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Egnater Tweaker 15 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Egnater Tweaker 15 Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Egnater is one of the company has many best-selling products on the market today. We recently tested and tested one of Egnater’s supposedly highest quality products. The Egnater 15 is the perfect illustration of what we’re talking about.

The amp is a refined and trendy design; the only great sound and entertainment tube configuration makes it one of the most engaging tube setups you can come across for under $ 500 currently. If you are planning to invest in this amp, then there is no reason not to stop for a few minutes to look at Fidlar’s Egnater Tweaker 15 Review.

Egnater Tweaker 15w Reviews


  • Output power: 15W RMS cathode-biased
  • Input impedance: 1 ohm
  • Output impedance: 4 ohms, 8 ohms or 16 ohms switch selectable
  • Effects loop send impedance: 600 ohms
  • Effects return impedance: 220 kOhms
  • THD: 5% at rated output
  • Tubes: 2 Egnater premium selected 12AX7
  • Matched pair of selected 6V6GTA
  • Switches – vintage/modern: +4dB @ 120Hz +4dB @ 3.6KHz
  • USA/AC/Brit: selects American, V-X, British tone stack
  • Clean/hot switch: +9dB Gain boost
  • Tight switch: -6 dB @ 180 Hz
  • Bright switch: +8 dB @ 4 kHz max
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 14 in. x 7-1/2 in. x 8 in.

Egnater Tweaker 15 Review


  • Beautifully designed and styled.
  • Performs well at studio‑friendly volumes.
  • Tonally very versatile.


  • No gain footswitch.


Egnater amplifiers Tweaker is among the more elegant guitar amp heads on the market. The crux of its circuitry comes from 2 pairs of tubes that produce some 15 watt tube amp head of electricity.

You receive two 12AX7s combined using two 6A6GTA. Both of those tube tone versions were selected especially for this guitar amp head. All those switches we’ve mentioned previously are not anything more than a growth of the EQ section.

They’ll each add anywhere from 4 to 9 dB of increase in particular frequency bands based on which change you engage.

Although it’s a relatively rare and even strange design, the tone-shaping potential it brings to the table is too important to ignore.

Concerning output, You are taking a look at the standard 4/8/16 Ohm alternatives. In addition to this, the Egnator tweaker comes with a fully operational effects loop.


The proof that looks can be misleading can be located by only taking one look at this Egnater Tweaker’s controllers. Besides the on/off and standby change, a brief review of this amp will show no more than the conventional design of knobs.

In cases like this, that design involves the master volume knob, a full three-band EQ, plus a gain knob. But, tone-shaping choices on the Egnater guitar amp head do not end there.

There’s a variety of little switches that extend on what you could do. The first step permits you to pick between a classic and contemporary tone.

Next comes a USA/Brit switch, which can be reasonably self-explanatory. This is followed by a hot/clean alternative for profit, bright/regular, and tight/deep switches.

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We selected many different guitars for our evaluation: a Duncan Alnico Pro-equipped Strat, a Fender Custom Shop’51 Nocaster, plus a’94 PRS McCarty.

The Egnater’s cleaner seems to have a tremendous glowing edge to them, which is not unpleasant or piercing, using a generous bass response that is easily tamed at higher gain settings utilizing the tight and bright switch; the glowing switch functions to bring a little additional sparkle to humbuckers.

The advantage switch supplies a vast selection of clean to somewhat overdriven sounds in its clean place, while switching to warm adds significant additional distortion that seems fantastic for classic metal or stone, despite a comparatively low output.

The EQ change’s three manners go from scooped mid-range using a rounded base and bright treble into a more competitive mid-tonality with more prominent bass. There is a feature boxy’ midrange grind in the AC place that is certainly reminiscent of a Vox.

The vintage/modern switch adds more punch and existence in contemporary style, and we favor this to the classic setting.

The Tweaker’s three tone controls interact easily and predictably: so long as you do not go overboard with the master volume, there is a great deal of subtlety and depth regardless of where the buttons are put.

As you flip up the master to the max, the tone setup’s efficacy decreases, and that’s to be anticipated as the noise of a set of driven 6v6 power tubes requires over. This can be pointed out from the guide that is to be praised for its educational approach.

Though the amp is plenty loud enough for small gigs with only one speaker, the next 1 x 12 extension taxi’s accession would raise the Tweaker’s headroom.

From the studio, the Egnater’s resilient answer makes it effortless to play in lifeless acoustic surroundings; it flatters averagely excellent guitars and leaves top-drawer tools to seem incredible, with just a tiny compression necessary for killer recorded noises.

This small amp range and capacity are likely to appeal to quite a wide assortment of players, from recreational bedroom personalities to professionals operating in the most challenging studio or live environments.

If it comes to value for money, the Egnater tweaker head is off the scale, providing build quality that eclipses practically every foreign amp we have seen. However, the most severe sonic competition comes out of products costing upwards of 3 times the cost.

Some may wish for the profit increase to become foot-switchable, but any participant who knows how to push an amp with the guitar’s volume control can quickly get around that.

While it shares some of the Rebel 30’s panache, the Tweaker has its personality. I don’t know that there’s an Egnater noise, per se, says Bruce. We are recognized for a sleek, singing high gain tone, which is among our signature sounds indefinitely.

But each design is designed to possess what we expect is an exceptional voice of its own. Our motto is Tone Initial that is what we live for.


Egnater amps assert that Tweaker seems boutique, which has increased the number of eyebrows. Their claim is completely justified, seeing how distinct this item sounds compared to a typical compact valve component.

Cleans are delicate, crisp, and just somewhat flat based upon your preferences. Messing around with the gain knob while the

Accompanying change is the hot style, which shows that unmistakable classic overdrive. But, it’s somewhat different on the Tweaker.

There’s a whole lot more gain to operate with, which lets you push it into the verge of distortion. In general, tone-shaping possibilities are numerous. This rather versatile character makes the Tweaker an ideal recording amp for studio and home usage.



You just went through our Egnater Tweaker 15 reviews. Is that your ideal amp? It is one of the prettiest amps in its price range and a unique and versatile amp. Honestly, this is one of the products that we value as worthy of what they bring.