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Best Piano VST 2021: Top Full Review & Guide

Best Piano VST 2021: Top Full Review & Guide

The piano is a great musical instrument that many people love; its sound is like something to fascinate listeners from gentle notes up to the climax, but not everyone can afford the budget and space to invest in a grand piano. Even professional studios couldn’t put a grand piano in a studio, but today’s digital sound is fantastic.

You can use the VST plugin and a MIDI controller to simulate the same sound from a grand piano. All your work will be saved and processed at DAW like Ableton, Logic, or FL Studio.

If you are looking for the best VST plugin systems on the market today, this is precisely where you need it. Join Fidlar to see the list of Best Piano VST 2021; see what we have for you in this article.

What’s Piano VST?

Piano virtual studio technology is software that emulates the piano sound. There’s zero piano hardware included. You merely require a MIDI controller, preferably with 88 absolute keys to simulate a real piano, and a computer to perform with it on. This program could be hosted in DAWs such as Ableton, Logic, or FL Studio.

These digital pianos are made by recording real pianos at a studio the engineers supporting VST software listing all 88 keys of the conventional piano using a mike. To receive unique variations, they will record a few times as a single key could have a lot of sound variants.

This is known as a sampling piano VST. Some VSTs make the piano sound of this piano synthetically through electronic code that reproduces the sounds.

This type is referred to as the modeling kind and contains a more robust character; it does not sound precisely like conventional piano keys. Sample VSTs can seem near a real piano, based upon their high quality.

Budding musicians and professional musicians alike use this program. Since many people cannot afford a piano, this kind of digital tool provides musicians with a means to incorporate piano sounds in their songs. Many VSTs have added layers and effects to grow the noises, making them even more useful in generating pieces.

What Makes A Great Piano VST?

The piano is unquestionably among the most unique sounding piano and native instruments, whose innovation could be traced back to 1700. Selecting and purchasing a real acoustic guitar is a complicated affair, to say the very least.

Fortunately, as technology has pushed ahead, having a piano doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money on a giant delicate tool. You are probably aware of this, as you’re here reading this manual! Since the piano has gone electronic, there are two ways to get it in that kind:

Digital Piano: A digital piano is a self-contained hardware tool that instills a real acoustic guitar. It is usually an 88-key optional keyboard. It probably has onboard speakers so that you may hear yourself drama, a headset jack for silent practicing, plus it mostly specializes in piano noises (it might also have strings and organs ).

Yamaha, Casio, Kawai, and even some different manufacturers are creating grand digital pianos nowadays. In reality, we’ve got a complete guide specially devoted to choosing the best digital piano.

Piano VST/Plugin: A piano VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is software that emulates a piano. It’s only software, no hardware. To perform with it like a piano, you want to get a MIDI keyboard control (preferably with 88 weighted keys if you would like to mimic a real piano).

Also, you require a pc to run the applications on. The piano plug can either operate as a standalone program or be “hosted” within a DAW such as Logic, Ableton, or FL Studio.

If you are on the fence between both options, then they both have pros and cons. An electronic piano is self-contained, which means that you ONLY want it and can play by yourself or in a band. It is far more mobile than an actual acoustic guitar, but it may be thick and bulky. You may invest as little as $200 or a couple of $1000s if your budget permits.

A piano VST implies you want to own several things: a comparatively modern and robust computer using the piano plug installed, headset or speakers, and an 88-key MIDI keyboard.

Some piano VSTs are downloadable for free, and some cost a few $100s. It is not an apples-to-apples comparison to some digital piano, as you need to consider the price of all of the items we mentioned (that could be large ).

Spectrasonics Keyscape Virtual Keyboard Collection

Best VST Piano 2021

1. Spectrasonics Keyscape Virtual Keyboard Collection

If you search for a specific thing, you are always better off using a package collection. It unites different offerings into one comprehensive bundle, frequently at a discount.

This Vst is just one such package, and it retains more keyboard samples than any other brand available on the market. It’s other musical instruments packed also.

These include cabinets and essential bass, creating a total of 36 sound stains. Aside from the strings and keys of these instruments that are individual, the VST is pre-loaded with 500+ noises.

These audio patches were individually sampled from infrequent restored keyboards. The process took ten years, so that you may require the organization’s devotion to audio pitch and quality fidelity.

However, before getting too excited about all of the specs and accessible resources, recheck your pc specs. To operate efficiently, this VST requires at least 80GB of storage area along with 8GB RAM.

It would also help if you had a minimum processing rate of 2.2GHz, instead of spreading between a couple of cores for redundancy, efficiency, and improved computing functionality.

Since each audio patch is sampled from a specified physical computer keyboard, you receive a wide variety of drama. However, besides these 30+ tools, the program has hybrid duo stains that mingle relevant sounds and instruments to an entirely sourced folder. These spots have curios names such as Uber Upright, Planet Vibrabell, and Mellow Stage Vibe.

The multisampling process and protracted duration make this electronic library ensure your sounds are rich and expressive. The STEAM Engine, since the Spectrasonics Sound Development Team, is famously provided meticulous attention to each complicated attention to every musical detail. Each patch has personalized controls to boost instrumental flexibility.

Spectrasonics set a great deal of effort and time into this VST. It features more keyboards than its rivals, and the tailored controller panels comprise specified effects for every patch. This is probably the very best realistic piano vst.


  • Keyscape boasts the biggest keyboard set on earth.
  • It’s over 500 built-in sounds and 36 worthy versions.
  • The library comprises duo patches that unite congruent sound-sets.


  • Together with those libraries and features, it might take some time to find out the available resources.

2. Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos VST

VSTs are inhabited either by sampling (live recording in the acoustic instrument) or simulating (synthesizing audio waves that mimic the first instrument). Synthogy utilizes both, acting the tones together with the patented Harmonic Resonance Modeling.

Appears are sourced from Yamaha C7, Bosendorfer 290, and Steinway D9 grand pianos. It is possible to use the three piano tones out of a tropical library, or you could elect to put in them as different sound patches for more straightforward access and business. The program permits you to populate these noises the same as a real concert grand piano, using half-pedals sympathetic string resonance.

This resonance may be described as proper stability’ due to how tightly it reproduces the acoustic pianos that recorded it. To authenticate your VST more, it is possible to filter in lid place, the key seems (the tap because you press a wooden piano crucial ), and timbre. The lid place (e.g., entirely open, partly closed) impacts the sound quality, and Synthogy imitates this nicely.

The application has 18-speed levels for all its 88 keys. And for your Bosendorfer audio patch, there is yet another lower octave. And while this VST reproduces the sounds of three classic tools, you can find an optional synth pad if you consider modern pop combinations. This digital piano has incredibly powerful unlooped full-length sostenuto examples.

In total, this piano VST is packed with over 8,000 samples. It works well on computers, 22 into 77GB of storage area, 1.5 to 2GB RAM, and two to 2.5GHz, preferably in double cores. It works with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and XP and Mac Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard.

Sympathetic string resonance is among the most envied features of an acoustic piano, along with also the Synthogy Ivory II piano VST reproduces this impact with immense precision. It is seen as the very best piano virtual instrument.


  • This VST retains samples out of three grand pianos.
  • It is compatible with both Macs and Windows-run PCs.
  • You can incorporate mechanical piano cues, for example.


  • The VST requires iLok licensing, and it is not contained in the box.

3. XLN Addictive Keys Studio Collection

When you play with the piano, you may listen to it from a performer’s view. However, your viewers will hear you otherwise if they are sitting and singing together, crowded in the trunk (standing-room-only!) Or reeling from the nosebleed section. While a songwriter or producer, if you would like to duplicate natural piano sounds, then you want all three angles and much more.

XLN accomplishes this result by recording samples by a Mark One point piano, upright piano, electric concert grand piano, and studio grand piano.

It is possible to get these packs as different VSTs, yet this collection bundles them into one unit. All tones are recorded from several angles. These understanding factors comprise tube microphones positioned alongside your piano strings.

The VST contains features for reverb, filter, phase, compression, delay, (deliberate) distortion, and decorations along with the diverse sound viewpoints.

The software even offers a sound generator to replicate this dwell unplugged sound. When you are in a hurry or unsure of what you would like to combine, you can take a look at the presets at ExploreMaps.

These presets can be utilized to inspire you and give you a bit of direction since you sound-design your tracks. Each of the presets has previews for fast reference.

You will need a live online connection to put in this program, but you may use it offline. Your computer requires at least 2GB of RAM, along with the VST, which can be used with Windows 7 (or greater ) and macOS 10.9 or greater.

If you are using it on a site, your hosting company needs to be harmonious with AAX, AU, or even VST plugins. XLN is a Swedish firm, and that means you are ensured of (noise ) engineering accuracy. It is one of the very best cheap piano vst.


  • Tones are sampled from several viewpoints to guarantee authenticity.
  • It’s a built-in recorder so that you may send music memos.
  • The program is connected to MyCloud so you can sync your job across devices.


  • It is an imported brand, and a few consumers are cautious of that. Mainly because it is a European manufacturer and their audio sensibilities diverge significantly from American people.

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4. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 VST

Some manufacturers update their products without any substantial alterations. Instead, they concentrate on optics and splashy launches. Spectrasonics does not play like that.

Their Omnisphere 2.6 is a more recent variant of their brand’s flagship program. It is simpler to link due to its hardware synth integration. Plus, it 100 times longer fidelity through its 400 DSP waveforms.

Considering that the program has over 14,000 sounds, you might worry you will not ever find what you’re searching for. Fortunately, it’s a powerfully instinctive built-in browser that sub-divides your outcomes by type, genre, author, and class.

Also, they included 25 new effects for their library. That means that you may consciously and methodically work through these to produce countless piano combinations.

To deepen the options of your digital piano performance, the program includes a new Granular Synthesis algorithm. It makes it possible to work through the endless possibilities on this VST and think of magic melodies.

One way you may use it’s to change the genre of a tune. In a few straightforward measures, it moves from snare to state, like Lil Nas X. You could even synth from scratch.

You are meaning rather than using source material. You may fool around with the Morphing Wavetable as well as the eight new filters and attain incredible flexibility.

Every wealthy sound patch has about ten oscillators, and each oscillator includes a committed wavetable. Therefore your mixing choices are near-infinite, whether you are writing a concerto, building a backing track, or even DJ-ing a home party.

Other features that have been improved in this version include unison, frequency modulation (FM), and ring modulation. So if you are updating or first-time-buying, this is the best Vst piano.


  • It is pre-loaded with 14,000 sounds.
  • The hardware integration allows you to sync it with your bodily synthesizer.
  • It’s possible to seek out patches by class, type, author, or genre.


  • It does not work with Windows XP or almost any Mac OS before El Capitan (OS X 10.11).

5. Garritan Instant Grand Piano VST

We have already looked in a Garritan, and it was a reasonably good one. But this was the pure piano. This version still has a digital piano, but additionally, it has an instantaneous orchestra.

The Garritan Instant Orchestra is fully packed with every tool you may want. It’s possible to combine them into unison, separately, in layers, or from crossfades to acquire the most flexible mix with minimal work.

Many people today become annoyed by resources in this way since they spent years mastering the bassoon and exercise their own clarinet 8 hours every day. Using GIA, you can write, record, and perform with a whole concerto with no ability to browse sheet music. Naturally, classically trained musicians can use it, particularly if they have pop leanings that a la 2Cellos or Piano Guys.

Like other Garritans, this one gains in the Aria Player and Conexant Infinite Wave technologies. Both of these features make it feasible to flow large orchestral pieces easily.

It is possible to use the Garritan Instant Orchestra as an independent financing track, like orchestral karaoke. Or you may use it in its VST format to organize and write orchestral pieces.

It is a hefty computing device, which means you will need at least 3GB RAM and 7,200 RPM in your hard disk enthusiast. However, it will work on older machines, so if you have anything following Windows XP or Mac Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6), you are sorted. You could even throw it on a TV. However, unlike newer programs, you want a CD-ROM drive to install it on your PC. But this is still the very best grand piano Vst.


  • Along with piano packs, the VST has orchestral instruments.
  • It is constructed of the Garritan Aria participant.
  • This multifunctional application is compatible with RTAS and OS X Audio Units.


  • Its built-in volume is about the decrease side so that you’ll need FireWire Audio or USB setup to increase it. Plus, you will need an adaptor for your USB port if you are using a MIDI keyboard.

6. Modartt Pianoteq

If folks discuss virtual pianos, Pianoteq is always the first one that springs to mind. It is the father of Piano emulations. It has won more awards than any other digital piano and will probably be the deepest, broadest, and most exquisite.

The key to this is that it does not utilize samples Pianoteq utilizes physical modeling. A physical model is a pc emulation of each portion of a physical piano being.

This permits applications to alter and emulate each possible mix, every nuance, resonant series, or mechanical sound. It is all in there and takes up next to no room in your hard disk.

The noise of Pianoteq is so great it is the only software approved by Steinway model & Sons. It’s uniquely flexible bodily features like unison width, octave extending, hammer hardness, soundboard, chain length, sympathetic resonance, and duplex scale components.

It will have layers of speed samples. It may use the entire assortment of 127 MIDI velocity layers. It’s possible to correct the lid place, emulated mic places, instrument state, and there are ten kinds of pedals you’ll be able to swap in. There’re polyphonic, convolution reverbs, effects, EQ, and computer keyboard calibration.

Whatever you place, however you configure it, Pianoteq will construct the piano sound from real-time as you perform in reaction to the way you play. Pianoteq currently covers a vast array of pianos you’re able to choose and purchase and comes in three different variants.

Pianoteq Stage eliminates all of the configuration components and supplies you with the phenomenal audio engine and two tool packs.

Pianoteq Standard allows many powerful tools such as mic positioning and permits you to select three tool packs. Pianoteq Pro opens everything up to you personally and includes four tool packs. It is well known as the very best grand piano virtual instrument.


  • Just the most versatile piano accessible
  • Huge sound design possible
  • Tiny install footprint
  • Wide Selection of tools


  • Gets expensive with extra tools

7. Vienna Imperial

The Vienna Symphonic Library is the very best real piano vst because of its true splendor and acceptable sound quality. As it came to making a digital piano, they brought the experience’s full weight to bear on it.

The tool in question was that the Bösendorfer Imperial 290-755 plus spent two months sampling it. And we are not talking about setting up a couple of microphones and stitching using a digital tool. They listed 1,200 samples for every single key.

It had been meticulously listed in pedal-up and pedal-down up to 100 velocities, sympathetic resonances, and numerous releases. It is safe to say the Vienna Imperial is the most realistic sampled piano captured and fills 69GB of distance.

Regardless of the library’s intricacy, the interface is easy and intuitive, where you can load the play and piano with. Or if you would like to enter the particulars of the piano sound and design your very own distinctive spin on the Bösendorfer Imperial 290-755, you then certainly can do so, too.


  • Extraordinary detail
  • Numerous levels of sampling
  • Sounds perfect
  • Best piano vst plugins


  • Uses a Large Amount of drive space
  • Pricey

How Can I Use A Piano VST?

Piano VST is applications, which means you’re going to want a pc to run it. You will also enjoy a MIDI piano keyboard to play the piano on the VST. A MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface is a protocol that different digital instruments use to convey.

This MIDI is the link between a computer keyboard and also the VST. You may readily locate an 88 key MIDI piano keyboard to recreate piano noises.

Remember, the MIDI itself does not produce noise. It only sends the signal that correlates to the key you pressed into the VST so that it may make the corresponding sound. The principal task is still done from the VST program.

To utilize the VST, you’re going to want a program that may host the piano plugin. There are lots of professional application products that you may use for this function.

Just do not forget to join your MIDI piano keyboard! You can do it via a USB cable or port. If you do not have a server program, there are several free models available online.

The server program is used to perform with the Virtual Studio Technology plugins, and after everything is installed, you can achieve it with the keys on your computer. You’ll hear the audio output of this amplifier.

The server program can immediately record whatever you are enjoying and store it on your PC. VSTs that are outfitted with impacts could be performed with these consequences.

A good illustration could be a reverb. It is unbelievably simple to use these outcomes, but the specific interface will be dependent on your VST. You could even locate presets which are very similar to what you’re attempting to document.


The several options available for enlarging your audio library may be overwhelming at first, but experimentation with different sample libraries can boost your performance and construct your essay sound palette.

Bear in mind; many pianists disagree about the best acoustic guitar because most of us have our subjective remarks; therefore, mixing variety in your piano VSTs can prepare you for many makeup circumstances.

You do not have to understand all about sample libraries from the get-go. Find out as you go and start with a sample you prefer, and you can spend.

In my experience, it is far better to save to get a better-sounding sample. Otherwise, you will wind up paying double (first to get a cheap, poor-sounding sample library, then again for the more expensive one you initially desired ).

You might desire to buy an orchestral package, which means you won’t have to purchase all instrument collections separately.

If you’re seeking only the best piano vst plugins, then this guide has guided you nearer to some great-sounding grand piano. We hope that our guide can help you find the best software piano.