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Edifier R1280Db Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Edifier R1280Db Review 2021: Top Full Guide

If you need a more compact speaker to replace the bulky speakers in your room, a full-featured speaker that supports analog and digital inputs, as well as Bluetooth, you should consider speakers bookshelf. You can instantly choose for yourself a bookshelf speaker in online stores, but it’s not always easy to have to choose between hundreds or even thousand products.

Then you’ve come to the right place; here, Fidlar has conducted an Edifier R1280Db review, one of the ideal speakers in the bookshelf speaker list.

Edifier R1280 DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Review

Tech Specs

  • Total Power Out putR/L: 21W+21W RMS
  • Signal To Noise Ratio:≥85dBA (A)
  • Noise Level:≤25dB (A)
  • Input Sensitivity: LINE IN1: R/L:450±50mV/ LINE IN2: R/L:550±50mV
  • OPT/COA: R/L:500±50mFFS
  • Bluetooth: R/L:700±50mFFS
  • Frequency Response:55Hz-20KHz
  • Bass Unit:4 inch (116mm)
  • Tweeter Unit: Φ13mm silk dome tweeter
  • Dimenson:5.75in x 9.5in x 7in (WxHxD)

The R1280DB includes a frequency response of 55Hz-20KHz. This implies that both low-end and high-end frequencies are nicely coated. For reference, the typical human ear can only listen to 20Hz.

Anything lower will be felt more than heard. Similarly, 20KHz is generally the most that an ordinary person can hear. Anything more significant helps improve endurance.

Signal to noise sound is at 85dBA. To place this in context, a lawnmower is all about 90dB. This usually means that those studio monitors are rather loud. If you prefer your music very loud, you might want to have a speaker with a little more power.

The 4-inch woofer is combined with a 1-inch silk tweeter dome. Considering these are 4-inch speakers, they’re compact enough to be classed and utilized as bookshelf speakers Bluetooth.


The Edifier bookshelf speakers R1280DB came in a regular stable and color printed box. The bundle comprises an energetic speaker using a power cable, a passive speaker system, a compact infrared remote control, a speaker cable, and a stereo 3.5mm to RCA cinch cable (RCA to RCA) plus a complete manual.

Each speaker measures 146x234x196 mm (WxHxD), and as a set, they consider old five kilograms.

The black casing is constructed from MDF and contains real wood side panels that provide the R1280DB a very classic look. The front grilles could be eliminated if needed, allowing a varying layout.

Features (1)

The layout is subjective, but I like the appearance of these Edifier r1280db powered Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. With a mix of wood grain and textured black vinyl, these do not look like ordinary speakers.

They’re also not over-designed and encounter as a sophisticated-looking alternative for your studio. The choice of covers is also a remarkable change from different speakers. This provides you with flexibility in the way the speakers seem.

You will find far more flashy alternatives available if you’d like your speakers to produce a bold statement. However, if you want a more elegant subtle layout, these days are a terrific selection.

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Build Quality

Many studio monitors seem as though a blind individual has slapped them together at this price point. Fortunately, that is not the case with this Edifier Bluetooth speaker R1280DB.

The wood grain finish isn’t wood. It’s the regular MDF board using plastic wrap. Despite this, they still feel strong and powerful. I don’t recommend you become rough with those, but they’ll last the distance.

They also include an additional remote control. This is uncommon for studio tracks and points into the urge to appeal to professional and casual listeners.

Alas, the large build quality of this speaker does not carry over to the distance. While not horrible, it’s flimsy. You also can’t program another distance to utilize these to be stuck with that.

Tuning Options

I am always on the lookout for great trimming choices. It may often turn a fair speaker into a superb option. The extra flexibility to adjust the speaker into your own space is a characteristic worth searching for.

The Edifier Speakers Bluetooth R1280DB does provide basic controls that allow for modification of the Bass and Treble. It is a significant improvement and seldom found at this price point.

The bass and Treble are controlled through dedicated knobs, which are situated on the speaker’s face. This is a beautiful chance to the typical rear of speaker positioning you see on other studio screens. It is a whole lot easier to fix.



The edifier Bluetooth speakers R1280DB include a hot, smooth low-end along using a modest additional treble crispness. Its audio is big and room-filling over nimble and tight for near-field vital listening as a bookshelf speaker.

When placed correctly, the bass is amazingly voluminous, predominately concerning mid-bass, feeding into a pure midrange. The Treble is crystal clear but drops off immediately above lower-treble.

Therefore, its audio best matches passive listening and movie as it does not fatigue even after hours of listening. Of note, although indistinguishable to this R1280T, I have since changed my speaker positioning and have managed to eke out a bit more sound quality compared to previously; my impressions are upgraded to match.


The R1280DB includes a hot, mid-bass concentrated presentation that goes well to the depths of visual perception. This implies that this speaker set will not provide the bodily kick off a more powerful or similarly priced 2.1 system.

But what the R1280DB lacks in sub-bass expansion makes up for its own lush, warm tone and well-articulated notes.

It must be mentioned, though front, the R1280DB remains to position sensitive so bass opinions will fluctuate among consumers. As a guideline, they attain greater bass depth and accent when facing a wall and even larger effect when in a corner.

When put in the best position, the sub-bass is not present with all the speakers conveying effect primarily through increased mid-bass. They have a small slam in the very base but do not provide unmistakable, concise rumble.

On the flip side, the mid-bass is impressively punchy, and its particular accent grants the R1280DB using a pleasing warmth and fullness.

Some bloat is evident, along with the R1280DB, which is the most agile or split speaker. Notes continue to be rather tight, and their noise has a smooth feel permeating throughout.

In the end, although the R1280DB is unquestionably more nuanced than anything such as the Logitech Z623, they nevertheless provide a low-end that prioritizes tone within excellent detail.


Edifier excels using their midsize tuning, and also, the R1280DB is not any different. Its lower-midrange is a little more elevated, making a marginally full-bodied presentation.

By comparison, its center midsize is very impartial, with vocals inhabiting a slightly laid-back place relative to instruments. Both female and male vocals stay free and clear of thickness or congestion.

Female vocals are highlighted, emphasizing the R1280DB’s upper midsize, leading to an elevated lower-treble. It is not a reference screen, nor is that the R1280DB warm and complete to the degree of congestion, but it only provides a smooth, clean reconstruction.

Since the speaker is eloquent in his transitions and slow in his accent, it preserves a natural expressing with pleasing timbre, particularly considering their asking price.

Their midsize is well-articulated without presenting sibilance and tools audio well-bodied without getting muddy. Vocals still lack a small intermediate density, slightly chesty under and more articulated up high but without precise size in-between.

And, like its low end, the R1280DB’s mid-century is not very detailed or showing I have discovered. Still, its sleek, natural sound quality reaches a harmonious equilibrium between natural heat and improved vocal clarity.


Physically speaking, high-frequencies would be the toughest to reproduce and also the place where lots of cheap speakers/headphones/in-ears falter.

It can be tough to discover a shortage here coming from a thing that provides too lengthy high-end systems that generally cost far more than those.

According to match their more giant woofers, Edifier uses more nimble 13mm silk-dome tweeters on the R1280DB that promises a pristine high-end.

And in listening, the R1280DB produces a crisp, clear, and well-detailed high-end that invigorates their audio with clarity and energy.

This mostly stems from their elevated lower-treble, which includes the majority of useful info. This grants cymbals strings and high-hats with the subtle attack, and that I find the speakers to shine, particularly with an acoustic guitar.

On the other hand, the R1280DB rolls fairly early, dealing with a lack of expansion above, resulting in slightly truncated shimmer along with too little atmosphere.

They have a perfect foundation consequently and do not seem exceptionally bright regardless of their clear demonstration. And even though they are not the resolving speaker.

I’d still consider that the R1280DB become among the more sophisticated models around this cost. Its equilibrium is augmented by its aggressive nature, which brings insecurities to the fore.


Typically speakers at this price point do not offer you many connection choices. The Edifier has got the standard RCA connection options you’d expect.

However, they also supply an optical and coaxial relationship alternative. These electronic alternatives make them a fantastic alternative if you would like to join them on a TV or personal computer.


There’s also the inclusion of a Bluetooth link alternative. This permits you to connect your smartphone or another Bluetooth-enabled device to the speakers.

It highlights the philosophy behind those speakers. Not only made to be utilized as studio monitors that they could function as go-to speakers for all of your apparatus.

Even though Bluetooth is a handy alternative, it is not without its defects. Linking to devices may be somewhat tricky and fiddly. They fight whether anything is blocking the line of sight.

As for me, I do not use Bluetooth, an excellent deal for linking speakers. Therefore, it was not a deal-breaker. Should you intend on using Bluetooth connectivity a lot, you might get frustrated about the odd event.


The R1280DB powered Bluetooth speaker provides great Prices. Studio monitors may get pricey, and often cheaper choices are of low quality.

These afford to straddle the point of worth without sacrificing quality. You can find cheaper options available, but you would have difficulty fitting the quality and features you get with them.


Edifier R1280 Db is designed quite slick; the sound is improved compared to its old version, especially the much louder bass; this is an ideal speaker to book rooms to watch movies or listen to for a long time. Without getting tired.

This speaker has convinced us that the value brings to be completely worth the money consumers have to pay. How about you? Does a speaker like the R1280DB meet your criteria? If you are still in doubt about this speaker, go to the nearest equipment store to experience the sound from the speaker for yourself.