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Bias Amp 2 Review 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Bias Amp 2 Review 2021 Top Full Review, Guide

The first Positive Grid BIAS Amp probably did more than another plugin to deliver modern amp to the masses. Whereas additional modelers tend to adhere closely to emulating real amps, Bias amp 2 le is much more worried about opening sounds up as a stepping-off tip for more tweaking.

Go for an amp, and after that, you can change everything in your preamp and power amp tubes into the biasing and EQ shelf frequencies before playing with cabs and mics. Additionally, by mixing habit IRs and employing the Amp Match attribute, this tonal palette could be extended even farther.

For BIAS Amp 2 (which begins at $99), PG has overhauled the center motor, while the $299 Elite variant (reviewed ) contains custom impulse responses from speaker legends Celestion.

The capacity to use 2 mics is just another welcome addition within the first BIAS; being in a position to independently set and combine the mics permits for intuitive and fine-grained control over the last tone. Keep Reading Fidlar’s post to see our reviews.

Favorable Grid Bias Amp 2 Full Review


  • More responsive amp tones.
  • Seriously deep editing.
  • Neat IR options.
  • Celestion IRs sound great.


  • You’ll need to stump up for the $299 Elite edition to get the full experience

Favorable Grid Bias Amp 2 Full Review

The Interface

Bias Amps 2 introduces the consumer with a leading panel consisting of many different segments. The top is choices for choosing amp presets (both factory and user), saving edited/customized models, and other configurations.

Just below that’s a sign chain picture, revealing all of the editable elements of every amp. Selecting one requires this up from the edit panel below, and this is where several customizations and layout tweaks are created.

The arrangement of the natural elements is repaired, as it might be in actual china, with the exclusion of 2 floating usefulness EQs.

In the very base are the necessary input and output level calibration alterations as different from the Profit and Master degree knobs at the Sky sims, which impact both the tone and distortion combined with a Noise Gate and Reverb (room simulator).

The part chain and editing panel would be, obviously, the Core of Bias fx2. This is where you will get a level of tweak ability that distinguishes this particular amp is from many others. This detail extends to the Glass images.

The first element Custom Panel would be the screen of the digital amp’s control panel, in which the participant would make sharpness and tone settings as with a Blackberry.

But there is a picture panel that enables the user to customize each model’s look, specifying exactly about every detail in the visual appeal of this hole (Glass covering) and grille fabric to the knobs and panel.

Bias Amp two preserves the same complete set of knobs for many amps, unlike any plug sims that tailor the design to the particular amp being emulated.

Users who may want to emulate their preferred tone to their favorite settings on the actual thing may require a little additional work. Still, after those configurations are located, they may be saved together with the amp for a user preset.

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The Components

The following four elements make up the Core of the units: Preamp, Tone Stack, Power Amp, and Transformer. Each one calls a view of the appropriate components, including luminous tubes, which shine brighter as the Gain is involved and other inner components.

This is where someone’s model’s digital amp circuitry could be substituted extensively to get a more specific answer and tonal character.

Now, admittedly this may exceed the requirements of several gamers, who need merely a couple of turns on the primary Profit and Tone knobs while looking for their sound.

Still, guitarists who pertain to Bias Amp two are those for whom tone is much more of an obsession, and they will welcome the amount of fine-tuning available with open arms.

From the Preamp module, two sets of preamp tubes could be selected from a list that contains the customary 12AX7 and its brethren; the variety of preamp stages could be summed up, anything from 1 to 5believe Mesa Boogie cascading gain stages along with the tube bias could be corrected.

These tweaks may provide subtle or less-subtle modifications in the amp response. The Tone Stack can be chosen from a high number of alternatives, all modeled on the designed circuitry from many different classic and modern amps, in addition to acoustic and bass amps.

The power amp design is an integral part of the audio of an actual amp, as well as the Power Amp segment in Bias Amp two once more provides a vast selection of customization choices.

There are the customary 6V6, 6L6, EL34, and EL84, but Bias Amp two adds additional tube versions, the 6550 and KT88, that provide the driveway for several classic amps.

The alternatives for circuit topology comprise single-ended Class A, as discovered in particular classic smaller clinic amps, in addition to variants of the typical push-pull Course A/B approach, together with tubes working in pairs; there is a choice for solid-state performance, a la the Roland JC-120. Yet more, tube bias could be set.

This Presence control customized behavior, together with quite a few further tiny alterations that could have a subtle influence on the simulated stimulation breakup.

The Transformer module includes two segments. The user can pick from transformer types found in British and American amps, which will subtly impact tone.

There is also a power source section, using a choice for two separate tube rectifiers, the GZ34 along with the elderly 5Y3GT. While many guitarists understand, tube rectification can give rise to a voltage sag, which is the consequence of compressing the sign.

Once the amp is pushed hard, compression may have a notable impact on texture, influencing the playing mode. The consumer may also dial up a favorite compression personality with this simulated sag, using a complete assortment of controls.

Two regular parametric EQs provide complete tone-shaping options; then, that gives way to the output choices.

Speaker Cabinet

An improved speaker emulation part in Bias FX pro 2 includes choices for simulated speaker closets and IRslisted Impulse Responses.

A recent venture with Celestion provides a vast assortment of Celestion speaker IRs for Bias FX le 2 (contained in the Elite variant ), and also the user may also load their own IRs.

Modeled options comprise 2, 1, and 4-speaker cabs, covering all bases, including an individual choice for a closed or open back.

The mic options chosen cabinet can have two mics, with place and space set using a grid, and you will find flat controls for attaining the best equilibrium. Emulated mics incorporate a 57, 421, 414, and Royer 121 decoration.

Amp Match

This distinctive characteristic of Bias Amps 2 permits the user to catch the audio of their favorite amp, or perhaps attempt to catch a favorite guitar sound from a recording.

You merely pick the Amp Match module, path the desirable amp signal right into it, and the sound is going to be examined; I attempted it using a prerecorded guitar trail in a session.

First, in the initial 20 minutes of this recording, the guitar has been played throughout the desirable amp has been examined.

I then played with guitar live right into it, presume this would account for the guitar tone when booted the appropriate settings. Finally, I stored the outcome.

The game to the first amp tone was fairly great with a few slight tweaks of microphone position and Profit, I made it close enough to the first tone to perform a decent punch-in.

So far as the amp sims proceed, I performed through a broad array of the mill presets and bought and stored just a few customized presets.

The first maps aren’t explicitly named, as with many amp sims, but it is pretty clear what they are, and also the versions of those that I was familiar with certainly captured the vibe and tone of their originals.

Digging in and making some alterations to a number of the digital circuitry had subtle but apparent consequences. I especially liked experimenting with different tube types and personalizing the digital amp simulated sag by tweaking the Rectifier configurations.


Being comprehensive is feature-packed because it is not surprising that Bias FX professional2 is not the snappiest celebrity on an ordinary computer.

An SSD and a fantastic amount of RAM are unquestionably recommending improving startup times and real-time playback. Once loaded, however, Bias FX latency two is very secure, and I have not faced any crashes or glitches yet.

If you plan to include many cases within an overly heavy project, I will propose freezing any other effects to free up any space.

Performance (1)


Bias Amps 2 is targeted at all those users that are incredibly much control freaks when it comes to their guitar tone, and it certainly delivers in spades. But for people who are far more gamers than designers, the Sky sims on tap are top-notch. Also, the excess capabilities may be convenient, particularly when working sessions with guest guitarists with particular needs.

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