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Dobro Vs Steel Guitar 2023: Top Full Review, Guide

Dobro Vs Steel Guitar 2023: Top Full Review, Guide

The guitar is an instrument that is not unfamiliar to the player; you will find guitars are often played vertically, whether it is acoustic or electric.

However, you can also see several guitars played horizontally on the player’s feet. If you wonder what kind of guitar it is? Then stop for a few minutes to look at the details and construction of Dobro Vs Steel Guitar. Let Fidlar see what is unique about them and whether they are as different as their shape.

What Is A Dobro?

It is a new resonator guitar. However, because most well-known guitars are named following the original, the Dobro is a resonator guitar. What is that?

Well, it is an acoustic guitar concerning layout, but maybe not on how it produces audio. It does not possess the conventional round acoustic soundhole; instead, a cone cover is on its location.

What's Dobro

Dobro is a portmanteau of the words “Dopyera” and “brothers” In 1928, John Dopyera devised the first resonator guitar for its National String Instrument Corporation.

But, Dopyera abandoned the organization and began a new firm with his brothers in 1929. His previous company patented the first layout of this Dobro. Hence he re-invented it to what it is now.

If you are not acquainted with Dobro, it appears like a part of the artwork, and its layout is excellent to be on screen. However, every detail has a particular intention of why they’re made as such.

Again, rather than the conventional round hole, it’s a large, rounded, perforated plate cover on it. Typically, you may see two little circular holes f-holes on every side of the fingerboard. The bridge is situated in the middle of this plate cover.

What’s Steel Guitar?

It is a kind of guitar manufactured by Joseph Kekuku in Hawaii during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Consequently, it’s also known as the guitar.

Steel guitars are broadly played horizontally with a metal bar (glass or any material) to alter the projecting note with a single hand, whereas another hand plucked the strings.

What's Steel Guitar

There are two popular kinds of steel guitar lap steel guitar and the pedal series guitar. Lap steel guitars have been performed on the participant’s lap or supported.

The strings are increased on the nut and the bridge by about half an inch, or so the string elevation is more significant. Therefore, the metal frets are substituted by a mark.

On the other hand, pedal steel guitars are similar to a harp with additional necks, each in a different setting. It does not possess the standard six or 12 strings of the guitar.

Each channel has approximately 8 to 14 lines, with as many as ten pedals (excluding volume pedal) and a maximum of eight knee-levers to modify the tuning. Even though it creates the pedal steel series flexible, it is the playability. It is somewhat complicated.

Steel Guitar vs Dobro: What Are The Similarities?

As you can see, there are lots of similarities between dobro vs lap steel of these lap guitar kinds. The very first one that springs to mind is your means of playing. Lap steel vs dobro is performed on the celebrity’s lap, using a slide bar.

What’s more, this also suggests that two guitar kinds are distinguished with a similar arrangement, which usually means a relatively large string action, for the best potential grip and tonal characteristics generally.

As Dobro and lap steel guitars are often played with precisely the same set of musicians, another frequent issue is that these two tools utilize the same sorts of tunings. Like EADGBE, those guitars are quite tuned to sound just like open chords rather than guitar tunings.

Typically, individuals are 6th, 7th, and 9th chords, since they are the most frequent in popular music. One of rock and blues players, the very well-known tunings are available G/open A and receptive D/open E.

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Dobro Vs Steel Guitar: What Are The Differences?

Playing Strategy

Dobro vs Guitar is often played at a lap-style style using a slip or a metal bar. The guitar has been played with the treble strings on the surface, and the bass strings are all oriented towards the gamers. The neck and headstock are to your left side, while the guitar’s base would always be to your right.

Rather than the metal frets, Dobro and steel guitars have painted frets since the series action is too large. You may think that it’s a lot easier to perform since lying in your lap, the reverse is true.

Apart from the high actions, there are different things you want to understand hands damping, slanting the pub, thumb dumping, etc.

However, as time goes by, as such tools evolve because Dobro is more towards producing bluegrass music, it usually involves quickly picking.

There is only one thing to differentiate between those two. Maybe not all of the guitars are Dobro guitars till it has the features mentioned previously. Check this out YouTube video to find out more:


As previously mentioned, the series action is high. Though you employ a steel bar or slip, it is still quite challenging to best all the two guitars’ playing methods without even going through a steep learning curve.


Both of these guitars mostly differ in the noise that they produce. Dobro is most useful for rock songs and bluegrass, blues, and folk with its banjo-like sound. Simultaneously, the metal guitar is acceptable for country, swing, Hawaiian music, reggae, soul, rock, and much more.

Steel guitars are put into electrical sound with more grip. As it is plugged, it is simple to adjust the volume using a dial. You can find a more rapid output with clarity and projection. With this flexibility, it can easily cut through the mixture or if playing with a ring.

For your Dobro, the audio production isn’t quite as simple as using the guitar. String vibrations are sent into the bridge and then resonate throughout the plate cover’s perforations and into the sound holes throughout the eight-legged spider system. The audio will then reverberate throughout the inverted cone to find that metallic and bright noise.

Dobro Guitar vs Steel Guitar: FAQs

Is Dobro tougher than the guitar?

Some excellent answers that you ought to pay attention to. Playing with the Dobro resonator guitar isn’t any more challenging than learning how to play lap steel guitar and slide guitar. Playing the Dobro resonator guitar isn’t any more challenging than learning how to play lap steel guitar and slide guitar.

Can Dobro play the guitar?

The square-neck or dobro includes a square neck, and the strings are incredibly significant. This sort of resonator is performed on the lap using a pub like a guitar. These do not have frets, and you can’t play guitar. It was developed to be a loud acoustic guitar.

What’s Dobro tuning?

From low to high notes, the standard tuning for Dobro from bluegrass songs is B, G, D, B, G, D. For anybody that plays guitar; it is the same pruning to get an Open G Chord. When you have the top D notice in a song, play it using the G cord to be sure it sounds right (they ought to say instability ).

What’s the purpose of a resonator guitar?

Resonator guitars operate by moving the vibrations in the strings of the guitar, either through the bridge, to some resonator,’ e.g., a metallic cone (or cones) located inside the guitar’s body.


There you have it, the similarities and differences of  There is no wrong and right option if you will select one over the other. Just make sure you are up to this dobro and steel guitars challenge. It is not your typical guitar, and you may begin real slow on both of these.

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