Guitar before you purchase.


Well, uh, the majority of the Electric Guitars First Act versions are below $30, so virtually the noise you’re likely to get from these guitars is not likely to be to par with a proper pupil guitar.

Among the most crucial problems with low-cost guitars is attempting to maintain them in song, and such kinds of models are no exception.

If your son or daughter intends on learning, among the essential things to search for in a guitar is that it stays in tune for a reasonable timeframe. You probably are not going to find that with some of those inexpensive First Act newcomer versions.


If you’re a parent who plays music or understands guitars and how they’re supposed to seem, this is not the Guitar for the little one.

If you do not know a lot about guitars or how they’re supposed to feel and sound, but you would like to find something cheap and aesthetically attractive, then the First Electric Guitar will probably fit your requirements very nicely.

These guitars are probably OK for toddlers or even younger children who only need to mess up with something that may introduce them to what’s Guitar is and how it functions.

In case you’ve got a kid who intends to learn how to play or is thinking about taking classes, these versions won’t cut it. It would help if you looked elsewhere.

What makes it confusing about a number of those reduced-price children’s guitar manufacturers is that lots of these have some pretty good reviews.

When reading the testimonials, you need to bear in mind that receiving a guitar out of the grandma at Christmas is different than purchasing a standard musical instrument that will ignite an interest in learning how to play with it.

When you’re searching for a kids’ Guitar, you have to bear in mind that many folks do not understand how the Guitar is supposed to sound.

Some folks essentially search for something that resembles a guitar and has a trendy-looking, kid-friendly paint job. Then some individuals play Guitar and would not consider purchasing a guitar in a big box store.

The First Act Guitar Electric lineup is in the last category. Children will love how these guitars seem, and they’re small enough that children will find them simple to grip and mess around with.

My philosophy is you get exactly what you pay for, so if you would like a fantastic excellent beginner guitar that you could use to educate your children Guitar, then you’ll probably wish to check at guitars at a higher price range.

If, however, you need something cheap your Disney, SpongeBob, or even Spiderman preoccupied children can mess up with, and you do not need to be concerned if they hurt it, yes, the First Act Discovery toys are still a fantastic alternative.


Our First Act guitars any good?

There are loads of great companies out there that make guitars that are top of the line, but no one can conquer first act electric guitars. Their guitars are produced in the united states, they’re too reasonably priced, and they’re one of the hottest manufacturers of guitars being made today.

When was the 1st Guitar devised?

The initial guitars are considered to have originated during the 15th Century in Spain. These had four classes’ of strings or sets of 2 strings attached to the same note to provide the guitar resonance. However, the Lute was consistently favored by the General Public within the Guitar until the conclusion of the 15th Century.

Is it OK to leave the Guitar from the case?

Unless you are humidifying your Guitar using a situation humidifier or have little children or pets running around that will knock it over; it is lovely to leave a guitar on a stand rather than maintaining it in a situation when you aren’t enjoying it.

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