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Best Travel Guitar 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Travel Guitar

If you’re searching for a roundup of the Best Travel Guitars, then you’re in for a treat. Fidlar has chosen some fairly great products that fulfill the standards for various motives, every one deserving of becoming a worthy candidate.

We live in an era where technology keeps us joined at our hands. The net has made the world look a great deal smaller, more attractive, and traveling the length and breadth of it a great deal less of an impossibility.

Nearly all guitarists from the house and desired that they had a tool together. It’s also reasonable to say that our musical instruments may hold a fair amount of value, whether it’s literal or sentimental. Taking them onto the street necessarily means they could wind up damaged.

What makes for the best travel-size guitar is just a bit more complicated than you may at first believe. Together with durability problems and transport security measures, the dimensions and elements will need to be considered. Keep reading our post to see more information about this guitar.

What’s A Travel Guitar?

A traveling music guitar may theoretically be a full-size Jumbo version, providing you’re pleased to bring a massive guitar like this on the street, plane, or train. But when most men and women talk travel guitars, they’re speaking about the ones mostly made for fast and effortless transport.

As a few of the versions on our graph will have revealed, travel guitars are available in all sizes and shapes. They are as straightforward as a 3/4 or even 1/2-sized guitar, which keeps a complete (albeit smaller) actual wood tone.

Travel guitars might be a full-size guitar that folds in the trunk, offering full-size playability and style but with all the ease of having the ability to fold the guitar in half! Or they might look like the

Traveler collection can be a small alien in layout, but ultra-convenient to carry along in your journeys.

What is a Travel Guitar

What Should the Best Travel Guitar Have?

There are a couple of essential things that you ought to consider when comparing different brands and versions of traveling music guitar. Most importantly, it would help if you had something with compact dimensions.

Traveling with a full-size dreadnought is all good and well for tone, but attempt to maneuver it together with a plane aisle or via a busy train, and you’ll soon be trying to find something more significant.

You’ll also need something which looks great and is constructed with quality materials, though you do not need something so valuable that you are feeling scared to bring it to the street with you. Happily, most travel-dedicated guitars are the solid spruce top inside their build, capable of carrying a few lumps.

Speaking about substances, solid spruce wood is not so crucial for traveling mini guitars as strong wood isn’t as resistant to climate and temperature fluctuations as a laminate.

If you still need the tonal advantages of solid wood, then select something with good wood at the top but laminated sides and back.

In terms of tone and projection, the bigger you go, the more straightforward the guitar will be. It will be based on if you’re traveling using a guitar for performance or practice.

If you’re seeking something to impress on a street corner or in a coffee house, a full-size guitar that folds or even a small travel acoustic guitar with a pickup and preamp system is equally essential.

If you only need something with which to strum on the shore or noodle within your hotel room, you’ll be flexible. If that’s the situation, picking a little guitar or a quiet guitar is a wise option.

Last, consider the purchase price. You do not need to spend a lot on a guitar, which is more vulnerable to being lost, damaged, or stolen. If you’re not a professional artist or a gigging artist, traveling using an expensive guitar is absurd when travel guitars exist at approximately $100 to $400. If something terrible happened to it (God forbid!), it would not be the end of the planet.

Best Travel Guitar 2021

Best Travel Guitars Brands

1. Yamaha Steel String Silent Guitar

This Yamaha is the first of two tools by this famed producer and one of the very best mini guitars. Which first one is intriguing, to say the very least. A distinctive design sets it apart from traditional guitars, and the color is eye-catching. A little more on this later.

The slender body and is simple to play with and are very mobile, being just 43 inches. Additionally, it is lightweight, coming in at only 9 lbs. Its dimensions will let it fit easily into overhead lockers on aircraft.

The innovative control settings, consisting of amounts and tones, allow one to make sounds with the piezo pickups, emphasizing the travel acoustic guitar depth of a full-bodied Yamaha.

This control panel, which can be conveniently situated, accommodates the headset input and a workout, in addition to both reverb settings and chorus. Built into the control panel is a tuner, and it will be a fantastic addition to the choices.

The Yamaha Silent Guitar, consequently, permits you to play softly when practicing in others’ business or even to use the cans or the workout once you move live. It must be noticed that the control panel needs 2 AA batteries.


  • Well, I have made it.
  • Only options with tool sound
  • Portable.
  • Plays well.


  • Some might not like the design or color.
  • There seem to have been problems with the electronic equipment in ancient versions. However, these appear to have been solved.
  • Not affordable.

2. Martin LXM Little Martin

The first of 2 Martin guitars in this detailed review. A name is synonymous with quality. If your state, you play with a Martin, folks sit up and enjoy.

But if you’re anticipating the rich sound of a full-size Martin, then you are going to be let down. This can’t ever be done from a three-quarter dimension guitar. Nonetheless, the noise for your little Martin’ is outstanding.

It weighs in at eight and a half pounds and is only 38 inches. That makes it excellent for portability. It’s been designed to be performed around and performed.

Like most smaller dimensions guitars, it’ll take lighter gauge guitar strings, better than the thicker variety, which will influence the total functionality.

A fantastic sound, though, can nevertheless be achieved with all the lighter strings. It’s naturally appealing, with its vivid spruce complete and mahogany body headstock.

Although we’ve got reservations regarding laminate finishes on devices, since they’re occasionally prone to peel off from the primary body, in some specific problems.


  • Good sound.
  • Plays comfortably.
  • Very mobile.
  • Attractive, classic end.
  • It is realistically priced.


  • Laminate construction might be a problem in specific environments.

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3. Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic

This tool is intriguing, to say the least, and includes some innovative features, even though it has to be told we aren’t confident they all reach their objective.

It surely fits the bill weighing only 3lbs and being 28 inches in length as a small guitar. It may fit into a suitcase.

Since you consider the tool in more detail, how you have the impression it has been made more from how different’ could we be instead of how we create a fantastic travel guitar.

Our first reaction was that it had been similar to a toy, but you start to realize it’s no toy, but a proper tool and plays like you since you use it.

It’s a one-piece maple neck and body and a truss rod, which can be a big positive. However, it does not have any headstone. Tuning is by way of the in-body tuning system, and we’re left wondering how exactly that may be in various climatic surroundings.

On the other hand, if it stays in tune, the tuners themselves have hidden away from the human body. Thus they don’t suffer from the occasional knock, setting the guitar out of tune.


  • Lightweight and small in size.
  • One-piece maple neck and body.
  • Truss rod.


  • Playing while sitting with the supporting pub makes it somewhat unbalanced.
  • It plays more like electric guitars than a travel acoustic guitar.
  • Right-handed only.

4. Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar

Our next Martin from the review and also this tool are vastly different from the initial one. The hint is in the title. It is the best backpacker guitar.

It’s a brief scale 15-fret guitar, well manufactured in the mahogany neck with a spruce top, and the construction is superb.

At 36 inches, it will be at the utmost end of their travel alternatives for storage, and it could be a good idea to check it will be permitted into overhead lockers on aircraft. It is lightweight, though, at only 5 pounds.

It needs to be stated it’s distinct, with its distinctive shape, and a few could find it not to their liking. The contour means it is very neck heavy and so embarrassing to play while seated.

Even when combined with a strap, it may still feel somewhat odd.

Traveling guitars by character have to be small and light, and as a consequence of that, specific common characteristics have to be forfeited.

That being said, having the ability to play is vital, and this guitar may feel comfortable and awkward initially.

How about the noise?

However, the sound is quite remarkable for a mini guitar, even though it can buzz just a bit if performed too hard. The action is sufficient; however, I could see how some might feel it’s somewhat high. It will lend itself to a finger-picking style.

Being a Martin, you’d anticipate it to be well fabricated, and it’s. Also, there are a few other plus factors. It’s realistically priced, so it won’t break the bank, which alone will make it an attractive alternative to a. It will, but have a little bit of time to become used to its acting fashion, resulting from its form and balance.


  • Realistic pricing.
  • Well, I have made it.
  • Adequate sound.


  • It can sense awkward to perform with.
  • A length of 36 inches can make travel difficult.
Cordoba Mini II M, Mahogany, Small Body, Nylon String Guitar
206 Reviews

5. Baby Taylor BT-1

Taylor guitars are among the best small acoustic guitar around Earth, and this guitar is an unbelievable illustration of why.

The Taylor Baby BT-1 isn’t technically a traveling guitar; it is only among the best 3/4 guitar on the market. This usually means that it is 25 percent smaller than a normal-sized travel acoustic guitar, and lots of 3/4 guitars are created for kids.

But one will see why 25 percent less guitar would be quite helpful for travelers. An additional 25 percent of this guitar usually means that an extra 25% off your back and the ability to store this guitar on many flights.

Everything you have to love about this guitar is that to get a 3/4 guitar’s dimensions. It sounds like a full-sized acoustic travel guitar. That is why it’s easily among the most significant acoustic travel guitars in the marketplace. Typically 3/4 guitars forfeit sound for dimension but using this Taylor. The tradeoff is hardly noticeable.

The Baby Taylor BT-1 delivers a great noise and long-term durability, all of that comes in 3/4 that the extent of a standard acoustic travel guitar. If you’re seeking an ultralight travel guitar, then look elsewhere. But when the quality is the number one issue, you might have discovered the miniature travel guitar of your dreams.


  • It is a Taylor, infant! This implies high quality and long-term durability. This guitar will purr.
  • Ideal for traveling professionals
  • Come with a gig bag


  • Nearly weighs 8 pounds with all the Instance.
  • Pricier
  • Probably too large for lightweight backpackers
  • 19 frets may still not be sufficient for a few

6. Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe

While not formally promoted as a travel guitar, the Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe certainly fits the billowing to the distinctive size and shape.

The timeless Steinberger’headless’ layout is right and current, making precisely the same bold visual statement of its expensive stablemates. However, using wood over composite substances makes the entire thing more cost-effective and appropriate for traveling.

Regardless of the more compact figure, the Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe features a scale length of 25.5″, which makes the playing area more significant than that of a typical Les Paul.

Additionally, it is pretty rare to discover neck-thru bodies at the price point, which adds up to some good value tool irrespective of how you wind up using it. This guitar is clearly one of the best traveling music guitars.


  • Unique looker
  • Versatile sounds


  • Fold-out leg rest is very flimsy.
Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic Acoustic-Electric Guitar
156 Reviews

7. Traveler Travelcaster Deluxe

It is called cognitive dissonance’. That battle you feel when something you know to be correct is contested. The Traveler Travelcaster Deluxe is a comparative illustration; to look at it, it’s possible to immediately find those famous Stratocaster traces of this pickguard, the three single-coil pickups, and the controller knobs.

However, the eagle-eyed one of you may have noticed anything in your entire body which is not underneath the pickguard was shaved away, leaving a guitar that’s 35% lighter and more 14% shorter than a standard Strat.

Weighing in at only 5 pounds, the Travelcaster Deluxe might take some getting more, but in usage, it provides the same Strat encounter, the same 25.5″ scale length, and the same tonal flexibility of these pickups. If you’re able to get over the cognitive dissonance, it might just be the ideal travel guitar for you.


  • Familiar Strat playing expertise
  • Mobile
  • Lightweight


  • Mildly sacrilegious?

8. Hofner Shorty travels guitar

The Hofner Shorty has existed since the 1980s and has long been a favorite for gamers searching for a mobile electric travel guitar they could travel with.

It provides full-scale-length closeness, which, when coupled with all the tiny body, makes for a comfortable playing experience.

The only humbucker in the bridge is meaty enough to burst out your favorite riffs, as you will feel immediately at home with all the timeless maple/rosewood mix neck and fingerboard.

Sure, it is not likely to win any awards for tone. You are not expected to find them used on album-of-the-year contenders, however as an affordable means to bring a little bit of portability to your line-up that the Hofner Shorty is worth consideration.


  • Affordable
  • Super miniature
  • Build quality is adequate for the Purchase Price.


  • Restricted tonally
Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Solid-Body Electric Guitar (ULE BKM)
116 Reviews

9. Traveler Escape Mark III

Picking a travel guitar does not necessarily mean compromising on what you need. The Traveler Escape Mark III comes outfitted with lots of toys and tools, and it comes in 26% shorter and 10% lighter than a typical dreadnought.

This guitar features tuning barrels inside the body, so it doesn’t require a headstock and is rather strung in reverse. The onboard electronic equipment is equally useful and extensive. It also uses an under-saddle Shadow NanoFlex piezo pickup system, tuner, aux-in, and headset out, creating a pervasive set up for the traveling player.


  • Fantastic electronics
  • Quality materials
  • Rich amplified sound quality


  • Expensive

10. Voyage-Air VAOM-02G2

If you have researched the listing of best travel acoustic guitar and determined you can’t compromise on dimensions or size, then the Voyage-Air VAOM-02G2 may be the solution.

You see, guitars are quite an awkward shape to traveling with, mainly due to the neck. Voyage-Air solves this problem by adding a patented channel, which, very literally, folds the guitar in half. Simple!

It’s a radical remedy to an age-old problem and makes traveling using a full-sized dreadnought acoustic a more pleasant circumstance.

The guitar itself is adequate, and the neck hinge was analyzed in an inch of its life, so it could be depended upon, regardless of how odd it may feel the first couple of times you unfold it. Just make sure you slacken off those strings until you implement the fold.


  • Proper projection in the travel guitar
  • Packs down well


  • It does feel odd folding your guitar in the beginning.


Fidlar has a selection of ten Best Travel Guitars models ranging in sizes, styles, and price categories. We hope this article has given you a little inspiration, whether you are buying or just browsing.

A full-size folding guitar is very different in tone and playability than a Baby Taylor, which is different from an ultra-portable Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light. So be sure to try as many models as you can and figure out what works best for you.

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