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What is Davey Johnstone Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

Davey Johnstone Net Worth Latest Update

Davey Johnstone is a Scottish musician best known for his work with Elton John. He has been a member of Elton John’s backing band since 1972 and has played on some of Elton’s most famous songs, such as “Rocket Man,” “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” and “Bennie and the Jets”.

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What About Davey Johnstone Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

What is Davey Johnstone's Net Worth and Salary in 2023

Davey Johnstone is a well-known musician with an estimated net worth of $20 million. His career in music began in the early 1970s, and he is best known for his work with Elton John. He has been an integral part of the musician’s backing band ever since, contributing to many of Elton’s iconic albums.

Davey Johnstone’s Overview

Davey Johnstone Overview

Davey Johnstone is an English rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, and arranger who has been a member of Elton John’s band since 1972. He has also worked with numerous other artists, including Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks, and the Beach Boys.

Johnstone was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and began his career as a session musician in London in the 1960s. He eventually became part of Elton John’s backing band, playing on all of John’s albums from 1972 onward, including hits like “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting.”

He has also contributed to such albums as “The Fox,” “Caribou,” and “Captain Fantastic, and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.”

Johnstone has also released several solo albums throughout his career, including 1987’s “Heartsong,” 1993’s “The Long And Winding Road,” and 1997’s “Kaleidoscope.” His latest release was “Songs From The West Coast” in 2001.

Johnstone has also been involved in many collaborations, including with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the musical “Evita,” with Bernie Taupin on the musical “The Vampire Lestat,” and with singer-songwriter Bob Geldof on the album “Songs of Innocence & Experience.”

He has also appeared on various movie soundtracks, including those for “The Lion King,” “The Young Sherlock Holmes,” and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Johnstone has been honored with numerous awards, including being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994.

He has also been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards and won two Ivor Novello Awards. In addition, he was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2002 for his services to music.

Why is Davey Johnstone Famous?

Why is Davey Johnstone famous

Davey Johnstone is a highly celebrated British musician and singer-songwriter, best known for being the longtime guitarist and backing vocalist of Elton John’s band.

He has worked with Elton John for over forty years, accompanying him on albums such as Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Caribou, and Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy. His guitar playing has been described as “understated but masterful,” and his backing vocals add a unique quality to Elton John’s work.

FAQs about Davey Johnstone

FAQs about Davey Johnstone

How old is Davey Johnstone?

Davey Johnstone is a British musician who is most famous for being a part of Elton John’s band since 1971. He was born on June 14th, 1948, making him 74 years old.

When did Nigel Olsson join Elton John?

Nigel Olsson joined Elton John in 1970 when he was invited to become the drummer in Elton’s band. Since then, Nigel has played drums for over 30 of Elton’s albums and has even sung backing vocals on some of Elton’s most famous songs.

He has been a key part of Elton’s touring band for decades and continues to be an integral part of Elton’s musical legacy.

What guitar does Davey Johnstone have?

Davey Johnstone plays a variety of guitars, including a Gibson ES-335, Fender Stratocaster, Martin D-28 and Gretsch White Falcon. His style of playing is unique and often incorporates different types of picking and strumming.

Who played Elton John’s guitar?

Elton John’s longtime friend and collaborator, Bernie Taupin, famously wrote the lyrics to John’s hit songs, but it was Elton John himself who played guitar on the majority of them.

Although he has worked with a variety of musicians throughout his career, the vast majority of his guitar playing was done by himself. Some of his most well-known songs, such as “Tiny Dancer” and “Rocket Man”, were performed solely on guitar by Elton John himself.

What guitar was Red House Recorded on?

The iconic song “Red House” was recorded on a 1964 Gibson ES-335 electric guitar. The song was part of Jimi Hendrix’s 1967 debut album, Are You Experienced?

This classical guitar is known for its semi-hollow body and humbucking pickups, which gave Hendrix’s sound a unique tone. The guitar has become a hallmark in the history of rock music, helping to define Hendrix’s timeless sound.

What kind of amp did Steve Gaines use?

Steve Gaines was an accomplished musician known for his iconic guitar solos. He used a Fender Bandmaster amp to amplify his sound. This tube amp from the mid-1960s has been used by many legendary guitarists.

It has three inputs, two channels and one tremolo circuit, with four 10″ Oxford speakers. Steve Gaines’s powerful guitar licks were made even more distinct with the help of the Fender Bandmaster amp.


Davey Johnstone’s distinguished career as a musician has spanned almost five decades and has earned him an impressive net worth of $20 million. His unwavering commitment to the craft has made him a household name, and his work with Elton John over the years is nothing short of legendary.

If you’re looking to learn more about Davey Johnstone or want to experience his music in person, be sure to check out one of his upcoming tour dates!

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