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Digital DJ Pool Review 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Digital DJ Pool Review 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

You are a remix or EDM music producer. You need to combine different music genres for your work; you will undoubtedly need a large number of recorded tracks, but Downloading your desired music files doesn’t come cheaply on online clubs, and you need an alternative solution. You’ve come to the right place. Here, Fidlar will offer a more ideal, less expensive, and more convenient alternative.

We are excited to present you with the Digital DJ Pool system, the system that allows you to upload your tracks and remixes for a display to their network. According to reports, it includes more than 15,000 clubs and 2.00 radio stations. When your music is on their network, you’ll be given data not only to see who is downloading your music but also where they’re playing.

Digital DJ Pool Record Pool Review


  • File format: Mp3 record pool
  • Bitrate (Kbps): 320
  • Record Label Partners: 2000+
  • Price: Starting at $25/month
  • Bottom Line: ZIPDJ has an extensive library of music for digital DJs and one of the best selections of electronic music. Further, their brand new website fixes nearly every complaint we had about the service in the past.

As clubs and other places around the globe shut down due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, ZIPDJ, a listing pool for working DJs, published a brand-new site. Cursed timing? Or fate, possibly, as DJs (for better or worse) have significantly more time than ever to operate in their libraries?


In case you used the older ZIPDJ, you will understand what made the ceremony value. It was that the library the site itself was frequently clunky and hard to use. While the audio remains the significant selling point, the site now does the extraordinary library justice.

Gone is your handy hunt, gone would be the frequently long loading times, and gone would be the text-based comments necessary to download some monitors.

First Impressions/ Setting Up

Digital music pool services lots of distinct genres also have a fantastic search feature, making it much easier to discover the sort of monitors you’re searching for.

Features like a mobile program that lets you search for new audio even if you’re not on your computer. Daily updated graphs can help keep you on top of new music releases assist give DJ recordpool added value and other online album pool choices.

DJ digital pool subscribes to internet listing pools to be current on the most recent music at a reasonable price. Rather than paying for monitors on a per course basis, online listing pools make it possible for DJs to access tens of thousands of paths to add to their set in a flat monthly fee.

Not only are you able to discover the popular tracks which are on the peak of the graphs, but many online list pools have habit DJ-friendly edits, but a lot of which are exclusive to every document pool.

Digital record pools appear to separate themselves by providing their support at a more affordable price and containing features that are not located on other pools.

They offer a five-day trial for only US$1; that’s an excellent way for DJs who wish to give it a go. Digital DJ has thousands of paths spanning a vast array of genres from hip-hop to deep house to reggaeton at its aggressive cost.


Features updates:

  • Access to audio from over 2,000 independent and major record pools labels.
  • Countless new releases added weekly.
  • Every genre of songs that you might desire, with the very best assortment of digital pool music we have observed from a record pool DJ.
  • Among those few record pools which may service everybody from club/bar DJs to festival DJs and everybody else in between.

Before we dive too heavily into the site itself, let us discuss the main asset a listing pool has: its songs. To give you a Notion of precisely what sets ZIPDJ aside, Allow Me to divide the genres of a few of the latest uploads into the stage:

  • Trance
  • Hip Hop
  • Techno
  • House
  • Tech House
  • NuDisco
  • Afro House
  • Deep House
  • Funk
  • Electronica
  • R&B/Soul
  • Latin / Reggaeton

That is just on the first page of the most recent releases and ought to show you precisely what places this pool aside.

Now, do not let what you understand about other pools mislead you. When I say there is techno on ZIPDJ, I am not speaking about Lady Gaga ft. Ariana Grande Rain On Me.

I am referring to proper techno. I searched for a few of my favorite techno artists, Ben Sims. Though there are just a few outcomes, he is on there.

Worry not if your demands are more mainstream. ZIPDJ has Top 40/Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Rock/Alternative, and a good deal of remixes to match your specific style.

Considering Rain On Me, as an instance, you have the Original, DJ Intro variant, multiple BPM transition edits, and heaps of remixes. Whether you desire the pounding house sounds of Dark Intensity, the almost-glitch jump of DJ Break, or even the unique sounds of Laudato, it is there.

Through time, ZIPDJ is my principal source of songs for gigs at dancing clubs, hotel lounges, music festivals, and even after-hours parties. No other pool I have ever seen has the selection and quality provided by ZIPDJ.

Display and Preview

Music on the site is generally exhibited as a launch, which might be one track, a range of identical monitor variations, or a couple of associated tracks. At the peak of a launch, you will see the release title, artist, record label, chief genre, and date included.

Below, you will realize the individual tracks with the combination title, the particular genre of this combination, the course length, and a score that I think is how frequently that specific mix is downloaded in comparison to the others at precisely the same release.

Besides every monitor is a play button, which permits you to preview a snippet in high quality with a persistent player in the website’s base, which follows you as you browse. You also get the choice to place the trail into a queue to preview later.

Download and Quality

This is where ZIPDJ’s name stems from. As you navigate the website and hit on the download icon alongside monitors, they are added to a download queue instead of downloaded instantly. When you are prepared, you get the queue and then download everything as one .zip file.

When downloaded, what is really from the zip file are complete 320kbps mp3 DJ pool files, labeled and ready to play with. Tracks on ZIPDJ have cover artwork preloaded that can display on your DVS or onto your own controller/CDJ when supported.

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The new layout is fast and responsive. Pages are swift, previews begin near immediately, and the website looks great at any display size.

Search and Filter

Search, undoubtedly the weakest aspect of the old website, works as a proper search query today. I hunted for Green Velvet also presents me with performers, tracks and launches, and a listing of record labels that fit my search keywords.

I may even place quotes around “Green Velvet” to ensure it is just like any proper lookup box. (To answer your question, YES! They’ve La La Land.)

The search box nonetheless comes with an autocomplete attribute; however, unlike the older website, you are not forced to use it; it is only there to direct you.

Oddly, picking out a proposal does not make the hunt literal. As soon as I chose Green Velvet beneath the artist’s ideas, it nevertheless gives me other musicians with Green or Velvet in their titles.

Besides the research box, there’s also now a genre filter. This permits you to restrict your view to a genre group or something more unique like Breaks.

The only thing here is that the genre is anything the tag states it’s, so occasionally, you’ll discover something which’s probably better tagged as saying Tech House beneath Deep House. But I am maybe more picky than many.

One problem with the way the filter works is that I can not appear to combine a hunt along with a filter. When I search for an artist then select Tech House as a genre, then the artist results evaporate, and that I am looking in the Tech House outcomes.

Likewise, if I’m filtering Tech House already and hunt for an artist, I see many results from different genres while the filter nonetheless exhibits.

I will filter out the brand new releases, graphs, top downloads, etc. However, I can not appear to filter search results. Hopefully, that is something that they fix in later versions.


In net design, breadcrumbs are connections that may be followed. The brand new ZIPDJ platform makes matters such as the launch, artists, genre, and even tag clickable so that you can more readily locate related articles or bookmark items for later.

As far as opening links in tabs is concerned, sadly, I can not write this review. When I right-click ctrl-click or middle-mouse-click, I can not get the breadcrumbs to start in a folder.

I can start a connection, copy the address to some other tab, and then return, but they fix anything obstructing normal new-tab behavior.

This older site’s constraints, which limit it to one tab, have been gone, so I am not sure why the links will not readily tab onto the redesign.


Let us tackle what always comes up when talking ZIPDJ: the cost. ZIPDJ isn’t affordable at $50 on month-to-month charging to get their high unlimited program.

They have regular introductory earnings and a restricted $25/mo alternative, but there is no way actual way to twist it if you can find $10/mo pools on the market. Let us say you get exactly what you pay for.

ZIPDJ’s worth comes out of that, which is, hands down, the best library of any album pool available on the marketplace.

I’ve reviewed or employed over a couple of pools, such as ones who used to send you a few documents or a CD after a month at the actual mail. ZIPDJ is well worth every penny.


We have just looked at the features of the Digital music pool system. For us, this is a great experience. The combination of the reasonably priced price and the number of songs that can’t be searched make for an ideal interface.

This is an excellent option if you are looking for your first listing group or combine another album group to fill in the gaps that your current subscriptions are ignoring.

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