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Best Rhodes VST 2023: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Rhodes VST 2023: Top Full Review, Guide
  • Max Kuehn

Piano Rhodes, a digital piano that was so famous in the 1970s for its crisp, captivating, and classical sound, was widely used in the music market, and you will hear it in pop, jazz, soul.

But it is expensive to find classical Rhodes still working on getting the desired sound. It’s good that the instruments become modern; some alternatives are ideal for expressing Rhodes piano sounds reproduced through VST technology. Take a look at the list of Best Rhodes VST¬†with Fidlar, and you will find the one that is right for you.

A Short History Of Rhodes Pianos

The Rhodes piano devised by Harold Rhodes is an iconic electrical piano plugin used by several significant name artists like The Beatles, Steely Dan, Billy Joel, The Bee Gees, and The Doors.

The Fender Rhodes gained fame in the 1970s as it was mass-produced following its sale to CBS Entertainment Group. Rhodes keyboards have been extremely popular, especially in spirit, jazz, and pop songs. On the other hand, the keyboard had been used by artists across all music genres.

With the introduction of synthesizers, electric pianos became popular. And shortly, people started emulating Rhodes pianos. As modeling has improved, the quality of those Rhodes samples has just gotten better! And as soon as you obtain your Rhodes piano ready to go, here are a few suggestions on mixing pianos.

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Best Rhodes Piano VST 2023

Best Rhodes Piano VST 2023

1. Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-4

If you’re searching for the best virtual piano software which faithfully reproduces not just the Fender Rhodes but additionally Wurlitzer sounds, have a look at the Lounge Lizard EP-4.

This plugin, made by Applied Acoustics Systems, is relatively easy with fewer than 20 parameters. This implies it’s simple to use and will not be overpowering if you are not super seasoned with blending.

Applied Acoustics Systems Lounge Lizard EP-4

Though it’s straightforward, it will go much beyond the normal Rhodes seems that you may anticipate. You can achieve exceptional Rhodes tones, such as organ-like, chime-like, and bell-like tones.

You can research these and other people from the Experimental preset section. Beyond this, you may even play the compressor, equalizer, and multi-effect processor to dial in a few crazy, sudden tones.


  • Does not take up much CPU
  • Get a Fantastic sum for what you pay.
  • Sounds are super accurate and transparent.


  • The interface is a little obsolete.
  • Unable to export sounds from old versions

2. XLN Audio Addictive Keys: Mark One

This Vst has an extremely popular professional drum VST known as Addictive Drums, but their Addictive Keys VST certainly should not be overlooked. The Mark One plug emulates the identifying warm tones of the Fender Rhodes.

The Fender Rhodes with this plugin was performed via a classic tube combo amp and has been listed with numerous rare microphones’ assistance to provide the very best sound quality.

The Mark One may provide you some Rhodes sound you’re interested in, from classic to funky. If you are looking for a super-transparent tone, then you could even use the line output on the Rhodes as opposed to the amp.

This program from XLN Audio provides you the capability to correct the mixing and recording. You could even pick from a choice of vintage cans and update their space to accomplish a change in ambiance. If you would like to play the warmth or heat, have a peek at the amp settings.

Together with the Mark One, you obtain a mic, space condenser, and ribbon microphone along with some floor mic and space microphone. Also, you have the choice of adding in a Roland Dimension D for the analog stereo chorus. It is the very best fender Rhodes VST.


  • Impressive sound quality and Good mic choices
  • Takes up less CPU than you’d believe
  • Adaptive in the processing period


  • Does not have pre/post changing for effects sends

3. AIR Music Technology Velvet Two

The Velvet two VST out of Air Music Technology is the very best Rhodes plugin 2023 with a fantastic quantity of versatility. It combines the sounds of among their most effective electric pianos out there now.

All these are the Fender Rhodes MK I, Fender MK II, Wurlitzer 200A, and Hohner Pianet-T. This VST provides you romantic tones that emulate sounds out of a Rhodes piano.

AIR Music Technology Velvet Two

You will also discover quite a few onboard effects that can enable you to venture out this instrument’s organic capacities. The tube driveway panels might be helpful if you would like to heat your tone. You can further form the sound by adjusting the timbre, curve, and reaction to playing style.

If you would like to raise the audio’s credibility, then you’ve got the choice to blend from the sound of this pedal and other mechanical noises from the computer keyboard.

With these particulars, it will sound as if you are working with a real Rhodes. You will also have access to some 3-band EQ and 350 unique presets made by the AIR Technology sound designers. This might enable you to work more effectively as you hunt for the top tones on your mixture.


  • An Unbelievable library of 350 presets
  • A Lot of effects to Select from
  • Very accurate sounding Fender plugin


  • There’s no standalone Edition.
  • Could take too long to load

4. Arturia Stage-73 V

Arturia stands out among the competition when it comes to classic synthesizers and keyboard VSTs. They give just about anything you can think about in this stadium, but we will look at their own Rhodes Stage-73 VST.

That is an incredibly versatile and accurate emulation of this tool with exquisite, transparent tones. You could even switch over in 1973 into the 1974 version by merely turning the knob.

The design of this Stage-73 isn’t just visually pleasing but also user-friendly. There is a vast selection of pedals that you play to carry your Rhodes sound to another degree. There are no effects options, like altering the curves and the wet/dry mixture.

If you’d like a grittier, final tone, then you can make the most of this little Fender Twin amplifier. The excellent choice of presets is conveniently arranged by category, such as sterile presets, Short presets, Black, presets, Distorted presets, and lots of more. If personalization is a priority for you, Arturia’s Stage-73 ought to be on the best vst piano.


  • Incredible preset menu
  • Makes use of top-notch mechanical modeling
  • The stomp effects section Is unique


  • Particular presets require some time to leave.

5. Waves Electric 88

Waves have built a solid reputation based on their unbelievable product lineup of plugins. They’re the go-to for several mixing engineers globally. In one of their incredible collection, you’ll discover that the Electric 88, a genuine Rhodes plugin. Its interface allows you to dive into the specifics to craft the perfect tone for your monitor.

You may use this plugin to improve nearly any kind of production. Among the most excellent features is its price. It’s among the most affordable Rhodes plugins in the marketplace.

Waves Electric 88

The Electric 88 uses a sampling method that borrowed tones in the Mark I 88. You are going to acquire super smooth and realistic sounds using its fine-tuned rate curves.

You’ll undoubtedly see a drop-off in impact choices in contrast to this Stage-73. However, all of the effects that you need can be included afterward. If you are looking for a good-quality, low-priced VST, then this is the best electric piano VST.


  • Easy to dial various noises
  • Cheap
  • Fantastic Excellent sampling with a Lot of layers


  • Not a very broad Selection

6. NoiseAsh Sweet case

This free Rhodes VST plugins is by far the sexiest and one of the best VST Rhodes and includes features such as:

  • Reverb
  • Master Volume
  • Bass Boost
  • Bell shape
  • Panning control

If you want more control, you will have to get it using third-party plugins in your effect chain.

Warm, shiny realistic, and a customizable professional vintage electric piano sound that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

The sound’s quality is A grade and requires little to no mixing, meaning it won’t need to be tweaked too hard to generate that clean, modern analog vibe.

All samples were recorded, mixed/mastered through classic analog gear such as tape saturators, tube eq, and compressors.
Many different velocity layers and round robins.


  • Sounds amazingly clean and fresh
  • Super cool 3d interface
  • Reasonably small download


  • Minimal control

7. Essential Keyboard Collection

This VST provides you using 13 different keyboard tools compiled into a participant port – piano, Rhodes, organ, clavichord, to mention a few are packed within.

The DSP result engine consists of reverb, chorus, delay, and vibrato and includes many committed presets based on the chosen instrument.

Setup takes as many as two gigabytes of storage area, and you’re able to do it in VST and standalone versions. Additionally, both 32 and 64-bit formats are encouraged, and no extra MIDI mapping is necessary.

Rhodes sounds authentic and persuasive. It may be improved a lot as a result of some nicely laid out and intuitive outcomes panel. It will meet the requirements of the majority of users, particularly for the price given.

We like that it includes the keyboard tools in a VST and even contains some traditional sounds like harpsichord and church organs. Additionally, tonewheel organ emulation is just like the best piano Vst plugin on the market.


  • Offered in VST and standalone versions
  • Comprehensive and intuitive user interface
  • Authentic Rhodes Audio with Fantastic effects panel
  • 13 Distinct tools with sufficient patch variety provided
  • Sample-based Assortment of most often used keyboard tools.


  • It may contain Fender Rhodes too.
  • Authorization needs free look accounts and supervisors.


8. AAS Lounge Lizard Session

This Rhodes VST chose to emulate the actual Rhodes noise rather than sampling. It includes DSP effects utilized most often with Rhodes pianos like chorus, reverb, and paper.

You’ll be able to tweak the audio further by correcting the hammer sound or tine bar or choose between 5 unique personalities depending on the audio that you would like to realize.

The standalone version can be obtained, and it functions in both 32-bit and 64-bit environments. Also, it is quite CPU-resource friendly. Complete MIDI real-time controller service can be employed in both VST and standalone cases.

This Rhodes VST provides you a fantastic sound using the incredibly compact storage footprint of 70 megabytes (yep, no typo here – seventy), and it takes only 512 megabytes of RAM.

AAS did a genuinely great optimizing here, and we can not remember so many VST tools of the quality in this size. It is possible to install it in a moment and change stains even throughout the operation with minimal noise disturbance as they load in under a second.

What’s oriented towards live performance to recommend this device if you would like to live with a laptop and a MIDI controller. It is the very best Rhodes emulation.


  • Powerful electric piano emulator
  • All choices set in One front panel display
  • 16 electric piano presets with no speed layers
  • Built-in compressor, four rings EQ and effects panel
  • Five distinct “personality” signal avenues emulation presets accessible.


  • Shallow affect Choices
  • Could provide more presets diversity

What is a Fender Rhodes?

The Fender Rhodes is one of the most iconic keyboards of all time, known for its mellow timbre and bell-like sound.

The Rhodes signature soft sound is due to the striking of tines when a key is hit. Tines are thin metal rods connected to larger tone bars, which reinforce the tine’s vibrations.

The pickup sits directly opposite the tines. Closing the gap between the tines and the pickup creates its signature bell sound.

The keyboard is designed like a traditional piano, although some models only have 73 keys instead of 88. The Suitcase Fender Rhodes contains a built-in amplifier that includes a tremolo feature.

The keyboard doesn’t even need an amplifier to make sound, although much like an unplugged electric guitar, it will have a weak sound.

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