DDJ Sx2 Reviews 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

DDJ Sx2 Reviews 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

Among the very best DJ gear creators, Pioneer Electronics has given us a tiny surprise with a brand new piece of equipment to fall before Christmas, the Pioneer DDJ Sx2controller.

As many organizations are doing this today, the pioneer sx2 is said to be created for Serato DJ’, which won our most adequate DJ software some time ago. It looks like that is the fad today.

You are either making Serato or Traktor’s equipment, though Pioneer’s controls typically work with most applications we have come in touch with.

The pioneer sx2 is a four-channel controller jam-packed with a lot of features, as well as they have made this among the most vibrant (another fad?) Bit of DJ equipment we have noticed by them. Let Fidlar examine it and determine how it holds up.

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Review


  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 26″ x 14″ x 3″
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
  • One USB port
  • AC adapter: AC 100V to 240V
  • Ins: CD x 2 (RCA), Line/Photo x 2, Mic x 2 (XLR & 1/4″)
  • Outs: Master out x 2 (one RCA and one XLR), Booth out (1/4″ phone), headphone out x 2 (front panel 1/4″ phone, 3.5mm)

Key Features

There are two or three things concerning the pioneer sx2 which make it attention-grabbing. To begin with, it brandishes a new known to produce untrue audio gear.

Secondly, the device’s enormous body is saturated with pads, knobs, sliders, and a couple of large jog wheels. Listed below are the top features of this pioneer sx2 performance DJ controller:

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Review

Compatible with Serato. The device permits DJs access to controls specializing in the Serato software. It includes the lite edition, although updating to the pro version is quite a lot of potential for a cost, naturally.

However, what’s nice about the pioneer sx2 is that it is compatible with all the Serato Flip expansion package, allowing for more creativity and productivity.

Sexy cue countdown. As the attribute’s name implies, it is something that lets you combine tracks with greater precision. This allows for cleaner sonic masterpieces that are cleaner and more professional looking.

The device’s hot cue countdown comes as part of the jog wheels, which can be leaps and bounds better compared to people around the DDJ-SX, the Pioneer DJ sx2’s predecessor.

Multiple connectivity choices. The leading side panel of the mixing equipment by Pioneer houses an assortment of hubs and ports. Such functions as a testament to how there is practically never a lack of elements you can use with the Pioneer SX2, from cans to PA systems.

Construct And Equilibrium

Next up in the features we like is that it provides you sixteen velocity-sensitive pressure pads (multi-colored).

Although pretty much precisely the same as it’s predecessor, the DDJ-SX, they have not fixed what is not broken besides creating them multi-color. These feel quite fine and slightly bigger than our cherished MPC pads, but they get the job finished.

Construct And Equilibrium

The entire build is an excellent aluminum finish, though some have complained that the plates maybe a little larger, but they continue to be rather large quality.

They have also updated the run wheel in the first SX to provide it a sexy cue countdown, and there’s a little bit of an improved wheel period that’s just an additive plus a bonus.

Performance Pads

The SX2 has fresh RGB backlit pads that mimic the sexy cue colors you have put in Serato DJ.

The operation pads are currently RGB backlit pads rather than the Pioneer blue, which has been from the first DDJ-SX.

The colors mimic the ones you have put within Serato DJ, which means it is possible to color-code your alluring cues for faster recall and recognition at a dimly lit booth without glancing in your notebook.

Not a deal-breaker for many, but that is undoubtedly a feature that’s fine to have, mainly if you enjoy putting a lot of cues on your music.

I like doing so for festival displays since it allows me to jump to elements of a course if I feel like clipping into the fall or stretching a breakdown.

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Serato Flip

The pioneer Sx2 has committed controllers for Serato Flip, allowing you to capture, playback, and save Flips right from the controller itself.

Another brand new feature on the SX2 is that a matrix of buttons committed to Serato Flip. Serato Flip is an add-on quality that allows you to create edits or routines, known as Flips; with hot cues or the censor button, you hit the Record button to inform Serato to document a spin.

Then you carry out the cue jumps (or hit on the censor button if you would like to eliminate some cuss words) then save it at a Flip slot. You can then play these back as a one-shot pass or as a loop.

You can do all these in your notebook clearly, but it is faster to perform on the SX2 as you’ve obtained all of the controls you need to be able to document, play, store, and playback your Flips in proximity to the apparatus.

Jogwheel screen

The pioneer Sx2 comes with an upgraded jog wheel center screen with a cue point mark and countdown, Aside from a much lower latency reaction for your jogs themselves.

Apart from improved sensitivity into the jog wheels themselves to get reduced latency and more precise scratching (based on Pioneer DJ( at least), the two dogs’ center displays also have been updated to contain reddish cue point markers plus a cue countdown timer at the center.

All these are visual guides that may be useful for scratch DJs, allowing them to keep their focus on the control (such as taking a look at a document and a decal you have put on it as a mark ) instead of having to stare at a notebook display.

From this line of Pioneer DJ DDJ controls, I believe that the SX2 jogs are easily the very best concerning tightness without sacrificing portability.

The DDJ-SZ, whose jobs are very similar to CDJ dimensions, comes in a form factor that often feels too bulky for smaller pub gigs with small booths, while something like the DDJ-SR or even DDJ-SB2 lacks the superior feel and onboard screen of this SX2, which make it a joy to use.

The pioneer sx2 matches in the gap between them both, and Pioneer DJ has done a stellar job on those jog wheels.

Serato DVS

The SX2 is Serato DVS prepared, meaning if you buy the add-on, you can hook up your turntables or CDJs and DJ using timecode vinyl or CDs.

Last, the Pioneer SX2 can be updated with Serato DVS, allowing you to hook a set of turntables or even CDJs to utilize timecode vinyl or CDs, respectively.

The first DDJ-SX had phono/line inputs on channels 1 and 2, but it does not have Serato DVS compatibility; they are only meant to be used at Thorough style.

This ends the SX2 to two items: a full-featured controller for Serato DJ first, then a port for utilizing vinyl or CDJs using Serato DJ second.

If you can not determine whether you’d want to use control when ditching turntables or even CDJs entirely, or if you like the flexibility of DJing with the best number of management mediums, then the SX2 is now the core of your digital DJ system, provided you are put on using Serato DJ as the software of choice.


If you’re searching for a superior four-channel Serato DJ control from the sub-US$ 1000 range, the Pioneer DJ SX2 ought to be on the very top of your list.

There is no reason not to find this within the first DDJ-SX due to the aforementioned new features (unless you are getting a significant reduction ). Mainly, if you’re set on using Serato DVS, that is just one of the unit’s primary attractions.

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