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Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks 2021: Which One Is Right For You?

Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks 2021 Which One Is Right For You

Online guitar learning has become popular today. The quality of the lessons is increasingly improved; you can easily access the courses right at your home without going to the center with private lessons and the guitar teacher. Because of the increasing demand for online guitar learning, there are also many online learning websites released. Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks are websites for learning guitar at home that many users highly appreciate; if you had to choose, which website would you prefer to learn? Let Fidlar help you select one of them; we have listed the details of the courses and how they work.

Fender Play Review

To make sure this Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks inspection is comprehensive, we’ll look at the gaps between the two platforms and provide a particular Fender Play guitar review.

In the subsequent paragraphs, we have a good look at if this stage is excellent for novices, how simple the platform would be to use, the attributes available to guitar pupils, and the general price.

Fender Play Review

Is this Platform Good for Beginners?

The lessons Fender Play platform begins all its guitarists on a platform known as “My Course.” After picking your instrument and music fashion, like acoustic guitar and state or electrical and stone, My Trail makes a system designed specifically to your requirements. My Course takes you through five levels; with each group, this past construction becomes more complex than the former degree.

Though every level builds up in trouble, the last degree remains essential in comparison to other programs. The lessons Fender Play is an excellent starting point for novices, in which lesson Guitar Tricks has a more robust offering for intermediate and proficient guitarists.

Does the Platform Offer Features for Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Player?

Although Fender Play is rapidly catching up to Guitar Tricks in specific abilities, it isn’t yet comprehensive of a stage for more advanced lessons guitar players. From the conclusion of the last lesson, Fender Play remains to instruct simple to intermediate principles rather. On the flip side, lesson Guitar Tricks offers multiple tutorials for every degree of guitar learning, for instance, complex degree.

For people who already have a base in guitar, picking Fender Play guitar wouldn’t be the best choice to select.

User Experience

Considering that the newest name, the Fender Play guitar interface is exceptionally high quality and incredibly user-friendly, as you may anticipate.

It is very slick and modern looking, making browsing your way around the site or the program relatively easy and fast.

As a result of the layout, finding the classes, info, or tools you follow is simple using Fender Play guitar. The most crucial dashboard gives an obvious summary of your progress.

All in all, the site and program are exceptionally highly polished, and there’s been a good deal of work put into the plan.

Fender Play Content, Features, and Lessons

Fender Play Content, Features, and Lessons

Equally as crucial for beginner acoustic and electric guitar lessons online are the total grade of the content and video player courses they supply.

The movies on Fender Play are amongst a few of the very professional in the sector and are recorded with a 4K video player. They are also filmed with multiple camera angles, making it feel like the coach is there in the area with you.

Each video lesson can be found around the Fender Play mobile app, which means that you can observe and learn the guitar while on the move.

It is essential to point out that even though the total quality of these movies is large, the movie player itself is rather fundamental. It lacks the extra characteristics that other people like the Guitar Tricks you have.

Since the Fender Play program is still comparatively new, it doesn’t have as comprehensive song lessons as the lesson Guitar Tricks offers. But, it will nevertheless have a broad assortment of songs acceptable for guitar players of all skill levels. The song library is continually growing, so if you cannot locate your favorite monitor, it may appear shortly.

When it comes to tools to Assist You, Fender Play does supply some valuable Items like:

  • A guitar tuner,
  • Tabs, and
  • Chord charts.

But to make the most of the playing experience, you will probably have to download and match other Fender programs like Fender Songs lessons.

Fender Play Free Trial

Fender Play Free Trial

For anybody seeking to try out the program before committing to a subscription, a Fender Perform free trial is available, which provides users full access for 30 days. Moreover, the subscription may be canceled at any moment, bass and ukulele lessons all-inclusive, and include a free trial.


  • Beautiful and modern Site design
  • Very easy to navigate and locate the video lessons and number of lessons
  • Affordable subscription and also to test before you purchase with the Fender Play free trial alternative.
  • Fast growth rate
  • High-quality tutors
  • Dozens of teachers and countless tunes


  • Not as comprehensive of a song library as other internet suppliers
  • Some courses only teach the Fundamentals of a tune.
  • It lacks some of the most advanced lessons for skilled guitar players.

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Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks is among the most famous and most well-known suppliers available in the industry if it comes to the internet guitar lesson globe.

Within its 20+ years as a guitar lesson supplier, Guitar Tricks has helped educate tens of thousands of guitarists on playing guitar. The subsequent Guitar Tricks review seems carefully at precisely what this veteran platform provides.

Guitar Tricks Review

In addition, we consider how it contrasts in Fender Plays vs Guitar Tricks as we examine whether the platform is acceptable for novices, precisely what the user interface resembles, Guitar Tricks teachers, and a lot more in this comprehensive Guitar Tricks review.

Is the Platform Easy for Beginners?

Not only is that the platform effortless to comprehend, as mentioned below, but Guitar Tricks also compels its users to begin from the Guitar Basics section of their classes. From that point, every guitarist has the choice to complete extra levels of a particular genre.

Is the Platform Easy for Beginners

The introductory section of this program is divided into seven segments, each building off the previous chapter. Do Guitar Tricks perform a fantastic job of breaking down the essentials of playing with a guitar, but they do it in summary, engaging video lessons.

Moreover, the tutorials have been rated to understand just what difficulty you’re playing at. Every tutorial allows learning guitar methods and implementing them as you exercise the guitar.

Is the Platform Conducive to Intermediate and Advanced learning?

As opposed to going through the stage’s principles point, Guitar Tricks offers tutorials in two different classes, “Experienced Courses” and “Learn Styles of Guitar.” Every one of those tutorial programs is located on the central dash of your accounts.

Furthermore, Guitar Tricks provides over 1,000 song libraries and supplies over 11,000 lessons from 30+ different teachers. Due to this, Guitar Tricks is your top alternative for intermediate and advanced guitarists.

User Experience

Any popular online guitar courses call for a functional and easy-to-use interface. Guitar Tricks wouldn’t have attained its popularity now if not because of their very user-friendly stage.

The moment you log into, the dashboard is highly intuitive, and it becomes pretty clear where to browse to keep your learning.

It is readily available from the first dashboard, from novice guitar lessons and tunes to more complex classes (and even studying different guitar styles).

Guitar Tricks also supplies you with a handy mobile program, letting you continue to learn while on the move.

Guitar Teachers

Guitar Tricks has developed an impressive roster of high-quality and seasoned teachers as one of the prevalent online guitar lesson suppliers.

With more than half guitar teachers available, you’re able to get the perfect one to suit your requirements.

The core learning system programs are among the most attractive facets of this Guitar Tricks online guitar lesson.

The main video courses carry you through the process of studying the guitar in an easy step-by-step procedure. The identical instructor stays with you through, helping to build familiarity alongside and ensuring that education is precisely the same.

The Guitar Tricks teachers concentrate on giving an extremely informative and engaging selection of classes that teach you how to play the guitar and find out their favorite music at their speed.

Guitar Tricks content, Features, and Lessons

Guitar Tricks content, Features, and Lessons

Among the most impressive characteristics, we discovered in our Guitar Tricks review is the absolute variety of content and features it offers you.

There are hundreds and hundreds of guitar lessons offered for you to pick from, covering all for both novice and advanced players. Additionally, there are guitar classes for hundreds of popular tunes and a massive assortment of guitar styles.

Learning how to play the guitar differs for everybody.

Though these online guitar lessons are astoundingly comprehensive, sometimes you still get stuck on specific aspects.

That is why Guitar Tricks supplies you with a distinctive one-to-one lessons video call using one of the pro teachers. This permits you to concentrate on the matter and enables you to overcome any issues that you may be facing.

Every tune on Guitar Tricks includes a complete tab and notation, although a few of the most well-known ones have a backing track also so that you can play as well.

You could also loop their movies, allowing them to play the identical part over and over again. This is especially helpful for much more complicated tunes, and every video is filmed in high definition and together with numerous cameras.

The platform also includes a vast selection of tools to aid with the classes, such as a tuner, scale finder, metronome, and fretboard diagram.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

As stated previously, there’s a Guitar Tricks complimentary trial. Registering for this lets you check the support to determine whether it’s the ideal match for you.


  • Sleek and Simple to Use site
  • Proven history of the guitar, with more than twenty years of experience
  • Massive catalog of 11,000+ videos and lessons
  • 1,000+ of their most Well-known tunes to find out
  • Tons of additional tools to help improve your playing
  • Ability to get one-on-one classes
  • Services for both novice and experienced guitar players


  • Subscription is Somewhat more costly than Fender Play (though there is Much More accessible on Guitar Tricks)
  • With this much content, it may be somewhat perplexing knowing where to start. But if you obey their Core Learning System program, to begin with, you will have a fantastic base.

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How Are They Different

How Are They Different?

Fender Play Vs Guitar Tricks: Cost

If it comes to cost, the two-class apps are considerably different. Guitar Tricks offers its app for $19.99, while Fender Play is just $9.99 per month.

$10 is unquestionably a pleasant deal, and in case you are still a newcomer who is itching to understand the principles and principles, Fender Play reaches the ideal place.

We can not assert that the $ 9.99 per month is an attractive offer. For beginners that aren’t certain if they can earn a significant financial commitment to the application, you can not go wrong with this cost deal.

Fender Play Vs Guitar Tricks: Content

Guitar Tricks offers over 11,000 guitar classes to select from, making it clear just how much Guitar tricks have increased within the past two decades in supplying guitar lesson solutions.

Fender Play does not come quite as near the massive number of articles Guitar Tricks offers. In fairness, Fender Play constantly upgrades its song lessons, and we are excited about seeing them enlarge its song lessons.

Guitar Tricks’ enormous song lessons and classes are because of supplying both novice and advanced levels, which Fender perform is quite constrained in.

Guitar Tips is the apparent winner in this class, supplying users with a vast collection to pick from. Possessing a broader choice of song lessons to select from adds variety and greater personalization for every user to relish.

Fender Play Vs Guitar Tricks Video Quality

Fender Play Vs Guitar Tricks: Video Quality

Both programs include HD quality, and each has its own set of features to go along with the movie player.

1 disadvantage to Guitar Tricks is that some of the articles are already obsolete, so some of this movie quality attain 540p quality.

That apart, Guitar Tricks’ video player has all of the qualities that make it a fantastic video player like playback rate modification, fullscreen mode, looping, and downloading movies for offline viewing.

Fender Play comes in solid with its minimalist and beautiful decorative capabilities. The only negative is the lack of features the movie player has.

Fixing playback rate and looping the movie are attributes inaccessible to Fender Play’s video player.

Even though Fender Play is much more magnificent to check visually, adjusting the playback rate is an essential element in online guitar lesson learning.

Some messages could be too fast or complex for the consumer to comprehend, and the playback rate comes especially handy in this situation.

Website Interface

Guitar Tricks vs Fender Play Comparison: Website Interface

Both guitar lesson class programs offer simple user navigation along with a fantastic interface all around. The drop-down menu for every app is simple to use and enables easy entry to the classes at hand.

Guitar Tricks takes their website further by enabling you to search teachers instead of surfing through the entire list.

You might even utilize their Toolbox attribute, which includes a chord finder, metronome, scale toaster, toaster, plus even more.

Fender Play does not have as many choices as Guitar Tricks’ Toolbox attribute, but it wins the match of aesthetics and design, providing a far more contemporary and slick appeal because of its users.

Ultimately, the Fender Play and Guitar Tricks lesson class programs will also be accessible on iOS and android. Now, here is where things become interesting.

Guitar Tricks’ cellular program does not have the playback modification feature, which evens the playing area using Fender Play. Fender Play, on the other hand, preserves its consistency to the site and cellular edition.

Although Guitar Tricks gets the upper hand to enhance their website continuously, Fender Play did a fantastic job designing their site and cellular program.

First and foremost, we provide credit to Fender Play for keeping this consistency in style, user navigation, and endurance.

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Guitar Tricks Vs Fender Play: Lesson Construction

Presently, both programs are in a tie score, with all Guitar Tricks offering a broader song library and movie quality and Fender Perform since the cheaper, aesthetic alternative.

That is not all, however. We still have yet another crucial element to check into, lesson construction.

The lesson arrangement will pay for the teachers, the lesson outline of every program, and the classes’ simplicity. We will also look at which program suits best for beginner guitar lessons and innovative guitar lessons.

Guitar Tricks Vs. Fender Play Teachers

Guitar Tricks Vs. Fender Play: Teachers

Guitar Tricks has 32 teachers on their stage. Guitar Tricks does not take the glow of an updated lesson outline or program. Guitar Tricks’ most significant benefit is that it is a trusted and dependable source carrying 20 decades of expertise.

Considering how long Guitar Tricks has been instructing students, an individual can declare that Guitar Tricks’ approaches and methods are successful and demonstrated through time.

Fender Play doesn’t fall short on its educators and supplies an assortment of teachers from prestigious universities like UCLA, USC, and Berklee College of Music.

What makes Fender Play’s teachers unique is that every educator thrives at greater than one tool, and with only 19 teachers total, we could say Fender Play does not shy away from providing excellent quality education.

We commend Fender Play’s teachers, and only since Guitar Tricks wins this round does not mean Fender Play has inferior instruction education.

Though the two programs provide excellent education quality, we believed that the thickness of Guitar Tricks’ classes and expertise offers exceptional.

Guitar Tricks Vs. Fender Play Lesson Outline

Guitar Tricks Vs. Fender Play: Lesson Outline

The two Guitar Tricks and Fender Play offer simple actions to learning guitar classes.

To give you a much better summary of every lesson program, Here Is What each program provides:

Fender Play

  • Opt for the tool of your choice
  • Pick the style you would instead find guitar (Blues, Rock, Country, etc. )
  • Follow the steps as instructed.

Guitar Stricks

  • Start in Guitar Fundaments Level 1
  • Progress into Guitar Fundamentals Level 2
  • Pick the design (Rock Blues, Country, etc.)
  • Learn your favorite Style Level 1
  • Learn your favorite Style Level 2

Both programs offer an easy-to-follow outline and Course which any user will have the ability to comprehend and learn efficiently.

One thing to notice, however, is Guitar Tricks’ core instruction application. Fender Play drops slightly short in regards to what Guitar Tricks offers is a learning system that breeds familiarity, material, and thickness of the material.

This is something Fender Play will acquire along the way because it continues to develop. Still, Guitar Tricks reveals a feeling of mastery over what their schooling program and classes could supply for the pupils.

Guitar Tricks has assembled its program and content through time, giving it the advantage above Fender Play.

Maybe after a couple more decades, we may see even more significant changes to Fender Play’s app, considering how quickly it is growing too!

Guitar Tricks Vs. Fender Play Beginner Lessons

Guitar Tricks Vs. Fender Play: Beginner Guitar Lessons

With this around, let’s dive more profound into the class outline of every program.

Guitar Tricks

After signing into your accounts at Guitar Tricks, the very first lessons you will find would probably be Basics Level 1 and two. Each Fundamental Amount will have seven chapters for one to undergo.

Do not worry. Even though a total of 14 chapters does seem like a whole lot, we guarantee you the classes may be digested and last between 3 to 5 minutes.

Every one of the classes will also arrive with a problem rating from 1 to 5, which means you’re going to have a crystal clear idea about what to expect.

The teacher for Basics Level 2 and 1 is Lisa McCormick. Through the years, Lisa has always been the teacher at Guitar Tricks regarding teaching principles.

How good is she? Great, and the measures are also simple to follow together.

Fender Play

Fender Play includes its very own distinctive lesson outline known as “My Course.”

My Course is an exceptional program or class that changes per user. This will rely on the instrument you would like to find out – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and ukelele. You also need to select your design – Blues, Country, Rock, Folk, and Pop.

As soon as you’ve finished the choice process, you will now have your “My Course.”

What we love about Fender Play’s outline was the way you might easily find all of your classes outlined in a timeline fashion.

After every lesson that is completed, you will notice a finished checkmark highlighted in green.

You can also conveniently assess each lesson overview and length before moving to the lesson itself, which we believed was brilliant in contrast to Guitar Tricks.

In terms of the teachers, Fender Play embraced a more modernized strategy and frequently switched the teachers to provide students a new take and also to protect against a repetitive, stiff education.

While we do believe that it was great to own, this might be a drawback to some.

Not all teachers will work as efficiently for many pupils, so frequently switching may also lead to a diverse teaching style that might not be valuable.

Both programs offer you excellent beginner lessons for pupils to readily follow and digest. While Guitar Tricks hold consistency in their beginner guitar classes, Fender Play also provides a contemporary, clean, and polished outline.

We can say that both programs stood out concerning the uniqueness and voice. From here, it will become a matter of taste as opposed to a contest.

Guitar Suggestions Vs. Fender Play Advanced Lessons

Guitar Tricks and Fender Play: Advanced Lessons

Here is where Guitar Tricks shines. Although the two platforms are good at teaching lessons for novices, Guitartricks takes this further with intermediate material from the end of the core learning system platform.

Fender Play, by comparison, upon attaining Level 5, nevertheless teaches rather basic concepts.

Additionally, it is challenging to compete with Guitartricks’ enormous song lessons, broad content catalog, and 12 musical genres for pupils to practice.

Fender Play may provide a few intermediate theories and classes, but it is barely at precisely the same degree as Guitartricks.

Fender Play lags when it comes to innovative classes and contains a great deal of space to grow. On the flip side, Guitartricks revealed their degree of tenure, and if it came to instructing pupils with intermediate and advanced guitar lessons.


After what we analyze here, it can be said that both kites are reputable and quality websites; they are very considered for investment. And with us, Fender Play is an excellent choice for any beginner who wants to learn guitar. The lessons are designed to be simple to understand and enough skills for beginners.

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