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Can You Play Music On Twitch? Best Things to Know 2023

Can You Play Music On Twitch Best Things to Know 2023
  • Max Kuehn

Twitch has made music a gray area. Do you need to know can you play music on Twitch? And if not, what music you’re allowed to play on this platform? In this article, Fidlar will answer all of the questions in full detail. Let’s begin.

Why Did Twitch Need This?

Twitch was able to avoid multi-million dollar lawsuits from copyright owners for violating copyrights. This is a disaster for musicians, DJs, and bloggers, as well as music channels.

The most affected will be musicians who cover music and DJs who set up sets live. Dance channels and people who used the particular function in the donation section to order any music track to play live will also suffer.

You can use many music options. It won’t necessarily be the most popular or well-known song, but it will provide background music interesting enough to their audience.

However, streamers shouldn’t be expected to travel in large numbers to other venues. It’s not fatal for most people. Musicians and others closely associated with music are already looking for opportunities to make money.

They are also willing to pay for their success. Twitch is still the most popular platform, and it will continue to grow. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to beat it.

It is best only to include tracks that aren’t copyrighted or in the public domain. This will ensure your channel stays clean. You can now use tracks in two formats. If you have a license for the song and in the public library, you can.

This is classical music by Chopin, Bach, or other well-known composers. While streamers may have difficulty getting licenses, many free music websites allow anyone to use the music.

Streamers would be OK with a ban on music use, provided that musicians can use the tracks. While it is obvious that not all will benefit, some could still use the extra publicity.

T-Pain, Drake, and other famous artists were allowed to broadcast their songs for free.

Can You Stream Copyrighted Music On Twitch?

Twitch and music. It’s all one word: confusing. Most streamers who play music in their streams don’t care about copyright laws. Twitch has recently issued several DMCA Takedowns that effectively stopped streamers from using the platform if the music isn’t theirs.

Streamers can often be found playing the latest hits and old classics. Streamers can sometimes take song requests from their viewers, giving them control over the music. The music industry has not taken any action in the past.

But that is changing. Many streamers who were playing copyrighted songs were banned from the platform for 24 hours last year. What are the rules? What are the punishments? What can you do to defend yourself from these punishments?

We are seeing an increase in respect for copyright laws on Twitch and other streaming platforms. For obvious reasons, people realize the importance of respecting creators’ intellectual property.

Listening to your moral compass doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be playing music in your streams. As long as you adhere to the rules, music is allowed on Twitch. Let’s get to it.

Can You Play Copyrighted Music On Twitch

What happens to your music?

Most people will have their videos on-demand (VODs) muted so that future viewers can see them, but most streamers can stream music live without being banned.

As Twitch grows, some streamers have been banned for 24 hours for copyrighted music. I expect this trend to continue, as labels and musicians see their music being used without permission or licenses.

Any clips on your stream that feature third-party music or videos will be removed by DMCA requests starting June 2020. Many streamers are now deleting their clips to prevent their channel from being deleted. Twitch’s rule is that you must remove three clips before your channel is deleted.

It’s only a matter of time. People before Twitch create an algorithm like YouTube’s to tell these things automatically and in real-time.

What Music Can You Play On Twitch?

Three types of music can be used in Twitch streams

  • You own the music. You own the music. If you have a record label deal, it is important to ensure that you have all rights to reproduce the music before you stream.
  • You can license music. This is the best way to avoid this problem. Epidemic sound gives you free access to a collection of tracks and sound effects. You can also use them on Twitch and YouTube to record your streams. You can play music safely once you have a subscription.
  • You can access music through ‘Soundtrack by Twitch.’ However, you will notice a lack of available music. This, combined with the ability to clear more channels across other platforms, usually leads streamers to choose Epidemic Sound.

If you are already using one of the three solutions, it is perfectly safe to stream without worrying about copyright issues. If you don’t have one of these options, you might consider subscribing HTML3_ to Epidemic Sound.

You can also add your Twitch channel and YouTube channel to your Epidemic Sound account if you wish to upload your streams. Epidemic Sound holds all rights to the music and can give a direct license, so you won’t have to worry about copyright issues again.

What Music Can You Play On Twitch

What Are The Rules?

It’s just like YouTube. Don’t use any other person’s music without permission. The appropriate scanning is done on user videos.

If another person’s music lasts longer than 15 seconds, or the owner doesn’t have a license, the video may be entirely removed from public view. After several violations, the channel might be permanently blocked.

Additional Information

In advance, you must inform your audience if you plan to post examples of hate speech and aggressive behavior as part of educational outreach. News articles, documentaries, and other media can be used as examples.

Notify the authorities if you observe an escalated conflict situation or provocation by others.

This may be used in some cases to support a claim or report of a crime. Developers recommend that you seek the assistance of a lawyer or local police agencies.

However, if you feel that you were blocked or have evidence to prove otherwise, the support team can assist you in resolving the problem. This can now be done via the official website as of 2023. The main office can be found in San Francisco.

A Common Misconception About Copyrighted Music

Copyrighted music refers to music you don’t have the right to broadcast.

So I have seen people claim that they pay Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, or any other similar platform. But that is not true.

A Spotify subscription grants you the right to listen to Spotify music on your device. You can’t broadcast the music to others on the internet.

We have also seen many people raise their pitchforks against Twitch and ask them why they are issuing so many copyright strikes at the moment. Twitch is not to blame here. They have taken it out of their control.

There are many things Twitch could do. The writing has been on the wall for years about this happening to the platform.

Twitch is not responsible for what’s happening with the Copyright Management Acts takedown notifications and then copyright striking. Twitch, like most other platforms, uses safe harbor.

This is a feature built into Digital Millenium Copyright Act. It states that they aren’t responsible for copyright infringement by users. They must follow some guidelines to ensure they are protected.

They must have a system that allows takedown notices can be issued. They must also follow up with legitimate takedown requests to remove the offending material. Number three is that they must have a system in operation

Twitch Music Library

Twitch, a streaming service, introduced its own Twitch music library. This allows users to use tracks without fear of copyright infringement during broadcasts. It was introduced in 2015, but it no longer exists.

Twitch Music Library

How Can Streamers Get Out Of This Situation?

The urgent issue of monetization for copyrighted content is becoming more important with the rise of streaming technology and digital technology. Currently, there is no system or regulation that will solve the problem.

The solution is in the creation of a social contract as well as worldwide legal acts that regulate the use and copyright of content on digital streaming platforms such as Twitch.

Content creators and streaming platform owners must discuss the terms they are open to cooperating with. This will ensure that everyone is included and make it easy for everyone.

It should include both copyright license agreements used widely by live cover bands and the Content ID system YouTube uses to identify copyrighted content.

Protect yourself against receiving DMCA violations notices regarding the removal of content from your channel. You can review all your content in the author panel (including highlights, clips, VOD, and highlights) and remove any that may violate the DMCA.

In your broadcast settings, you can limit the ability of your subscribers and followers to create clips. For more information on managing content on your channel, visit the help pages for VOD and clips.

If I Use Music In A Video Game, Will I Be Banned?

No. Broadcast games are not allowed to be broadcast. The streamer will only be notified by the publisher/copyright holder. Nintendo, for instance, removed the YouTube monetization.

DMCA complaints regarding songs are sent to the music labels that have the tracks. You can still receive a warning if you watch a trailer that’s copyrighted.

What Kind Of Music Is Not Allowed On Twitch?

The complete list of music that you cannot use on Twitch can be found on the community guidelines page. Here are some videos that could cause problems.

Radio-style broadcast: A Twitch stream, or VOD that focuses on the music you don’t own and isn’t licensed for sharing on Twitch.

A lip-synching performance is: You can’t share your Twitch account with anyone pantomiming, singing, or pretending to sing any music.

Cover of a song: Perform any song that another person owns, except for a live stream on Twitch. Perform a cover song on a live stream. Make every effort to do the song exactly as the author intended. You can create all audio elements by yourself.


Can I Stream Music Via Streaming Services Such As Spotify Or Apple Music?

Many streamers use streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to create their music. Most people believe that music should not be used in videos because you are paying for a subscription.

This is false. Apple Music and Spotify allow you to stream their music but do not grant permission to use it in your content. Why? It is against the law to use YouTube, Apple Music, or Spotify for your Twitch streams.

Copyrighted material can only be used on Twitch in two ways.

  • Get prior permission from the owner of the copyright (such as purchasing a license).
  • Fair use of the material is a requirement.

Is It Possible To Get DMCA Approval For Singing A Twitch Song?

The rules for covering songs on Twitch seem simple. Streamers can cover music on Twitch, provided they don’t use the original soundtracks or recordings of any copyrighted songs unless they have the rights.

Is It Possible To Play Twitch Sings Offline?

You don’t need to perform live. You can also record your performance and adjust the audio levels before uploading the footage. It’s possible to play it offline or even solo. However, it is intended for an audience.


Knowing which music can and cannot be used on Twitch streams can be challenging if you are new to streaming. If you adhere to the guidelines of Twitch, your content will not be removed or banned.

We hope you found the article helpful, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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