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Dolby Atmos For Headphones Review 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Dolby Atmos For Headphones Review 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

If you are a music enthusiast and want to listen to your favorite songs wherever you are, so you need the ideal headphones to listen to music while outdoors or in public. Do you have an ideal headset yet? If not yet, then jute is precisely where you need it.

Here, Fidlar introduces you to a headset that many listeners and music experts have praised. Dolby Atmos For Headphones is the headset we want to mention here. Then there is nothing special about this headset that many people spend money to own.

What’s Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos for headphone test is also Dolby’s words that the most crucial advancement in cinema audio because of surround-sound. And we would have to concur, actually (while also recognizing that rival DTS:X a comparable object-based encircle technologies can be making headway).

Atmos is a surround-sound technology that was initially developed in 2012. It expands upon the current 5.1 and 7.1 surround-sound setups with surround stations coming out of the overhead.

What's Dolby Atmos

Speakers are put along walls (at all heights) and even supporting the display, but the critical thing concerning Atmos is that you can put speakers at the ceiling, enveloping the viewer in the form of audio.

As much as 400 speakers may be utilized at the upper Dolby atmos for headphone music cinemas; however, in a national environment, it is unlikely you will have space (or the need ) to house such a method.

There is a range of more comfortable choices: the inclusion of two or four ceiling speakers in your system; installing add-on speaker modules in addition to your present chief floor standing or bookshelf leading left/right speakers (just one setup, to get a. two configurations) or your own left/right front and rear/surround speakers; or purchasing a purpose-built Atmos speaker program.

When a Dolby Atmos program is set up, the area receives a full calibration, letting sound mixers exactly place’ voices and sounds at precise points at the sound field instead of merely individual stations. Every speaker within an Atmos program has its distinctive feed, allowing new entrance, surround- and – ceiling-mounted height stations.

Dolby Dimension Headphones Full Review


  • 40mm custom-designed drivers
  • 11.6 ounces (330 grams)
  • Power Base charging dock included with Micro-USB cable for charging on the go
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz with custom Dolby EQ
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core ARM processor
  • 5 Omni-directional microphones for LifeMix (noise-canceling and transparency)
  • 10 hours of battery with LifeMix and Virtualization; 15 hours with low power mode
  • Get 2 hours of battery life from a 15-minute charge
  • Full charge after 2 hours
  • Bluetooth classic A2DP codecs: AAC, aptX, aptX Low Latency and SBC
  • Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet (33 meters)
  • Can pair with and remember up to eight devices
  • Carrying pouch included

Dolby has become a household name in house music for decades due to the technologies emerging in everything from surround sound programs to gaming cans.


The business has generally stayed from producing its products but rather focusing on improving the underlying technologies used throughout the business. Now Dolby has established out with its original pair of cans, the Dolby Dimension.

All these over-ear Bluetooth headphones are costly at $599, chiefly meant for audiophiles who wish to obey films, songs, and TV in the home.

They are packed with innovative audio technology, such as active sound cancellation, head monitoring 3D audio processing, and a characteristic named LifeMix, which lets you consciously listen to your environment and your media concurrently.


  • Stellar sound quality
  • Loaded with features
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Battery life takes a hit with that technician.
  • No flex design
  • Micro USB and Bluetooth 4.2


Dolby fully piled the Dimension with unique features that have Active sound Cancellation (ANC), transparency. Dolby titles it as LifeMix.

Dolby LifeMi provides you an opportunity to control the quantity of noise you want from the environment, from a perfect mixture of your entertainment and lifestyle about you (Transparency) to shut out the planet (Active sound Cancellation).

This means you don’t should feel just like you are crying while a series or audio is playing in your ears.

It might not seem to be a remarkable thing, but trust me, it is acceptable to know precisely what quantity you need to speak at, especially when no matter you’ve got headphones on.

Additionally, it’s unique features like Virtualization, which may copy surround audio for your favorite shows and movie.

Dolby states Virtualization is indeed unique. It could peruse the audio source and alter how much electronic improvement is expected on the fly. Cinematic sound breathes life to all of your entertainment life with a sound that’s far-reaching yet nuanced.

It is an experience nobody, but Dolby can communicate! It’s driven with a Snapdragon processor; virtualization invention provides a 3D, surround-sound-like profile.

It is not Atmos, but the Qualcomm chip gives the power expected to perform a little mixing, which imitates its new noise standard.

The Dolby Dimension Program can help you set your own LifeMix degree, managing your apparatus, toggle low power mode, adjusting cinematic audio, and a lot more. It is easy to customize your experience.

There is additionally a head-tracking attribute, which will be an excellent feature. Head tracking is similarly part of this series onto the Dimension, which updates the generally listening experience by providing you with a superior feeling for where the noise is coming out.

For example, if you turn your head towards the right, so your ear is facing the TV, the Dimension will change and put the larger portion of the TV audio on the left side.

The head monitoring likewise helps with surrounding noises. Not just you’d have the ability to hear what is happening around you, but you can pinpoint those noises too.

It genuinely motivates you to stay present instead of blocking out your companions or loved ones. You may turn it off if you do not bother using this extra feature.

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The Dimension headphones seem easy to the medium’s purpose, with small visual design or superfluous borders or accents. The oval ear cups are necessary and massive, with completely bare matte black plastic springs.

The over-ear earbuds are delicate, extravagant elastic foam coated in supple faux leather, which set past the earbuds themselves to fold over the sides of the earcups.

The metallic headband is similarly wrapped and cushioned, with a horizontal black metallic disperse running across the surface. To do this amount of solace, some businesses may return on substances and choose progressively plastic to reduce weight, but Dolby didn’t.

The ideal ear cup retains the controllers, covered up from the medium dark layout. You will find just three decorated lines along with an embossed ring on the face of the earcup, behind the ideal ear.

The ring flips the cans’ sleeping mode, and the three traces relate to three different Bluetooth connections. You may set your cellphone to the main point, your PC into the centerline, along with your game system towards the upper line and change between them using a tap.

Four traces of white LEDs are concealed up between the ear cup’s faces and the rear panel, illuminating to demonstrate that the link is busy. In the last, the complete rear panel of the ideal earcup is a touch-delicate controller pad.

You can swipe and there to alter volume, left and right appropriate to alter monitors, and tap into play or pause. Swipe controls on cans are occasionally awkward, cloudy, and baffling. Nevertheless, the Dimensions are more responsive than many others you’ve ever attempted.

A micro USB port sits only beneath the signature panel on the ideal earcup for charging the headset together with the included wall adapter and USB-to-micro USB cable.

Two connections on the bottom of the left earcup maintain the cans charged and settled at the contained charging dock. The charging dock is a direct black service that matches the cans’ look.

The left earcup contrasts the contacts onto the cans to the contacts onto the cradle to keep them attached and charged via a magnet.

The magnet also retains the cans themselves, tilted at a small stage, and can be easily removed for use. The cans consequently enter sleep mode when from the service and also wake up when it’s eliminated.

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Audio Performance

The cans work remarkably well when listening to the audio, which should be anticipated to give their cost. They efficiently manage our bass evaluation monitor, The Knife’s Quiet Sharp, at the highest (and dangerous ) volume with no hint of distortion.

The bass synth and kick drum sound complete and almost head-rattling, but well balanced against the remainder of the trail; it is not a subwoofer-like noise, but it is satisfyingly firm.

Yes,’ Roundabout sounds fantastic on the Dimension. The opening acoustic guitar plucks of this monitor get a sizable quantity of chain resonance and texture, showing off just how much detail the cans may bring out.

The electric bass seems complete and low without overpowering the mixture. The vocals, snares, and cymbals all have their own different and readily discernible places from the crowded mix, allowing every component to shine through clearly.

The Coup’s Magic Clap also seems excellent on the cans. The constant drumbeat of claps comes without getting in the way of Boots Riley or even Silk-E’s vocals, each of which gets lots of detail involving Riley’s low border and Silk-E’s little raspiness.

The muted, distorted bass that runs beneath the mix is clear and sinister, simple to select out without battling any additional element of the tune.

For films and TV shows, the cans likewise do not disappoint. The opening scene of Thor: Ragnarok is immersive and loud.

The smashing of Thor’s hammer monsters and the crunching of stones are clear, together with the mind monitoring keeping the noise secured into the display even when I walk around the room. If the Led Zeppelin kicks in, it seems full and lively.

Audio For Technophiles

Dolby’s first attempt at developing a set of wireless headphones is fantastic. The Dimension headphones sound excellent and are packed with innovative technology at a subdued but stylish and comfortable layout.

To get a $600 set designed for home listening, even however, the entire absence of a wired link could turn off audiophiles who favor the fidelity of a cable (or the greater bandwidth of a dongle-based Wi-Fi pair of cans ) over the convenience and simplicity of Bluetooth.

Dedicated hi-fi fans ought to check out more comfortable and more conventional high-end cuisine, such as the Editors’ Choice Sony MDR-Z7, the Audeze EL-8 Open rear, or the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro. But if you are drawn in by their technical prowess, the Dimension cans are worth your attention.

LifeMix And Active Sound Cancellation

This is a noise-canceling headset, and also, the noise canceling is powerful. At precisely the same time, there is also a transparency manner.

Dolby calls both transparency and noise-canceling manners LifeMix. which permits you to hear all about yourself and speak with people even though you’re listening through headphones.

The headset includes five beam-forming microphones and functions nicely for creating calls indoors. The microphones are susceptible.

With all the transparency put to the maximum increase degree (11, naturally ), you can hear noises that you usually would not pick up, including your hands rubbing lightly from the clothes.

You will find signature controls for volume on the ideal earcup, playing and stopping paths, and bypassing tracks back and forward. Harness the earcup double, and it toggles between transparency and noise-canceling modes.

The only additional buttons around the headphone are just three origin buttons given by three dashes besides the power switch.

You can set the headset to your TVtablet, computer and telephone, then use the buttons to quickly toggle between the apparatus as you change from one to the next.

Just bear in mind that some TVs and satellite or cable boxes do not have Bluetooth, so that can restrict your TV viewing.

Over time I have reviewed a couple of so-called TV cans, such as the Sennheiser RS 220, which I enjoyed but was discontinued. Sennheiser’s favorite RS 175 remains about, however, and retails for about $225.

It adheres to the optical output on your TV and utilizes RF, not Bluetooth, for wireless. It’s bass and artificial surround modes and is mainly created for late-night viewing without bothering others in your home (or bedroom), in addition to the ones who are a tiny hearing contested.

The Dimension shares a few similarities with these kinds of TV cans, but it is more versatile as it can be used with almost any Bluetooth audio device.

I paired it with an iPhone ($899 on Amazon), iPad ($299 in Apple), and Apple TV 4K attached to some 65-inch LG OLED TV.

I also tried it using a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Amazon Fire HD 8, but I just had access to an early version of this iOS app, and so I stuck with all the iOS apparatus as my three presets.

I saw different scenes out of Ready Player One with the Dimension. I compared the listening experience and other superior Bluetooth headphones like the Sony WH-1000MXM3 and Microsoft Surface Headphones.

I came away believing the Dimension delivered richer, more visceral noise, with greater detail and separation.

Together with the LifeMix and Virtualization switched on, you can get around ten hours of battery life and 15 hours at an energy conservation mode.

Those would not be significant amounts if this were a portable headset, but the concept is that you would watch for a couple of hours, then place the cans back into their charging dock.

It is possible to get two hours of battery life in the 15-minute charge, and the headset completely charges in two hours.

Interestingly, there isn’t any cable that includes this particular headset and, consequently, no wired manner. It is among those few headphones I have seen that are Bluetooth-only.

At its price point, this is not a headset for the masses, and it is targeted at people who have lots of extra dough to fall on a set of high-end cans that provide some enticing convenience features.

If you can forget the purchase Dolby atmos price, they can be used for movie viewing and music listening (though you can get better sounding audio cans for $600). I enjoy them; I wish they were expensive.

3D Simulated Surround

Since the cans link with Bluetooth and Bluetooth devices are stereo-only, they can not take a direct surround audio signal and process it straight.

Considering that the cans were created mostly for home use, that might have been a substantial omission for such a high cost. Luckily, they are laden with Dolby’s myriad audio-processing technology, which turns stereo sound into the simulated environment on the fly.

3D Simulated Surround

The business has spent years working on this issue, and all that work has become the Dimension to produce a surround-like impact throughout both 40mm drivers.

The cans also incorporate 360-degree sound with a built-in movement sensor, much like this WavesNX-powered Audeze Mobius. They could correct the stereo blend between the cups to give the impression that the sound sources are adjusted even once you turn your mind.

This is a fascinating enough impact when listening to the audio, but it is most useful when viewing films or TV shows. Mixing Dolby’s simulated environment with head tracking produces an immersive listening impact.


Regardless of all of the fantastic features, we get out of it; there is one place aside from price where the Dimension comes up relatively short, its battery life.

With active sound cancellation and Life Mix on, It is possible to anticipate as long as 10 hours of charging listening. That’s about 33 percent of what the top manufacturers of cans such as Bose and Sony offer us.

The fantastic thing is that there is a low-power mode, which will extend the opportunity to 15 hours; however, you will want to handle it with no ANC and LifeMix.

A quick charge feature will let to provide you two hours of this listening interval in 15-20 minutes. And should you have to top them completely, you will want to place them on the added charging dock for approximately 2 hours.

Neither of these details contrasts favorably with Sony’s 1000X Mark III or even Bose’s QuietComfort 35 because the Dimensions are not meant to be utilized on the move; even 10 hours between charges is perfect for home use.


Our review of the headset is quite complete; now you know why it’s so widely used. To us, Dolby Atmos For Headphone is a great headset; mostly, it’s the sound quality; it faithfully conveys what it is getting. What’s more, the features, especially One-Touch Shifting, make the overall experience incredibly pleasant.

Consider carefully and choose for yourself a headset that brings the most comfortable to use to have the best experience with your budget.

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