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What is Elaine Chao Net Worth 2023: Things To Know

Lists 10+ What is Elaine Chao Net Worth 2023 Things To Know

If you’ve seen her quoted in the media, you would know Elaine Chao is not one to waste time with self- patriarchy and position herself as the ” Warrior ” in the relationship.

She stands by her husband fully, which is reflected in the numerous times she has been asked to appear on Dancing with the Stars. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to know Elaine Chao Net Worth with Fidlar music immediately!

What is Elaine Chao Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Mitch Mcconnell's Wife’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Elaine Chao is an American politician with a net worth of $30 million as of 2023. She served as the United States Secretary of Labor from 2001 to 2009.



Early life and education

Elaine Chao was born on 8th March 1953, in Taipei, Taiwan. Her parents are Ruth Mulan Chu Chao and James S. C. Chao. Her father is a prominent Chinese-American businessman and philanthropist who gave her the middle name of Lan after his mother.

Kindergarten and first grade were spent Chao at Taiwan’s Tsai Hsing Elementary School. She was naturalized as a citizen at 19 and attended Syosset High School in Syosset, New York, in Nassau County on Long Island.

In 1975, Chao graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from South Hadley, Massachusetts’ Mount Holyoke College. She attended Dartmouth College for her junior year’s second semester of financial and banking coursework. In 1979, she graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Early career

Before joining the government, Chao worked as an international banker at Citicorp in New York for four years between 1979 and 1983 and served as vice president for syndications at Bank of America Capital Markets Group in San Francisco.

In the U.S. Department of Transportation, Chao was appointed as the Maritime Administration’s deputy administrator in 1986. She was chairwoman of the Federal Maritime Commission from 1988 to 1989.

Chao was appointed as the deputy secretary of transportation by President George H. W. Bush in 1989, serving in that position until 1991. She served as the Peace Corps director from 1991 to 1992. She was the first person of Asian descent to hold either of these posts.

Between Bush administrations

After serving in the administration of President George H.W. Bush, Chao served as president and CEO of United Way of America for three years, from 1993 to 1996.

Following a financial mismanagement incident involving the organization’s former president William Aramony, she is credited with restoring credibility and public trust.

Chao worked as a distinguished fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Heritage Foundation from 1996 until she was appointed secretary of labor.

She served on the Independent Women’s Forum’s board as well. In January 2009, she rejoined the Heritage Foundation after quitting the government.

U.S. Secretary of Labor (2001–2009)

U.S. Secretary of Labor (2001–2009)

President Bush appointed Chao as Secretary of Labor. She served in that role for all eight years of his administration.

As Secretary of Labor, Chao oversaw several initiatives, including creating the Department of Homeland Security and expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Chao resigned from her position as Secretary of Labor in 2009. After leaving the administration, she became a Fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Only Chao served the whole eight-year tenure of the George W. Bush administration as a cabinet member. She served as labor secretary for the longest time since Frances Perkins worked for President Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1933 to 1945.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation (2017–2021)

On November 29, 2016, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump declared that he would propose Chao as Secretary of Transportation. On January 31, 2017, the U.S. Senate approved Chao by a vote of 93-6, with her husband, Mitch McConnell, the majority leader of the Senate at the time, abstaining.

Even though there was agreement on both sides of the aisle in the Senate, several Senators worried about conflict. They warned: “against the privatization of government services, hinting to a likely cause of friction between Democrats and the future Trump administration.”

Chao submitted her resignation on January 7, 2021, the day following the storming of the US Capitol. Her resignation will take effect on January 11, 2021.

Post-Trump administration

Chao was chosen to join the Kroger grocery group’s board of directors in August 2021. Due to her connections to the Trump administration and her husband, Mitch McConnell, Kroger consumers disapproved of the announcement on Twitter, with demands for a boycott becoming very popular.

Awards and honorary degrees

Chao has 36 honorary doctorates to his name, one of which was awarded by Georgetown McDonough School of Business in 2015. In 1996, she became an honoris causa initiation of Omicron Delta Kappa at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Personal life

She married Senator Mitch McConnell in 1993. He is the Senate Majority Leader. They have three daughters: Grace, Ella, and Ruby.

She is the first Asian American woman to marry a sitting senator. She is also the first Asian American woman to serve in a U.S. president’s cabinet.

Husband’s campaigning

Husband's campaigning

Chao “headlined fifty of her events and attended hundreds more with and on behalf of” her husband in the two years before the 2014 U.S. Senate elections, and was regarded as “a driving force of his reelection campaign” and eventual victory over Democratic candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, who had portrayed McConnell as “anti-woman.”

Chao’s father donated millions of dollars to Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaigns. More than a million dollars have been donated to McConnell’s campaigns by Chao’s extended family. The extended family has contributed more than $525,000 to the Kentucky Republican Party over two decades, ranking among the top donors.

The Chao family

The other five sisters are Jeannette, May, Christine, Grace, and Angela. Elaine Chao is the oldest of the six. The Chao family is one of the most prominent Asian American families in the United States.

Why is Mitch Mcconnell’s Wife famous?

Why is Mitch Mcconnell's Wife famous

Elaine Chao is famous for being the first Asian American woman appointed to a U.S. Cabinet position. She served as the Secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2009.



How much money did Mitch McConnell’s wife get?

According to federal records quoted by The New York Times, James Chao, a successful businessman, gave Chao and her husband Mitch McConnell a gift worth between $5 million and $25 million.

How old is McConnell?

McConnell is 80 years old.

How old is Mitch McConnell’s wife?

Elaine Chao is 69 years old.

How much does mitch McConnell make an hour?

He earns $313.74 per hour

How did Mitch McConnell makes his money?

Mitch McConnell made his money from various sources, including investments, real estate, and his Senate salary.

What is Mitch McConnell’s net worth?

His Net Worth is$35 Million


Mcconnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, has a net worth of $30 million. She is a Taiwanese-American businesswoman and the former Secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush. As the wife of Mitch Mcconnell, Elaine Chao has a lot of political power and influence. Her huge net worth gives her a lot of financial security and allows her to live a very comfortable lifestyle.

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