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What is Bobcat Goldthwait Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

The 26 What is Bobcat Goldthwait Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview

Bobcat Goldthwait is best known for his roles in the Police Academy movies, as well as his distinct voice which has been heard in several animated films. Goldthwait has also directed a number of films, including World’s Greatest Dad (2009) and God Bless America (2011). 

In this blog, we will be introducing Bobcat Goldthwait net worth, life, career, personal life, and more. Let’s find out with Fidlarmusic

Bobcat Goldthwait Net Worth And Salary in 2023? Why His Famous?

What Is Bobcat Goldthwait's Net Worth And Salary 2023

Bobcat Goldthwait has a net worth of $3 million as an American comedian, actor, writer, director, and producer. Goldthwait is recognized for his vivacious stage presence, black humour, and gruff but high-pitched voice.

He rose to prominence in the 1980s because to two TV concert specials: “An Evening with Bobcat Goldthwait – Share the Warmth” (1987) and “Bob Goldthwait – Is He Like That All the Time?” (1988).

Bobcat has released three comedy albums, “Meat Bob” (1988), “I Don’t Mean to Insult You, but You Look Like Bobcat Goldthwait” (2003), and “You Don’t Look the Same Either” (2012), and he has directed several comedy specials by other comedians, including

  • “Patton Oswalt: Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time” (2014),
  • “Eugene Mirman: Vegan on His Way to the Complain Store” (2015),
  • “Marc (2019).

He also directed episodes of “The Man Show” (2000-2003), “Chappelle’s Show” (2003), “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (2004-2007), “Important Things with Demetri Martin” (2010), “Maron” (2013-2016), and “Those Who Can’t” (2013-2016). (2016).

Goldthwait wrote and directed “Shakes the Clown” (1991), “Sleeping Dogs Lie” (2006), “World’s Greatest Dad” (2009), “God Bless America” (2011), and “Willow Creek” (2013), as well as the documentaries “Call Me Lucky” (2015) and “Joy Ride” (2021), and the Comedy Central film “Windy City Heat” (2003).

He developed, wrote, directed, and produced “Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters,” a 2018 truTV series, and he also produced “Windy City Heat,” “Sleeping Dogs Lie,” and “Joy Ride,” as well as comedy specials by Gary Gulman, Morgan Murphy, and Brian Posehn.

Bobcat played Zed in three “Police Academy” films (1985-1987), voiced Mr. Floppy on The WB sitcom “Unhappily Ever After” (1995-1999), and has over 100 acting credits to his name, including voice roles in the films.

  • Hercules (1997),
  • Leroy & Stitch” (2006),
  • Henchmen (2018),
  • Ttelevision shows “Tales from the Crypt” (1990; 1996),
  • Capital Critters” (2016–present).

Bobcat Goldthwait’s Overview

Early Life

Bobcat Goldthwait Overview

Bobcat Goldthwait was born Robert Francis Goldthwait on May 26, 1962, in Syracuse, New York.

His mother, Kathleen, worked in a department shop, and his father, Thomas, was a sheet metal worker. He grew up in a Catholic family and had an older brother, Jim, who has worked as an assistant director on various film and television projects.

Bobcat began making his pals laugh from a young age and would routinely stage performances for them while attending St. Matthew’s Grammar School.

In 1980, Goldthwait graduated from Bishop Grimes Junior/Senior High School and co-founded The Generic Comics comedy troupe with classmate Tom Kenny (the future voice of SpongeBob SquarePants).

As teenagers, the two buddies saw an advertisement for an open-mic night featuring comic Barry Crimmins, sometimes known as “Bear Cat.”

Bobcat and Tomcat performed at the open-mic event under the names Bobcat and Tomcat in honor of Crimmins, who later became the subject of Goldthwait’s award-winning documentary “Call Me Lucky.”

During Bobcat’s early days in comedy, he wrote with Martin Olson, who is credited as a writer on his first two comedy specials.


Bobcat Goldthwait's Career

Goldthwait made his television debut on “Lenny Clarke’s Late Show” in 1980, and his first film was 1984’s “Massive Retaliation.”

He also appeared in the films “Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment” (1985), “Police Academy 3: Back in Training” (1986), “Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol” (1987), “Hot to Trot” (1988), “Tapeheads” (1988), and “Scrooged” (1988 (1983, 1984, and 1987).

In 1993, Bobcat toured as Nirvana’s opening act, and in 1995, he starred in his own “HBO Comedy Half-Hour” special.

He wrote, directed, and starred in the 1991 film “Shakes the Clown,” then appeared in “Encino Man” (1992), “Radioland Murders” (1994), “Destiny Turns on the Radio” (1995), “Back to Back” (1996), and “Dog’s Best Friend” (1997), and voiced Pain in the 1997 Disney film “Hercules.”

Goldthwait appeared in the films “G-Men from Hell” (2000), “Late Friday” (2001), “Blow” (2001), and “Grind” (2003), and he voiced Nosy in the 2006 Disney film “Leroy & Stitch.”

He announced his retirement from stand-up comedy in 2005, then wrote, directed, and produced the 2006 black comedy “Sleeping Dogs Lie.”

Bobcat wrote and directed the 2009 film “World’s Greatest Dad,” which starred Robin Williams, as well as the 2011 film “God Bless America.”

In 2012, he released his first stand-up comedy special since announcing his retirement, “Bobcat Goldthwait: You Don’t Look the Same Either,” and in 2013, he wrote and directed the horror film “Willow Creek.”

Goldthwait directed the award-winning documentary “Call Me Lucky” in 2015, then in 2017 he made the documentary short “American Bigfoot.”

Since 2016, he has portrayed Pop Fizz in the computer-animated Netflix series “Skylanders Academy,” and in 2018, he directed and produced the documentary “Joy Ride,” in which he co-starred with fellow comedian Dana Gould.


FAQs About Bobcat Goldthwait

What is Bobcat Goldthwait known for?

Robert Francis ‘Bobcat’ Goldthwait, born May 26, 1962, is an American comedian, writer, producer, director, and star of films and television shows. He is most widely known for his at times, screechy voice and scattergun delivery during his standup comedy performances and some film roles.

What is Bobcat Goldthwait doing now?

Goldthwait now spends a lot of time behind the camera as a television director and filmmaker. He still does standup, but he appears on stage basically as himself: a 53-year-old entertainer with stories to tell in his real voice.

What did Bobcat Goldthwait say about Jerry Seinfeld?

Goldthwait goes on to explain in the film how Seinfeld used an episode of his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee—or “Rich Comedians in Cars Bitching About Their Diamond Shoes Being Too Tight,” as he calls it—to attack him during a conversation with the comedian Bridget Everett. “If you’re funny, you win.


Bobcat Goldthwait has been an interesting comedian and actor over the years. He has had some great roles in films and television. He is also a very successful stand-up comedian. Bobcat Goldthwait is a very talented individual and we hope to see more of him in the future. Thank you for reading Bobcat Goldthwait.

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