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Do Cats Like Music? Best Things to Know 2023

  • Max Kuehn

Music is something we humans love, but what about music for cats? Fidlar will help you find out do cats like music and the research that supports it. Let’s hear what scientists and musicians have got to say about this subject.

Music can be a great way to relax, stimulate the mind, and even provide a feeling of contentment. It makes sense that music is a favorite pastime of humans and pets. But do cats enjoy it? Is it something they get from listening to?

Are you ready to put your cat to the test? Here’s what we know about how cats react to music. You may have noticed that our interactions and language are very different from those of our feline friends.

What Kind Of Music Do Cats Like?

Do Cat Like The Same Music We Like?

Many of us will flick on the radio in the hope that the noise might help keep our cat company when we go out.

Online, you can watch videos of cats enjoying everything from piano to reggae music, and there’s even an app that offers music for cats with separation anxiety. And you may wonder if cats like music?

David Teie is an accomplished cellist who has performed with musicians ranging from Metallica to the National Symphony Orchestra. His music mimics purrs, bird sounds, and even nursing.

According to a study published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science, in order for our feline friends to enjoy music, it has to be species-specific music.

To test his theory, he gave his audio to researchers to study. He found that cats prefer cat-appropriate music over human music.

The cats showed a significant preference for the cat-appropriate music, compared to the two human songs. The study found that cats responded better to cat-specific music than those who were younger and older cats as opposed to those that were middle-aged.

Our cats consider human music to be unrecognizable. Cats have different vocal ranges and heartbeats than humans. Cats’ brains don’t have the ability to hear songs that are tailored for them.

Our cats perceive songs differently from us. These tunes, no matter how much pet lovers like Mozart or old Led Zeppelin record, don’t resonate with our cats’ way of hearing the sound.

Type Of Music Do Cats Like

Susan Wagner, a specialist in music therapy for pets, describes for JAHVMA a study where classical, pop, and rock music was played to 12 cats during spay procedures. Pop music was the most popular, with classical music being the most positive making cats reacted.

However, heavy metal raised their heart rate, and increased their pupil sizes; rock music, in other words, stressed them out.

According to The New York Times, “In some tracks sounds similar to birds’ chirps are overlaid by hurried streams staccato for an energetic effect.”

“Some tracks contain crescendos with purring and suckling sounds that are meant to relax.”

Music made for cats is currently intended to calm them and not get them dancing. Teie tells The Telegraph that this is due to speakers not making loud enough sounds to transmit more vibrant sounds than cats can hear.

According to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association Journal, kitty can hear frequencies as high as 64,000 hertz. Humans can only hear frequency range between 20 to 20,000 hertz.

In other words, cats will listen to music with similar tempos to those used in their natural communication. This is according to Megan Savage (psychologist at the University of Wisconsin) in a PBS article.


What kind of music do cats like

How do scientists know if a cat likes music?

Smithsonian Magazine reports that researchers would not know how many cats would rub against the speakers or orientate their ears towards the audio.

You might have tried playing your favourite song to your kitty. You may have noticed that your cat doesn’t seem to care about the music you play to them, regardless of how loud it is.

Some cats find certain music to be soothing in rare cases. Cat shelters sometimes play classical music to their residents to create a calm atmosphere. Cats don’t seem to mind music unless it is deafening.

A team of psychologists from the University of Wisconsin decided to create music that appeals to cats. They mixed beats that fell within the same frequency range as cats use to communicate. They also created songs that are similar to cats’ purrs.

The results: Researchers played 47 domestic cats with their songs and found that many would rub against the speakers of the music rather than stand still like when they were being played.

Cats Respond To Familiar Sounds

Rosie says that soothing sounds for pets have been around for some time, but there is no scientific evidence to support them. Rosie says that cats have highly tuned senses and can pick up vibrations through their whiskers.

“The researchers have discovered how cats react to certain sounds.” For example, a kitten’s first comfort sound is likely to come from her mother’s purr or the sounds around them.

“Cats will show signs of enjoyment when they are exposed to played music with a feline appropriate tone, pitch, and tempo.”This is a sign that cats like something.”

We may soon discover a new variety of special cat music that can be played to our beloved pets. This will enrich their worldview, provide mental stimulation, and help them to relax.

Cats Respond To Familiar Sounds

Cats Sense

Cats are extremely sensitive to sound and smell, which is why they have such finely tuned senses. Music is a big part of why cats enjoy music.

Song for cats should be a tribute to the senses of humans.

The whiskers of cats are sensitive to the smallest vibrations in the air. Kitty also has an excellent sense of hearing. These two factors could lead to your cat feeling like the music you listen to is too loud or too low.

Research has shown that cats respond differently to composing music depending on how they communicate.

While your cat might react indifferently to your favorite song, they will enjoy song that is appropriate for cats. Cats can even rub up against speakers to purr and rub their ears!

Cats Sense

How Can Cats Like Music?

You won’t see your fluffy friend show disinterest or enjoyment for a song you are listening to. How can you tell if your pet enjoys the song?

Cats do not perceive music in the same way that we do. They perceive songs only as a collection of sounds. Your cat doesn’t care if you listen to pop music, classical, or rock.

How Can Cats Listen To Music If They Don’t Know The Difference?

It is well-known that cats only enjoy music when it is specifically tailored to their vocal, acoustic, and heartbeat ranges.

Is This A Sign That There Is Cat Music On The Market?

Yes. Cats can hear at 55 Hz on the low-pitched and 79 kHz high-pitched scales. Cats can hear high frequencies up to 1.6 octaves better than humans. To allow your furry pal to hear a song in a particular frequency, it must be in that frequency.

Why Do Cats Like Music?

Why Do Cats Like Music

Lifting The Mood

Classical music can be used to signal your cats that they are ready for an activity. You can play bright, bouncy tune for playtime or when you’re bird watching out the window.

Then turn on slow, soothing classical tune before you go to bed for the evening. Your cats will have the same music preferences as cat lovers listen that suits their energy and activity level.

Healing Powers

Take advantage of playing music in order to provide comfort for your cat in a variety of situations at home.

Apart from making music for your cat while you are away, you can also use it to soothe an anxious cat, welcome and comfort a new cat into the home, or play music for a sick cat or recovering from surgery.

Bell says, “When I work in shelters with shy cats, I use Music for Cats as a cue that the coming interaction will not be frightening.”

Shelter cats are often only rescued from cleaning their cages and giving medicine. This can lead to fear and distrust of humans.

“When I work with cats, I play music for cats. This helps build trust and confidence in them.”She says that they hear the unique music and can trust it.

Playing music can be a great way to entertain your cats at home. It can be used for cuddling, listening, or soothing anxious cats.

Curating A Cat Playlist

Consider the sound frequencies that cats prefer when creating a playlist. David Teie creates his music using the cello and flute, harp, and piano.

These instruments are similar to those found in works by Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, and Puccini. These composers are often featured on curated cat playlists.

You don’t have to be a big fan of classical music. Try other genres that you and your cat like, such as nature sounds or New Age music. Turn up the audio and enjoy your time with your furry friend.


All evidence supports the idea that cat-like music. We could discover a new genre of cat music that they can enjoy, enriching their worldview, providing mental stimulation, and just plain fun! It’s possible for your cat not to like your music taste. It’s not just cats who love to listen to music but do dogs like music.

We hope you found this article helpful, and please feel free to comment on the cat playlists you like below.

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