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Best Camera For Music Video – Top Branch Review 2023

Best Camera For Music Video - Top Branch Review 2023
  • Max Kuehn

Are you curious about what makes the best camera for music video? Not all cameras are made equal, so choosing the right one for you is more than just deciding how much you want to spend. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a dud that isn’t any good for shooting your video.

In this article, Fidlar will cover all of the best camera for shooting music videos, along with a buyer’s guide for details. Besides, we also answer some FAQs about music video cameras as well.

Top-Rated Best Video Cameras For Music Videos

Top-Rated Best Video Cameras For Music Videos

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The EOS 5D Mark IV is here. The legacy of the 5D series is still evident in this full-frame digital camera. This digital camera offers incredible image quality, performance, versatility, and flexibility. This camera is an excellent choice for both photographers and creative videographers.

It is a powerful camera with brilliance and power. After all, an image is worth 1,000 words.

Canon’s new 30.4 Megapixel full-frame sensor captures stunning images and produces high-detail video with ease. Canon’s innovative Dual Pixel CMOS and 61-point AF systems have been enhanced to improve focus accuracy.

Canon’s DIGIC 6+ image processor, Canon, provides continuous shooting at up to 7.0 fps. This depends on shutter speed, aperture, and lens used.

Additional features like built-in GPS and a touch-panel LCD make this a convenient and versatile shooting option for shooting music videos.

The Eos 5d Mark IV is a great choice for creative and new videographers. It has Canon camera quality features like 30.4-megapixel full-frame image sensor, second continuous shooting speed, and 4k video recording at either 30p or 24p.

You can use this camera to create still images as well as videos. You can switch between modes easily with the touch-screen LCD monitor. This allows you to continue shooting music videos even if your scene or scenery changes.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full...
875 Reviews


  • Full-frame sensor
  • Dual Pixel AF is a game-changer for video
  • High ISO Capability
  • The touchscreen is very useful
  • Wi-Fi
  • Capture clear and detailed video footage


  • ITR subject tracking is less precise and reliable than some peers.
  • It is possible to optimize AF settings.
  • HDMI-out limit to 1080p

Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Camera

If you’re looking for affordable film-quality digital cameras that can be used in controlled environments, the Alpha a6500 mirrorless camera by Sony is your answer. Mirrorless innovation is still a hot topic.

There have been many advances in this technology. Sony was the first to offer mirrorless cameras that had such high ISO range. This revolutionized night and low-light filming.

Sony Alpha a6500 mirrorless digital camera is an efficient and stable camera. It also offers exposure improvements. The camera is also a great action camera, with five options for internal stabilization. This camera is a natural blend of a small motion/action camera with a high-end DSLR.

This is one of the best cameras for music in terms of price and creativity. It is recommended that you have at least 4K. Many videographers around the globe prefer this camera. This camera is small and a breakthrough in videography. This camera is an excellent choice for shooting stunning music videos.

This camera reduces production costs by eliminating the need to purchase additional lighting or stabilization equipment.

The Sony A6500 weighs less than one pound with a lens and less than half a pound if you have one. It is affordable enough to provide high-quality images without having to spend a lot. It is an action-packed camera.

Magnesium alloy is sturdy and strong, while the ergonomic design allows you to move and film as you wish.

Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless...
283 Reviews


  • Great autofocusing system
  • Touch-screen tilt LCD
  • 4K video


  • No headphone socket
  • Dense menu system

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K Digital Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera can produce music videos that will blow your mind, regardless of whether you are into dark arts or not. This camera is dedicated to shooting amazing quality video footage.

This is one of the best cameras for music to choose if you are looking to elevate your music video productions.

The URSA Mini is one size smaller than the full URSA models. The URSA Mini is compact and convenient in size. Its body is made of Magnesium alloys to help keep it light at just 5 pounds.

A side handle makes the camera more suitable for handheld use. The handle has a rosette on its side that can control stop/start using a LANC connection. The optional shoulder mount allows the handle to be extended from the camera’s side, allowing for doc-style use.

With its Super-35mm sensor 4.6K, the URSA Mini can capture cinematic images. It has 15 stops of dynamic range. The URSA Mini’s ergonomic body design can be used in many filmmaking styles, including music videos.

The EF-mount can be used with a variety of lenses. This allows you to create different looks and not be restricted by one type of music video camera.

The EF-mount also has LCD touchscreen control, professional SDI outputs, 2 LANC inputs, high-quality microphones, and professional audio recording features. This makes it a great choice.


  • Blackmagic RAW codec
  • 120 fps 4.6K
  • Approachable user interface
  • Built-in ND filters


  • Placement of the iris dial in a strange way
  • Accessories made of nickel-and-diming

PANASONIC LUMIX ZS200 4K Digital Camera

The Panasonic Lumix ZS200 is the perfect choice if you are looking for a small camera to take on-the-go photos in your music videos. The Panasonic Lumix ZS200 doubles as a camera AND a camcorder, giving you versatility and ease of use.

Lumix ZS200 is a compact option that offers high-quality images and portability. It is easy to use, adjust and has an attached lens with customizable options.

246 Reviews


  • 15x optical zoom range
  • Large 1.0-inch sensor
  • Touchscreen control
  • 4K video and Photo Modes
  • Built-in EVF
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Manual control


  • EVF still feels cramped
  • Image smoothing at high ISOs
  • Expensive

Wooden Camera – ARRI Alexa Mini Unified Accessory Kit

ARRI is the Hollywood standard. The Alexa Mini, a miniature version of the full-sized series, is lightweight. This professional-quality camera is perfect for music videos and other types of film.

Because it is small, users can quickly get close to what they are shooting. This allows them to capture unique angles that would be difficult to achieve with larger cameras.

ARRI Alexa Mini Unified Accessory Kit provides professional support for your ARRI Mini camera. The accessory pack contains a variety of accessories that make the ARRI Mini even more user-friendly.

The Unified Cage (Alexa Mini+ LW) is a compact cage that fits perfectly and has quick-release NATO rosettes. It also features threaded holes for accessory attachment.

The NATO Handle Kit Plus, 100mm, is also available. It attaches to the top plate and has multiple mounting points.

This accessory kit, perfect for the Alexa Mini, adds functionality and versatility to the already excellent ARRI Alexa Mini. The accessory kit will enhance your experience shooting with a trusted brand. It is well worth the money.


  • Unified Cage with quick release NATO rosettes, threaded holes and accessory attachment
  • NATO Handle Kit featuring rotating grip and multiple mounting points
  • Adjustable battery slide

Canon EOS 60D

The Canon EOS 60D was designed to be a creative powerhouse. This is one of the most advanced Canon cameras/camcorders. It has multiple advanced technologies and features that make it easy to use and organize. DIGIC 4 Image processing allows you to capture the best possible picture every time.

If you plan on taking your music video camera with you everywhere, heavy-duty film cameras can be a great option. The Canon EOS 60D is a good example. This particular camera is very easy to use.

You can also customize it for audio and still photos, so you can get the best results every single time you take it out on the field.


  • High ISO performance 18 MP sensor;
  • Variable angle LCD is useful for Live View and making video;
  • Kit lens 18-135mm offers a greater optical zoom range than average;
  • Full HD movie mode, 30p/25p/24p


  • The body is not as strong as the 50D.
  • Flash must be turned on for AF to work.
  • Low light areas make auto exposure less reliable.
  • Movie mode does not have continuous autofocus.

GoPro HERO5 Black Edition Camera

You can find action lovers here! The GoPro Hero5 is an excellent choice if you want to capture music in different outdoor environments or incorporate the first-person point of view in your music videos.

HERO 5 BLACK is the most powerful and easiest-to-use GoPro ever. It features a 4K video, voice control, and touch display. HERO5 Black is the most powerful GoPro on the market today, with smooth stabilized video, crystal clear audio, and high-quality photo capture.

You can also shoot hands-free using simple commands, allowing you to be creative with your angles and recordings, creating filming music videos that are modern, trendy, and up-to-date.

HERO5 Black automatically uploads your quality footage to your GoPro Plus account so that you can access it from your smartphone. Quik, GoPro’s video app, allows you to create stunning music videos instantly. This camera is compatible with over 30 GoPro accessories and official mounts.

GoPro Hero5 Black —...
4,731 Reviews


  • Waterproof without the need for a case
  • Other still image functions
  • Effective electronic image stabilization system
  • Excellent image quality


  • The touch screen running can cause battery drain to be rapid,
  • Touchscreen responsiveness
  • No EIS for 4K

Top-Rated Best Video Cameras For Music Videos

Canon EOS Rebel T5 EF-S 18-55mm IS II Digital SLR Kit

The EOS Rebel T5 is a great choice for beginners and experienced SLR users. It makes it simple to take stunning photos and movies. The EOS Rebel T5 features an 18.0 Megapixel (APS-C image sensor) and Canon’s DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor for high-resolution HD recording.

It also has a large 3.0-inch LCD screen that allows for live viewing and review. This is ideal for reviewing your music videos in real-time to ensure you have the right shots.

The EOS Rebel T5 has everything you need: a Dual-layer, 63-zone metering system, an expanded ISO range to ensure outstanding operation in low-than-perfect lighting, Scene Intelligent Auto to simplify complex shots, and creative options such as Canon’s Basic+ function or Creative Auto.

The EOS Rebel T5 is a Canon-proven camera that makes EOS SLR photography easier and faster than ever. It features a helpful Feature Guide, lightweight, rugged construction, and a proven Canon design.

Canon EOS-a EF-S 18-55mm is II...
779 Reviews


  • Included optically stabilized lens
  • Raw shooting support
  • High ISO images with detailed images
  • Video capture at 1080p
  • On-screen shooting guide


  • Fixed LCD
  • Pentamirror Viewfinder
  • Slower autofocus
  • Burst shooting is limited to 3fps
  • When shooting raw, use a small buffer
  • No microphone input

Canon VIXIA HF G20

This camcorder is the first on our list. You may be surprised to find one. It’s 2023, and camcorders don’t seem like they were in 1997. This camcorder is not outdated, and it can be a great tool for creating high quality music videos. However, you don’t have the budget to buy a professional camera.

The camera can capture full HD video 1920x1080p. It has 32GB of memory, so you have plenty of storage for all your recordings. You can also shoot up to 12 hours of HD video capability. You can give your footage a cinematic look by using the 24-frame rate option. You can use multiple built-in filters to enhance the film look.

The HF G20 has a Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens with an 8-Blade iris. This allows for professional-looking stills and video. It can focus from 30.4 to 304mm (35mm equivalent). It also features a Canon HD CMOS Pro image sensor, supporting enhanced low-light performance and high dynamic range.

Canon VIXIA HF G20 Camcorder...
42 Reviews


  • Amazing low-light performance
  • Integral neutral density filter
  • Superb video quality


  • There are no 60p recordings
  • While attached to a tripod, you can’t change the batteries.

Canon VIXIA HF G40 Full HD Camcorder

Is this a marketing trick to introduce a new model or an honest effort to improve customer experience? We may never know. We do know that Canon is committed to customer satisfaction.

This means that they offer exceptional dynamic and high resolution. Canons VIXIA HF G40 camcorder is a successor to the G30, which is a perfect piece.

VIXIA’s overall look resembles a professional camera. It’s common to move around while shooting videos. It would be best if you had portable filmmaking equipment. The compact size makes it ideal for anyone who is always on the move.

Its compact size makes it ideal for anyone to capture candid reactions in privacy or for interviews. VIXIA’s ergonomic handle is a great option for small hands and allows you to balance the camera to get steady footage.

The 20x high-definition optical zoom lens is a must-have. The 35mm equivalent is 26.8-576 millimeters if your focal point falls within a radius of 23.6 inches.

The outer base also contains advanced elements that reduce glare, floating and other distracting camera effects. The result is a perfect representation of sharp, clear, and undistorted images. You could not ask for more. Camcorders produce images that have a lot of bursts because of the noncircular aperture.

To reduce starburst, there is an eight-blade Circular aperture. It focuses the light in areas that require focus to create a more realistic image. A manual focus ring is also included in the lens for fine control.

A music video camera’s overall performance is the essential aspect. This means that it can capture high-definition video. The HD CMOS Pro Image sensor offers greater sensitivity to capture vivid footage with an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio.

The 1/2.84 inch HD sensor with 2.91 Megapixels HD allows for images up to 2136×13262 Pixels.

G40 has low light performance. This is a feature that filmmakers love. G40’s improved low-luminance noise rating (+1 dB) allows you to take sharp and clear pictures at night. Your project will not be affected by time differences, which increases productivity.

Canon VIXIA HF G40 Full HD...
96 Reviews


  • This camera is great for taking crisp and clear images
  • Ideal for shooting in low light
  • Portable and compact


  • A complicated menu system

JVC GY-HM250U Ultra 4K

Are you looking for a 4k HD camcorder with all the features? The JVC GYHM250U Ultra 4K is a great option. It comes with everything you need to create professional-quality videos every time.

You have multiple streaming options, a 12x zoom lens, and several memory card slots to ensure you get the best possible results for every music video shoot.

The best thing about the GY-HM250U camera is its ability to add overlays directly from the camera quickly. This is great for streaming or recording. It can also connect to Wi-Fi quickly and provides top-end low-light performance.

This camcorder is also one of the most economical, especially compared with other models that offer similar features.

This camcorder is impressive in its professional image quality. It’s easy to use, durable and designed for news.

This makes it a great choice to shoot music videos. It produces clear, sharp recordings. We also love the ease of converting the output to different formats for the editing process.

JVC GY-HM250U Ultra 4K HD...
2 Reviews


  • New 1/3-inch 12-bit CMOS sensors (1920x1080x3)
  • 23x Fujinon Autofocus zoom lenses with manual functions
  • Top handle unit built-in with a 3.5-inch color LCD screen and two 3-pin XLR inputs
  • HD/SD-SDI, HDMI Outputs
  • Dual SDHC/SDXC memory cards slots

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera

The Canon EOS, Rebel T6 Digital SLR camera, is the best choice for amateur videographers to capture the most beautiful images possible. You can adjust settings to get the exact look you want with 18 megapixels. You can use external mics, as well as a high-quality internal mic.

The camera’s interface is simple because it can switch quickly between camcorder and camera modes. The camera has a long battery life that can be used anywhere, even on the move. You can also get additional batteries at a meager price. You can create great-sounding music videos with multiple audio and visual settings.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR...
52 Reviews


  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC
  • It is easy to use
  • High-resolution Display


  • Fixed rear display
  • No touchscreen support
  • Just 18MP resolution

Nikon D7000 DSLR

A great DSLR camera for anyone with a budget of $1,000. The Nikon D7000 continues to be a popular camera. On the other side, Nikon, a respected and well-respected manufacturer of high-quality music video camera (especially DSLRs). This is one of the best video cameras available, and it costs less than $1,000.

This camera has 16.2 Megapixels which allow light to be processed at a higher speed, leading to higher image quality. The EXPEED2 processing device in the video camera allows it to record up to 6 frames per minute.

The 1080p HD video quality is also improved. An external and built-in microphone can provide decent-quality audio while you watch your videos. However, for professional-quality sound, an external shotgun microphone is recommended.

Like the other Nikons, the 2,016-pixel sensor improves lighting, resulting in optimal exposure of all objects in light and shadow. The Nikon D7000 is designed for people who can be a bit rough with their gear. It has been rigorously tested to ensure it is durable in harsh conditions. This gives the user peace of mind in any recording situation.


  • Excellent lowlight/highISO performance
  • Excellent image and video quality
  • Autofocus in video or Live View modes
  • Built-in intervalometer for timelapses
  • The new 39-point AF sensor allows for fast autofocus
  • Viewfinder with 100% coverage, VGA screen, and Viewfinder
  • Continuous shooting at 6fps in all quality settings
  • Battery life is amazing


  • Mode dial moves too easily
  • Balance could be improved
  • Expensive for an enthusiast camera
  • Slow autofocus in LiveView
  • Some shots are overexposed
  • It is difficult to find function and bracket buttons

Things To Consider When Buying Best Video Camera For Music Videos

The high cost of buying a camera to record your next music video can make it difficult. The wrong camera could ruin your entire video. Before making a final decision, our buying guide will help you to understand the key factors.

Your budget

This is the most important step in any purchase process. You should not rush and set aside a sufficient amount to cover the basics of your purchase. Camera, particularly music video camera, can be expensive. You don’t have to buy it every single year.

A low budget could also mean you have to compromise on some features, which can significantly lose filmmakers. It is a good idea to research the market and select the best cameras for the job, but keep in mind your budget. It’s also a great way to keep an eye on the sales during peak seasons like Christmas.

Type of camera

Once you have decided on a budget, it is time to choose the camera that best suits your needs.

Cellphone camera

This is not an absurdity. Nowadays, cell phone cameras are far superior to camcorders. Samsung and Apple are proud of their excellent optical zoom, sharpness, and megapixels, as well as their incredible 4k video capabilities.

They also have built-in image stabilization that allows you to capture video, and the software allows for easy editing on the move. However, the worst thing about these cameras is their audio quality. Although we don’t mean that it is terrible, It’s almost impossible to hear distant subjects due to its mic’s limited range.

To combat this problem, some people might invest in an additional audio recorder. This is an excellent option if you need to create short and quick videos.


A standard camcorder would be a good choice for amateurs. They offer fewer features than cinematic cameras, but you don’t have to be concerned about the technical jargon or settings. The most popular models often have touchscreen LCD monitors and a built-in zoom. We recommend a camcorder if you are always on the go.

Mirrorless or DSLR cameras

We all know about the high-quality video of DSLR cameras. These cameras can be used as music video cameras. The excellent HD or 4k video quality makes them a popular choice for filmmakers and photographers alike. To enhance their use of the camera, most people buy interchangeable lenses.

Due to poor audio quality, you might need to buy a separate microphone and audio recorder. To avoid shaky footage, you will need a tripod and stabilizer rig.

Things To Consider When Buying Best Video Camera For Music Videos

Professional Video Cameras

It’s only for experienced filmmakers, as the name suggests. The cinema cameras are upgraded to their predecessors, but they still rank among the best cameras because of the interchangeable lenses and high-end sensors.

Its 4k and HD footage, combined with the high-quality audio built-in, makes it ideal for news broadcasts, professional interviews, as well as music videos.

Best Music Video Camera FAQs

Best Music Video Camera FAQs

What is the best camera to shoot music videos 4k?

The Panasonic HC-1 4K UHD Camcorder 4K is the best choice if you are looking for a 4k camcorder. The camera for music video supports HD, UHD, and FHD, and a wide range of other formats. Although it’s larger than most of the camcorders and cameras listed, this camera is specifically designed for this type of work.

It can simultaneously record up to 2 memory cards. Additionally, it features multiple audio XLRs as well as numerous other ports that allow for optimal audiovisual recording.

What equipment is needed for a music video?

You need the right equipment if you are looking to create a great music video. Here’s a quick list.

  • The right camera(s)
  • Camera tripods
  • A camera light
  • You can use more than one lighting system, but at the very minimum you need 3-way lighting
  • Shotgun microphones
  • Boom mic system with shock mount and pole
  • Audio cables and recorders
  • XLR cables (audio cables)
  • Headphones allow you to adjust the sound level more precisely

You can always have extra batteries, memory cards, and other equipment if your gear fails while you are filming.

If you are working in a specific environment, you may need additional materials. Discuss your needs with your team and decide what equipment is most important.

Which lens is best for music videos?

Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Lens, one of the most popular lenses for music video shooting, is the Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Lens. It features an UltraSonic motor, a 135mm focal length, and a 3-foot focus distance. It can be ordered with a polarizer and a UV Protection Filter.

This lens is fast and versatile, allowing you to capture beautiful video. It also works with all models of cameras we have discussed.

How long does it take to make a music video?

It all depends on what you are doing with the video. Artists usually have an idea of their main concept in the video and with whom they want to collaborate. The record label will take care of these things if the artist does not have a clear idea. This will depend on the song being recorded as well as the budget.

It takes on average two weeks to record everything and get it ready for use. However, it can take longer to organize and schedule.


Although the number of features and brands can make your purchase decision difficult, it is not impossible. Your shooting preferences and budget will have a significant impact on your buying decision. You can always find a camera for music videos that fits your needs and has the right features to capture your next music video. We hope that you will use this guide to choose the right video editing program for you. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any other recommendations.

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