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Ceramic vs Alnico Pickups 2021: Best Reviews

Ceramic vs Alnico Pickups 2021 Best Reviews

As a guitar player, especially an electric guitar player, have you ever wondered the difference between Ceramic vs Alnico Pickups and how they affect your tone? The material, size, and shape of the pickup contribute to the distinctive sound of each guitar.

If you are still wondering about the question, let Fidlar help you better understand these two types of pickup right here in our short article.

Alnico Pickup Magnets

The most typical sort of magnet located at a pickup is Alnico. They’re made with a metal (mixture of compounds) of Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt. This mix makes for a potent and durable chemical. The fact that producers use these magnets in motors, generators, and MRI machines speaks for itself.

Alnico Pickup Magnets

Typically, Alnico magnets are famous because of their smoothness and melodic, but there are gaps between the various alloy compounds.

I will not cover all the various types. Still, the most frequent kinds are Alnico II and V. The Alnico II’sII characterized by being relatively smooth from the highs and lows, offering a warm stage sound.

These are usually praised for being some of the very organic and lively pickup magnets available in the industry. Alnico IIs are an iso-to alternative for jazz players searching for a superbly smooth, clean tone. A favorite pickup containing these magnets would be your Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates.

In reality, the Pearly Gates (along with other pickups talked about in this article) are available in our post listing our favorite Seymour Duncan humbuckers, in addition to some more information about unconventional uses for pickups you would expect to be great at something.

Possibly the most popular magnet for metal music is your Alnico V. This magnet is a lot more powerful, offering a tight bass response. The considerably hotter Alnico V is much like the Alnico II, though it generates a more extensive array between the highs and lows, having a small mid scoop.

Alnico v pickups are often great all-around magnets. These magnets are fantastic for the gamers searching for a small amount of additional clarity while utilizing high advantage without sacrificing a natural clean sound. A favorite example of this is the Seymour Duncan Custom 5 or even the BKP Holy Diver.

If you’re searching for an on-the-top and completely unrestrained audio check from the Alnico VIII, which is described as a controlled Alnico V., there’s a lot of Alnico VIII pickups they’re not for the faint of heart.

As a result of powerful magnetic pull, the Alnico VIII is an excellent middle-ground between the punch and clarity out of a Ceramic pickup as well as the pleasant natural sound of an Alnico that brings us into Ceramic.

Types of Alnico Magnets:

  • Dimarzio Red Velvet
  • Dimarzio Twang King
  • Seymour Duncan Live Wire 2
  • Seymour Duncan Red Devil
  • Fralin Blues Special
  • Fralin Jazzmaster

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Ceramic Pickup Magnets

Ceramic connectors are made from ceramic surprise! By some gamers, the Ceramic magnets receive a poor reputation than Alnico; that’s likely because of their affiliation with more affordable instruments.

You see, Ceramic is much easier to find than Alnico, which makes it a less costly magnet to create. Nonetheless, this is merely a misconception: they supply a different taste from Alnico. You will find great pickups in the marketplace market that Ceramic connectors, like the DiMarzio Titan and the Seymour Duncan Black Winter.

Ceramic Pickup Magnets

Remember our post “Basswood Can it stink?” Since Becausecept is comparable: poor ceramic pickups are poor, whereas many gamers prefer high-end Ceramic pickups for their Alnico counterparts.

Ceramic magnets are relatively robust, and as they’re generally thicker. They create pronounced mids and fast bass responses. The powerful interests allow the pickup to keep articulation and clarity, even if introduced into an intense advantage, making for an excellent pick for rapid metal.

The consensus is that Ceramic falls short of this sweeter Alnico as it comes to wash tones. Though not impossible to generate a tremendous clean style with Ceramic, this magnet’s harmonic saturation and natural compression could cause ice-picking plus a less natural sound.

Types of Ceramic Magnets:

  • Dimarzio Crunchlab
  • Dimarzio Super Distortion
  • Seymour Duncan Hot Rails
  • Seymour Duncan Little ’59
  • Fralin Split Blade

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Alnico vs Ceramic comparison

You often hear the noise of a pickup is dominated by the selection of magnet used in its structure. Alnico is warm and friendly and suitable for blues. Engineered Ceramic is used in metal since it seems tight, relaxed, and loud. So we frequently hear. Is this just a rumor established by pickup makers, or can it be provable?

YouTuber Darell Braun Guitars has attempted to find it out and think of an easy means to compare the two different magnet kinds. Same guitar, identical strings. Various pickups or unique magnets.

Now, the actual pickup geeks will chirp in and inform us about the different kinds of Alnico and polepieces utilized, the wire gauge, and type. Then you will find the pickup connoisseurs who will begin talking about bobbins and spacers. However, I find it is likely best to avoid getting in an argument with those individuals, as anything you say, you’ll be wrong.

An entire boutique sector has made in the past 30 decades. It revolves around the variances at the plan of this humble pickup. Whether you’re a single-coil, humbucker, or P90 enthusiast, there’s something available on the marketplace for you nowadays. You will find Fantastic pickups public from firms like Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Oil City Pickups, and Bare Knuckle. Us guitarists are spoilt for choice when deciding on a new pair for our favorite guitar.

This contrast evaluation is definitely worth a watch and, in the least, gives you a good idea of what you may expect from both magnet types.


After this article, who wins? We do not have an exact answer; each pickup type has its advantages and disadvantages; it will fit the guitar according to a certain standard. If you have to decide between the two, the best way is to experience them and let the feeling of your ears and hands determine for you.