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Best Wah Pedal 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Wah Pedal 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Wah immediately became famous and widely used for its sonic properties. Wah is one of the must-have trios for a guitarist. And if you are also looking for a springboard to aid you in your performance, you are entirely confused by the hundreds of products on the market today.

So, this is precisely what you need to see; here, Fidlar has compiled a list of the Best Wah Pedal available now; also, we offer advice as well as save when choosing and using wah.

What’s A Wah Pedal?

The Wah pedal is only an effects pedal for dolls. It’s among the several pedals that provide various effects for guitar players who wish to ramp up the guitar’s noise or even alter the consequent tone. Pedals are frequently used together in a string but may be used separately too.

Each guitarist worth their salt will tell you they have a widespread effects pedal, as well as the Wah pedal positions up one of the greatest in pedals. Being one of the most relaxing effects, many guitarists, whether novice or seasoned, will start off using a wah pedal to check the guitars’ limitations and determine precisely how much they could make those guitars shout.

The first wah pedal premiered in 1967 and has been the VOX Clyde McCoy. The odd thing is the pedal’s namesake wasn’t a guitarist, but a trumpet player, and wah pedals were meant to be used when blowing off the could horn. But, guitarists picked up on the way, along with the rest, as they say, was history.

The war is known as the Cry Baby Wah and is among the most popular of wah pedals. The wah pedal functions as a tone control that fosters the reduced frequencies up into the high-end ones, from crossing the pedal or treadle.

A guitarist will utilize the guitar’s tone to understand as passive because the Wah electronically boosts the frequencies.

You will find many wah pedals in the marketplace nowadays, and all provide the flexibility that’s so synonymous with the wah-wah sound.

The very best Wah can replicate a metering device or the individual voice and boost some screaming lead. The top of this wah pedal’s applications are unique, and this also makes it among the most well-known effects pedals of all time.

What Exactly Does A Wah Pedal Do?

To cut to the chase, a Wah pedal essentially changes the tone of your guitar’s signal. Since the treadle or pedal is depressed from the guitarist at a downward motion, it alters the guitar pedals tone out of a bass tone to treble, using a border.

The treadle’s motion enables the guitarist to maneuver the frequency of the resonant peak down and up, and with that, the noise is changed. The result was compared to that of an individual voice or a trumpet (see the top 10 trumpets for pupils here).

The result can also be best when playing direct and desiring a more expressive work, or producing which whack-whack-whack 60’s style unique sound that may be heard from the theme tune of the film, “Shaft,” and conjures up pictures of Samuel L Jackson at a brownish crimplene match, 70’s style!

Another use would be to place the treadle at a static posture, highlighting a particular tonal frequency and is known as being cocked.

The pedal is controlled via the melancholy of the treadle to participate in it. Most are somewhat necessary with no off or switch or flexible features and participate through foot actions.

A couple of others, but do include different features and also an abysmal upgrade. You could even realize that there is a choice to adjust the treadle activity’s tension with an Allen key.

What Exactly Does A Wah Pedal Do

Best Wah Pedals Brands

1. Dunlop Cry Baby Mini 535Q

The Cry Baby is the best guitar volume pedal, but this most recent mini incarnation provides a sufficient version for several players while taking up minimum pedalboard property. There is a reddish Fasel inductor onboard for vintage-voiced, in addition to a range of extras to tailor the way for your tastes.

Key among them is choosing four frequency ranges to maneuver from more accessible to more trebly sweeps, even though a Q knob adjusts how intense the result. Soloists will be very happy to note the increased switch, which ends up in a 16dB elevator to make those prospects soar.


  • Fits neatly in your pedalboard
  • Loads of tweak ability
  • Boost switch Is Excellent for solos.


  • Not much

2. Electro-Harmonix Wailer Wah

The Wailer Wah is EHX’s take on the Cry Baby, but with a few modern tweaks. Chief among these is the price tag, but the organization has also decreased the weight, making for an easier-to-lift pedalboard.

The tone was given an overhaul, with all the high-end-focused sweep of lower-priced was replaced with a sleek, round transition between bass and treble, along with an extreme, nearly synth-like quality.

It utilizes the old’ rack-and-pinion mechanical approach, which you may indeed feel underfoot, but the bang-for-buck tonal ratio simplifies any slight misgivings concerning the feel. It is clearly the very best cheap wah pedal.


  • Super cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic sound for the Purchase Price


  • The mechanical system is not for Everybody.
Cry Baby Standard Wah (GCB95)
1,087 Reviews

3. Vox V847-A Wah Pedal

There is no denying that the chrome trim of this pedal, and all the Cry Baby, is a pedalboard staple all over the world, and that is mainly down to 2 things: its cost and its simplicity.

True, there aren’t any bonus features here, and also the battery access is not perfect, but its satisfying weight retains it frozen to the place, while the mechanics are smoother than most of its rivals.

The tone is also there, using a redesigned inductor, which intends to ape the first, as used by Page and Hendrix, along with a buffered input to maintain your tone.


  • Stylish Appearance
  • Simple functionality
  • Cheap


  • Battery accessibility can be a nuisance.

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4. Boss PW-3 Wah Pedal

The all-analog PW-3 sits somewhere between conventional and miniature Cry Babys concerning size, and its diecast chassis marks a decorative death from the audience. Its tone sets it apart, and a selection of two different Wah sounds present and past.

Vintage dials within an approximation of this Hendrix/Eric Clapton seems of yore with a dip in low-end, but shifting to Rich keeps the bass frequencies and promotes the output signal for a throaty sound that begs to be paired with lashings of advantage.

There are better choices for the two individual noises, but it is the combo of both, making the PW-3 a slot. This is the best guitar expression pedal.


  • Unique Appearance
  • Wide-ranging sound Alternatives
  • Fantastic value for money


  • The appearance is not for Everybody.
Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah
166 Reviews

5. Xotic XW-1 Wah

For your glam-looking XW-1 Wah, US boutique co Xotic Effects hunted to pinpoint the noise of this considerably sought-after first Clyde McCoy, courtesy of a halo inductor.

The flexibility variable is upped dramatically with the accession of prejudice, wah-Q, treble, and bass controls, together with all the EQ knobs offering around 15dB of cut or boost.

You will find internal controls for input. Also, inner dip switches to correct the wah resonance frequency array. You also receive a relay-based true bypass switching, a slightly downsized enclosure on the conventional wah, a flowing circuit to be used with fussy fuzzes, adjustable rocker tension, plus a self-lubricating nylon bushing pivot to reduce squeaks.


  • Sleek, funky Appearance
  • Versatile control
  • Premium construct and features


  • This boutique wah comes at a cost.

6. Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini 535Q Wah

Suppose you prefer the expression of the Dunlop Cry Baby but need more controller. In that case, the 535Q is your responsibility, and it is now offered in a miniature format, perfect for crowded pedalboards.

The 535Q provides you control over two of the essential parameters, frequency width, and center that permit you to alter this device’s Q. It even provides a switchable boost for additional output.

What exactly does this mean in practical terms? It usually means you could fine-tune and personalize the expression of this war and its filter.

If you have not seen a way that works for your audio but understands you want you, then the 535Q is well worth a go. It is the very best volume pedal.


  • Versatile
  • Customizable
  • Small footprint


  • Some gamers may choose the full-sized Edition.

7. Electro-Harmonix Cock Fight

The parked wah effect isn’t super common. We could offhand think about the intro into Muse’s Dead Star and Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing. However, Electro-Harmonix is an eccentric firm. Therefore it makes sense they would design a wah-proof filter and fuzz around the idea.

The way segment includes frequency, volume, and frequency controls and a voicing switch that goes from emulating a Cry Baby to a lot of a conversation box tone.

In contrast, the fuzz could be changed between being after the war, in addition to changing its prejudice, for perishing battery fuzz tones.

If this was not sufficient, the pedal also features an expression. Having a saying attached, the Cock Fight becomes a standard wah pedal.

If you’d like a typical wah form variable, then EHX additionally offers you the Cock Fight Plus, which comes at a wah-style enclosure.


  • Versatility


  • This also an expression that takes up a great deal of blank space.
  • Price
Cry Baby Standard Wah (GCB95)
1,087 Reviews

8. Mooer that the Wah Mini

The expressing of this Wah is not that dissimilar to some Cry Baby. Its principal selling points would be clear that it is even cheaper and tiny.

If you do not have the pedalboard property to get a full-fat way, then there is a fantastic chance you’re able to match the Wah because it is just slightly bigger than a regular Mooer miniature pedal.

That’s its principal strength, in addition to its chief drawback; we have tended to discover that mini-wah and expressions do not work so well for us, as our large feet imply that we can not match pedals below or above it anyhow.

However, we all know people who’ve discovered the reverse; particularly if you’re less awkward than people, the Wah may be a fantastic compromise to get a packaged board. This is probably one of the very best mini volume pedals.


  • Tiny size
  • Momentary operation


  • Long-term reliability of switching
  • Size may be an issue for large toes.

9. Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour Mode

Steve Vai’s signature wah has become the most popular from the Morley Vai, and therefore it has become synonymous with their wah voicing.

This new and improved version of the Bad Horsie has some improvements on the first. Most notably, there is a second shape mode, which lets you correct this pedal’s frequency and tone. In consequence, it’s expressing to your taste.

The pedal occurs when you step onto it and transfer it in the position of the heel. This short-term action is beneficial if you are using it in short sharp bursts and can be in common with many higher-end Dunlops. However, we’ve seen complaints on the internet about how it functions, so it is probably best to test it independently.


  • The Timeless Vai a sound
  • Customizable shape mode


  • Voicing may not be to your liking.
  • Momentary switching is not for everyone.

10. Fender FWP-1 Wah Pedal

This simple silver and black Fender wah pedal rock a comfy non-slip treadle and a durable cast-metal chassis. Though marketed individually, the Fender FWP Wah provides an AC Adapter and Battery option and provides flexible alternatives based upon your gig prerequisites.

The Fender’s FWP-1 Wah effects-pedal provides rich, classic sounds with a smooth, consistent texture and crystalline reaction. An internal change empowers the classic or buffered output signal, allowing greater flexibility regarding board positioning of the device and its connection to other impact pedals.

With its durable casing, guitarists can rest sure of its durability but have the extra reassurance knowing this has effects-pedal includes a 1 Year Warranty.


  • Non-slip
  • AC Adapter and Cells
  • Durable cast-metal chassis
  • Has a 1-Year Guarantee


  • Not much
Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah
166 Reviews

What Budget Is Required For A Wah Pedal?

A sound effects pedal will come at an affordable cost. But that isn’t to say you won’t have the ability to get just what your artist’s soul needs, and within your budget.

You could be on the lookout for the most delicate Wah effect pedal that’s basic with no frills and features, and it will, consequently, be a good deal more competitively priced and probably on the reduced scale of your financial plan.

All these come in at approximately $70.00 and therefore are rather famous for first-time buyers to sink their teeth into.

Additionally, it will be dependent on your other needs and if you require something to tinker with or to get the purpose of owning a full-on gig on your cellar.

The Cry Baby Wah Wah is one of the very popular and could be obtained at a fairly decent cost. Our examined Cry Baby Wah Pedals are where you need to start when analyzing demands versus cost.

The great Wah’s then go into the mid-range pricing of this 150.00 mark, and although maybe not the royalty of Wah’s, they generally come with a number of the most significant features and rockin’ tones.

The higher-end of this scale would be approximately $550.00, and in case you’re searching for a wah pedal in case this array, then you mean business! All these treadles are aimed at the high actors and rock n rollers that are gigging out it and raking in the money, so a purchase price of nature isn’t unusual.

If you are a beginner or newcomer testing out consequences, together with this being your first bought, then consider deals or specials being promoted or utilized units that still have several years of play left in them.

No matter your budget, you are sure to locate a Wah together with your title on it, Well, possibly embellished with the touch of some famous rock legend; however, you understand what we mean.

How To Use A Wah Pedal?

So you chose to play the guitar. As soon as you receive a guitar and an amp, the next step is to research effects. Effects pedals could be split into classes according to their purposes.

Knowing the various pedal classes is the trick to getting optimum noise when chaining them together. The most significant pedal set is probably overdrives and distortions.

Regarding the positioning of this pedal about the board – there are not any hard and fast rules.

But there are unstated rules among musicians and their neighborhood. The positioning of and other consequences is vital to the overall noise. It makes sure there is no interference from or together with all the other effects being used concurrently.

Running a range of consequences, concurrently will not lead to any circuit-related problems, but it will mess with the general sound.

Suppose you’re likely to experiment with several consequences. In that case, it’d be wise to construct a pedalboard and put each pedal in a sequence that will complement and balance the general results rather than negatively affect one another.

Pedals that amplify or add sound ought to go close to the signal route’s start. Including overdrive/distortion compressors, effects, and wah pedals.

If they are afterward in the signal path, they will amplify the sound of everything ahead of them, which can be hard to control – see the analysis by following this link.

Pedals that produce tone move before things change the tone. This is logical as you would like to have your essential sound, then tweak it using some changing the result. By way of instance, this implies that overdrives proceed before chorus consequences.

Pedals that make ambiance go past. This goes straight back into the how can seem to happen in actual space idea. Therefore, delay, flanger, and reverb ought to go after the rest of the consequences.

Modulation effects generally will need to go from the effects loop to be in their summit, and Wah pedals are a fantastic illustration of this. In terms of where it ought to be, if you operate it facing this effects pedal into distortion is subtler sounding wah, and distortion is much more striking.

The tuner pedal moves. The subsequent three pedals alter the fundamental tone of this guitar. The much-loved overdrive or distortion pedals come.

When requiring the constant wah-wah noise, the pedal is triggered but not drifted. This can be quite a frequent practice in thick metal and stone lead beams.

Graphic Equalizers are great to have after any overdrive consequences. Until any sound suppression, that needs to be utilized at the center to muffle the pedals before the sign moves combined into the modulation and ambiance effects. These are delay and reverb, and in that sequence, to explain the last noise produced.

Loopers are often inserted as the last leg of this plank, which behaves as recorders rather than effects. That is the reason why they’re placed after the pedalboard series.

However, to reiterate, there’s no hard and fast rule for producing pedalboard and the sequence of consequences, and it’s always encouraged to experiment to produce the intended outcome.

You merely have to adhere to some basic principles to create the very best board to house all your pedals to make the tones and supreme sound you would like.


Since there are so many pedals on the market today, you might want to experiment with some, as no two wah pedals are precisely the same, the same pedal but looks different when different artists manage it.

Everything has to do with how the instrument itself is moved and how the guitar player operates his or her feet in harmony with his guitar.

And you’ve just gone through our list of the best wah pedals. Hopefully, you’ve found the right pedal for you. You certainly won’t go wrong with any of our listings. To Vox and Morley, Dunlop makers are brands that customers trust and use a lot on Amazon today.

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