Beyerdynamic Dt 1990 Pro Review 2021: Top Full Guide

Beyerdynamic Dt 1990 Pro Review 2021 Top Full Guide

The Beyerdynamic Dt 1990 Pro are excellent, well-built crucial listening headphones. They possess the most premium appearance and feel of all of the Beyerdynamic versions that we have tested up to now, and they are a durable, sturdy option that should last you some time.

They are comfy and provide well-balanced and open audio, but maybe a little tight on several heads and somewhat sharp on bright paths. In this guide, Fidlar will show you more information about this headphone.

Beyerdynamic Dt 1990 Pro Full Review

Technical Specifications

  • Open wired full-size circumaural headphone
  • Weight: 370g
  • Single-sided detachable cable
  • Dynamic Tesla driver
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Impedance: 250 ohms

Beyerdynamic Dt 1990 Pro Full Review


The DT 1990 Pro headphones have a bulky, completely open layout circumaural, with enormous velour-covered earpads.

There is a matte black frame with vented outer panels, along with a lavish black leather-covered headband. The padding in the headband is replaceable (though substitute cushioning isn’t included), as would be the earpads. While the plan is very bulky, the match is comfortable and secure, even over long listening sessions.

Two pairs of earbuds boat together with all the DT 1990 Pro: a single set for impartial listening, which gives a marginally increased bass response. They seem almost identical and aren’t labeled, which can be bothersome.

You set them apart from the holes lining the inside. There are plenty of holes around the bass-enhanced set and just four holes marking the impartial pair. The earpads, it ought to be said, are a slight pain to replace and remove.

Nevertheless, most consumers will probably settle on a single set up and store them in position instead of going back and forth frequently, given that the subtle differences. Within the earcups, 45mm Tesla drivers provide a frequency assortment of 5Hz to 40kHz, using an impedance of 250 Ohms.

Studio usage, therefore, the added cables are of substantial-quality but are forewarned that cable comes with an inline mic or remote.

One cable is 9.8 ft and directly, and the other one is 16 ft and coiled. Both wires terminate in 3.5millimeter relations, and you will find just two screw-on 0.25-inch headphone jack adapters at the box.

The link for the wires, located on the left earcup base, is a miniature XLRrare to watch headphones in this budget. Both wires lock into position.

A sizable hard-shell zip-up situation is included. The cans do not fold or collapse, so the situation is quite big, but it also houses the two wires and additional earpads.

beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Open Studio Headphones
  • Open studio reference class headphones for mixing and mastering, Made in Germany
  • 250 ohms, 45 mm dynamic Tesla neodymium drivers
  • Single sided, detachable cable with mini-XLR connectors
  • Soft, replaceable ear pads and headband for long studio sessions. Headphone frequency response : 5-40,000 Hz. Nominal sound pressure level : 102 dBSPL (1mW/500Hz)
  • Delivery contents: 2 ear pads with different sound characteristics (analytical and well-balanced), two pairs of cables (3m straight and coiled), premium hard case


It’s lovely to find that Beyerdynamic comprised two unique cables. Both have a good depth and seem to be quite durable.

The rubberized coating feels sturdy and fits with the build quality of these headphones themselves. But neither provided a perfect solution for private usage.

The Straight Cable

The right cable has a significant span of 3 meters. On the other hand, the memory is quite vital for this one, and through the very lengthy review process, it didn’t wish to straighten itself, which makes me shed around 50cm efficiently, which makes it less comfortable to work with on the sofa.

The Coiled Cable

The coiled cable appeared to be a terrific game for desktop use in the beginning. Regrettably, it’s extraordinary long at five meters.

In most situations, you’ll have an excellent cable package before you. However, what’s more, those five meters have the weight significantly.

Adding the same powerful memory in the right cable, I felt just like the coiled cable restricted my movement far more than it needs to, and when I awakened, the weight could transfer the job of the cans in my mind.

I believe Beyerdynamic should update their default wires to your newest 1770 and 1990 PRO lines and place usability before build quality.

Sound Impressions

From the box, the DT1990 requires around 200 hours of burn-in for it to seem optimal. Interestingly, the first DT 990 that was my initial open headset out of Beyer hasn’t so much in common with all the brand new DT1990 sound-wise.

Sound Impressions

Tonality & Demo

The DT 1990 are somewhat v-shaped, having an enjoyable quantity of bass and some analytic treble energy, which gives it a somewhat sterile sound personality.

Whereas the DT 880, when blowing off the notorious high-frequency Beyer-peak, seems natural to my ears, the DT 1990 drifts into a neutral sounding land.

On the other hand, the noise signature is dependent upon the earpads to a level. Fortunately, Beyerdynamic includes two distinct forms of ear pads for consumers to pick their taste.

Balanced VS. Analytical Ear Pads

The DT 1990 PRO comes delivered with a spare pair of earpads. However, these aren’t only for backup purposes.

Either place has a good personality. In other words, the pre-installed EDT 1990 B guarantees a sound using a small bass boost (quoted in the guide ).

I like the EDT 1990 A (A for analytical), which have to be mounted by yourself. Unless emphatically given, the subsequent review was written while listening to the analytically tuned DT 1990 PRO. I’ll reevaluate the comparison following a comprehensive appearance.


I enjoy the bass performance of the DT 1990 Pro. They have an excellent quantity of punch but with no flourish or slow rumble. Nevertheless, they have linear and deep expansion despite being open-back headset.

There’s a significant quantity of rumble, although not overpowering. When requested to get the bass may cause nice weight, also. Fortunately, the bass doesn’t bleed to the mids.


Phrased favorably, the midrange is impartial in an analytical manner. Male voices can seem sensible and come by as rendered well.

But, with higher-pitched listeners, the extensive detail out of vocal recognition can be overpowering. In my ears, the percussive strike is a lot of, and consonants hit too harshly.

Electric guitars may be edgy and come by as overly harsh. Finger snapping also seems empty and hollow. I need to be fair here, and there’s just a lot higher mid-power for randomly shuffling music.

There’s not much to complain about if listening to the well-mastered sound, however. I genuinely like vocals, flutes, and even trumpets on audiophile records. Clarity and definition could be phenomenal. Just ensure that your source permits enough headroom.


The analytical temperament of the upper midrange and lower treble proceeds on in the high frequencies. The DT 1990 treble expansion is excellent.

Nevertheless, Beyerdynamic has ever been famous for slightly extracurricular energy, and I have been speaking to some boosted top-end as a Beyer-peak.

Like all the outspoken presence summit, Beyerdynamic unsurprisingly didn’t shy away from 7-8 kHz, and sometimes this could come across as a bit sibilant.

Precisely the same that I said concerning the midrange is accurate for the treble too. It makes it uneasy about shuffling through websites, but additionally, it functions with fantastic records emphasizing good definition and crispness.


The soundstage is vast and very profound. The A pads pull on the sound closer together, whereas the B pads may create more depth.

Voices are put back somewhat, but they’ve adequate space to breathe and stand on their very own. Irrespective of which pads that you opt for, the stereo separation is robust.

The boosted crunch and definition in the tuning lead to excellent resolution. Instruments are split with simplicity, though general sounding a bit too light-weight to get a naturally sweet taste. Dynamics can also be flattened a little more than I’d wish for.

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Choice Ear Pads Revisited

Since you’re able to take out of my comprehensive appearance, the DT 1990 PRO amazes me with low-end frequencies. The punch and tightness are incredibly generous, and I’m impressed with the low-end extension to get a headset.

Going with the balanced pads, a few more rumble will be unmistakable, and consequently, the atmosphere will improve with a few records.

I don’t feel the bass boost is overdone. But, it somewhat accentuates the existence summit in a psycho-acoustical way. Were 1990 delivered together with all the B pads, I probably would not mind in any way?

But, I determined that I prefer pads. They attract vocals closer to the listener, and the total tuning is much more impartial and nearer to the reference. Most of all, the bass loses none of its qualities.


The DT 1990 Pro’s Tesla motorist is a lot easier to drive than the initial DT series. The volume is simple to drive high, but that Beyerdynamic asks for a whole lot of control. Unnamed, the noise can be gratifying, but you would overlook the majority of its advantages. Amplification is suggested.

Lake People Reference Series

The Lake People combo set together from RS 06 and RS 02 or 08 amps ends in exceptional linearity. The improvement of dynamics is unbelievable, and Lake People provides life to the most analytical track by Beyerdynamic.

The DT 1990 asks for quickness and precision above all. I believe this is a recommendable sonic game, more than having a tube amp and seeking to flex 1990 into something it is not, e.g., a hot and analog seeming consumer headset.

Also, visually this pair formidably. It almost sounds as if these devices were created from precisely the same hand. Black outweighs the tiny thin-lined details that include aesthetics to the product. Both places build quality over luxury materials, and Lake Individuals and Beyerdynamic appear to aim for the identical aim.


Not toying with almost any DSP effects and utilizing the inventory settings, the RME sounds strikingly like Lake People. Dependent on the DT 1990 PRO alone, I couldn’t let the amps apart from a blind test.

This combo also plays exceptionally transparent but mostly won me thanks to this equalizer and crossfeed. The distinct bass and treble knobs essentially replace the ear pads for various audio signatures.

The ADI-2 Pro is more significant than a secure recommendation but not necessarily connected to Beyerdynamic’s DT 1990 Pro.


  • Build quality and sturdiness
  • Design of the back cups
  • Cable quality feels like ones used for commercial A/V setups
  • Accessories it came with are great (case, cables, extra set of pads w/different tuning)
  • Reasonably comfortable for a few hours with the analytical pads
  • Very capable technicalities (detail retrieval, speed, imaging, head stage)
  • Bass and treble extension are great
  • Decent stock tonality of balanced pads
  • Takes EQ well and great tonality and timbre when EQ’d


  • Clamp force is about moderate to slightly higher than average
  • Balanced pads are not as comfortable long term as analytical pads (stiffer)
  • Really bad stock tonality of analytical pads
  • Treble emphasis bleeds into midrange – making timbre just wrong


We believe the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 is still an exceptional pair of headphones. They are professional-grade cans that anybody will appreciate listening to. They are not the most neutral-sounding headphone; however, their settlement and playfulness make them incredibly enjoyable to listen to for hours.

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