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Best Reverb Pedal 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best Reverb Pedal 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Reverb is one of the first used effects in performing arts. Today, reverberation equipment is compact and has many features; it goes far beyond the old reverb. The reverb pedal gives depth to the sound by adding reverb to your instruments, vocals, etc., rest of your music.

You can be overwhelmed with hundreds or even thousands of products on the market today, and they are pretty similar, making your selection a little more complicated. For that reason, Fidlar has compiled a list of the Best Reverb Pedal 2021.

Types of Reverb Pedals

There are several kinds of quality reverb pedals, and a number of them get much more different when coupled with different types of pedals. Listed below are the primary categories you ought to know about.

Spring Reverb

This is the most frequently utilized and features a spring hall plate, which a pickup that absorbs the shaking. With relatively a distinctive noise, spring reverbs were traditionally constructed into amps.

But, today, things are done digitally. The rust is fast here, and the reverb sounds are much brighter as an outcome. That is the reason why so many guitarists adore this impact within their compositions.

Plate Reverb

Should you substitute the spring out of the spring reverb type using a metallic plate spring, you receive a plate reverb tail. The mechanism is fairly much the same; a pickup catches the vibration in the container. It’s subtle but with surprising enhancements, which makes it glowing also.

Hall Reverb

All these reverbs tweak your tones to make it seem as though they’re being played in an empty hallway or area. Using these, you may pick which sort of room result you need, e.g., a little room or even a giant theatre.

Room Reverb

That can be pretty self-explanatory. It reflects the sonic bounces of a small or middle-sized space. It’s decay under a moment and has quite a discreet audio. Space reverb is excellent if you’re searching for subtle reverb effects and would like to keep your sound’s warmth.

Chamber Reverb

This sort of reverb offers you a brief decay tone time of 0.4 to 1.2 minutes. If you’d like a warmer sound, this reverb is right for you. The noise can be more evident with this kind of pedal.

Gated Reverb

A gated reverb lessens the reverb effects or completely silences it if the guitar moves under a particular threshold. It can produce the reverb sounds of the reverb rather significantly. Just click here for the very best sound gate pedals cash can purchase.

Digital Pedals

Many guitarists now use digital pedals; they’re more suitable to use. They can do these simulations digitally instead of using a plate or spring.

If you choose more classic audio, then a reverb having a natural spring could be a much better option. Even the stompboxes are a good deal more suitable for guitarists, so most of the reverb pedals you may encounter are digital.

Stereo Feature

Not all reverb pedals are stereo, so you ought to go to get a stereo pedal, especially if you’ve got a radio rig. If almost all of your present pedals are stereo, then you’d want a stereo reverb pedal also.

The main reason is that the reverb pedal is ordinarily the last effect from the series, and if it’s stereo, the outcomes could be considerably different. The stereo reverb, together with an additional stereo, will produce the very best stereo rig.

Best Reverb Pedals 2021

Best Reverb Pedals 2021

1. Biyang RV-10

The port is, as you would probably expect, reasonably straightforward. There are just two significant knobs for adjusting time and mix of the real impact, meaning that the echoes period and the dry/wet indicates mixture.

Apart from the knobs, you may even use two buttons for picking between space, hallway, and spring reverb presets, along with two versions of the earlier mentioned presets.

This essentially provides you six distinct kinds of reverb to select from. Not too shabby for a reverb pedal that inexpensive!

If you anticipate utilizing this impact along with a stereo rig, then the RV-10 has you covered since it features stereo inputs and outputs. This is the very best budget reverb pedal.


  • Stereo connectivity.
  • Six distinct presets to select from.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Cheap Finest reverb pedal under $50.


  • Authentic bypass only.
  • The buttons could be too little for some.

2. TC Electronic HOF Mini

Whether you’re seeking the great reverb pedals in the industry or among the smallest, the TC Electronic HOF Mini will probably tick your boxes.

Coming from a business famous for not just a few of the most incredible sounding effects but also for strong build quality, this version provides excellent performance for only approximately $100.

The controls are as straightforward as they may get. One knob for adjusting the dry/wet mixture, and a footswitch!

You could be thinking, why should you spend double the amount of money you want the earlier mentioned RV-10 with this version once it appears limited in features?

The HOF Mini includes a card up its sleeve. The attribute is named TonePrint, and it essentially allows you to create or download present presets and load them onto your pedal. This transforms your one-knob-pedal into a power supply house that could deliver various reverb presets if required.


  • As straightforward as it gets.
  • TonePrint for loading presets.
  • Durable build.
  • Most excellent miniature reverb pedal.


  • Just 1 TonePrint slot machine.
BOSS Reverb Guitar Pedal (RV-6)
505 Reviews

3. Zoom MS-70CDR

Although Zoom is chiefly famous because of their microphones, their MS-70CDR MultiStomp pedal is a treat! Contrary to the remaining versions discussed in this review, this one provides reverb and the chorus pedals and pre-delay.

This tiny metal box provides three different results but stereo output and input signal, which was a fantastic choice given the query’s real effects.

The actual interface is somewhat different, too, with three knobs and four buttons enclosing the footswitch. Whatever you do is observable on a small display, so cycling through different results and variants of effects is considerably more straightforward.

With 29 reverb presets, 26 waits, and 16 distinct chorus pedals, the MS-70CDR is much more of a multi-effects processor than merely a standard pedal. However, the features do not end there. You have also got a noise gate, tap tempo, paths, in addition to EQ controls. It is the very best guitar reverb pedal.


  • Vibrant and ample sound.
  • A whole lot of presets to pick from.
  • Stereo I/O.
  • Solid build.


  • Not that functional for on-stage use.
  • It could be complex to get a few (novices ).

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4. DigiTech Polara

Next up, we’ve got the DigiTech Polara, a reverb pedal that looks like it seems. The appealing layout, combined with a remarkably sturdy construct, creates the Polara as a fantastic investment.

Every part of the pedal only feels and looks superior, particularly the metallic knobs.

The only disadvantage of this psychedelic layout is, in my estimation, the difficult to read labels. But after only a few hours of playing with it, you memorize what all those knobs do anyhow.

While the controllers are relatively simple, they give a fantastic amount of flexibility. The knobs comprise amount, liveliness, decay, and preset pick, while a different switch can be used for toggling the road on/off. The road feature comes in handy since it is the best ambient reverb pedal.


  • Attractive design.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Seven great-sounding presets.
  • Stereo I/O.


  • The labels are somewhat challenging to read.
Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal
456 Reviews

5. Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano

Electro-Harmonix is known for producing some of the very durable and special effects pedals on the current market, and their Holy Grail Nano isn’t any exception.

As its name implies, this can be a slightly more compact form of the first Holy Grail, catering to all guitarists’ needs without that much free space in their pedalboards. On the other hand, the more compact size of the bad boy does not influence its functionality.

The one knob and one change interface concentrate on users who need things nice and comfortable. The knob is used for correcting the wet or dry combination, while the change has three positions, spring, hallway. The hall and spring preset sound great, although the alert setting is unquestionably exceptional.


  • Very compact.
  • Longlasting, excellent build quality.
  • Simple to Use.
  • Most delicate spring reverb pedal.


  • Restricted presets and performance for the purchase price.
  • Just features true bypass.

6. Boss RV-6

No effects pedal inspection could be complete without mentioning the boss reverb pedal. Their RV-6 is considered among the most excellent reverb pedals, so at least looking at online reverb bicycle reviews. However, how does it work?

Connectivity-wise, the RV-6 has it all. Aside from the stereo inputs and inputs, this version also provides information for connecting an expression pedal, giving you more space for slight adjustments to their result.

The control knobs are simple and user-friendly but extensive sufficient to satisfy both novice and more advanced guitarists.

Besides the typical amount, tone, and period knobs, you can readily select from 8 different reverb presets. The RV-6 is probably the very best shimmer pedal, at least in this budget, and the remaining presets do not fall much behind. It can say that this is the very best cheap reverb pedal.


  • Very simple to use.
  • Excellent sounding presets (particularly Shimmer).
  • Expression pedal link.
  • Buffered bypass.
  • Among those top-rated reverb pedals.


  • The spring reverb preset could be somewhat better.

7. Strymon BigSky

The BigSky has quickly become the weapon of choice for many pro gamers and will be the best reverb guitar pedal for you whether you are in a place to stump up the considerable capital. Why? It is astonishing and considering that Strymon’s study’s borderline academic character, you would be disappointed when the BigSky seemed less than outstanding.

All that homework paid off: the 12 onboard reverb machines are as natural or fantastical as you desire. The atmospheric preferences have made it a favorite among the post-rock audience, but this is a pedal capable of unlimited adaptation and persuasive it.

The performance is shocking, but it is the noises that can make your jaw drop, and you’re enjoying soar, and it is what helps Strymon warrant the high asking cost. If you’re searching for the one’, this is it.


  • Jaw-dropping seems
  • Feature-packed
  • High-quality build


  • Cost

8. TC Electronic Hall Of Fame two

The first Hall Of Fame reverb pedal embraced a kitchen-sink approach with numerous alternatives and the accession of TonePrint (that enables one to download user-made profiles for different reverbs) for much greater flexibility and functionality.

The Hall Of Fame 2 picks up where it left off, bringing a fresh shimmer octave reverb style into the dining table and incorporating a’MASH’ footswitch that works somewhat as an expression pedal. What remains is the caliber of reverb sound, which can be just fantastic and cover all of the bases you could desire.


  • Fantastic reverb sound seems
  • The shimmer style is superb.
  • The tonePrint feature adds flexibility.


  • MASH footswitch is a little underwhelming

9. Boss RV-500

The RV-500 is considered as Boss’ take on a BigSky-like one-stop reverb toolbox. Together with three footswitches, 12 reverb manners and electronic delay reverb alternatives, and of course, a wide variety of editable parameters, so you won’t run from tonal options anytime soon.

We now get the tasteful reverb of varieties that Boss/Roland is capable of. Still, they also have thrown into a Space Echo multi-head tape delay reverb pedals emulation for additional flexibility and an alternate to the flaws using the reverbs.

There is a lot to be researched in this exceptionally functional pedal, which attracts reverb and delay reverb collectively. With that memory and various foot switching options, it is the ideal tool if you require different audiences for unique songs. It is the very reverb delay pedal.


  • Flexible switching
  • Delay pedals with every reverb


  • Setting up seems, together with the front panel menu, could be dull for a few users.

10. Walrus Audio Slö

This pedal features three different reverb algorithms, each designed to make an individual feel with the choice of integrating modulation to the wash of reverb.

The principal controls are well laid out and easily controlled, but you need to maintain a footswitch to get secondary purposes like picking the modulation form.

This pedal sits directly between a streamlined stompbox offering easy spring emulation and a jack-of-all-trades pedal power supply multiple. It is a top choice for gamers who possess the capability to inject some profound ambiance into their signal chain without consuming lots of space in their board.


  • Three nearby reverb Choices
  • Versatile tone Choices
  • Small footprint


  • Could be fiddly to function
BOSS Reverb Guitar Pedal (RV-6)
505 Reviews


What’s a Reverb Pedal?

Reverb is caused by noise hitting different surfaces in different amplitudes, which produces an intricate echo/delay effect. This echo effect additionally carries physical details regarding a particular space.

Reverb is a solid that is contingent upon the surface’s dimensions and thickness. Different dimension and thickness options set out different amplitudes and flaws in sound, thereby creating several outcomes.

Imagine a musician wants a hall spring reverb in his songs. What can he do to attain it? Either he can change his studio into a gigantic hall spring or utilize a straightforward tool to acquire a halo-like effect.

This is the point where a reverb pedal comes in. This compact tool makes it possible for musicians to incorporate available reverb for their music or instruments.

The reverb pedal features effects such as hallway, washroom, stadium, arena, etc. All of the advice of depth and dimensions of the products is saved in the reverb pedal, so it is possible to tweak the basic setting without changing to this specific surrounding.

What’s a Reverb Pedal Used For?

Reverb pedals feature distinct surrounding effects in 1 compact box. Reverb pedals are utilized to include various surrounding products to audio.

As an example, if a guitarist wishes to compile his guitar records like he’d listed it in a hallway, he could either change his tools into a hallway or use a direct stored impact on a reverb pedal to get precisely the very same outcomes. Essentially, a reverb pedal is utilized to attain noise simulations you’d get in an opened or closed environment.

On the flip aspect, a reverb pedal changes the signal you are sending into the amp (with saved settings) to find an alteration in how your guitar or instrument will appear.

Why Would I Want a Reverb Pedal?

It is dependent upon your taste! Many musicians out there need a reverb pedal to change the signs of their tools and make them seem as though they’re playing in another distance. Others do not like editing their characters, favoring the first tool noise. Therefore the answer is dependent upon your option.

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