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Fender Mustang Gt40 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Fender Mustang Gt40 Review 2021 Top Full Guide

Are you looking for an Amp for your guitar? So, what are your criteria for amp selection? Here we have an amp of compact size, but the sound surprises you.

The Mustang GT 40 is the device we are talking about, it is an amp with built-in effects, and you can program and control it on your smartphone using the Fender Tone program for Android and iOS. Find out what’s in this amp with Fidlar and how much it will cost with such an amp right at our Fender Mustang Gt40 Review.

Fender Mustang GT 40 Review


  • Power: 40 W (2x 20 W)
  • Speakers: 2x 6.5″
  • 21 Amp models
  • 47 Effects
  • Controls for Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Master
  • Three-layer buttons
  • FX button
  • Save button
  • Menu button
  • Tap button
  • USB recording output
  • 3.5 mm AUX input
  • 3.5 mm Headphone output
  • Digital chromatic tuner
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Easy WIFI firmware and feature updates
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 38,7 x 26,7 x 21,0 cm
  • Weight: 7.7 kg



  • Compact, classic-looking design
  • Superb selection of digital amps and effects
  • Fender Tone app makes it easy to expand the preset library
  • Can be used as a Wi-Fi speaker


  • Direct amp user interface is fiddly


The Fender mustang Amp gt 40 is packed with features where can we begin? Firstly, let us say it is a great-looking version.

There is nothing too exceptional in layout, but it is incredibly sophisticated with an all-black plastic body and black grille cloth, together with the iconic Fender emblem counter to the left; beneath the hood that this amp features a set of 6.5″ Fender-designed speakers that offer a complete 40 watts of electricity.


There is so much available with 21 classic amp models and 46 distinct effects in terms of sound possibilities, even though a loop with 60 minutes of recording time provides you ample chance for some stunning soundscapes.

The options are endless, especially when you factor in the wifi connectivity, even allowing access to everything in Fender gt40 artist-created presets to the most recent firmware upgrades. The Bluetooth connectivity also allows for streaming stereo audio from any other device, letting you play along with your favorite tracks.

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Measuring less than 40cm across, the Fender mustang amplifier FT 40 is created for playing in your home, instead of about the Pyramid Stage, and it matches that role very well.

It will slot smoothly into the tiniest bedsit; its aesthetics are elegant (if unadventurous), and, even while the double 6.5in speaker beams will not blow off the doors, they go loud enough to annoy the neighbors.

On the very top, there is a set of knobs you can tweak to sculpt your audio, which I will get to later, and also a simple but decent collection of sockets, such as a 6.35millimeter guitar input in the left along with a 3.5millimeter line-out and headphone sockets in the right.

There isn’t any secondary input to get a backing track, but there is no biggie as possible stream music for it on Bluetooth.

In the back, there is also a connector for the optional footswitch controller and, suddenly, a micro-USB socket, helping you to plug in the GT 40 to a pc and catch your performance’s incomplete CD quality.

It is a fantastic addition, though you’ll probably need to put money into an extra-long USB cable to use this unless your amp resides right next to your PC.

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The Mustang GT 40 may be used just like any regular guitar amp: plug in your device, crank up the volume and tweak the knobs to adjust the gain, treble, and bass.

There is more into the GT 40, however. Alongside the master volume control, there is a 5.5cm color LCD, which you browse using the massive knob on the opposite side of this amp.

Fender calls this the encoder. A fast twist enables you to change between recreations of 31 classic amplifiers, such as the Fender Twin Reverb, the Vox AC30, the Marshall JCM800 along with also the Orange OR120, to get a vastly increased array of tones than you would ever get from typical mustang amplifiers.

The GT 40 also contains a fantastic choice of guitar effects to tailor your audio, from classic overdrive into the chorus, flanger, delay, and reverb. These could be punched in, tweaked, and even reordered as you please.

If we are honest, editing sounds and configurations with the encoder knob is a tiny faff. Fortunately, there are different methods to perform it. One is utilizing the free Fender Tone smartphone program for Android and iOS.

This connects to the GT 40 through Bluetooth and allows you to jump between presets using one tap. You might even use it to correct your effects and mustang amps control and save your patches among the 200 available slots.

You may also download new presets and sounds free of charge, direct from Fender.

The other solution is to put money into a footswitch. Together with Fender’s four-button MGT-4 control, you can leap between settings and sounds in the back of afoot.

Additionally, it empowers the GT 40’s built-in loops. You’ll be able to build up cyclical soundscapes if that is your thing. It expands the amp considerably. Also, it can be purchased online for under #50.

As an alternative, you can opt for the EXP-1, a wah-type expression pedal that may be used to adjust a particular parameter like drive or chorus thickness. However, you can not use both switches simultaneously since there’s just one socket on the Sky.

Overall, a great deal of thought has created the Mustang GT 40’s features accessible and practical.

I just hit one vexing problem when testing it, which was trying out its USB recording capacities: once I picked the Mustang since the input in my DAW, my routine audio port was disabled, along my speakers went dead.

The solution was to delve into the Fender ASIO control panel and route the present audio port’s output. After that has been set up, everything worked quickly, but it may be easier to use an analog connection.


Whether you’re trying to find a mythical Fender tone like the ’65 Deluxe, ’57 Champ, or ’59 Bassman, or wish to make something entirely new, this amp gets the tone to you.

With the selection of amp models, artist presets, many controllers, and almost fifty impacts, there is something for everybody, from classic hot jazz into the deepest mystical djent.

To get an electronic amp, it is also quite responsive to the participant’s dynamics. Even the 40 watts of electricity is more than sufficient for smaller gigs, whereas the lighter weight makes it great for gigging guitarists. The fact it is possible to control it using the Fender Tone app only adds to the benefit.


Digital modeling has not always been the best reputation. The versions I have attempted in the past have primarily disappointed with brash, hollow-sounding recreations of classic equipment.

Not the GT 40. Fender’s engineers certainly know what musicians are searching for. Although I would not like to declare the many amp sims sound identical to real things, they all have the ideal personality. Maybe, what’s more, they are terrifically playable: they sound great in distinctive and different ways.

The value of the can not be overstated. With a few electronic amps, searching around for decent-sounding stains is a tiresome company that sucks the pleasure and immediacy from enjoying.

Together with the Mustang GT 40, it is possible to randomly spin the knob and nearly always land onto a usable and intriguing sound. It is an emotional feeling.

Bluetooth sound quality is not bad either. Music seems somewhat boxy and constrained, but that is hardly surprising given that the amp’s dimensions and chief intention.

What is good is that all of your amp effects and configurations remain available while the Sky is flowing; therefore, the GT 40 is ideal for jamming along with your favorite albums on SpSpotifyr working through custom movies on YouTube.


Though it has the capability to gig along with also the tonal flexibility to provide actors everything they would want on smaller phases, the Fender Mustang Gt 40 will probably appeal more to gamers that need a studio amp, only something for your living area which lets them conjure up whatever tone takes their fancy. Whatever it is used for, it justifies its cost. We hope that our Fender mustang gt40 amp review can help you know more about this amp.

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