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Epiphone Les Paul Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Epiphone Les Paul Review 2021 Top Full Guide

As a guitar enthusiast, everyone wants to own a high-end Gibson guitar but not enough budget to invest in those expensive trees. But now the brand has rolled out its ideal and more economical alternative to guitar players, an Les Paul Standard that’s arguably great for beginners. Let Fidlar discover what’s different about this guitar at the Epiphone Les Paul Review.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review

Tech Specs

  • Body: Mahogany with carved hard maple cap with AAA flame maple veneer
  • Neck: Mahogany with 50s Rounded Medium C, 12” radius
  • Scale length: 628.65mm (24.75”)
  • Fingerboard: Indian laurel
  • Frets: 22, medium jumbo
  • Pickups: Epiphone ProBucker 1 (neck), Epiphone ProBucker 2 (bridge)
  • Controls: 2 x volume, 2 x tone with CTS pots and 50s-style wiring, 3-way pickup switch
  • Hardware: Epiphone LockTone stop bar and Tune-O-Matic bridge, Epiphone Vintage Deluxe 18:1 machine heads
  • Left- Handed: Yes
  • Case: No
  • Finish: Metallica Gold (reviewed), Heritage Cherry Sunburst, Vintage Sunburst
  • Contact: Epiphone

Tech Specs


  • A wonderful range of classic Les Pauls tones.
  • The neck profile feels comfortable.
  • Long-neck tenon is vintage-appropriate.
  • The ProBuckers have a lot of PAF magic in them.
  • Great sustain, great value.
  • Build and finish hard to fault.


  • It is heavy.
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar, Ebony
  • Classic Les Paul with Mahogany Body and Maple Veneer Top


The most heart of any Epiphone guitar’s core features is that the mixture of a solid mahogany body with a walnut top and a few humbuckers. That’s the heart and soul of its parts and construction.

At the cost of describing a little bit of semantics, pricier guitars Epiphone using all the mahogany body/maple top mix will have carved maple top, possibly around an inch thick. On lower-priced devices -like this, the “walnut shirt” is far more likely to be nearer to some veneer.

Body And Neck (5)

If you consider this guitar, you are looking pretty much at the stone, especially blues-derived stone. Just think about this listing of players connected with Les Paul! Clapton to Slash; Gorham and Robertson into Moore. I could consume the Whole word count rip-off Les Paul player!

So yes, if that is the ballpark you are seeking to maintain, you have got it. Coupled with the ideal amp, with the ideal setting dialed in, you are going to receive your crunchy blues and rock riffs, with sufficient space to widdle out licks and solos.

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Epiphone Les Paul Review 2021: Top Full Guide

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Body And Neck

There are just two iconic electric guitar body contours on the market, and Les Paul is among these. This Epiphone delivers precisely the same aesthetic and a lot of the build quality of this electric guitar it was motivated by. The body is made from timber with a treated walnut top.

It is nothing elaborate, but it is only in a category of its own. The throat is a standard walnut layout with a fantastic excellent rosewood fretboard at the top.

This guitar sport comparable abalone inlays, in addition to white binding to the throat. In general, when you start playing with it, you understand precisely how comfy this electric guitar is.


One of the differentiating aspects of Les Paul’s electric guitars would be the Alnico humbuckers. That is what distinguished them from Fender back in the afternoon.

Interestingly, Les Paul Standard includes a pair of Alnico pups of all fantastic quality. Both of these are commanded by the traditional controllers located on any worthy Les Paul.

You’ve got two Tone and two-thirds knobs to play, together with a pickup selector switch. Everything feels and seems healthy, and the knobs are relatively precise. We mention this since you can readily control vote volume with assurance in a situation where time is all.


If you’re acquainted with Gibson guitars, then the Les Paul Standard’s hardware will come as no real surprise.

We have an extremely hardy Tune-o-Matic Burbridge, which sports six adjustable saddles on one end and also a fantastic pair of die-cast tuners on the opposite.

All hardware on this guitar comes from chrome, which can be true to what Gibson produces in their own Les Paul Standard.

The kind of functionality you may expect from the hardware in this instance is over average. The bridge is Rosalind holds the intonation and functioning reasonably well. Tuners, though fairly standard, are rather sturdy.

Sound and Tones

The tool’s cost is a little more than the usual beginners’ guitar, so it is targeted at buyers that are ready to go a bit more for an amp to do justice.

In that regard, likely, they would also go a couple of bucks more for something a bit better compared to a solid-state amp, but probably not enough to go for a complete valve amp.

With the guitar’s probable player in your mind, the Standard was analyzed through a 50 watt, hybrid, 2×12 combo amp.

Before plugging into the Sky, a couple of test strums gave a sign of those thick tones that may be coming if you do not think you could listen to electric guitars varying tones without even repainting; I encourage you to give it a try.

Running the Standard through a new channel, that bridge humbucker provides a great glowing but not piercing Tone.

If you nudge the pickup selector into the neck or middle area and crank out a couple of blues licks, you will end up in a comfortable location.

Based upon your amp, if you would like to push it a bit, cranking the volume on the Sky until it breaks only marginally, you should begin to listen to the beginnings of some pleasant, Clapton-esque blues dip. Sweet. You may have to roll off the volume of your guitar to rip it all out.

Staying on this subject, moving to the overdrive channel, using a profit of around four dialed in, and receiving the amount of the guitar up, you will not be out of blues land. Still, some great stone tones will be in the email.

Obtaining that profit around six, and you’re squarely in timeless, blues-based stone, and that is where the performance of this Les Paul peaks.

As a general guide: neck pickup for ballsy riffs, both pickups to get a continuous middle floor rhythm, and down into the bridge pickup if a solo is demanded.


The aesthetics and construction of the guitar are sufficient to inspired by Gibson any beginner to begin looking at updating.

The fingerboard is comfy, the tones are an ideal introduction to humbuckers, and you will look as cool as Slash. Any compromise on the level of components has not compromised the construction, and subsequently that the playability.

Experienced players may be picky about components, and the way, it’s simply not a fantastic old American-made Gibson. Still, frankly, if you would like to feel and look like a rock star, Epiphone’s Les Paul Standard can perform the job.

With this kind of rigid construction, an intermediate participant will not be afraid to get stuck in and perform with this guitar within an inch of its life. It is perfect for providing a foundation in knowing guitars armed with a humbucker and having a sense of them.


The Les Paul Standard is this type of go-to guitar for individuals seeking to create the transition from student to participant, at least to take a look at and consider.

In case a guitarist is seasoned enough to be considering it, they will be seasoned enough to get precisely what you pay for. No, this will not possess a Gibson Les Paul’s finery, but that is why those guitars are created. Next time we will have a new post about the best Epiphone les paul 2021, if you have any requests please let us know at the comment

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