Best Studio Monitor Stands 2020: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Studio Monitor Stands

Ensuring you purchase the Best Studio Monitor Stands for your studio isn’t too simple. Isn’t it only a situation, or are they secure and robust? They will need to be, but also the cost they’ll range widely in price. May they also have to be flexible?

Some are made to be fixed in the optimal amount for hearing loss. Others may alter the elevation to suit if you’re standing or sitting at the moment. As previously mentioned, they will need to be secure. You do not want your tracks crashing into the ground.

You’ll also need them to assist in offering you the cleanest audio possible. Some have rubberized feet or foam pads to help in sonic decoupling. They may want to get moved about, and ultimately, are you worried about what they seem?

Producing the proper audio in your studio can be a costly and very specialized performance. The screen will play a role in helping to make them seem right. in this guide, Fidlar will show you our top list.

What Are The Advantages Of Utilizing Studio Monitor Racks?

Employing track speakers stands must provide an immediate benefit to your recording rig. That is because, unlike routine hi-fi speakers that are made to fill a room with sound, studio monitors are specially created for reference.

They’re engineered in such a way as to provide an instrument for listening, helping producers balance and combine their sounds. If it’s possible to produce a sound pleasing on a pair of screens, you may be sure it will sound good on almost any additional speaker.

To try it, it is significantly essential which the screens sit flat with the ears of whoever is using them. When you are beginning, a pair of shelves (or possibly a heap of novels ) can attain this impact, but for all those who have an eye on improving their installation, a set of specialist studio track racks create all more professional.

Shelves, by way of instance, are fantastic for hi-fi speakers except for tracking. They could cause problems with bass frequencies.

This is where acoustic isolation comes from separating the speaker on the floor, shelf, or desk improves the noise reproduction massively as you are not dropping bass frequencies from the kind of vibration.

There is also the side benefit of practicality. It stands to reason that, as a producer, you’ve got an ever-growing arsenal of equipment. Everything from synths into samplers and out of sound ports to impacts units.

All this equipment takes up precious real estate on your studio desk, therefore taking away the monitor speakers in the equation means that you may add essential gear to your setup.

Best Studio Monitor Stand

Things Consider When Purchasing A Studio Monitor Stand

Floors and Desktop Stand

As its name suggests, floor stands are supposed to be used around the ground, generally in a metal rod’s shape, which elevates the speakers into a desirable height.

They’re the most common kind used on Public Address systems since they can secure and place larger speakers; however, the same principle applies to studios.

Floor stands are perfect since they lift the speakers much from penetrating and reflective stuff such as the ground or your desk. However, they usually have a great deal of space and aren’t perfect for smaller studio monitor speakers (you do not want modest speakers too far in the listener).

Desktop racks are intended for placement and isolating smaller screen speakers on a table or table. They are typically compact and function as underside base for those speakers.

Therefore, they do not possess floor bracket placement capabilities and are often confined to speakers. More to the point, they isolate your speaker in the own desk, which translates into clearer audio as attested to by most reviewers.

Be aware that we left out other kinds of speaker stands, especially wall mounts, to keep this manual centered on the types chiefly utilized in house studios.


Isolating or decoupling your speaker prevents undesirable vibration move to your desk or ground, leading to less unpleasant noise or frequency problems.

This is usually accomplished by rubber pads substances that absorb cupboard vibration, and these are typically set on the speaker base and on the point at which the stand matches the ground or desk.

Desktop speakers gain the most out of isolation since they’re standing near a useful object that reflects sound and moves. This is why many desktop rack users report improvements to their audio.

The racks included with this list all have some isolation mechanic built in them. However, you may add in a few more DIY designs if necessary.


When considering studio speaker racks, you might wish to carefully plan how you will put out your wires to match your intended installation. Interestingly, there are a few speaker stands that have built-in cable management features. You might also need to expand your budget, so you’re able to return cables up as you’re at it.


Contemporary studio speakers typically have broader sweet spots; therefore, getting the speaker at an appropriate position is not as hard as before. However, to take advantage of your speakers, you will need them placed at the ideal angle and height, which match your listening place most OK.

This is the area where tilt and height adjustments are convenient. Generally, you would need the tweeters at ear level and the space between them precisely the same as space into your ears, effectively forming an equilateral triangle with your listening position.

Best Studio Monitor Stand

Best Studio Monitor Stand

1. IsoAcoustics ISO-155 studio monitor stand

If your desk is still big enough that you want the speakers to stay there, or when you’ve got an elevated posture on your display, then the best monitor stands speaker rack alternative might be the solution.

The IsoAcoustics ISO-155 aris a remarkable instance of specialist on-desk stands that provide the isolation and altitude required to combine and master correctly.

As the names imply, isolation is an essential advantage thanks to its ISO-155’s

floating layout, ensuring that bass frequencies are reproduced accurately and inexpensively. The slight adjustment means that they are precisely set to satisfy your environment, also.


  • Flexible angle
  • Fantastic isolation


  • Restricted height adjustment

2. Gator Frameworks Clamp-On Studio Monitor Stands

For anybody with limited space in their studio, committed independent stands are not necessarily a feasible alternative. The Gator Clamp-On stands to provide a fantastic compromise by permitting you to join the racks straight for your desk. This elevates and isolates the speaker and frees up precious space on the desk.

The Gator stands are capable of carrying comparatively large screen speakers around 60lbs per and are lean fully adjustable around 15 degrees. All told a superb alternative for smaller studio owners.


  • Sturdy design
  • Tilt adjustment


  • Clamps won’t match all desks.
Atlantic Adjustable Speaker Stands 2-Pack Black - Steel Construction, Pedestal Style & Wire Management for Bookshelf Speakers up to 20 lbs PN77335799
  • ADJUSTABLE – the set of 2 bookshelf speaker stands have a 45 degree adjustable mount for speaker positioning. They are the perfect addition to your home entertainment system allowing you to find the ideal position for your speakers.
  • WIRE MANAGEMENT – the pedestal of the speaker stand is hollow with a rear access opening for wire management offering a clean and organized look.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – the steel construction means you can place speakers weighing up to 20lbs and safely enjoy your speaker stands for years to come.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – the Atlantic Speaker Stands have non-marring feet and can be assembled in minutes. The measurements of the speaker stands are 10” x 10” x 30”.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - our Customer Service team, based right here in the U.S.A. works hard to provide support for a wide assortment of items. For more than 30 years, California based Atlantic, Inc., receive calls with various questions about our products and we apply our best possible efforts to deliver the best possible solution for your purchase.

3. Ultimate Support MS-90/36B MS Collection

The MS-90/36B is a part of the Ultimate Supports MS collection of screen racks for professionals. The Ultimate Support MS-90/36B is available in two height ranges, but these will be the 36-inch versions. They’re designed, so the central support pillar is broken up into three distinct segments. Two smaller stations maintain the cabling for power and sound requirements.

These racks are well-built, and their features make them comparable with frames, which are a lot more costly. Sold as a set, they’re impressive in their design. It must be stated that the width of this tripod stand ft doesn’t make them seem mostly stable. However, weight reduction is intended to make sure that their stability.

The dimensions of the top plate are 12 inches by 10.25 inches. There aren’t any particular attachments, and also the speaker sits along with four pads. The weight limit is approximately 6070 lbs per speaker, and that can be relatively lightweight. This is one of the best monitor stands,


  • Solid and stable build.
  • Three channels in the center stand for cabling.


  • Not adjustable and doesn’t carry a lot of weight.

4. PAIR of PA Speaker Stands by Hola

These are a set of speaker stands created by Hola. Not something we could ever remember being used at the best studio monitor stands. But we can observe how they may serve a role in the ideal atmosphere. They come as a set and are priced at a reasonable level. In case you’ve got the perfect spot to utilize them, they’re a fantastic thing.

They have an exceptionally sturdy construction being manufactured from tubed steel. They are flexible and are best used at heights between four to six feet.

To check for matching, the rotating shaft in the top where the speaker is stuffed is 1.375 inches. They’re well-made and may endure loads of around a hundred and twenty-five pounds each.

The legs slide up and down on the middle tube. There’s a locking lock to keep the height. You can use the portions at whatever width is suitable, providing they’re secure. A hefty speaker may be prone to knock over if the legs weren’t spaced.

All these are a well-made pair of speakers. Of that, there’s absolutely no doubt. The question is if they’re usable at a studio. We could envisage potential problems in a studio environment; we feel that these would function much better as PA speakers.

Tripod structures aren’t trivial in high-end studios. But in a house studio or even smaller studio, they might have their location if the speakers possess the appropriate fittings.

They don’t have a central pillar with a room. Therefore there’s nowhere to run wires, so they’ll be hanging down.


  • Well, ade using a stable construct.
  • An adequate solution for audio projection at a low price.


  • Many won’t believe the tripod design is acceptable for a studio atmosphere.
On Stage SMS6000 Adjustable Monitor Stands (Pair)
  • Features a 9 1/2" Square platform with 1 mm thick non-slip pad
  • Height adjusts from 36 1/2" to 54" with line-it-up pin-locking positions every 4"
  • 18" Base offers a number of application options for set up
  • 3 rubber feet for vibration dampening and leveling on solid flooring
  • 3 leveling spikes for carpeted surfaces or for pinpoint contact

5. On-Stage SMS6000 Adjustable Monitor Stands

These screen stands are designed to supply several height preferences. Not every situation requires precisely the identical height to your tracks. These provide some choices which will permit you to place the monitor here you would like them.

The elevation reach goes from 36.5 inches to 54 inches. Effectively they’ll stretch down to being at ear level when seated. Each rack can manage up to 90 lbs in weight. The fundamental columns have stoles drilled every four inches. The preferred setting is made safe using a clutch and trap mechanism.

The foundation is a triangular base and has a diameter of 18 inches. It’s fitted with spikes to ensure you receive a degree position for carpeting surfaces and get extra isolation. Additionally, it has rubber feet for difficult floors.

The upper plate is nine and a half inches square and contains straps. These can protect the foundation of your speaker from scratching. Additionally, it keeps it from moving or slipping during use.

They’re well-designed because numerous speakers today are near-field monitors. They’ll seem at their finest when you discover the ideal place for listening. Since they’re so mobile with simple height adjustments, you need to have the ability to find the perfect place.


  • Strong construct and well-designed.
  • Lots of secure height adjustments.


  • The foundation is somewhat small so that you might knock them over.

6. Rockville RVSM1 Pair of Near-Field Studio Monitor Stand

Rockville is a business based in New York that provides various sound systems for an assortment of applications, and speaker stands are merely one of the accessories that they fabricate. They have a reputation for building quality gear, and also these speaker stands are not any exception.

Among the more critical problems with the track, stands is they will need to be protected. These indeed are that, which explains precisely why we’ve included them as the most OK Studio Monitor Stands around. These are offered as a set.

They have a solid steel construction with adjustable elevation. The elevation choice is fastened using a nylon clutch. The elevation range is set from 33 to 45 inches. The selection holes have been drilled to the primary column and are just five inches apart.

The Very Best Plate or stage steps 9.05 inches from 9.45 and includes a strong steel base. There’s a pad also, to protect the speaker and also to eliminate any undesirable vibration. Each rack is capable of managing up to 80 lbs in weight.

The foundation has an extremely heavy enforced steel construct and steps 17.7 from 17.7. It’s the choice of screw-in spikes for use on carpeting floors or rubberized feet too hard floors. The rack can be removed in four bits for storage or transport.

But here is where the fun begins. If you aren’t fond of complicated directions, this may not be the stand for you. You would not think that it could be that hard, but let us say they are not the easiest to construct.

High quality of build quality and stuff, they’re incredibly functional. However, the construction is something which Rockville should look at. They’re also not the most secure of racks you will locate.


  • Tough steel construct.
  • Stable with alterations at a low price.


  • The directions for assembly aren’t so great, plus they lack equilibrium.
Ultimate Support JS-MS70 JamStands Series Studio Monitor Stands (Pair)
  • Height-adjustable stand for studio monitors. Locking pin ensures stable and accurate height positions. Levelling floor spikes and rubber feet included. Low-profile base can be easily positioned into tight spaces
  • Product Name: JS-MS70Part Number: 17441Locking Heights: 32. 25”, 36. 25, 40. 25”, 44. 25” (819mm, 1022mm, 1124mm)Platform Dimensions: 9” x 9” (229mm x 229mm)
  • Base Dimensions: 17. 25” x 17. 25” x 17. 25” (438mm x 438mm x 438mm)Weight: 8. 4 lbs. (3. 8 kg)

7. Gearlux Studio Monitor Stand

This set of screen stands out of Gearlux is very much a funding array. They will suit individuals who may be only setting up their very first studio in your home. A budget cost they are, but they’re undoubtedly well-made with great stuff.

They’ve got an all-steel construction having a straightforward layout. They have a triangular foundation that’s spikes fitted to leveling carpet surfaces if needed. Additionally, there are rubber feet for hard floors.

The tube includes a height adjustment which extends upwards from 26 inches to 42 and a half inches. There’s a security mechanism that retains the chosen height set up, and there’s a selection of four different height choices.

Each rack will hold around 125 lbs. On the very top is a nine-inch square plate made out of alloy. It’s softly padded to guarantee the monitor will not move around. Additionally, it reduces any possible vibration sound. Each rack weighs fifteen pounds.

All these are, as we mentioned, a funding selection of racks. Therefore, you won’t receive the quality you could expect from a more expensive set of stands.

For instance, the center column is connected to the foundation by only one screw. You’ll have to make sure it is kept tight, or so the rack may proceed around a little bit.

They’re an excellent stand for those on a budget, providing you do not expect a great deal. Maybe also using them at a lower height. Additionally, with speakers who weigh significantly less than the announced load weight. This is probably the best buy monitor stands.


  • It is made with a few fantastic stuff.
  • Affordable price with loads of height adjustment.


  • Build quality, not as large as a few.

8. EMB Professional Pair of SS07 Heavy Duty Studio Monitor

These racks out of EMB have a lot of positive points about their design. They are somewhat compact and relatively lightweight, and they’re in five adjustable heights. The elevation ranges from 36 to 57 inches. Height adjustment is fast and straightforward. They also have an extremely stable triangular foundation that measures 1 inch on each side.

The stage measures a standard dimension of 9 by 9 inches and contains support padding down either side. Each rack can hold up to 100 lbs of track speaker.

Their all-metal construct makes them feel quite substantial. This may indicate they will be considered among the very best Heavy Duty Studio Monitor Stands presently offered.

These are an excellent set of track racks. They are secure with a solid build, and they’re able to encourage an adequate weight. If we must find something that perhaps isn’t so great, they don’t possess any spikes or rubber bands, and it is a standard addition with the majority of monitor racks.

Consequently, if you’re on a hard floor, then you’ll surely want something under them to prevent any probable vibrations. If they’re on a carpeted floor and the rug is relatively thick, then you may have a problem with motion. Carpet tiles tend to be somewhat less of a problem.

This may not be an ideal breaker, but it’s a shame they haven’t been included. The remainder of the build status is excellent, and they’re a superb pair of racks at a competitive cost. It is one of the best monitor speaker stands.


  • Well-made with excellent strong materials at a reasonable price.
  • Adjustable height over five distinct heights.


  • Rubber foot or spikes are not contained.
Sound Dampening Speaker Riser Foam - Audio Acoustic Noise Isolation Platform Pads Recoil Stabilizer w/ Rubber Base Pad For Studio Monitor, Subwoofer, Loud Speakers - Pyle PSI03 (9 x 12 x 2 Inch, Pair)
  • CREATES OPTIMAL SOUND: The Pyle Speaker Risers assist in achieving optimal audio performance. It reduces vibration and helps to eliminate unwanted levels of audio resonance while promoting the flow of 'clean' speaker sound projection
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Includes 2 sound dampening riser platform pads that are universally compatible and works with virtually all speaker types, brands and models. It works perfectly w/ studio monitor, subwoofer, loudspeakers and shelf speakers
  • THICK DURABLE FOAM: Made of high density engineered foam that is lab-tested to promote efficient speaker stabilization, noise isolation and sound dampening absorption that gives your audio frequencies free-flow ability with more natural bass clarity
  • ANTI-SLIP BASE PAD: Features anti-slip rubber base pad which helps keep your speakers secured and stable. Also has a reversible upward/downward firing sound speaker placement w/ ability to mount speakers in 3 angles. Perfect for stage or studio use
  • 33 LB LOAD CAPACITY: Each riser measures 9” W x 12” D x 2” H w/ maximum speaker weight capacity of up to 33lbs. High-density foam construction and universal speaker compatibility effectively stabilizes and reduces recoil for any audio application

9. VideoSecu two Heavy Duty Adjustable Speaker Stand

These are just another set of what you could term budget scope monitor racks. These, however, have some surprises in store. Layout thoughts that imply they need to be considered among the most OK Studio Monitor Stands.

VideoSecu has produced a set of screen stands with the flexible height and an adjustable height platform dimension. Most screen stands only have a set platform, maybe with a rubber or foam, the speakers sit.

These stands have a flexible platform that will make it possible for you to accommodate speakers’ unique sizes. Also, but they’ve clamps on both sides to lock the speaker set up. They’ll adjust in width from 5.5 inches to 11 inches.

To select the design benefits a point farther, they’ll also move horizontally via a 180-degree arc. Additionally, they’ll tilt to some plus or without a ten-degree angle. They’re produced from steel and are quite hardy, but the one drawback is they’re just able to encourage a speaker pounds of around 30 lbs.

They’re also height adjustable between 26.5 inches and 47 inches. The middle column is hollow to permit you to run cabling through and from the bottom.

Down at ground level, they’ve screw-in rubber feet for stability. They’d be used on a hard floor, mainly as the foundation isn’t comprehensive and may be vulnerable to movement.

These are a perfect set of track racks providing the speakers you wish to hold aren’t overly thick. We believe the jus table platform dimensions are excellent, as is your pan and pan choices fantastic value at a perfect price point.


  • Some quite good layout ideas at a low price.
  • The robust metal constructs with a station for cabling at the middle column.


  • They could encourage speakers up to 30 lbs in weight
Pyle Sonos Speaker Stand Pair of Sound Play 1 and 3 Holder - Telescoping Height Adjustable from 26” - 52” Inch High Heavy Duty Three-point Triangle Base w/ Floor Spikes and 9” Square Platform
  • Sonos speaker compatible: Pyle Designed a pair of speaker stand according to the shape, aesthetics and black coat finish Color of the sonos speaker Play 1. It works with both the sonos play 1 and play 3 speakers in any orientation
  • Height adjustment: It features a telescoping center column that is adjustable ranging from 26''- 52'' Inch high and secure it with a sturdy pin. The rugged and durable metal construction assures structural stability
  • Square platform: The sonos speakers can be easily place at the 9'' Inches square platform with 2mm thick and non-slip pad. It has 90 lbs. Weight capacity for each speaker stand. Perfect for any home theater space
  • Three-point triangle base: It has Equal 18''x 18'' X 18'' Base plate To support solidity and safety of the sonos speaker. It also has floor spikes with an equal heavy weight distribution makes the base extremely stable and secure
  • Easy to assemble: Pyle Made sure that these sonos speaker stands comes with necessary hardware for a hassle free assembly and mounting. More importantly, the company included an assembling manual for clear and precise preferences to use the stands


1. Would you want stands for studio tracks?

Monitor stands are straightforward devices that provide a broad range of studio tracking advantages. The most considerable advantage of setting monitors on shelves is this setup improves studio track functionality hence the general audio quality that may produce inside studios.

2. What’s the significance of the sta studio monitor?

Studio monitors are loudspeakers in speaker enclosures specifically designed for professional sound production software, like recording studios, filmmaking, television studios, radio studios, and project or home studios. Accurate audio reproduction is vital.

3. Do studio tracks seem much better?

It is generally favorable to utilize recording studio monitors if you are recording, mixing, or mastering. As stated before, you merely receive a more precise sound. If you are using regular speakers, you might miss some detail from the noise that could cause an amalgamated mix.

4. What’s the distinction between a studio track and a speaker?

Studio Monitors vs. Speakers. Home stereo speakers are usually designed to enhance or enhance audio amounts by increasing the bass or bringing out richer tones from the mids and highs. However, Recording studio screens are intended not to improve audio in any way, maintaining all frequencies horizontal.


At this point, Fidlar’s overview of monitor floor stands is concluded. We sure you’ll find something to your liking within your budget and according to your specific needs.

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